So I got in Kyoko the other day. 

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For the first time in a while, I felt really pretty. Like I looked in the mirror and I was accualy happy with what I saw.

I hate when people tell me I cant love my body, that I have to sit in shame, and not be happy with what i see because im larger. 

But when I looked into the mirror I was positive, I was happy with my body, and sure I wouldn’t mind changing it, but im fine with how it is right now.

Im really just saying. no matter what anyone says. You can look in the mirror and be happy, nothing anyone says can take away what you see, or what is in that mirror!

to my gorgeous wife

a bit under a year ago I met this girl named Nadine on a website called okcupid little did I know that soon after she would become my everything, let me say something about this girl shes the sweetest most amazing girl on the face of the planet, you may be saying to yourself that’s what all the guys say about their girlfriends/wives but trust me on this I’m not just saything this to say it shes accualy the greatest person alive no doubt about it even though we had a pretty rough past shes wiling to put that behind us and work for our relationship, we already call eachother husband and wife and honestly there is no one I rather call my wife then her one day we will get married because its destiny that we met and she is the one for me no doubt about it, I love you so much my baby I want you in my life forever to share my bed and share our lives together forever, my baby, my world, my universe, my blackhole, my everything, my wife, my girlfriend, sweetheart stay in my life forever and always

You asked for this monstrosity.

Hte Pancak: A deedpug fanficshun
‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Yes" Mizuko heard comming, from the down the hallway. She desided too chek it out and wint down teh ahllway. sje saw the dopr was a jar and open door. in cide she saw hte libing room was fill with couch and pillow and tv wit h black box under tv. she enter the hows (bc she two barv 4 one good) and here “YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES come from behind door. she go to door and fell the door hnadle too see if is hot and handel is hot so she open door. in room mesnooki see deedpoop stand with frying pan with pnacake in pan in hand wareing notihn butt mask and pink frills apron. also is girl face away. sudennlky girl turn round and look at miecookie. girl say yes is accualy meezucchini from future!!!!!!!!!!!! freedooky frum futur grabbed the nive and run at her with nife she stab her in gut and hten seaflutey was kill…

chap2 cums when i fell liek it lol lol xd?