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have you ever been in love?

Mate I’m always in ‘love.’

I’m a hopeless romantic. I suppose I fall in love with people constantly. I had loved one person from like Year 9 to Year 13/Freshers. I’d also been infatuated for most of my last year in college. And I’m kinda infatuated with someone who lives in my city now.

Then again, some people would say it’s not real love and I get that. But I also feel that feelings are complex and you can only really define them accurately if you refer to yourself.

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Artist Ask Go : something 7 please

Artist Asks: 7. Do you have any OCs?

I do(: I have a few, but this one’s my favorite/most recent. Her name is June and she’s 26. She has a whole backstory and she’s one of the main characters in a story I’m in the process of working on - but that’ll come out of the shadows some other time ;p

PS. I know her hair is very similar to mine because (fun fact) whenever I create a new character, I cut & style my hair like theirs so that I have an accurate reference when I’m drawing them.


Decembird, day 05 :  Raptor

My very first raptor, please be indulgent, I was lazy to spend half a day searching for accurate references. ^^’ It’s been a while that I hadn’t used my brushpen, I had forgotten how thin the lines could be, or maybe I had never realized it heheheheh… *details freak happy*

Also, I found an adorable drawing of a baby raptor surrounded by butterflies while searching for refs, so I couldn’t resist to the call of cuteness and double the decembird… ♥

[EDIT : I realized afterward that I mistook the word raptor by taking it litteraly… the french way. Godamnitstupidfrenchbrain!!! I DON’T CARE IT WAS FUN!!! ]


@madotsukiphile & @lahita : HAHA, MERCI! ♥ Le résultat est encore un peu trop brut à mon goût mais j’ai failli me faire étrangler par ma moitié quand je l’ai laissé sous-entendre. J’aime vivre dangereusement! X’D

@Giz-art : *hugs*

@strixmarsupia : Yeeees! ♥ I love when I see a couple of them in my garden… ;v;


Someone please give me a UPS/FedEx/USPS and administrative assistant/manager of a muesum/something like that plot where he comes in all the time to drop things off and they flirt in 2/3 minute exchanges and someone asks the other out by leaving a packing slip or something. 


Will provide: 
- Hella sassy female muse
- HCs at 3 a.m.
- AU drabbles that will make you cry
- Accurate AF moodboards
- References (if requested)

theatricalplacenta replied to your post “(i changed the skin colours a bit in my lams thing to match their Irl…”

If people are giving you shit for this, they’re cordially invited to go fuck themselves. You didn’t notice, and every laptop screen is different. I change what colours i draw with ALL THE TIME. Yur an artist, and you haven’t changed their skin tone for the purpose of making them whiter, or erasing who they are. Tits up to those guys honestly. Much love. Keep drawing <3

i see what they mean though! it is a bit hard to get a really Accurate reference of their skin tones though because u gotta get a ref with correct lightning etc. since that can change it alot. i wouldnt say theyre giving me shit for it theyre just pointing out something i could Fix (and i agree that the original was too white, i did draw it like. late at night so i didnt really pay much attention, i was also streaming so i was kind of Unfocused) i really appreciate it though!

I 100% understand why there’s no fat characters in anything because one of the main characters in my [anime-inspired] novel is a chubby 15 year old boy and I have literally spent 3 fucking days scrying the bowels of google trying to find accurate references so my artist would know how to draw him and I could write a second novel just on the pure hell I’ve gone through and I still only have one like i swear i swear im || close to just saying fuck it and making him thinner because i have had 3 hours of sleep and you’d think I was looking for the gatdamn door to narnia. 

Pandorium Photography - Alan Tang | Photography |525220985

Pandorium Photography
Alan Tang
Genre: Photography
Price: Get
Publish Date: May 5, 2012

Photography has evolved into more than a hobby or an art form over the years. It has proven itself to be a reliable and accurate source of reference and record to events. It has proven itself to such a degree, that forensic photographs are admitted into the court of law as hard evidence.  “Photography is Lighting, No Lighting is No Photography, Want to be good photographer, you should start from SLR film camera, Not digital camera.” Alan Tang - 2012

So I found out that my eye color is technically classified as amber. I’ve always said that I have brown eyes, but that’s not entirely accurate. When I refer to my eyes as brown, people often tell me my eyes aren’t brown. They say hazel is more correct, but that’s not right either. Just Google image search “hazel eyes” and it’s pretty clear to see that’s not what I have. Anyway, Minnesota drivers licenses do not have the option for amber eye color, so it doesn’t matter much.


Thank you for your ask :)

To answer your first question, I was talking more about skin tone and not anatomy when it came to studying master paintings vs photography for realism. If you’re using unedited stock or painting from life, that’s probably a far more accurate tool for reference when it comes to anatomical study. I’d even invest in some books that have an extensive anatomical breakdown.
My gripe with editorial photography for reference is how much editing it goes through. It’s not a very true representation of anything except the skills of the photo manipulator.

It can be very hard for people to translate colour and light from a photograph in an non literal way. This can result in stiff or sterile looking paintings,
Master studies give an insight into how someone else translated reality into a painterly scene.
Anatomy and likeness often need to be far closer to life for a believable result.

I didn’t go to an art school for an academic drawing course so I cannot offer you an educated opinion on this. I think it depends on the type of artist you are or aspire to be. A more disciplined master with absolute control or someone who’s is looser and more expressive? Neither is wrong in my opinion but like I say, that’s just my opinion.

Hope this answers your question :)

Skyrim Character Spotlight: Aveline the Shieldmaiden

More accurately, she should be referred to as “the Weaponmaster” due to her proficiency in most forms of combat, however she does focus on Sword/Shield and does wield a crossbow for different situations. However she was wielding a shield during one of her promotions in the Imperial military.

Aveline is an idealistic knight who has come in the world after a seedy past. She was once wrapped up in crime in her youth, a street rat gang that specialized in pickpocketing. This was despite her family, who was well to do and militaristic. Her antics put a lot of pressure on the family, but it wasn’t until the tragedy of most of her gang being murdered by a particularly skilled mark. She then decided to follow in her parents footsteps and started taking Knightship seriously.

Still, her street-smarts did help her create a small network of contacts that helped her in her work and she was the ‘go-to’ whenever a problem arose in the poorer districts. She treated each job with kindness, patience, and diplomacy and eventually gained a lot of respect even from the bosses of the underworld. She was the bridge between the military and criminal empires, and saved a lot of lives in the process which led to her fame.

She was later stationed in Skyrim to help with the rebellion, to which she became a vital asset to the point that a statue was built in her likeness outside the Solitude gates.

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Do you think it's accurate to refer to the Inquisition as an inquisition? Since they don't seem to do any inquisitorial work I.E. hunting down heretics and trying to show "the true path", it sometimes feels like the Inquisitor and Cassandra's personal army with vague power over Thedas. Should the organization and by extension the title of the game have gotten a more accurate label? What would it be if that's the case?

I think the title is more indicative of how it USED to be used, in previous inquisitions (which was far more, ah, inquisitorial) but also is indicative of how much political sway the organization wields, even early on.

alwaysabeautifullife replied to your post “Do protestants acknowledge Mary as the theotokos?”

Dude that’s what theotokos means. Also I hope my children don’t say I contributed to nothing about their lives besides their birth

Well, the 5th century debate concerning the term Theotokos circled around whether it was appropriate or not to refer to Mary as the Mother of God (since that’s what theotokos means). 

The trepidation surrounding that phrase comes from the potential insinuation that Mary was mother not only to the human nature of Christ but also to the divine nature of Christ. It would probably be more accurate to refer to her as Christotokos. She did not contribute to his deity, and as such it could be misleading to refer to her as the Mother of God. She is the Mother of the God-man, but did not contribute to his divine nature. 

We’re talking about Christ’s nature, not his upbringing. So that last part of your comment isn’t really relevant to the theotokos discussion.

I want my brain to become like a library, so that I could search any knowledge accurately and fast without referring to a book anymore.

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