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Definition of Vanity - Kuranoa
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This was originally a oneshot that I’ve decided to turn into a full multi-chapter.

Rating: Mature

Have you heard the tale of Vanitas?

He was an accursed one, a shunned being, a vampire of misfortune born under the blue moon. If you have heard of him, then surely you must know of his book? A book he created in bitter hatred to spite the vampires of the crimson moon.

The Book of Vanitas, a book that distorts a vampire’s most valuable possession, their name, and condemns them to a curse worse than death.

If you ever find yourself alone under the light of the blue moon, never answer to a lulling voice that may caress your ear. If it asks you for your name, refuse it, no matter what it offers in return. Hang onto your name, for it is your life.
My third multi-chapter fic. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Baskerville Dukedom + Quotes  

Alice Baskerville - “I’m scared that I’m not human. I’m scared I’m different from other chains… I fear the things I don’t know. I fear the thing I already knew… and at every moment… I always… more then anyone…fear myself the most!”

Leo Baskerville - “Elliot…I’m sorry…”

Levi Baskerville - “What I wanted…was change. However, I’m afraid it is time for an accursed being such as myself to exit the stage. I leave the rest to you. You’re free to use her to fulfill your wish. I’ll be watching together with all the other past Glens.”

Lacie Baskerville - “I despise common sense. I’ve seen the world from every possible angle. This cruel, ridiculous, beautiful world.”

Oswald Baskerville - “When you’re gone… I will be… lonely without you.”

Abyss - “This is what I have wished for. I don’t want to hurt anybody anymore. I don’t want to lose anything else. So please understand.”

“I got the feeling there was some bad blood there. Me? I’m a cat person myself. I think that’s the only thing I miss about the Tower, really. Do you remember that old mouser? Mr. Wiggums?”

Accursed Ones by thethirdamell

Just thought I’d draw a picture of the Anders playing with Mr. Wiggums the Cat

Fun Crack Ships; Closed to accursed-being

Kagerou has decided to go and visit Revis at his manor for a surprise. He was very happy and excited to see him after spending some time in Paris. How was he doing? Of course with every trip he got a gift. It was hard to pick one out, finally deciding to get him a shawl. It was made with the finest of silk. The colors of black and blue covered it along the feather shaped patterns. Nothing was too much money for a gift for someone you loved. It was about time to officially cancel the arranged marriage with Ririchiyo. They weren’t close like that and besides she had Soushi so there were no hard feelings. No mistake the noirette once like her and wanted to go through with it but that all changed after meeting Revis.

Love at first sight? No he didn’t believe in such things. After conversing with the male they shared a lot of interests and before he knew it these feelings started to grow. Finally reaching the destination he got out the car, taking the large trunk and wondered inside the large mansion not really knowing where to go. Oh well he would find him eventually, for now some aimless walking. 

iantos-coffee  asked:

No. 39 - accursed for the writing prompt

Not as short and I planned, and it veered of into sap at the end. Oops.

Dorian had resigned himself to being accursed in love and life from his first heartbreak. It had come with a lot of tears, after finding out the boy he thought he loved was fooling around with anyone willing. His mother had scolded him for being so foolish in the first place, for thinking there was anything more substantial between him and the older boy, for thinking it was possible to find love in Tevinter.
“That’s for fairy tales and Fereldans,” she laughed at him, slightly drunk on wine when he returned home for Winter Solstice, still sullen and refusing to partake in all of her little parties. Then, she’d comforted him, letting him rest his head on her shoulder as she hummed lullabies she and his nanny had used.

There’d been more heartbreaks after that, of course. Dorian fooled himself with Rilienus as well, thinking there could be something more there. And yet, Rilienus had left, too, and Halward had commented one day that the man was marrying some girl from the Vulpis family. Dorian wondered if his father did it on purpose, if he had somehow known that Rilienus was more than just a friend in the past, and did it to make a point. Even as something dark and grim stirred up at the idea of Rilienus marrying some pretty young girl to continue his lineage, he remembered his mother’s words and didn’t feel surprised by the turn of events. Love was for fairy tales and Fereldans.

Then, there was the different sort of heartbreak with Felix, watching his friend begin to wade and wilt and his mentor begin to lose his mind. That breaks his heart, worse than any of the puppy love, and Dorian reminds himself of his mother’s mantra, trying to distance himself from it.

Minrathos was a blur, and Dorian had no time to think of love as he went from brothel to bath house to brother, searching for a distraction from the pain. Then, there was the confining walls of his youth again, his father breathing down his neck trying to make him the perfect heir. He’d stumbled upon the letter on Halward’s desk before the blood magic could ever happen, and his heart shattered into a million pieces. His father was going to stoop so low to try to change him, just to make him “right” by his standards. It was too much to bear, and Dorian fled, a staff and a pack on his back. Love didn’t exist, Dorian told himself, and if love didn’t exist, he couldn’t feel so broken inside.

The first time Dorian wondered if maybe he wasn’t accursed, that maybe love existed and it didn’t have to be all pain, was the first time Dorian’s lips met the Iron Bull’s. There was warmth there, and the promise of something more, but Dorian tried to push that all away. There was no such thing as love, especially not between a ‘Vint and an Oxman, but they were in Fereldan…

The next time, it was when Dorian stayed the night, wrapped up in Bull’s arms, the other man at peace in sleep. There was no fear that they’d be found out, no threat of bodily harm or a ruined reputation beyond the door. Maybe a bit of embarrassment, or good-natured teasing, but Dorian revealed in the feeling of safety that came with being in Bull’s presence. He began to wonder if that was what love really was, not just the passion and the electricity, and found himself starting to give in to whatever the feeling building in his chest was.

It wasn’t until Dorian nearly lost everything that he knew for sure, when the arrow meant for him burrowed deep into the Bull’s chest and the man dropped to the ground. In that moment, Dorian had felt gutted, felt like someone had ripped his heart from his chest and left him squirming. Everything else forgotten, Dorian had crawled to Bull’s side, the man gasping for breath, blood on his lips already. The others could handle the rest. He had more important things to do.

“You can’t die, you big idiot,” Dorian had hissed, hand hovering near the arrow.

“Not plannin’ on it,” Bull winced, hand rising to touch the side of Dorian’s face.

“I have something very important to tell you, later, so you can’t die now.”

Bull managed to cup the side of Dorian’s cheek, smiling weakly at the man. He nodded, promised he’d stick around to hear whatever it was. Thankfully, Vivienne was back at camp, able to be called to the battlefield to tend to the arrow and the wound, to keep Bull from drowning in his own blood. Dorian had watched on, knowing with every fiber of his being that he loved the Bull, that he wasn’t so cursed, but was rather blessed with the Bull’s affection. Bull had his arm draped around Dorian’s shoulders, Dorian helping Bull wobble back to camp, slightly tipsy on elfroot and still in pain, but able to walk and breathe and move, and Dorian thanked the Maker.

“I love you, you know,” Dorian stated, firmly and at a normal volume, uncaring if the others walking ahead and behind heard.

“Yeah, I know,” Bull rumbled, “I know I love you, too.”

Dorian beamed, wondering exactly when his life had become a fairy tale.