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ND Accounts
“ This only includes people who post mostly, if not only, Nancy Drew and accounts that have been updated since April 1st, 2017 or later :) Also, if your account or another one you like isn’t on this...

I made this page where I have listed Nancy Drew accounts that post mostly, if not only, ND things and that have been updated since April 1st, 2017. I have accounts from: Blogs, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube. If you want me to add you/you know of another account you want me to add, please just let me know!

Guys, I decided to merge my two Tumblr accounts into one. This is my first Tumblr, where I post my art, illustrations, characters, stuff about my comics and novel series. I’ve had it for many years (since 2012 I think), but I only have 200 followers on it despite my best efforts of trying to gather readers and people interested in my projects. So I think I’ll just abandon that account and start posting my illustrations and art on this account. So I’ll have everything on this Tumblr, it will be easier to manage and I’ll have all my work in one place. I’ll come up with a special tag for you guys, if you’re just interested in my sewing, you’ll be able to search the sewing tag in my blog and only see those posts, and I’ll make a similar tag for my art (it will probably be the word art). I’ll write a follow up post to this one after I arrange everything.

((Okay so on every form of social media account I use, I have “Skinny Weiner” SCP-966 as the icon and “BITCH HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN” SCP-966 as the header.))

((Well expect for DeviantART, Twitter and Discord, but they will soon, if I evER GET BACK ON DEVIANTART…Which happens to be connected to why I ever so rarely use Twitter, and the reason why I haven’t done so with Discord is because of the Birb Army(SCP-049) ))


due to me feeling bad about reblogging a bunch of crap no one cares about and feeling generally unorganized i decided to make a bunch of sideblogs and queue everything from mnyardjsten to them. naturally.

this account will be used for all for the game which is why i created it in the first place.

here are the sideblogs in case anyone’s interested in following any of them (also feel free to unfollow this blog if you don’t want aftg i really don’t mind at all):

@alexjwys ; musicals i like but like in a chill way (some dear evan hansen, some bare: a pop opera, some legally blonde etc etc etc)

@deanmineo ; movies that my film teacher would be proud of me for watching and a lot of pictures of james dean, sal mineo and river phoenix

@ilse-wendla ; spring awakening (mainly dwsa)

@mdziebane ; tv-series i like, atm mainly shadowhunters and brooklyn nine nine but like whatever i’m watching

@queenpiper ; riordanverse 

@sweetwinoah; i’ll give you the sun, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe and books like that 

@thestarsareouttonight ; hamilton, in the height, lin manuel miranda in general

@vildemohn ; skam (i realized i had over 800 posts about skam on my aftg blog elise come on)

@whizzer-knows ; falsettos (mainly the revival)

All my tumblrs::

@crybaby-clique is my main blog

@cute-girl-aesthetic is basically just pictures of cute girls (idk why it says “I just want to be lovely”. I think I just thought of that when I made the blog and never changed it. I’m already pretty amazing)

@hamiltoncan is my Hamilton blog

@gallavichhoe is my Shameless blog

@flxralgod is like my gore pretty aesthetic account. I really like it so I recommend that account the most