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Gerard, Mikey and Ray hanging out with Krystal for Make A Wish

@gerardway Almost a full voltron with @ray.toro.official and @mikeyway (Frank is on the east coast) for @Krystaldunagan. It was so wonderful to meet you Krystal and your super awesome mother. You’re amazing! We had a blast. Thanks to @makeawishamerica and @thehuntingtonlibrary for making it happen, and for the fantastic tea. #makeawish #huntingtonlibrary#krystalrocks #thankyouforthespacemetal

@krystaldunagan I am in the Make-A-Wish foundation so that’s how I did this. So a lot of you guys are asking what the guys are like. Well, let me say this; they are the best. @ray.toro.official is a sweetheart, he likes classic rock and earl grey tea plus he has a kickass personality. @mikeyway is a cutie tbh he really is gorgeous inside and out. @gerardway likes the Pixies(great taste in music) he is a total teddy bear in all honesty. From the moment I saw him I felt totally welcomed by his aura! I got to chat with them while drinking tea and eating fancy food haha it was totally rad

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Acchan, have you seen the chapter's alternate translation? (From Jaminisbox). I've read from reddit translators that what Marude said on MS is wrong and this translation is a bit more accurate but still misleading, because what he actually says in Japanese is that even Matsuri would be a better successor (than Furuta)

Hey Anon! Ah yes I have seen, but thank you very much for letting me know! :D 

As for what Marude said, I had concluded the same thing after comparing the two translations…


So yes, I definitely agree it was apparently supposed to imply that, between Furuta and Matsuri, Marude definitely preferred for Matsuri to become the new Director (because Furuta is just too crazy since he allied with the Clowns and V).
…Except that there is a high chance Matsuri is dead or within V’s hands now. :/

Thank you for confirming this Anon though! I really appreciate it :3

Have a nice weekend! ^_^

EDIT: MS corrected this part :)

Hey Anon! I don’t speak Japanese so well, so I could be totally wrong, but when it comes to the scene you mentioned, logically speaking…

I think Jaiminisbox’s version might be more accurate because it was Furuta’s ideal plan from the start to have the CCG consider that Kaneki’s group was a part of the Clowns’ attacks. And since…

…Furuta definitely won during this arc (since things went according to his plan), that’s why I think Jaiminisbox’s version makes more sense. 

As I said though, it’s purely based on logic for me, and I could be totally wrong so please ask someone who speaks Japanese in order to confirm this!

Have a nice weekend Anon! :)

EDIT: Sorry Anon but MS changed their translation, so now I really don’t know anymore. :/

Hey Anon, I already addressed this here (scroll down at the bottom) but since the controlled-humans-being-disguised-as-clowns theory wasn’t confirmed even though the arc is now over, I just don’t think it’s relevant anymore, sorry. :/

Basically, I think this scene…

….either refers to Uta making a clone of himself during the battle (thanks to his piercings somehow maybe?) or to Donato making a clone of Uta, like he made a clone of himself when he fought against Urie (that clone is what Mutsuki stabbed). 

That being said, since Uta’s clone could switch faces, it’s probably more logical to think that Uta is the one who made that clone out of his own piercings or kagune (since during the auction arc, he used Arima’s face to bother Hirako but Donato was still in prison).
…Unless Donato made that clone and Uta assured the face-switching abilities? I can’t say I know for sure, but as I said before, I think the fact it’s very confusing is meant to be on purpose by Sensei, so that the Clowns can remain strange and dangerous opponents, so we’ll surely have answers during another battle.

Anyway, I think that’s what this dialogue is referring to, even if I could be totally wrong, and those humans were probably simply told to attack the CCG otherwise they would be killed by the Clowns. :)

I hope it helps a little, have a nice weekend Anon!

EDIT: Anon, this post makes a lot of sense if you still need an explanation :3

Hey Anon! And honestly…

I’m not sure, but for now I don’t think so, because it might be a bit too soon to go from having a crush on Mutsuki to having a crush on Saiko after just one arc (if that ever happens). :)

However, I think Urie definitely heard all that Saiko told him (even if again, what she said wasn’t particularly explicit, so she could have meant it romantically but not necessarily) so maybe that’s why he’s thinking about her in this scene. :3

Sorry I can’t help more, but have a nice weekend Anon!

Hey Anon, thanks for reading!

And yeah, I agree, personally I don’t think Aura is dead either, that would be too complicated for Mutsuki to cover such a cold-blooded murder from the CCG since Aura is an investigator.

Good point about the small physical resemblance between Aura and Torso, though, I hadn’t noticed, so maybe you’re right and Ishida intends on developing their relationship! 
Besides, if Urie actually has a crush on Mutsuki, Aura would be one more obstacle between them and somehow that just fits for me xD (poor Urie :3)

Thanks for your thoughts and have a nice weekend!

Hey Anon and you’re welcome! However, yes afterwards I saw the other translation of the chapter. :)

It looks like it might not be 100% accurate either from what I read about it though so…  since according to Jaiminisbox’s version, apparently Aura doesn’t even mind if Mutsuki is the one who kills Sasaki (maybe he has a crush on Mutsuki?)…

…I’m even less sure of what’s going on xD Maybe Mutsuki just found a murder buddy in the end, and it has nothing to do with Haise! 

It’s still not a good thing in any case, since Mutsuki should rather receive help instead of keeping on acting violently and killing. :/

Ah, let’s just see what happens in the future. Have a nice weekend and thank you for letting me know! :D

EDIT: I searched a little around and it seems that for the scene with Mutsuki and Aura, MS’ version is the most accurate. 

So my answer to you for now still holds. :3

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Hi, is there any way that you can ask your source do they feel sure the indirect Caryl references in these last three episodes have been cut or not? That is very disheartening to hear that they will be. That may mean that tptb are heading in a different direction with Caryl, if so. Thanks for your help and all the spoilers.

by Hi, Nonny,  We talk with all of our sources all the time, asking questions, getting clarifications etc.  Y’all in the fandom do not see it because we are discreet, so I guess that is why everybody assumes we don’t ask.  Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  We are very thorough in that way although we do not always get all the episode 7.10 level detailed with dialogue spoiler details we want. :)

I have a bunch of anons all on the same subject so am answering this one in lieu of repeating the same information in all of them. 

OK, first of all,, have you read the actual spoilers or just heard about them from social media.  Because what was said was that mentions may or may not still happen. Your assumption that they were cut “ That is very disheartening to hear that they will be.” is wrong, that simple. So if you only heard abotu the spoilers and fully read those, I suggest you login in and read for yourself.:)

So one mention was in Bury Me Here I think with the Carol-Morgan conversation in which Daryl came up. The decision to re-edit was made just before the episode order was switched, so that is one of a few, right there.

Filming spoilers, as we have all said many times, did not indicate and Caryl filming together or interactions in the finale with just the two of them.  

That doesn’t mean though that one won’t be mentioned by the other, or the two of them might now be mentioned by other characters. These are just the first 7.15 spoilers to come out early- other sites will have spoilers too and we may get more from LB, so maybe more good stuff is coming.  We just have to be patient and see.

To me, any Caryl indirect callback would be important and if kept in, terrific.  If edited out, well, finales often cut character and ship bits in favor of more action or higher stakes non-shipping viewers will enjoy.  TWD has always been that way and will continue to do so IMO, since they want to get viewers excited about coming back for season 8 and 8.01.  

So even if cut, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important - just means it was cut like the wonderful Merle-Carol conversation at the prison - itself also an indirect Caryl callback. The finale took almost 2 weeks to film so there is plenty of footage which could be edited in or out and all the re-edits are not known at this time. 

I’m sorry you are upset over the possibility of an indirect callback being cut as part of the massive re-edits we reported recently.  The decision is Scott Gimple’s TPTB and AMC’s decisons to make  and is out of our hands or those of our sources of course.

So we will continue to ask, knowing that our sources take great risks in getting us any information at all these days.  Waiting and worrying is hard, but is just the way it goes with spoilers.  As soon as we hear more, we will post and littlebirds will be back to post with more info on the possible Caryl mentions so everyone will know for sure. 

 Episode 16 spoilers will be out well before the final and the questions will be answered once and for all in those of course.   

 Maybe one day the fandom can return to just enjoying having any spoilers at all, but I doubt it.:)

Thanks for your questions and yes, we will continue doing our jobs just as we always do and have done with every episode this season.  @twdzone

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Hi! So Mutsuki told Saiko they were sure Haise had his own motive to do what he did and now they propose to Aura that they kill him together. How do you interpret it? As a progressive falling into their dark feelings?

Hi Anon :) Well, it’s true that those moments are completely the opposite of one another…


…But I honestly don’t feel confident enough to try and explain what’s currently going on in Mutsuki’s mind which could explain such a difference, so here’s just a quick answer.

The way I see this, there are two possibilities (going with what I was explaining here):

  • 1) Mutsuki is actually angry at Haise’s departure thus there is discrepancy in what they say depending on who they’re talking to about Haise. 

The thing is, they have been severely abused in the past and they went through a lot on Rushima, so they’re not exactly in the most stable state of mind right now + Haise left them behind when Mutsuki had a real and extreme obsession with him (they “loved” him from their point of view) so… I’m not sure of how they’re really feeling about Haise’s departure.

They’re obviously scared that he’s not with them anymore as ch114 showed, but does Mutsuki really want him back or was his departure seen as a complete betrayal? That I can’t say.
However, since “Haise” (= Uta’s clone) ended up like that

I’m willing to bet that this theory could be correct and that Mutsuki has been coping about Haise’s departure through violence more than once.

So if Mutsuki feels that the only way for Haise not to leave them again or to pay for his betrayal is to be killed by them, that could explain why they asked if Aura wanted to “kill him together” (since Aura also wants to kill him for his own reason).  

In this possibility then, considering what I was saying here, Aura and Mutsuki will actually become “buddies” and might grow closer to each other (which is not a good thing since Mutsuki needs help and not someone who tells them it’s okay to go on like that).
And in that case, Mutsuki’s words in ch100 were completely different because they were talking to Saiko who’s more partial towards Haise than Aura is (and they couldn’t exactly tell Saiko in ch100 that they wanted to kill Haise).

That’s the first possibility for me. I think the second one might make more sense though. 

  • 2) As explained here, there is also a possibility that Mutsuki didn’t really mean the words they said to Aura which would mean… that Aura is in trouble.

And I mean that mostly because the hand gesture… is weird. Very weird.

It appears slow and delicate and it’s rather unusual of Mutsuki to act like that in the first place, as if they were trying to charm Aura, so I’m really not sure that Aura went back to the CCG alive after this scene. :/

Besides, here’s the thing, considering the words of Mutsuki to Saiko in ch100 (how they did seem so in awe of him despite his departure) + seeing ch114…

Even back when Haise showed a lot of interest in another girl (Touka), Haise never was the one at fault: it was Touka Mutsuki was angry at (she’s the only one with the crossed out face in that panel above).

Also, I personally assumed that in ch114…

…lost as they were, Mutsuki killed “Haise” to make sure he wouldn’t leave them behind again, because Mutsuki doesn’t want Haise to leave them behind, so… considering all that, how do you think they’re supposed to react when Aura says “oh it’s okay if you do that sort of things because all I care about is killing that bastard Sasaki anyway”?

Well, personally, since Mutsuki really emphasized on how much they loved Haise (+ how Touka was the one in the wrong even though Haise showed a lot of interest in her as well) in ch114, I…

…really am not sure of if Aura is still alive or not right now. :/

And even if Mutsuki actually left them alive after this scene, it could just be to keep an eye on him until they find Haise/Kaneki.

I mean, Mutsuki killing Aura with their knife because he’s a real threat to Haise would be hard to cover (since ghouls leave Kagune traces when they fight, so the autopsy could reveal that Aura was killed by a quinque/knife I suppose), so by pretending to also want for Haise to die, they can grow closer to Aura and keep an eye on him to make sure he won’t hurt Haise. 

TL;DR because it’s probably badly explained:

  • Either Mutsuki didn’t mean a word of what they said to Saiko in ch100, because they always wanted for Haise to die ever since he left them after the Rushima arc, so Mutsuki and Aura will become “buddies” who will try to kill Sasaki together one day.
    (I’m meh about this possibility)
  • Or Mutsuki meant what they said to Saiko in ch100 + they also meant being completely in love and obsessed with him in ch114, but they lied to Aura in ch116 because Aura is a threat since he wants to kill Haise so…
    • either Mutsuki killed him after that scene in ch116
    • or Aura isn’t dead yet, but Mutsuki pretended to also want killing Haise so they could keep on eye on Aura and kill Aura/protect Haise (to gain Haise’s love?) when they face each other.

I hope that makes sense? I like the second possibility (and Aura not being dead) more, it makes more sense with ch100, ch114 and the unusual behavior of Mutsuki towards Aura in ch116 for me but I could be completely wrong so please take all this with a grain of salt! :3

Sorry for the long answer, have a nice weekend Anon!

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oikawa raises hell when he finds out that kindaichi is in a relationship with kageyama. he laments the fact that his and iwa-chan's son has turned out to be so rebellious and wayward even after they raised kindaichi so well. tooru's theatrics end with a positive comment that at least their other son, kunimi-chan, has remained disciplined and unsullied. kunimi snorts at that, amused. little does oikawa know that he and ushijima have been shagging for months. (musique anon)

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Idk if you're still doing the name aesthetic thing but would you mind making one for my name: Patrïecia? (Ik it's weird and complicated, sorry)

patrïecia (your name isn’t weird!! i love it ^.^)

getting covered in mud & not caring, an unbreakable bond of friendship, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, hot cocoa


rose gold, a natural aura of confidence when one walks into a room, the feeling of putting on a warm jacket in the cold, the smell of strawberries


pop rocks on one’s tongue, an overwhelming joy that defies description, flowers lined up in a neat row, the taste of fresh food


racing a friend and not caring who wins, admiring the changing shapes of the moon, late nights spent talking and thinking


a nerd, probably


strength, cliffs hanging over a beach & the accompanying smell of saltwater, stretching out one’s shoulders after sitting still for a while

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Ah yes hello your girlfriend turned off anon so naturally I remembered that I wanted to tell her that I had a dream in which she was the cool, aloof witch at hogwarts that I managed to befriend by carrying a box for her to discover that her lair was an infinite series of balconies that she was building. The box was full of newels.

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh my god, that’s amazing!!!

@meyerlansky, you are confirmed for Cool Aloof Witch