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I interpreted the panic attack being easily triggered because she was feeling emotionally unstable moments before. The confrontation with Lena put her on edge, plus she knows what Psi can do to her, and then when she got into the elevator, those other fears all came to the surface. I dont think that the attack itself though has anything to do with Lena. I think the fact that she argued with her right before that is relevant though. These outside factors def play into when attacks may occur

Oh it’s relevant, but my read is that it’s pretty much at the bottom of the list.

Hence “more triggering than her argument with Lena” and not “Lena had nothing to do with it!”

But similar confrontations have happened with others before without Kara reacting that strongly. It’s a familiar emotional instability as of late, and I put a lot more weight on the fact that she was about to confront Psi—possibly re-experiencing the day Krypton exploded again—and the fact that her claustrophobia has come back into play full force than her argument with Lena.

But yes, the argument threw her further off balance from the shaky day she’d been having, and when she got the call about Psi and entered the elevator, it was an easier progression to panicking because she wasn’t exactly serene to begin with.

But I was responding to the idea (note that I have not seen the posts first hand) that people are making the the panic attack all about Lena.

It’s like if a body builder, my 3 year old niece, and I pushed over a giant boulder to save a village and the news reported it as “3 Year Old Saves Village” with no mention of the body builder or me. It’s just not accurate, and there’s a clear narrative they’re trying to push. And even if that narrative has a certain appeal, it’s more important to be truthful.

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Bickslow is that type of best friend that will act annoyed at Freed and Laxus on purpose and at the same time make bad sex innuendos and tease them. Goal: Make them blush. He's surprised when Laxus is the first to do so. LOL


On the Werewolf!Lavender AU

Okay I have been talking to a few people about my interpretation of the werewolf!lavender au, and thought I might share.

I think Lavender was the 2nd or 3rd character I attempted to rp (and I’ve done various eras of her often since then), and pretty early on with her I played with some elements of werewolf!Lavender. There is a thread I did, but I’m not going to even go look for it because the scars were so freaking bad it’s embarrassing.

At the beginning I took a similar stance as most people on how Lav handles the werewolf: focused mostly on the aesthetic aspects of the issue. There is nothing wrong with this. The meat of what we know about Lavenders personality is rooted in a bit of vanity and a rather 2 dimensional relationship- mostly from the 6th book and lets not forget from a male pov, just saying.

I have a lot of headcanons, however, about Lavender’s characterization, especially in Deathly Hallows, an aspect of cannon which we never got to see.

I really like her as a big sister figure. I think she would do well in an environment like Death Eater Occupied Hogwarts- in which the 7th years are shoved into a pretty major leadership position. Neville and Seamus get to lead the resistance group, sure, but why is Lav’s only role to introduce a bathroom? Thank you patriarchy.

I like to think that Lavender moderated Seamus’ raucusness in the RoR, providing a bit of a levelheaded logical approach to the way that the rebel society worked.

I don’t want to suggest that the scars wouldn’t bother Lavender after Greyback’s attack. I don’t think anyone could be completely unaffected by that major of a traumatic event. However, the leadership role I envision her playing in Deathly Hallows, I really like carrying over to a post war era.

Even out of the context of an 8th year with other school aged werewolves, I think that (at least my) Lavender would make the best out of the situation. Advocating for werewolf rights, especially with the influx of population after the war.

Lav showed an interest in magical creatures/beings even before this (Unicorns, Firenze) so it isn’t improbable that she may explore that as a career.

Okay I’ll shut up now, this has become too long.