Literally the only thing keeping me on track at the end of this pregnancy is meal prep and planning!

My next weigh in and final one with the dietician is a week on Monday and Iv literally planned and pre-tracked in my fitbit app every meal and snack untill then!

I literally have a homemade smoothie every day for breakfast, I prep 4days worth of main meals (with carbs) for lunch times and then 4days worth of some form of spinach salad with just proteins! (Picture above is fajita chicken spinach salad)

The only snack I have regularly is sometimes a hot cross bun in the afternoon when I’m flaking and sometimes I try to just stick to strawberries or banana!

I’m drinking 4400ml of water a day, 2x rasp leaf tea and 1 coffee!

And I do at least 10,000 Steps a day!

I’m always tired, always sore and hungry quite a lot of the time but I’m winning at growing a humongous baby and still losing weight although that has slowed right down this month now that he’s growing so much quicker!

By 20 weeks I’d gained 22lb (not including the 10 I gain between ovulating and the 2ww time) and I’m currently down to only gaining 10lb so far which is still coming down!

Crazy how different pregnancies can be! I’d gained 6stone by this point last time and was in a world of torment and pain from pregnancy!

Last time I lost 20lb in the first week after having Olivia. Of this is to happen again I’ll be the lowest weight Paul has ever known me and lower than pre-pregnancy!

that resource post for trans women and transfems i posted was deleted bcuz like a trans woman told me how it felt condescending and supported cissexist transmisogynistic passing politics and i am sorry for contributing to that

if any trans women and transfems have resource posts they made for each other plz submit them or tag us in them and we can reblog them

i kno that helpful advice that isnt from the perspective of a transmisogynist or doesnt center transmascs is rly hard to find and we wanna post more without putting the work solely on the transfeminine mods to search for this

so plz keep letting us kno if any of us step out of line or what would be better and more useful 💜

-Mod Virgil

Let’s get one thing straight: Racism isn’t simply offensive. Sure, it is definitely offensive. But racism isn’t a debate about who is offended and who isn’t or if people are “too sensitive.”

Racism is violence.
Racism is domination.
Racism is colonialism.
Racism is war.
Racism is imperialism.
Racism is poverty.
Racism mass incarceration.
Racism is genocide.
Racism is high child mortality.
Racism is lower life expectancy.
Racism is extrajudicial police killings.
Racism is chronic illness and disease with bad-to-no healthcare.
Racism is no drinking water.

To reduce or dismiss racism as simply a problem of overly sensitive SJWs is to intentionally miss the point and skirt accountability for your role in dismantling, or benefiting from, white supremacy.

—  Anonymous, preaching truth.

So like Trump’s going to be impeached right?  Like I’ve accepted that he’s going to be our president but he’s also a legitimate proven criminal and possibly treason. Impeachment is the simple act of charging a president with crimes, it’s not synonymous with resignation which I cannot foresee him doing.  He might technically be my president but I know who he is and I want his fucking legacy to have the same asterisk as Nixon, Grant and Clinton.  Fuck Donald all the way to hell, I want some fucking accountability.  I’m not even saying this to be partisan if Hillary did silence rape victims then she should have been charged too.  I’m just so freaking tired of the wealthy being able to intimidate and control the system while the rest of us are destroyed and taken down by it.  Yeah he was the “anti-establishment’ guy, now it’s time for karma and the system to destroy him for his smug contempt of common decency and law.


Hating to be a new year cliché but I’m so prepared to use this as a fresh start opportunity.

I’ve spent the last few weeks (months) very aware I’ve been cocking up my health. I’ve not been eating well, I’ve not been working out and I’ve not really been looking after myself.

I’m so determined to use this as a chance to make a change. I bought myself this fitbook and already love the idea of it. I’ve made a plan around the shifts I have and have sorted a meal and exercise plan for this week. I’ve taken some photos to use for reference and logged in this book measurements and my goals.

This is totally doable.

Who else is ready to be a new year cliché? Totally up for being held accountable by all of you.

how to stay happy

are my intentions good? will my decisions unneccessarily hurt others? am i speaking kindly to others? am i validating other people’s feelings and listening? have i had enough water, food, and sunshine today? what have i done to earn a sense of accomplishment for today? have i answered “how am i feeling today?” with something other than food/drugs/alcohol? did i tell my family i love them? are my needs and wants clearly catergorized? did i shower and put on clothes? have i been to doctors and dentists? are my animals well loved and fed and groomed? is my house clean enough to be functional for everyone who lives here? am i looking for a new way to be happier? always.

New Year's Resolutions

1. Get my eating back under control.
🌟Seriously. Whole30 starting January 1st. Watching what, how much, when I eat. Not buying stupid shit that I don’t have the money for anyways. Log it. Drink more water.

2. Really focusing at the gym.
🌟I’ve been going, but not being super-serious. I am paying for a membership. I need to use it. I want to do a pull-up by the end of the year.

3. Get a part-time job.
🌟My motivation for this has definitely suffered. I have a bomb-ass resume, but I need to apply places.

4. Save money!!
🌟I’m think about filing bankruptcy and just getting it over with. I also want to plan a vacation for next year, just for me. There are a few things I’d like to buy. But this requires #3.

5. Take myself on dates.
🌟Movies, dinners out, maybe bowling, who knows. I want to enjoy time with myself. Go to the humane society and wait for that perfect kitten.

6. Explore myself a little.
🌟 Buy a nicer packer, maybe a binder. Attend a local trans support group. Maybe, IDK, be with someone casually who is open to me exploring things with them (is that a thing??)

7. Take care of my mental health.
🌟 Make that psych appointment. Take my meds every day. Meditate, art, yoga, some sort of reflection every day. Understand I am growing and changing, and that I am still deserving of love, especially from myself.

When I move, I will be posting these on a goal board or something. I also have a count-down calendar for Whole30. Oh, and I plan on writing ALL OVER my bathroom mirror with an Expo marker.


I have heard from a lot of survivors who are, understandably, confused about how responsible their parents are for the abuse because they were also abused by their parents. So let me clarify…

They are 100% responsible. Abuse is 100% wrong and it is 100% their responsibility that they are doing it. Just as it will be 100% wrong and your responsibility if you do it to your children.

It is the abusive parent’s duty to deal with their emotional wounds so that they do not abuse you. Repeatedly saying, “sorry, I was abused too,” is not good enough. They need to change their behavior and not abuse you anymore. That is the only thing that means anything. Bringing up past abuse instead of being accountable and changing their behavior is just another way of manipulating you into accepting the abuse. Maybe you are underage and cannot yet stop them from abusing you, but you can at least know in your mind that it is not acceptable behavior, that they are at fault and responsible for their abuse of you.

I sent my email just now and got my confirmation that it was successfully received. Please signal boost and send your email. It takes just a minute - don’t throw away your shot. (edited bc it was late and I’m a doofus who in my excitement didn’t even think to freaking paste it in here to make it even easier for you all. So sorry!) 

You can send ONE email addressed to:,,
Subject line: Audit for President Trump’s financial concerns
Copy and paste into the body of your email:

Dear Ms. Siggerud and Mr. Minnelli,
I’m writing in support of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s request for an audit of President Trump’s finances, to prohibit conflicts of interest that would prevent him from carrying out the responsibilities of the office without corrupt influence.


Make him accountable. 

i know it’s super lame but i’m really excited for 2017. i’m really excited to make changes and focus on being healthier. i say this every year and i fail every time. this year, i want to be different. I’ve spent the past 26 years limiting myself because of my weight, my body and my self confidence. there are so many opportunities for me and i need to let myself experience them.

i know i can start today, i could start right now. i’m definitely trying to make better choices. i thought nursing school was difficult but this is the hardest thing i’ve ever done. i can’t use school as an excuse anymore, i can’t use a random work schedule as my excuse anymore. i need to focus and get honest with myself. i need to focus on my diet and focus on my health.

i can and i will do this.

C I hate it when women say the things men have done and people say well those are boys not men. YES THE FUCK THEY ARE MEN! And are harmful ass fuck. My father is a grown ass man he’s 46 with a whole mortgage and is toxic ass hell. If we’re claiming that men who are shitty aren’t men. Then it’s only about 50,000 actually men compared to the Millions of “BOYS” we have in this world. 🙄 just hold this suckas accountable.

Dan Rather: “We deserve answers and those who are complicit in this scandal need to feel the full force of justice.”

Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now. It was the closest we came to a debilitating Constitutional crisis, until maybe now. On a 10 scale of armageddon for our form of government, I would put Watergate at a 9. This Russia scandal is currently somewhere around a 5 or 6, in my opinion, but it is cascading in intensity seemingly by the hour. And we may look back and see, in the end, that it is at least as big as Watergate. It may become the measure by which all future scandals are judged. It has all the necessary ingredients, and that is chilling.

When we look back at Watergate, we remember the end of the Nixon Presidency. It came with an avalanche, but for most of the time my fellow reporters and I were chasing down the story as it rumbled along with a low-grade intensity. We never were quite sure how much we would find out about what really happened. In the end, the truth emerged into the light, and President Nixon descended into infamy.

This Russia story started out with an avalanche and where we go from here no one really knows. Each piece of news demands new questions. We are still less than a month into the Trump Presidency, and many are asking that question made famous by Tennessee Senator Howard Baker those many years ago: “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” New reporting suggests that Mr. Trump knew for weeks. We can all remember the General Michael Flynn’s speech from the Republican National Convention - “Lock her up!” in regards to Hillary Clinton. If Hillary Clinton had done one tenth of what Mr. Flynn had done, she likely would be in jail. And it isn’t just Mr. Flynn, how far does this go?

The White House has no credibility on this issue. Their spigot of lies - can’t we finally all agree to call them lies - long ago lost them any semblance of credibility. I would also extend that to the Republican Congress, who has excused away the Trump Administration’s assertions for far too long.

We need an independent investigation. Damn the lies, full throttle forward on the truth. If a scriptwriter had approached Hollywood with what we are witnessing, he or she would probably have been told it was way too far-fetched for even a summer blockbuster. But this is not fiction. It is real and it is serious. Deadly serious. We deserve answers and those who are complicit in this scandal need to feel the full force of justice.