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Favourite Ace/Aro-friendly TV-Series: “Dirk Gently´s Holistic Detective Agency”

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How ace/aro-friendly is the TV-series?

Completely safe to watch, EVEN IF YOU´RE SEX-REPULSED!

No sexual tension, no sex or even kissing scenes, no unnecessary romantic subplots; this series is a gift! Enjoy!


As much as I miss the old gang, the next generation really wormed its way into my heart <3

a-vague-yet-menacing-agency  asked:

So, Keith is very gay, and very ace. Except he has no real concept on what's "normal" so he confides in Lance, hoping to get an answer. Only, Lance turns away immediately, eyes focused into the distance outside on the stars. Keith is like ?? what's wrong? Am I weird? Should I have asked probably ANYONE other than Lance about this? And then Lance says it "space ace. sp-ace as it were" and Keith yells. Lance won't stop making ace puns for weeks. "Hey Keith, I guess you really are an ACE pilot"

This. Is the best ask I have ever received. This is the Pinnacle, the mountain we die on, our Mount Everest, our golden age, our Camelot, the

oh my gosh so kristoph used to do his nails all the time so IMAGINE if he taught apollo how to do it too?? and it turns out that apollo’s really good at it and now he does trucy’s nails all the time

and one day trucy brings home a couple of friends and she’s all “oh polly there’s a school dance tonight could you do our nails for us?” and of course he says yes and his nail art winds up being so neat and so detailed that the next day phoenix is just standing there like ????? because a gaggle of middle schoolers files into the agency gushing over what a great job apollo did and can he please do their nails too??

and apollo is not completely sure how this happened but suddenly he’s running a manicure service when he’s not being a lawyer and just