Older folks love to say my generation and the ones younger are problematic and out of control. While that might be true in some aspects, those same generations are the ones out here helping to create positive shifts in the black community and standing up for injustic PERIOD! One last thing…. Seeds do not plant themselves nor do they bloom on their own. 👀👀👀 #GotEm #JustSomethingToThinkAbout #HappyFriday #BlackLivesMatter #Perspective #Context #Accountability #Responsibility
#LiveOnYourKneesOrDieOnYourFeet #Love #StayWoke #StayBlack #LouisFarrakhan

On being a dopamine junkie and food addiction

I started smoking when I was 10 and drinking not long after that. My developing brain learned early to feed the dopamine reward loop. Thankfully, the older and wiser me was able to quit both habits – smoking around 2001 and drinking last year.

My brain is still an addict, though, and it is always on the hunt for more dopamine. It’s discovered a couple of methods to keep that feedback loop alive: tumblr and sugar.

For the past couple of years, I’ve spent many hours a day on tumblr. Over the past few months, I’ve backed off. It’s so easy to get sucked back in again (like I did for the past hour I see by my clock), though – I really have to be careful and set a timer so I don’t fall down the rabbit hole.

Sugar, though. Maaaaan, sugar. It lights my brain up like crazy. But just like nicotine, alcohol and other drugs – I’ve built up a tolerance. I can’t have just one. Not one bite, not one cookie, not one piece of chocolate. Could I have one cigarette? Absolutely not. Could I have one beer? Nope.

I’ve got alcohol in my house – there’s bourbon, beer, hard cider (leftover from when The Internet was here how long ago? Months?) But I don’t touch it. Why? Because I know I can’t have just one.

I need to treat junk food the same way I treat drugs & alcohol. There is no such thing as moderation for me. If I have one, I’m off the deep end for the rest of the day, and can pretty much guarantee the pattern will continue for days or weeks after that. When I look at a food with sugar in it, I have to equate it in my mind with a cigarette or a glass of wine.

I’ve also got to get past the withdrawl symptoms – I make it about 2-3 days every time and then the anxiety escalates, the cravings are intense, and I obsess about my next fix. It feels no different than quitting smoking. My brain is addicted to the dopamine loop. I need to push through the discomfort zone.

Some people can track their food or go for “moderation.” That absolutely will not work for me. Here’s how I know:

  • I can’t have just one
  • I go on multi-day binges and can’t stay off of it for more than 2-3 days
  • I frequently hide my eating
  • I  eat when I’m anxious (just like I’d go for a smoke break)
  • I make excuses to get food I know I don’t need (treats for the family)
  • I continue to shove junk in my face even when it no longer is satisfying
  • There is no off switch until all the junk is gone

So, today is day 1.

How To Stop Procrastinating And (Finally) Start Looking For A Job

So how can you finally muster up the determination to start looking for a new job? Try these tips:

1) Commit To A Little At A Time.

2) Remind Yourself of Your Desired Outcome.

3) Find Some Accountability.

More tips on how to stop procrastinating and star looking for a job.

You Chose

You chose.

You chose.

You chose.

You chose to give away your love.
You chose to have a broken heart.
You chose to give up.
You chose to hang on.

You chose to react.
You chose to feel insecure.
You chose to feel anger.
You chose to fight back.
You chose to have hope.

You chose to be naïve.
You chose to ignore your intuition.
You chose to ignore advice.
You chose to look the other way.
You chose to not listen.
You chose to be stuck in the past.

You chose your perspective.
You chose to blame.
You chose to be right.
You chose your pride.
You chose your games.
You chose your ego.
You chose your paranoia.
You chose to compete.
You chose your enemies.
You chose your consequences.

You chose.
You chose.
You chose.
You chose.

However, you are not alone. Generations of women in your family have chosen. Women around the world have chosen. We all have chosen at one time in our lives. We stand behind you now screaming:

Choose to let go.
Choose dignity.
Choose to forgive yourself.
Choose to forgive others.
Choose to see your value.
Choose to show the world you’re not a victim.
Choose to make us proud.

― Shannon L. Alder

I promised an example of an exception of cultural appropiation when it comes to native folk.

Here it is

So vice news did a special on the Alto Rio Guamá reserve in Brazil, the Tembe tribe has been battling for decades to save its land from illegal loggers and settlers. 

A white vice reporter had interviewed the natives on their experiences and issues they had and even went with the natives on a scouting mission to find ilegal loggers. I suggest yall watch the special, I´ll post it up.

Before going out to the scouting mission they put on red warrior paint.

The warrior paint has cultural significance and you can tell that these natives have risked their lives fighting against these ilegal loggers and settlers for years, so they have earn their respect.

Some have actually died because of those criminals.

The vice reporter has been respectful and listens to the native people´s experiences. He is actually helping people get to know the issues the natives of brazil are facing. And guess what? They encouraged the white guy to put on some of their red warrior paint.

His quote “So the tembe insisted that I get a bit of my own red war paint”

Do it right white folk, don´t use native american´s culture without their consent and do it with accountability. 

Aboriginal affadavits disallowed in courtroom days after TRC report released
"Where’d you go to school? Asking any other Canadian this is the most casual and even entertaining way of entering a conversation. Ask a First Nations person my age or older and you’re opening up a Pandora’s box of pain.

…Somehow in the year 2015, just days after the TRC report was issued, this happened: a two-week trial centred around allegations of physical and emotional abuse of Indigenous children at a remote Catholic school in the 1960s was conducted entirely in the absence of First Nations complainants themselves.

Affidavits sworn by Furlong’s former students were flatly dismissed, in absentia, as lies and fabrications. In their absence, middle-aged claimants were infantilized, as the defence suggested they might have succumbed en masse to False Memory Syndrome upon the arrival of a reporter in their town in 2012. […]

Then, in the final coup-de grace, the Burns Lake witnesses were eliminated from their own narrative. […]

Courtrooms are, culturally and historically, where First Nations people go to lose.

In Courtroom 54, they just vanished.

Grade Change Review Update and Revised Regulations

#APS @apsupdate Completes Grade Change Review shttp://wp.me/p4SRN3-Bp

Several weeks ago, we announced that the district would be doing a comprehensive review of grade changes across the district with a focus on identifying process improvements and procedural safeguards before the start of the new school year.  As always, I am committed to complete transparency. After a thorough review of the data by Chief Accountability Officer Bill Caritj, the final report is now…

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Abolition is the beginning of a culture committed to true accountability which seeks the healing and transformation of brokenness and injury. Abolition results when we recognize that hurt people hurt people; and that physical violence is most often a symptom of economic deprivation, racism, prior abuse, and learned hopelessness. Abolition seeks to create communities without walls and borders; communities that recognize that no humans are illegal or irredeemable; communities that do not confuse accountability with permanent exile and warehousing.

Happy Saturday! I don’t know about ya’ll, but nothing motivates me more to work out than cute workout clothes! Love my new Wonder Woman tank! Also, trying new things at the gym is motivating too. I did some agility ladder drills in my living room before I left for the gym (too hot to do them outside!!!) And at the gym I did a twist on squats by doing them on the tips of my toes (channel your inner ballerina, like Misty Copeland lol) I felt it in my quads and calves. Using the smith machine helps you keep your balance while doing these. Hope everyone has a great workout today! #teamfitness #instafitness #getfit #getfitordietrying #dowork #noexcuses #muscles #gym #workout #gymlife #weights #accountability #girlswholift #gymfashion #fitchick #bodybuilding #weightloss #superhero

anonymous asked:

I get why Fitz dumped Mellie. He SAID why. He can't support her for president. When Fitz is faced with a dilemma, he does what good presidents, whose decisions have weight do. He thinks about it and he gets advice from qualified people. Olivia, Cyrus and sometimes even Mellie. He would NEVER hand over a list of strangers to another stranger without finding out WHY. Mellie is reckless and callous, and since he can no longer support her career, why stay together? The 'partnership' is over.

Yep. What people don’t get is, it’s NOT about mistakes. Everyone in the Scandalverse has done terrible things, and therefore everyone is a hypocrite. It’s about Mellie’s lack of accountability, something Fitz (and Olivia) actually possesses.  Fitz had to own up to his mistake, and the consequences. He begged the Senate Democrats for forgiveness (415). Mellie doesn’t know much about politics yet, but she g’on learn. She has to if she’s going to survive. She has to consider the potentialities of her actions beyond the effect on herself.  That’s a new thing for her. And yes, that was


Okay guys. So I'm gonna be real raw and honest.

Everything lately has been nothing but a huge chaotic mess and I feel I’ve just been standing on the sidelines watching my life grow messier & messier & I haven’t been doing anything. Tumblr has a great way of making it look like everything is A okay & that we’re so right with God & everything. But let me tell you & it hurts & sucks to say that God has been placed on the back burner of my life & I’ve gotten deeper into sin and very unglorifying things. I just hate it. I hate it all & I don’t want to be this way anymore. I want nothing more than to so deeply and genuinely desire and be in love with god. I want to see the world the way He sees it and to be used for nothing but His glory & to serve & love people. So with this being said tonight is the night I’m taking a stand with my ways and to change. There’s sacrifices I know I have to make & certain friends I need to take a step back from. From all you wonderful people there is nothing I’d love more than your prayers & words of encouragement because I’m feeling a roller coaster of emotions right now. I would absolutely love if anybody would hold me accountable I feel very alone in all of this and I think that’s the hardest thing about everything right now. Thanks you for reading this long thing, thank you for the love and the support. You guys are amazing.