accurate portrayal of me in college

  • Me: sometimes I think about the line in A Very Potter Senior Year, the third musical in the Very Potter Musical trilogy, when Harry says "who would care about a loser like me?" And Ron responds "losers like us that's who" because Ron doesn't care what he looks like or what people think of him as long as he knows that Harry knows he loves and appreciates him and it's such an accurate portrayal of Ron's character from the book because he's Harry's best friend and cares so much about him, he never cared about his fame or his money and he didn't care whether other people thought he was a loser for caring about Harry, like this group of people who went to college together and made musicals about Harry Potter, in those two lines gave a better portrayal of Ron than a massive film production company with loads of writers and stuff and I just love that line so much because it is Truly Ron's character and it makes me cry so much
  • Woman at the bank: okay,,,and your account number is?

okay so I just finished Year of the Griffin, and lemmie tell you it’s a GREAT time and I STILL have no idea how DWJ pulls literally every plot thread together at the end… also now that I have been in college for 3 years I can agree that there are a lot of things that are Accurate in that portrayal of magic college

but just about the only thing that was Not Accurate was the fact that nobody was queer. Now maybe that’s not everyone’s college experience, but my experience is so saturated with queers that it’s hard to imagine not one, not one smol gay child, in that whole friend group

to that end, I posit that someone (me, assuming I get my shit together enough to do it, anyone else if they feel like it) should write an unofficial sequel called Queer of the Griffin where, in their second year, everyone starts having their Sexuality/Gender/Romantic Awakenings, and also magic shenanigans, and it’s a great time