acdc nails


My rockin’ nails 2

Did these the other night on each hand, I took more pictures so people can see how it’s done if they wish to do it. You don’t have to do it with band logos, you can do it with anything out of magazines if you think it’ll look cool on your nails :D

1. Find images you like that are small enough to still look cool on your nail

2. Roughly cut them all out till you have 10 images

3. Cut them to individually fit each nail, this sounds annoying but it doesn’t take too long, and if you’re unsure of length you can cut the length once they’re on your nails

4. Coat your nail in clear nail polish and stick the cut-out onto it, making sure its firmly stuck down to your nail.

5. Once dry (cut the length to fit your nail if you haven’t already) give your nail a good coating of clear nail polish, this makes sure you get the tips and around the nails well so the paper cut-out doesn’t peel. This also protects your nails from the rain by giving it this coating and also from tearing since the cut-outs are paper.

This should last around 3 days as long as you firmly seal it with clear polish and is great for gigs or if you just wanna do something funky with your nails. :D