19, Korean-American

This is one of my older selfies (circa December 2014) but it’s my favorite.

I’m sick of being treated as a collectible, sick of having both my positive and negative attributes accredited to my race rather than myself as a person, sick of sitting pretty when men say lewd things about Asian women in my presence. I’m sick of being spoken over and dismissed, but I love that there is a space here for our words to exist and be listened to!

Happy Asian Face Appreciation Day!

i wonder what will happen once the commission i’ve been waiting for gets done. will some furry blog find it and post it, without accrediting the personal value which it might hold for me as people reblog it and it circulates around the blue website? what a surreal experience

An email to a professor at school:

“In the same vein, I do not feel comfortable simply doing a Lit major as it is not sustainable for me to rely on a department that is nonexistent.”

My school is so effed up, trying to convince me outta doing a self-design. Who are they to tell me to be a Lit major, when all the Lit professors jumped ship? I am so done.

Atelier Ethical Blog



Atelier Ethical is supporting the new Child Labor Free global accreditation for designers, brands and businesses. Launched on World Day Against Child Labour 2015, the accreditation is available for all industry and product categories, using a three step process of assessment including manufacturing, component and source. Child Labor Free will become a globally recognized product mark for brands and consumers.

Atelier Ethical have sent out a message to our network of over 13,800 fashion professionals including well known designers and brands, to do what we can to help raise awareness within the fashion industry and encourage brands to consider applying for accreditation. It is an opportunity for businesses to promote sustainability in their supply chain and gain a marketable advantage over competitors. Would you like to be among the first businesses in your country to become CLF accredited?

UNICEF estimate over 150 million children worldwide are trapped in child labor, amounting to 11% of the global child population according to the International Labour Organization (ILO). Child Labor Free describes it’s mission as ‘A consumer led movement for positive change’ and that ‘consumers and companies can work together’ to make a difference and have a positive impact on the statistics. In the fashion industry we have all seen that consumer pressure and the subsequent media attention is what forced brands to acknowledge responsibility for their part in the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse. From urging them to sign the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, contributing to the victims and survivors fund, to a successful petition asking Benetton to pay a significant contribution towards the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund two years after the tragedy killing 1134 people and injuring 2500.

The most powerful aspect of this accreditation is it’s sole focus on children. Now there is the World’s first professional verification process of it’s kind, it will become more difficult for brands to deny responsibility or dismiss the possibility of child labor in their supply chain. The message is clear- is a particular brand Child Labor Free or not? Businesses have the power to help eradicate Child Labor. All they need to do is support the movement by starting the journey to become Child Labor Free accredited.

It would be great to know your thoughts on this important issue- what do you think?

Estamos de enhorabuena, el programa de Arquitectura de la Escuela Politécnica Superior de la Universidad CEU San Pablo ha culminado con éxito el proceso de verificación por parte de ‪#‎NAAB‬ (National Architectural Accrediting Board), acreditación que se denomina Substantial Equivalency cuando se otorga a universidades que no se encuentran en los‪#‎EstadosUnidos‬. Ésta tiene como objetivo principal que los alumnos titulados por la EPS tengan el derecho a inscribirse como ‪#‎arquitectos‬ en los Estados Unidos, con los mismos derechos profesionales que los arquitectos norteamericanos.

Además, lo hacemos con distinción en 7 áreas de excelencia. Esta acreditación afecta tanto al título de ‪#‎Arquitectura‬ como al Grado en Arquitectura, es decir, tanto para el plan nuevo como para el plan antiguo.

Mas información

Podéis ver los informes aquí

So I register for the GRE, a few days later my program loses accreditation, and now when I look up the MLAs closest to my home, most of them don’t require the GRE.

PAPERMAG: Kool A.D. Forecasts Your Horoscopes

Gemini: Take hella baths this month. Like 4 or 5 a day even. Fuck “conserving water” man these fuckers should be building ocean desalination plants is what the fuck they should be doing, the earth’s like what 90% water or some shit right? So the fuck U mean a drought? Y'all mean to tell me accredited scientists were paid to come up with cappuccino flavored Lay’s potato chips but nobody can find the time to take the salt out of saltwater? Fuck outta here. Y'all figure that shit out, meanwhile ima be taking a bath.




Adrian Hailwood

Job Title

Designer of Hailwood

What town did you grow up in?

Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

Other than a phone and a wallet, name one thing you’re never without

My mother’s wedding ring on my pinky finger (she was a nurse for 45 years and an amazing woman)

Who is an inspirational leader you admire?

Golda Meir in the 70’s took the helm of running Israel and Helen Clarke of course here at home (New Zealand) created great social and health development policies. It will be great to see Hillary Clinton take the next presidency in the States; I think the world is definitely ready for more female leaders.

When did you doors first open?


What is the biggest business challenge so far?

Coming up with designs for the next range LOL. You’d think this should be easy right? But with an ever-changing market there is a constant struggle of price point and market shifts. The design of product is a juggling act. It’s a fine balance that can be challenging.

What is the first product your company specialised in?

Tee shirts. I was an illustrator before starting the tee range, which came about after working on a commercial that needed printed tees.

What is the topline item your company has produced?

Fancy gowns for fancy people.

How well do you know your supply chain?

I travel to the factories three times a year, so I like to think I know it pretty well. Going through the CLF pilot programme has opened my eyes to all the differing parts of my supply-chain.

What are you hoping to achieve by creating an ethical and sustainable product?

I want everyone working for Hailwood, be it here in New Zealand or any other part of the world, to be appreciated for the work they do. My hope is that our ethics can spread globally, so all workers who are currently vulnerable, get paid fair wages, and work in stable, positive environments.

What does Child Labor Free mean to you?

Simply that - CHILD FREE LABOR

Where can people find you online?, 

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queenoftheborg asked:

Hello, would you be able to tell me about your experience at East Stroudsberg? I am considering applying there, but im frightened by the distance. (I live near Pittsburgh) What are the pros and cons of the university?

well, let’s see, i will say that i did get horribly spoiled by my experiences at NCC (which has a vastly better budget and nicer facilities), but ESU is a pretty solid school all told, it’s just hmmmmm

well, i’m gonna list the cons first off because i will say some of them are pretty big:

-we’re in danger of losing our accreditation for nursing due to poor decisions on the part of the administration (they loosened the requirements for admission to the nursing program and then were surprised when nobody passed the qualifying exams)

-we’re losing a lot of our arts programs and classes while the administration keeps giving themselves fucking raises, but this is happening at ALL state schools basically

-science courses are underfunded as hell

-it’s a party school, as are all PA state schools, and you do have to deal with that nonsense happening around you while you try your damnedest to learn


as far as the pros go though, there is a lot to like, though i’m coming from this as a bio student and can’t speak for other programs:

-the campus itself is pretty nice on the whole and as long as it’s past the first couple weeks of courses, it stays pretty clean (again, party school, you will have to get used to the occasional smashed bottle or puddle of puke on the sidewalk)

-the professors are generally pretty chill and do a lot of really neat work in their fields, which might give you more opportunities for internships

-the town it’s in is fairly hopping so it’s a damn sight better than getting stuck in a cornfield or something

-there’s plenty of nature stuff in easy access so if you want to get out of town and just chill somewhere quiet, you can

-the coursework is pleasantly challenging without being drudgery

-opportunities to work with grad students as an undergrad, which is mega rad as heck if you ask me

i mean, there’s pros and cons to every school, and depending on what you’re looking for, ESU might be your ticket to a good education for not a ton of money.  i know i complain about ‘ugh party schools’ but im also 28 and that holds literally no appeal, plus ive lived out here all my life and students can be obnoxious to us townies no matter where you are

i would advise you try to live off campus as soon as you can, just because i personally had some heinous experiences with loud obnoxious motherfuckers in the campus housing, but that’s just teenagers being stupid now that mommy and daddy aren’t around to tell them what to do, usually those fuckers either fail out or drop out a few semesters in

good luck settling on a school!  i sincerely hope you find a good match!  college is intimidating as fuck and you’re probably going a little nuts right now!  god knows i freaked the hell out when i first did school

Spelman Tops HBCUs on the 2015 Forbes 'America's Best Colleges' List

Spelman Tops HBCUs on the 2015 Forbes ‘America’s Best Colleges’ List

Earlier this week, Forbes released its America’s Top Colleges Ranking 2015. For the institutions that made the cut, current students, alumni, professors, and prospective students have many reasons to be proud. The US is home to thousands of colleges and universities, Forbes salutes 650. Higher learning institutions place tremendous value in not just being an accredited institution, but in rising…

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