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Drabble: Prank Backlash

A/N: Hey, I wrote something not angsty. 


ACDC, Kansas, Metallica, ASIA and Rolling Stones, it was all rock music. Dean’s music, to be precise.

Sure, you could stand it most of the time, every now and then it was even good. But sometimes you needed a break. Once of those times were now, when you had brought out your old mp3 player and put on you favorite playlist.

You were in the small kitchen of the motel room, checking the refrigerator for something edible as you were jamming out to your favorite r.n.b and hiphop songs, with a volume so loud that you didn’t notice your brothers entering through the front door.

Dean thought it would be a funny idea to scare you, since you obviously hadn’t heard them. So, he snuck up on you, put his hands on your shoulders and screamed. And, that resulted in you instinctively and quickly turning around — and whacking him straight in the face.


Once the shock wore off, a grin spread on your face as you looked at him. Dean himself stared at you with wide green eyes as he clutched his cheek, mouth partly open. A loud laugh broke the silence as Sam cracked up, almost bending over clutching his stomach.

And then you stared laughing too, Dean slowly blinked. Sam was in tears now.

When Dean had remotely recovered, he shook his head as he glared at you. But you could tell, he had to work hard to keep his grin of his face. It was just too funny, even Dean had to admit that.