accountants day

I have no impulse control when it comes to commissions. I can never order just one, it’s usually four at once, and then end up paying for all of them the same week my mortgage payment is due and I panic a bit at spending so much. 😫

So @xiulayallday (Bree), @kpopandlock (Kara), and I were able to exist within 3ft of six EXO members due to a series of glorious coincidences that allowed us to run into Suho immediately upon entering Times Square. Which then led to this…

What follows is a pretty detailed account of the day and it’s a mess, but it’s all written exactly as I remember it and hopefully will allow you to feel exactly what I was feeling in those moments.

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{ I JUST – Need to say 



I know one day I’m SUPER DUPER active on one account, or even multiple accounts then the next day I just die… My motivation has been fluctuating MAJORLY and I can NOT be sorry enough. I also can NOT be thankful enough that you all have been so very patient and have stuck with me through this time.

IRL has rlly been stressing me out. Details are not gonna be mentioned as most of it has been tossed out there – Some of it hasn’t even been told to even my CLOSEST of friends so like… Eugh.

There’s a lot of shit going on and it’s rlly zapping me. I’m so so so so SO very sorry. 

I’ll get into the swing of things again. PROMISE. }

anonymous asked:

Hey emma!! I am such a big fan and I admire you so much💕 I am wondering if you are learning any other languages? If you are, can you give me some tips on how to?? Because it is so hard for me to learn new words and such. Thank you so much :)

Hey! That is so awesome to hear, thank you! At the moment, I’m not. I set up a Duolingo account the other day and really fancy brushing up on my German but it isn’t anything proper! Since I’m not learning one myself, I would suggest looking at my other blog @studyblrmasterposts . There are lots of different posts from people studying a language in our /tagged/languages tag. Or you can search the tags for the language you’re learning! Sorry I couldn’t help more x


uh so here’s a thingy for @otayuriweek day two: social media.

I was planning on drawing something or writing a fic but I procrastinated until the last minute✨

So have this quick instagram account pages of these two✨

Also it’s getting rather late and I didn’t wanna be late so I didn’t edit them so let’s just say they just made these accounts……..

a viral video starts circulating of supergirl dabbing immediately after saving the day. ppl start editing it with really loud rap songs with the bass way up in the background. alex emails kara from her official deo account one day. the subject line is just “WE TALKED ABOUT THIS” and the body is just a link to the video

Adrinette Month Day Sixteen

Keeping today simple with the two leaving behind their superhero snow sculptures because tomorrow, I gotta dress them kids up for prom. Also, I should really finish those other drawings still on the back burner. I’ll be on the tablet tomorrow at least? Yes.