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Ok so here it goes. I’ve avoided talking about this ‘cause I feel kind of guilty. But I’ve received a couple of asks and I guess it’s time. This blog used to be the Incorrect Hamilton Quotes. 

I used to have two tumblr accounts, separate ones. One for my personal blog and another one for my side blogs including the Hamilton Incorrect quotes (a blog I made, wrote and found all the content for) which was my favorite at the time because my obsession was STRONG. 

Then, about four months ago, my personal account got hacked and then deleted.  

I was devastated. Like completely devastated. I’ve had my personal blog since 2010 and it was very very dear to me. I wrote to the staff and nothing, not a single reply.

So I started using my other account and casually reblogging the stuff I usually put in my personal blog to the Hamilton one. It didn’t really matter as most of it was about Hamilton anyway. Yet, as time went by, my obsession with Hamilton dwindled and I started blogging about other things as well.

(My love for Hamilton is strong and it lives in my heart, it’s just that now my other loves can resurface and share my attention with Hamilton)

And before I realized it, this blog had become my new personal one.

So about two months ago I changed the URL. 

I know it was dishonest and I completely understand a lot or even all of you unfollow me, because I know this is not the content that you were promised when you followed this blog.

Actually I’ve been rebuilding the Hamilton Incorrect Quotes as a side blog if it still interests you and I promise it’ll stay as it is: just a Hamilton blog.

If you’re still there and still interested in following me I would like to introduce myself. My name is Susan and I live in Colombia. I studied literature and I’m due to graduate in October. I’m 22 years old and I’ve had a tumblr since I was 16. My first language is Spanish, though I can also speak english, a bit of latin, a bit of french and a bit of hebrew. 

Please feel free to message me for whatever reason, even if it is just to say hi and introduce yourself, or if you want to chat. 

Michigan firefighter fired for calling black woman the “N word,” saying go “back to the field”

  • The Belding Fire Department in Michigan reportedly fired Ryan Hudson for posting racist comments on Facebook, the Root reported.
  • The verbal spat began when a black woman noted her support for Colin Kaepernick’s protests. 
  • It took only three words — “Black Lives Matter” — in her comment to send Hudson into a racially insensitive rage. 
  • The woman told the Root that Hudson initially said his account was hacked, but then later claimed he was drunk during the incident. Read more

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Bunny-Kings Missing Account

To everyone wondering what has happned to @bunny-king-deactivated20161210 tumblr. 

I just talked to them today, and there account got hacked.

They them selves are alright. but for the time being they have no plans to make a new account at present as they are a bit broken up about losing there account. But that does not mean they wont make one eventualy

They are not going to stop drawing and ill will try to get art from them as often as i can and share it with you all.

Bunny Thanks everyone who has been concerned about her and hopefully we will see them again soon.

  • Jason: Here, kid, stay hydrated
  • Damian: *takes soda can and lifts eyebrow*
  • Jason: What?
  • Damian: This bitch empty, YEET *throws soda can and hits Tim in the head*
  • Tim: WHAT THE FUC-
  • Jason: *doubled over in laughter* oh god have you been on tumblr
  • Damian: Hacked Drakes account
  • Jason: I am such a proud brother hooly sshiiittt *practically on the ground, gasping between peels of laughter*

ok but wait this morning her account liked a pic of louis on a larry ig account and the caption was literally about larry so like.. that would imply her account was still “hacked” even though brett told fans that she had it back. 

so… if her account was still “hacked” then wouldn’t that mean her hacker could reactivate it? like how is deactivating the account going to stop a hacker from doing something with it when they still have your info?? lol what even is this mess

Republicans are soft on cyber attacks. If Russians hack bank accounts, you can expect the same reaction.

Republicans have no values. No ethics. No sense of shame. It is all about power.

If Seventeen had instas
S.Coups: Unnecessary amount of baby photos, doesn’t really understand Instagram, Dadgram, posts about sports 

Jeonghan: Has a very established aesthetic, Pictures of his coffee/breakfast, Makes everyone wait so he can take pics of food first, has dino take aesthetic pictures of him

Joshua: Translates posts into English and Korean, Makes “rap” captions, Lots of tiny hand heart boomerangs

Jun: Every picture has him in it, Lots of filters so many filters, Lots of serious selcas, Suggestive captions ;)

Hoshi: Lots of dance choero, Lots of cute SC filter videos, Captions things with puns, Has multiple videos of him waking Woozi up

Wonwoo: only book suggestions, Pictures of art, low key art snob, Sometimes Mingyu will hack his account and post pics of Wonwoo reading

Woozi: Videos of his song recordings, Last post was multiple months ago, No selfies, Hoshi always comments with way too many emojis

DK: Likes his own pictures, Product review videos, Tons of hashtags, Blurry memes

Mingyu: Posts lots of v serious selfies, videos of other members sleeping eating and without them knowing, emo wonwoo pics with deep quotes

The8: Pictures of nature, Videos of him dancing, Captions everything in Chinese and Joshua has to comment subs, Follows accounts that post pictures of puppies

Seungkwan: SO MANY SINGING VIDEOS, Rant captions, Likes to take selfies with Vernon, Lots of Boonan appearances

Vernon: Look at these dope clothes I brought pics, Uses lots of words like dope lit fire, Posts rap albums he’s listening to

Dino: Scoups won’t let him have one, Just doesn’t have an instagram, He’s a child guys come on


OK guys, here we go.

We know we literally did not release a new issue for the past 2 months and we had one coming until this happened..

We use as a platform to release out magazine issues every month and give you the opportunity to read it for free, if  you’re interested in that.

So as we were about to release our newest issue, someone hacked our account and we lost access to it.

Instead of creating a new one and leaving all of our content behind, we fought for our account back and we failed

As we believe this is an inner job, someone also took control over our cloud storage and emails and erased all the data and content we had ready to release.

As this happened we were extremely close to giving up, but then this happened..

Our manager who suffered a car accident not long ago decided to fire the entire team, we managed to get our account back and now she’s the only one who has access to that.

We also changed this blog’s passwort so now only her and two of her friends have access to it.

Long story short, we got screwed by a member of our team and as we failed to discover who did it, we got rid of them all together.

Which is where our call for help comes in:

We really don’t want to give up on this journey, we worked so hard day and night and we build a family of over 1k friends following us around the social networks, so instead of giving up, we’re asking you for help!

Reblog this post so more people can see it and help us out.

We want to be able to create a fun and useful content for our readers every month, we want to re-new our work in 2017, but we need a team to be able to do that.

We need writers, reporters, photographers, editors, talented people willing to help.

So we call out as of today November 26th for everyone willing to help us out to get in touch with us and work out how he or she may help us.

We want to ask everyone who’s been already on our magazine to come and help us out, we need you.

So please reblog so more people can see and contact us if you want to help us, you can link us to people who may wanna help, you may help us or even just by reblogging this and bringing awareness to us, you’re helping us a lot.

So thank you, we love you and we hope to be able to release new content for you again soon.

We deeply apologise
Yours truly,

Primrose Smith, Maya Ancho and India Grace

I don’t believe in karma directly but the fact that my brother was too lazy to go buy something my father requested - and instead showed him how to use Amazon in an attempt to be clever - and that it’s now ruining his life due to constant post office pick ups and sending back returns - its just really funny.