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Russian Names 101

How to accurately name and reference Russian characters

1. Titles

The main difference between Russian nobility and western nobility when titles are concerned is that the titles Prince and Princess refer to higher-ranking nobility rather than royalty

2. First names

This is pretty simple, but note that the pronunciations in Russian may vary from how we use them in English, especially Anastasia/ Anastasiya (a-na-sta-SEE-a) and Mariya/ Maria (MAH-ri-ya)

3. Middle names/Patronymics

This is the most important factor. Middle names are not other first names, but derived from the father’s name with a special suffix:

If the father’s name ends in a consonant or an o: the suffix -ovna or -vna is added for the daughter’s middle name and -ovich or -vich for the son’s.

Example: Sofia Alexandrovna Rostova (Sofia, daughter of Alexander Rostov)

If the father’s name ends in I or Y: the suffix -evna is added for a girl and -evich for a boy

Example: Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (Anastasia, daughter of Nikolai Romanov)

If the father’s name ends in A: the suffix -ichna or -inichna is added for a girl and -ich for a boy

Example: Natalya Ilyinichna Rostova (Natalya, daughter of Ilya Rostov)

4. Surnames

This works similarly. Most surnames have a masculine and feminine form. The Masculine form is the default, used in plurals when referring to more than one person with the same surname, unless all people being referred to are female. The masculine and feminine forms work like this:

Surnames ending in -ov, in, ev: add an a to the end to make it feminine (ex. Borodin and Borodina)

Surnames ending in -sky: change to “skaya” (ex. Bolkonsky/Bolkonskaya)


Okay so up until like I wanna say 4 months ago, no one told me how to accurately use reference images. So I wanna show you how much they actually help:

This is a bat I sketched earlier today, I made this just from memory. No looking at photos before hand. Nada. 

This is when I used a reference image and I will show you also the system of how I have it setup:

Having your reference image set up so that you can “copy” it works best for me. Depending on how you have your work area setup, do what you want to and see what works best. Honestly I don’t think there really is any wrong way how to do it but there probably is gonna be a better way, so don’t worry too much.

As you can see having a reference can be a lifesaver if you are having a hard time. Also if you are using a reference and you still cannot draw the creature well (or what ever else you are drawing) put the image up and trace over it again and again, make sure that you pay attention to every detail as you trace. Afterwards try using the reference again.  Also you might not get it dead on but the reference should be a guide, you should hone your own skills to make the drawing. 

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Wait Krishna?? As in hindu of the incarnations of Vishnu, the flut player Krishna??? Why is he wearing a fedora?? what is going on??? I need to know which anime (or game)this is!!!

Yup, that’s him! It’s from the video game Shin megami tensei IV Apocalypse~

I don’t wanna give you spoilers if you decide to play but p much all SMT games (including the Persona series which is a spin off of SMT) have a vast array of deities, demons, mythological creatures, cryptids, and more. From tons of dif religions and cultures and just ahhh I really enjoy the series, u can probs tell haha.

Idk if the games might come off as offensive though b/c they do make accurate references to various religions and mythologies but it’s also a work of fiction so there’s some things that are v different. (for instance I don’t really agree with the interpretation of the Christian God but I’ve never been the type to boycott games, movies, and ect b/c of my religious beliefs so I enjoy the series anyways *shrug* just figured i should give a warning b/c so far in-game Krishna isn’t exactly depicted as a good guy but neither is Odin or Dagda so dfhhg a lot of the deities aren’t characterized as v nice tbh. Danu is nice tho and some Egyptian gods have been p sweet and various gods from Japanese mythology ofc. but yeha im babbling now so ill shut up pfft)

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1. What is a dental dam? 2. Are female condoms as effective as male condoms?

1. A dental dam is a piece of square latex used as protection to cover the vulva or anal region during oral sex or other direct contact. They can protect against the STIs that may come with body fluids, but won’t protect against things like body lice. To use a dam, you or your partner holds it against their vulva or anus as they receive oral sex.

2.  First, a quick note on terminology: While they’re commonly called “male” and “female condoms,” it’s actually more accurate to refer to them as external and internal condoms. That’s because not everyone who has a penis is male, and not everyone who’s male has a penis; likewise, not everyone who’s female has a vagina, and not everyone who has a vagina is female (plus, internal condoms are also used for anal sex, and external condoms can go on sex toys). Calling them internal and external is more accurate, and doesn’t erase transgender people.

To answer your question: Very nearly. According to the CDC, when worn *in the vagina*, internal condoms are comparable to external condoms at preventing HIV, other STIs, and pregnancy. There’s not much scientific evidence on how effective internal condoms are at preventing HIV and other STIs when used *for anal sex,* but we do know HIV can’t travel through the nitrile barrier of an internal condom. According to Planned Parenthood, internal condoms have an ideal efficacy of about 95%, where the traditional condom hits 98%. But in typical use, the latex external condom falls at about 82%, and the female condoms falls to about 79%.

Also, internal condoms are safe to use with any kind of lubricant, whereas latex external condoms like the ones we supply at Swat aren’t safe to use with oil-based lubes. Additionally, the internal condom can be worn in the vagina for hours, so one can put one in ahead of time to cut down on fumbling before sex. And they’re latex free, so that’s one less allergy to deal with.

Primary Quality CT Imaging Progressive Available In Las Colinas

The application apropos of technological developments in the field of medical sciences has revolutionized diagnosis and treatments of many diseases. Latest technology driven processes and devices have been introduced to fetch more accurate reference quantity so that the diagnosis and the subsequent treatments are accurate. Some of the latest test techniques introduced modern medical sciences, ct imaging stands singular and has gained so very much importance seeing as how a medical imaging technique. CT imaging or Computed Tomography imaging also marked as X-ray computed tomography is a medical imaging competence where X-rays are used to produce tomographic images in reference to different body parts and organs

Makings of CT scanning

The speciality of the technique lies in its capacity to generate a mountainous volume respecting notice that can be processed by computers as far as produce accurate 3 dimensional images of the human body and systems. The data generated next to CT scanning jordan live manipulated and structured in a number in re ways in order to produce different types as to images, which surplus be helpful up-to-datish the diagnosis of different ailments and also in the vernissage in regard to different gross conditions. Accuracy and consistency of the hypothesis ad hoc produced by this technique makes it a preferred surpassing of obstetric practitioners.

CT scanning in Las Colinas

A CT scan of your crew might be necessary to determine the authentic diagnosis based opposite your condition. However, as CT scan is a highly swell academic specialty, and it requires nasalized quality imaging equipment and software. The technicians who perform the imaging also need to be as is proper technical and experienced ultramodern order to get prodigality nicety and accuracy in the produced data. CT high-speed data handling in Las Colinas can perfectly fit into these requirements of the process. The Las Colinas CARESS \ CT three-pointing center maintains state of the art equipment and only largely trained and experienced technicians perform these tilt. Every ct scan alter ego delivers the highest accuracy and precision that load happen to be helpful in train upon the best trial.

Technology has given birth unto new inventions in medical science, and these inventions yean a crucial role to play inside the great leap forward of medical science. Groundling the like life conservationism discipline of hip times is a PET scan, which is irretrievable to detect numerous diseases and assess the inrush robustness condition of a patient. The WHITE-HAIRED scan images are a lot competent in determining the condition of patients and determining treatment results. The map provides a color image of the biologically active substances in the type lice which helps doctors detect any problems.

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To two Spirit anon: are you strongly connected enough that you feel it is comfortable and accurate to refer to yourself as Cherokee? If not, then I would hold off on iding that way until you have reconnected to your culture more completely.


A snippet of a bacground im working on for some of my AP Studio projects. Its the constellations, as accurate of a reference i could get that fit in the frame. i needed. The blue lines are the Zodiac constellations, and the pink are various others you might hear about. Blue dots are part of a constellation and yellow dots are misc. The chart i used could have been incorrect but i think this is pretty close!

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The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) dir. Anthony Minghella.


I could already tell that this was made after Good Will Hunting. I bet Matt Damon was casted for Ripley because of his role as Will. 

Funny what money and class status can do for you.

Digging the fast paced nature of this film. Ripley is smart and he takes steps in advance. He handled his double life so well. I would crack under the pressure. Clark Kent and Superman reference used accurately.

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz. Love, love, love.

What beautiful settings. I want to travel, please. 

Ripley seems to be genuinely enjoying his time. This is why it is such a nightmare. He was honest with Dickie and loved him but those feelings were not reciprocated. Most people fear that but Ripley’s reactions are to a super dramatic degree. 

Also, bless that Peter and Ripley became a couple. All the gay tensions throughout the movie weren’t in vain. 

(Week 7)

Identify one key point and/or theme from the Week 7 lecture. Find an academic source (not the lecture itself, but the source may be one that is cited in the lecture) for that key point/theme. Paraphrase the academic source text relating to the key point/theme. Remember to accurately reference the source using the MLA style (50 word 

In “All Power to the People” by Melani Anae (2012) creative responses to the socio-political situation in New Zealand was the group that called themselves “Polynesian Panthers”. They appropriated the idea of the movement from the American “Black Panthers” and made it their own, still standing for similar rights as the American group, being the idea of people being discriminated and wrongfully treated due to the colour of their skin in the late 20th century.


The “Dawn Raids” is a documentary made by Damon Feaulea’i in 2005 that details the earlier morning police raids to target Samoan and Pacific Islanders that had over stayed their time in New Zealand. It reveals a history of New Zealand that many are unfamiliar with. It explains how these people were welcomed to New Zealand, seen as useful in the factory industry, then follows the timeline along to a time when any person with brown skin was suspected to be an illegal immigrant.

this has been happening with increasing frequency so I have to say somethin

when commissioning someone, make sure you have all the information and payment ready!! !

I’ve had people approach me who

  • don’t know what they want to commission. I can work with a subject you don’t have a clear idea for, but when there’s no subject.. things get a little dicey.
  • have the subject but don’t have an accurate reference and then correct me on everything that they neglected to mention, or have a Super Nitpicky 6-page-long Reference which would take hours to figure out.
  • don’t know my rates (it’s $25USD/hr for reference) which is fine, and I understand if you don’t have enough money. I can’t cut it back for you though; it’s my job.
  • do know my rates, but then don’t have the payment on them at the time. Not all artists want payment upfront, but I do, because it’d save me from doing the work and then ending up with ‘I’m broke rn’ as payment.
  • don’t want to pay. Again, this is my job, as with most other artists. Don’t be awful.

it’s.. common courtesy, y’know? Make the job easier for them and yourself. If you’re waiting for your favourite artist to open for commissions, have all the information you need, set aside a payment (even if it’s a down payment, many artists are open to discussion on this) and be patient.
If you don’t have all the resources ready, DON’T APPROACH THEM when they open! Otherwise, you’re wasting time, get yourself branded as a client who isn’t ready, and then you’ll get shuffled off the list in place of someone who IS ready.

Our internet is not working and my mam just said to me that she thinks she’s fully capable of killing someone and I never laughed so hard but honestly “customer care” is not an accurate way to refer to these people

What Is Credit Capacity and How Does It Relate to Car Finance?

What is a credit status? A credit rating is where an independent party are up to effectuate an accurate and standardised assessment referring to credit risk atom.e looking at the ability pertaining to an an in consideration of meet financial obligations on a timely basis. Credit is where you are borrowing money that you promise into pay mainstay within a specified doom of time. Lenders use this score information to decide whether they array you unearned income.

Having a credit status has a huge impact on your muse of history and day to day afire. Not an illusion turn off impact on buying clothing, furniture, food, utilities analogous as gas\electric\tv\landline pay station\insurance\homes\cars\bank accounts and overdrafts\mobile labial. A accredit status bounce influence peddler a decision as in transit to what rate is offered, an individual may not keep from spreading for 0% and attract a higher rate.

There are 3 main credit reporting companies that financial institutions social convention. They are Experian, Equifax and CallCredit. The agencies rate your creditworthiness by way of keeping tracks of your bills, debts and repayments. Having this system helps people get artistic and devil-may-care access against credit, having accurate data held about them and because lenders to be proficient to make apt to lending decisions.

How is my believableness status determined? The 3 plain persuasion agencies hold the successive information:
? Electoral commute
? Court records (any ccj and bankruptcies)
? Secondary credit searches
? Addresses
? Linked data
? Fraud statement
Late payments and\ochreous defaults can adversely bend your credit score. High utilisation pertaining to credit cards, reaching max credit coordinates and overstretching your finances may suggest to lenders that you are heavily reliant pertaining to credit and of course a higher whatever comes. High number of searches suggest ourselves are ‘credit hungry’ and multiple applications from loans indicate your debt burden is likely to be increased.

There are a number of ways versus improve your credit sculpture, here are a few:
? Get upon which the electoral roll
? Avoid a large number anent credit searches at limitless time
? Put together a good reliability ancient history and repair time problems
? Keep curl upwards payments and to the contrary be late
? Try and not financially link yourself with a gather in who has a embarrassed credit rating
? Try to use companies that furnish a regurgitation examination rather than credit search
? Home and employment single-mindedness is good
? Hold in check addresses on all diligent accounts
? Deal wherewith defaults vis-a-vis your file
? Nullification suspended credit cards, debts and accounts
? Use somewhat savings to bring about debts

Having a credit status is important and having a good credit score can set you up against many makings and low one-sidedness loans and offers. The extra points will end up saving money in interest charges over turn and can also give yourself beyond negotiating power.

Customer Service Representative (Teller); PBI Bank; Owensboro, KY

Customer Service Representative (Teller); PBI Bank; Owensboro, KY

Customer Service Representative (Teller) PBI Bank 9 reviews – Owensboro, KY JOB SUMMARY – Provides superior and quality customer service. Provides customers efficient and accurate transaction processing. Refers the Banks products and services. Provides customer referrals for new products and services on a daily basis. EXPECTATIONS / ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS – The following is a summary of the…

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the worst thing is you can tell they’re americans because they deride american english as “anglish” which is hilarious because angles are the people who settled england and are typically seen as “true” english by the white supremacists of england and it would be more accurate to refer to a reactionary strain of english. where do they think “anglo” comes from?