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What is dissociating? I understand all the other parts like switching identities and alters and stuff

Basically just. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s like feeling out of it but x100, it’s basically the brain taking your consciousness out of reality so you don’t have to cope with it.

Personally, my vision blurs, the air feels heavy and I feel staticky and? It feels like someone punctured my consciousness and now I’m? Leaking? And kinda floaty, and I can’t remember anything that happened more than a few seconds ago. I also forget I’m holding things and drop them, so there’s that.

There’s also a bunch more negative symptoms of DID/OSDD. If you have any more questions, send them to my personal account @silver-winged-soul

Check out @did-life and @real-did

also alters /= identities thank

Hey, sorry to be posting on the meme bot account for this, but this is the biggest audience I’ve got. I need help finding a new home for a lovely kittycat in or around Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A friend of mine has a cat with some problems who needs a new home. She’s a good cat– loves to watch birds out the window, will sit next to you and purr– but she has both bowel and neurological issues and she has trouble using the litterbox. She regularly poops and pees outside of it. She is also very shy and needs someone who will really put in the effort to earn her trust.

I posted a Twitter thread with more information. We’re happy to provide her vet records and any other information that would be helpful for taking care of her.

We’ve been looking into shelters and sanctuaries in and around New Mexico, but very few of them have room for more cats at all, let alone the resources to take in a cat with neurological issues. She really needs a dedicated human (or family of humans!) who can spend the time and effort helping her.

If you know anyone like that, can you please pass this info along to them? You can contact me here, email me (barrlr AT barrl DOT net), @ me on Twitter, etc. We’re able to travel about a day from Albuquerque– so that means we can get to West Texas and anywhere in the 4 corners states– but I worry that going further than that would be extremely stressful for her, so I don’t want to do that unless we literally have no other options.


Invasive Asks

☻- Do you have any mental illnesses?
♥- Who do you like?
♡- Who is the last person to break your heart and how did they do it?
♂- How often do you have sex and/ or touch yourself?
♪- Are you a vocal person in bed?
♫- Name a song that makes you cry, a song that turns you on, and a song that makes you happy
☼- Name a mutual you want to fuck or date
◒- Post a secret you would never normally share
๑- Do you pretend to like anyone you don’t actually like? If so, who?
★- What’s something gross about yourself?
☆- What is the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?
✌︎- Have you done any drugs, drank, smoked, or had sex?