accurate portrayal of me in college

vallanoble  asked:

I'm the exact same way with reading fics and getting really opinionated about the portrayal of a character. You're the one of the only authors who I know will always portray Zen accurately and understand his character completely. I need to get back to writing fanfics, tbh. I set up a writing blog; I just haven't had time to write fics. College classes where I have to write as well as chronic illnesses get in the way. :/ Hopefully in a few weeks when summer break starts I can write fics again.

I think Zen is the only character thus far who I was able to deeply connect and resonate with, so having your trust in me in my portrayal of his character makes me really happy.

Hang in there! I hope that things can lighten up for you soon so that you can get back to doing what you love. (: