accurate answers

When completing stroke protocol and the patient gives accurate and hilarious answers.

Do you know where you are? “Yes, this is a hospital”
Do you know what year it is? “2017”
Do you know who the president is? “Unfortunately”
Can you tell me who? “No. I don’t want to say that asshole’s name”

Me neither, sister. Me neither.

"Hotel Mario Theme" - Little Women (1933)
  • "Hotel Mario Theme" - Little Women (1933)

So ever listened to Hotel Mario’s theme and thought “hey this sounds kinda catchy and good”?

Well did you know the song actually dates back as far as 1933 in a film adaptation of Little Women? It’s performed at a party, and as far as I know, is never listed in the film’s soundtrack or in any credits. The audio’s taken straight from the film so pardon the dialogue included with the song, haha.

I wish I knew the tune’s origins though. I’ve made some extensive searches, but no luck. It sounds German, but that’s as far as I have guessed. I think the most accurate answer is the Phillips CDI was actually built in the 30s and Hotel Mario was just in development hell for all that time, but y’know, who knows.

If anyone’s got any clue what the song is though, please tell me! It’s been on my mind for years now!

New Thrilling Intent Theme (opening) (piano)
  • New Thrilling Intent Theme (opening) (piano)
  • Matt Cosgrove
  • Thrilling Intent

I am a very busy person who does not have time to do this


Some things you just gotta do

I like the new theme as much as the old one. The old one was like everyone setting off on a new adventure, excited for what’s to come, running headlong into whatever may come their way. This one is like when everyone’s worn out and have slowed down, but still just as excited as they were in the beginning, happy to be adventuring with each other and their new friends

Also, Finale Notepad has really limited functionality. Don’t use it to write music

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The arc reactor post got me thinking. You said you want AA!vengers to visit the MCU because you like to suffer right? well might I suggest MCU!Tony saying that his Steve broke his arc reactor and the AA!vengers freaking out because they think MCU!Steve tried to kill his Tony, and Tony tries to write it off as NBD "cuz it hasn't powered my heart for years and having it in would've been really inconvenient when fighting Ultron-wait, that was a joke what's wrong"(AA!vengers look into the camera)

l m a o

and then AA!Steve marches up to MCU!Steve and slaps his pretty face

(and then they all sit down and talk like fucking adults and both steves make up and they all have a fantastic foursome with their tonys and everyone lives happily ever after the end)

6 Things People Don't Always Tell You About Studying

1. you ace tests by overlearning. you should know your notes/flashcards/definitions basically by heart. if someone asks you about a topic when you’re away from class or your notes and you can answer them in a thorough and and accurate answer, then you’re good, you know the material. 

2. if you don’t understand something, it will end up on the test. so just don’t disregard and hope that this specific topic won’t be on the test. give it more attention, help, and practice. find a packet of problems on that one concept and don’t stop until you finish it and know it the best. 

3. sometimes you just need that Parental Push. you know in elementary school, they would tell you “ok now it’s time for you to do your homework! you have a project coming up, start looking for a topic now!” ONE of your teachers might be like this. be thankful for it and follow their advice! these teachers are the best at always keeping you on track with their calendar. if not a teacher, then have one of your friends be that person that can keep you accountable for the things you promised you would do. 

4. you just need to kick your own ass. seriously. i know it sucks and its hard to study for two things at once. BUT. I DONT CARE IF IT’S HARD. you need to do it and at least do it to get it over with because you can’t keep putting things off. If you do, you will eventually run out of time and you will hate yourself. force yourself to do it. i made myself sign up for june ACT even though there’s finals because if i didn’t, i probably never would. like do i think i’m gonna be ready in one month? probably not, SO I BETTER GET ON IT AND START STUDYING! 

5. do homework even if it doesn’t count. if you actually try on it, then you will actually do so much better on the tests, it’s like magic. 

6. literally just get so angry about procrastinating that you make yourself start that assignment. I know how hard it is to kick the procrastination habit. I have to procrastinate. So I make myself start by thinking about my deadlines way early. I think, “oh i have a presentation in three weeks (but it really takes 2 weeks to do), i’ll be good and start today.” when that doesn’t happen, you say you’ll do it tomorrow, and this happens for like the next four days. I get so mad at myself for not starting when i am given a new chance to do so with every passing day. By that time, you actually have exactly how much time you need for it AND you were able to procrastinate the same way you usually do ;)

Blessed Be!

Hello everyone! I am scriptwitchcraft and I am here to help with your writing needs. Obviously this blog is fresh out of the oven, but I think with a little adjustment time and some curious asks we’ll get well under way. I promise to do my best to answer questions accurately, comprehensively, and thoroughly. Being a writer myself I understand how invaluable having someone to easily approach is.

I am a Portuguese American, Aries Moon, Aries Sun, Leo Rising, gender queer, pansexual, secular but Wicca familiar, eclectic, sigil, fire witch of 8 active years.

For a lot of you that sentence was probably too much to unpack and that’s okay! That’s why I’m here to do my best in answering your questions and refining the understanding of a commonly misunderstood practice.

I am looking for other Mods! 

I’m not necessarily looking for anyone in specific, but I feel it would be most effective if the mods who joined were of different specializations, backgrounds, and/or demographics.

If you don’t want to necessarily be a mod but you would like to help I am happy to have regular submitters/contributors.


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how would jacob react to cops taking his s/o into custody, btu she was framed by templars? lurb u!!!

{Love you muchly, dearest~! ;) }

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“I am telling you, Freddie,” began Jacob with a growl, “she is innocent!” The Assassin couldn’t believe that his own lover would be the one to kill those innocent people. Not only had she hardly within herself to lift a blade, but time and time again she questioned Jacob’s own dealings with ending people’s lives given the value she held the human life within.

“Sadly, Mr. Frye, I don’t have much proof other than your word she didn’t do it,” confessed Frederick Abberline with a sigh on the matter. He knew Jacob was persistent and the fact that it was a woman he loved would only make this worse.

“But I didn’t!” she exclaimed, trying to dig her feet into the ground to stop the police from dragging her in. However, the officers were stronger and able to move her to the back of the carriage to have her taken away with ease. “Please, sir; you have to believe me!” she called out from where she was confined.

“Shouldn’t my word be enough?” Jacob pleaded, his brow creased in worry that he’d never see her again.

The inspector sighed, rolling his eyes with a shake of his head as he put his hat back into place. “When you find the proof you need, Mr. Frye, you know where we will be, but until then…” Here, he turned on his heels and made his way to the front of the carriage. “I’m afraid that’s where this ends for now.”

Jacob tried to run up after the stagecoach to stop it only to have two of the nearby officers insist otherwise with their hands to his chest. Grumbling at them and removing their hold with a wild flail of his arms, Jacob straightened his hat with his eyes shifting about in thought. “Bloody Templars did this,” he murmured to himself, looking just down the road of which his lover had been taken. “Don’t worry, love…I’ll set you free.”

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I don't know if Briller broke up or not because it wasn't explicitly stated but if they really did, isn't that kinda ooc for Bryan? He knows there's a big chance that, despite their solutions and plans for survival, all of them might only have two more months to live and like ????? Is this really a good time to be having fights or big crisis in your relationship? Would he really want to spend what's left of their time away from Miller when they were planning on growing old together last season?

I see where you’re coming from, but I don’t think any of that (the corn etc) was really on Bryan’s mind.

First, Bryan had no knowledge of there being only two months left. At the time, they assumed six. We have to assume now that he knows, even though he wasn’t in the last episode.

Second, walking away from Miller during that argument is super in character Bryan, and I’ll be happy to explain why, because I love talking about him. (You can find my original Bryan/Briller meta here, and it’s basically just about what I could discern of their relationship during season three.)

What we know of Bryan isn’t much, but we know that he is hardcore, wrapped in a puppy. I say this because Bryan, it’s safe to say, has killed. Long before Polis. He has killed because his entire station was wearing the outfits of Ice Nation - people they would have had to kill to get to this point, to have their clothes, and to survive. Bryan would have killed to save his people - something that a lot of people on this show do.

He’s wrapped in a puppy because - you have seen him, right? He just looks gentle and kind and good, and he was worried that he was the bad thing for Miller back in season two, and he rushed to Riley as soon as he saw him. Also with the floppy hair and the smile it’s just difficult not to love him okay. Hardcore wrapped in a puppy.

Keep that in mind.

Bryan will fight to keep his people safe. He’s done it before, and he did it again when he voted to set off the bomb. No, not only that: he suggested setting off the bomb. It was his idea to save the slaves. It was his idea to just plain out attack the Ice Nation to get into the station. He will do what it takes, and he fights for what he believes in: and that seems to be saving his people and keeping them safe.

If we’re splitting couples into head and heart, Miller is the head, Bryan is the heart. He didn’t let anything else overshadow his need to save his friends. He didn’t think about the water and how they could suffer in the future - he thought about the people suffering right now. He wanted to help them now.

So when he asks Miller if he thought that saving the slaves was the right thing to do, and Miller says no, this is meaningful. Not in just the sense that these people are Bryan’s people; these are his friends and family - but in the sense that this is a fundamental position of Bryan; something that makes him who he is - the fact that he’s the heart, not the head. In relationships with these sorts of people, head and heart work together - but only after having issues and butting heads because of the differing opinions (see Bellamy and Clarke).

Right now, Bryan and Miller are just butting heads because their priorities don’t exactly line up. Miller’s priorities are living in the future, Bryan’s are deserving to live right now. (You might have noticed, as I have throughout writing this, that Bryan and Miller seem to reflect a lot of other relationships back at us.) I truly think they did not break up in 4.02 (I think that was the episode), and it was a fight; a meaningful one, yes, but a fight all the same.

(Remember that whilst Bellamy and Clarke only took about ¾ episodes to get to an agreement, they only knew each other when thrown into a high stress situation, both as leaders. Miller and Bryan aren’t leaders - and their relationship before the ground would’ve been fairly simple. They’re hitting their butting heads period now because this is the first time a serious situation has come up - especially one they both feel strongly about, and one they’re not going to move on. In the Pike debacle, lives weren’t immediately at stake, and Bryan was willing to change sides. This isn’t the case anymore.)

I don’t know what they plan to do in the rest of the season with Briller, as there’s a lot of different directions they could go. But, hopefully, the writers have chosen to show them working past their issues (just like Bellamy and Clarke did back in season 1, as they do seem to be reflecting them - and I’ve spoken before about some similarities between Bellamy and Bryan) and leading them to both being saved from the radiation.

They want that future together, they do. Just because they had a fight doesn’t mean either has gone nope nada don’t want that anymore. They want that future with the chickens, the corn, the house by the lake - and whilst it’s far less likely, what with the end of the world coming, their differing opinions don’t mean that they’re going to stop being together - especially when long standing relationships, like theirs, have a track record of getting past issues.

Besides, I think there was an important line from Bryan in 4.02. When Miller asked why Bryan turned against Pike, Bryan said “I did it for you, Nate”.

They may oppose each other as head and heart, but their number one priority, I think we’ve seen, is each other.

sat tips!! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

hello!!!!! i recently took the sats on 21 jan and i compiled some tips about the respective papers so i decided to write ‘em up in a post. i hope these help!!!!

paper 1: reading

  • read carefully. this section is something you can score in.
  • while answering follow up evidence questions, make sure the quote actually supports the previous answer.
  • the phrasing and vocab used in the questions themselves are important!! pay attention to them!!
  • when finding stuff from the passages (esp. science based ones!), be careful. pinpoint exactly what the question is asking you, then choose the most accurate answer.

paper 2: writing + language

  • make sure to read the previous and the next sentences for contextual clues.
  • when doing grammar/vocab questions, put the answer back into the passage to see if it makes sense as a replacement.

paper 3: math (no calculator)

  • this paper has to be done FAST, but don’t compromise accuracy. do it once, but do it well.
  • simplify whenever possible.
  • check. one correct answer is better than 3 hastily done questions that turn out to be wrong.
  • don’t give up. work down to the last second.

paper 4: math (with calculator)

  • no careless mistakes can be afforded here.
  • c h e c k. you have a calculator, you have no excuse not to double check the hell out of every calculation you did.

good luck with your sats everyone! (╯˘ -˘ )╯

  • Raphael,answering the phone: hello ?
  • simon: it's simon
  • simon: no. i'ts me, simon, it's actually me.


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(shoutout to @cinnamon-suncat for the idea to make the results a screenshot)

67% Caregiver

Friendly, sincere, and compassionate, the Caregiver finds their reward in helping others. No one could ask for a better best friend.

22% Advocate

The Advocate is the one everyone wants on their side. In the name of justice, they are not afraid to challenge authority or speak up for others.

11% Creative

The Creative appreciates all beautiful things, in art and daily life. The creative act is essential to who they are.

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well, i just tried it and the pillars fell when the roof came down. what kinda pillar are we talking about? like the parthenon pillar of greece or something? cuz that woulda stood up more than my poor pencils. or do you mean a pillar and the roof is, like, slanted to the ground with its two corners attached to the pillars like a survival half-tent. i'm trying to physics it, but, uh. it's not working.

XD I’m not suprised it’s not working, i have no idea what the details to this riddle are.

If you didn’t know the details, what will your answer be?


    You have always loved Harry Potter, you’ve read the books a thousand times and seen the movies even more times. The Wizarding World that was graced to us by J. K. Rolling has been one of the greatest influences in your life. Besides being an Avenger and all… Anyways you have always taken quizzes about which Hogwarts house you would be in but you never knew there was one that was actually verified by Rolling.

    You sit at your desk in your bedroom thinking carefully about each question to make sure your answer is accurate. Suddenly your girlfriend Wanda Maximoff walks in saying, “Hey, want to go to din- What are you doing?”

    “I’m taking a quiz to see what Hogwarts house I would be in, apparently its extremely accurate!” You say excitedly looking at her.

    She smiles a little and quirks her head to the side, “Hogwarts? What’s that?“

    Your jaw practically drops to the floor. “You know Harry Potter?” To this she still looks confused, “I know our childhoods were very different but the is no way you have never heard of Harry Potter???”

    “No…. but maybe you could tell me about it?” she smiled her beautiful smile still confused but happy to learn about something that you seem to love.

    “Its about wizards who live in a separate world than us and they go to this boarding school for wizards called Hogwarts that is insanely awesome with fantastic creatures like mermaids and hippogriffs. The whole story and all of the characters are absolutely amazing.”

    “Sounds cool, can I take this quiz?” She asked, obviously excited to find out more about this world.

    “Yes but only after we have a movie marathon, we’ve got 9 movies to watch and not enough time!” You say hopping up to get your DVDs.

    She laughs at your excitement and hops in the bed as you put the first movie in. You quickly shut the lights off and hop in beside her. The two of you cuddle up as the movie began. You found yourself spending most of the movie looking at her and gauging her reaction. You can’t help but smile at the look of wonder and awe on her face as you watch all the Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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