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“Tsk come on… Not you again… please”, Link, every time. (The Legend of Link: Breath of the Yiga Clan) || Twitter

I’m happy how this turned out despite trying a painterly style and one-layering almost everything ;A; I learned a lot…! Damn Yiga Clan tho!!


here is reyes vidal’s writer courtney woods confirming he is latino! since there has been an unfortunate amount of “but is he really?” in reyes’ tag lately

Any time there’s a diamond choice

Character: MC do you want to [wear this outfit/go back to my bedroom wink/encourage your friends/play Cupid/hang out/live/not intrude on other people’s alone time/not kill someone/collect something/keep your leg]?

MC: *is broke af*




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It Lives In The Woods

Anyone else see Noah and laugh because he really does look like a Noah? I grew up with this kid named Noah and I’m not kidding when I say he and the Noah in the book look so similar. Long brown hair, beanie, and all.

Lowkey how CC describes Magnus in the books 👀

The show is about romance and it is about love between the two of them. I mean profound and inescapable love

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"I have DONE nothing wrong ever!!! It's the MONSTERS I work with who are responsible even though I'm the only reason anyone ever succeeds at anything anyway. Excuse me while I climb out this window."

impersonate the great detective; round 2!! this time he’s rating it. || accepting!!

One of the greatest masterpieces of impersonation I have graced my acknowledgement upon, someone understands of my struggles!  and the fact of his new found habit of throwing himself out the window without another word. 8.9/10. 

if Hamilton had come out during the Glee Era, this is what the episode basically would be



- Opening scene: ND in the classroom talking among themselves. Schue walks in wearing full period costume. Everyone is confused and a little ashamed. Schue tells them he’s discovered they’re all failing history, and one of them tells him history is just SO BORING. 

 - cut to a scene of somehow all the kids in the same class in various stages of unconsciousness while a Professor Binns type teacher drones on about the war of 1812. 

- Schue assures them history is TOTALLY COOL, informs them about Hamilton, tries to white rap his way through either Guns and Ships or Yorktown. Santana makes that “why am I surrounded by white fools” face that she always makes. Hamilton is the assignment this week, even though COMPETITION looms in the future, but when have they ever actually practiced before the week of? 

- Blaine has been super friendly with some guy from Dalton or from Hairgellers Anonymous or something, is constantly liking his posts on FB. Kurt sings “Burn” over a montage of Blaine ignoring him in ridiculous situations that no one would ever be on their phone during. 

- Rachel has decided this week is one of the weeks where she’s aggressive about becoming a star, sings Satisfied. 

- Tensions are getting high, so Artie flawlessly white boy raps through “What’d I Miss” while Mike dances, to lighten the mood. 

- The kids are learning about Hamilton, but Schue is worried they’re not REALLY learning the point he’s trying to get at. 

- Probably the Unholy Trinity sings “Schuyler Sisters” 

- Schue walks back in on the kids excitedly talking about the show and/or history in general. Smiles that smile he smiles when he thinks he’s a good teacher. “See you guys? History is now. You’re the founding fathers. You’re the underdogs. Your time is coming, you just have to wait for it.” 

- New Directions: YEAH! 

- The group sings “Wait for It” in the auditorium either in full costume, or wearing just vaguely matching outfits. Finn takes lead, but Mercedes comes in on the middle solo. 

- They all smile at each other at the end, while Schue makes that face again. 

- Sue is in the background glowering that ND has managed to not fall apart yet again.

you’re becoming actual ryan murphy again