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Correct me if I’m wrong, but: White girls on YouTube need to stop using Polynesian cultures to make and sell mermaid shows and products. I just realized how many of their YouTube shows use stories and legends and deities and such from those cultures and it’s now bothering me. I’m a siren, so of course I watch these sorts of shows enough to notice that they’re using things from a culture that isn’t their’s (according to where them and their parents are from + their obviously stated race).

I just find it so utterly surreal that people are still out there spilling buckets of ink about this shit when it’s an utterly abstract issue at best.  I’ve said this before but after graduating college I’ve literally never encountered this kind of discourse in actual LGBT spaces, I’ve never had anyone grill me about what kind of gay I am or how gay I am, I’ve never seen arguments about whether bisexual people or ace people are appropriately gay, and ya know why?

Because any LGBT space / org worth it’s salt isn’t gonna be about that shit.  They’re going to be about dealing with / combating harassment, helping people’s knowledge of sexual health, helping people find jobs that support LGBT people, shit like that.  Your specific situation doesn’t come into that, and I’ve never seen an organization toss someone aside because of their orientation

You Kids Wanna See a Dead Body?

Beatrice D’Angelo without her prototypical HAZMAT suit on.  Also poking a plague victim with a cane for @8000000baguettes.

I tried a new format.  It wasn’t the best way for me to convey what I had in my head. But it was worth experimenting with.

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are there actual bi people getting mad at aces for "appropriating" purple (which wtf even) or is it mostly non-bis getting "offended" on behalf of bis in a way which ~~~conveniently~~~ shits on aces?

i honestly have no idea but either way it’s Awful

There’s a place in Turkmenistan some people call the Door to Hell; it’s a basically a huge sinkhole that opened up and started leaking methane gas in 1971. It was set on fire at the time, to prevent methane poisoning in the surrounding area, and it’s still burning now. To any tourist, it looks like an enormous hole in the earth that’s always been filled with fire and always will be.

I’ve been in and out of Tumblr’s ace community since 2011 and I’m afraid Tumblr’s ace discourse phenomenon has become… a lot like the Door to Hell.

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@other exclusionists (particularly you, @xclusionist)

It is not appropriate to misgender inclusionists or call them traitors. They are not “the enemy.” A lot of them are trans and/or sga, like us. Does it suck that they prioritize cis non-sga feelings over LGBT ones? Yes, but they don’t see it that way. We can continue debating, disagreeing, and calling inclusionists out, but suicide-baiting and bullying is never appropriate.

Bruce had been given the small German Shepherd pup on a whim. Apparently ‘Ace’ (an appropriate name for a Wayne dog) reminded Alfred of Bruce so much that it pulled him off the streets and into the pet shop to make a five hundred dollar purchase. He was just glad the man had some common sense to use the credit card given to him by Bruce and not his own savings.

Not that he was much happier about spending the money himself. Five hundred dollars was… well, really nothing to him. But, if he was going to spend that much. He would have preferred it to be on something he could use . But, no. Here he was, sitting at a table outside of a small coffee shop, watching the dog chase his tail and bark aggressively when he saw an ant on the pavement.

He was almost sure he should be offended that this dog reminded Alfred of him.

Snapped out of his thoughts by a whimper, he noted the dog had decided he needed to use the bathroom. Which would have been fine had he not lifted the small leg to drench the other’s bag that was sitting on the ground.

He let out a loud groan and bridge of his nose. “Doubtful I can deny he’s mine at this point,” he guessed to the other person and on cue Ace was sitting on his shoes that were worth more than the dog himself.

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those posts that r like "i want to sleep with you. not have sex. just sleep" are ace culture

nah. its appropriated gay culture bc im gay and want to lay in bed with cute boys. so uhm????????? check mate aceys?????????????

Callout post: Carmelita Spats

-Her outfit, which consists of purple black and white, is appropriative of ace culture

-She frequently uses the violent slur c*ke sniff*r in conversation, a term making fun of aces who enjoy cake, the most well known aspect of ace community culinary culture

-In addition, she further degrades the ace community by using the phrase orph*n sh*ck, which refers to the disrepair of ace safe spaces due to dirty allogays defacing it and committing violent crimes against patrons there.

-She often uses the the two slurs in conjunction, getting her entire school to rally against ace students and encourage alienation of the students as well as violence against them.

This woman is a violent aphobe, so beware of her and don’t support her song in which she spells out her name using different words, such as Gorgeous for the letter M in her name. Anyone who supports her work is a violent aphobe as well.

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Until recently I had no idea that cishet ace people were appropriating from everyone. I just saw the post about them taking a typical autistic experience (well for me anyway) about not understanding some jokes and tbh it really hurt me. A trait I was bullied for is now meant to be a quirky aspect of being asexual?

yeah unfortunately the ace community has a habit of headcannoning autistic characters as being asexual and generally just claiming that things typical to autistic people are actually evidence of someone being ace :/ 

it’s really disrespectful i’m sorry they’re using your experiences in this way