probably true things about ur sign
  • aries: is like a lil kid and a mother to u at the same time, a perfectionist, has naturally nice eyebrows, appreciates pretty things
  • taurus: can fall asleep anywhere anytime, obsessed with random ass kitchen appliances like cookie cutters and stuff, makes strange but funny noises
  • gemini: rocks anything from tie dye t-shirts to gangster hats, always up for an adventure, down for 3am bike rides, slays at making gingerbread men
  • cancer: doesn't like it when their food touches other kinds of food, will randomly attack you with a cuddle, is the best at keeping secrets, keen for getting outside and actually doing something
  • leo: they're naturally hilarious but won't admit it, thoughtful gift givers, drives with their hand on the steering wheel like they own the world
  • virgo: thinks their socially awkward but can actually make conversation with anyone, facial expressions. so many facial expressions.
  • libra: trusts everyone, does that little innocent smile when they have something to tell you, practically has an endless amount of energy
  • scorpio: they're actually vampires, obsessed with watching movies, always the first to fall asleep at sleepovers, is the one you want on your team when playing just dance on xbox
  • sagittarius: drives to maccas to get mcflurries at midnight, wants everyone to be happy, likes to facetime instead of message, great fashion taste
  • capricorn: can get mad in three seconds but screeches if they see a puppy, their stomachs are bottomless pits that want to be filled with icecream, love going on drives at night with loud music
  • aquarius: chicken nuggets are the center of their world, can lead any conversation into something funny, would trade their sibling for the newest version of sims, have nice nails
  • pisces: big doe eyes, live off cookies and sushi, want to be on everyone's good side, like nights where they have an excuse to dress up fancy,
What My Phone Corrects Rogue One Characters To (AKA their actual names..)
  • Baze Malbus: Blaze Malays
  • Chirrut Imwe: Chirrup I'm Wee
  • Bodhi Rook: Body Rook
  • Mon Mothma: Mom Mother
  • Bail Organa: Ball Organs
  • Darth Vader: Death Evader
  • Galen Erso: Gallon Ergo
  • Jyn Erso: Juan Ergo
  • Cassian Andor: Casual Ardor
  • Orson Krennic: Person Ironic
The signs as mistakes
  • Aries: Hoping for a miracle to happen.
  • Taurus: try to get everyone to like you.
  • Gemini: Doing drugs.
  • Cancer: Telling secrets and regretting it afterwards.
  • Leo: Being on your phone too much and waking into a tree.
  • Virgo: Trying to appear strong although you aren't.
  • Libra: Eliminating your feelings.
  • Scorpio: Trusting wrong people.
  • Sagittarius: Forgetting about time and missing an important appointment.
  • Capricorn: Taking things too seriously and forgetting to take a break.
  • Aquarius: chasing after wrong person.
  • Pisces: Not being able to make up your mind and decide what you want.