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Wait i'm sorry i just woke up and am trying to grasp what happened, so Briana got hacked and the hacker followed accounts and commented on their personal account's posts from Briana's account that they hacked? How do we know its a set up hack? Xxxxx

i was asleep when everything happened too but i think it went like this: briana’s account posts a pic asking people for DMs to get a promo. nothing too serious but conveniently, briana and ashley are online as it happens and able to comment on the whole thing and blow it up via twitter and live stream respectively. (we have a screenshot of some other ‘hacker’ saying she had 2-step verification in her account which is why he couldn’t access it lol so why would this one get in?) her tweet happens like three minutes after the fact so she realises she was too quick and goes back to pretend to be hacked via IG stories. then the “hacker” posts a screenshot of their DMs with briana and benevolently gives briana her account back (do you hear me laughing). nothing deleted, everything back to normal except she changes her handle to “brianasrealaccount”. then she posts a pic of harry and deletes it again. brett, like the good step-father he is, screenshots everything and posts a weird fanvideo, background music and everything. then briana follows “the hacker”, likes and comments on a few posts. then she unfollows again and deletes her comments. a mess.

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happy1days(.)tumblr(.)com/post/155415431293/well-fuck-it-took-a-turn-the-hackers-account what's so ridiculous?? This is nothing new from larries. They were cheering the hacker on before but now that you will look bad it quiets down huh like anyone was shocked it was a larrie


I find it…. so? hard? to believe that nobody thought this through. That, regardless - even if they believed their crackpot idea that Briana had done this to herself, that they COULD NOT REFRAIN from delighting in it as though NOBODY would pay attention, GIVEN THAT LITERALLY!!! LESS THAN A WEEK AGO!!!! Their saviors TMZ wrote an article about how a “fan” had several sites devoted to mocking her and her baby.

Why are you like this, larries. Why are you incapable of thought about any possible consequences. Even a little self-preservation would make you more relatable right now, but you’re just. Flaming shitty balls of id. How do you function? Even my cats won’t shit where they eat, and yet here you are.

You broke it, and now you’ve bought it. Like we fucking told you.

the only thing that doesn’t make sense is the fact that she’s claiming she deleted it herself. maybe they want us to think that she’s in control of her account but the hacker keeps slipping up (i.e liking the larry pic, posting a pic of harry) so after Instagram deactivated it, she just claimed to delete it because of privacy reasons? idk this is Shady with a capital S

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What if the person they said was her hacker did something? Like report her or something? Could that be an option? 👀

Sorry, but there’s something I don’t understand. Why would Instagram delete the account who was being hacked, instead of the hacker’s account? The profile of the hacker is still there. And why would she lie about it instead of complaining to Instagram, and pretty publicly, too, via Twitter?

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I missed it. What post was deleted?

Anonymous asked: Well, fuck, it took a turn. The hacker’s account is a Larry account. Great. Can see the articles already. 

I’m sure the Daily Mail already has their draft ready to go.

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then it means that now briana followed the hacker account and commented (lol) on a post, as antis explain that, she was making a scandal yesterday. all this is for attention or an embarrassing hashtag

She wants to get her name trending so bad lol and guess what? She didn’t. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to get verified on IG and something else I noticed is that she was with 605k followers and now she has 610k……… pls lol 


I don’t mean to concern or worry anyone but due to no one looking after my blog while I’m away my blog is vulnerable to hackers (it has happened once before) and yes I have changed my password multiple times but the hackers still get in.

So if you get hate mail from me (not on an anon) or reblogging unusual content eg: porn on my blog that is the hacker.

If this happens to anyone I apologise lots and if anyone could give me tips to get rid of hackers that would be greatly appreciated.

I’m sorry if I am concerning anyone I didn’t mean to I am just letting people know. No one’s blog is under threat but make sure your password and account is secure.

My hacker likes to target my blog at this time because they know I go away at the time but not anytime during the year.

I hope you have an amazing few weeks at school, holidays etc. Stay safe and take care x

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The hacker now is on cheryl's ig acc & says louis & danielle accs are next 😩

I’ve heard they’ve also threatened Niall :(. I really hope everyone else can avoid this.

I wonder if the larries are going to stay committed to the idea that Briana staged this herself and therefore that no one else’s hacks will be real (since they refused to believe in Anne’s leak) or, what? Briana is the hacker? Briana is in with the hacker and is putting them up to this?

If they come to believe these things they should not hesitate to tip the authorities with their evidence instead of talking about how evil she, and Danielle are or will be if she is hacked too! Be sure to show the police how Briana knew her instagram was hacked within 3 minutes! And how she commented from her account on her hacker’s account!

On D’Angelo Russell, Nick Young & the “Man Code”

So Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell & teammate Nick Young were in their hotel room on a team road trip when Young was boasting of all the women he slept with recently. This is the same Nick Young who is currently (or was at the time) engaged to rapper Iggy Azalea.

Apparently unbeknownst to Young, D’Angelo Russell was using his phone to record Young’s boasting. Whether by Russell or a hacker (accounts, not surprisingly, differ), the video got posted to the Internet and has been making the rounds.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Internet haters (and frustrated Lakers fans) have been blaming Russell for recording the conversation. Lakers head coach Byron Scott, who recently said Russell has acted like a 14-year old, is “disappointed”. Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Jackson, as well as a couple of NFL players, commented with some variation of “snitches get stitches.” Media reports suggest that Russell’s Lakers teammates are giving him the cold shoulder, refusing to sit at his table at a team breakfast meeting and not talking to him in the locker room.

My take: Why in God’s name isn’t anybody upset with Nick Young? He’s the one who has apparently cheated multiple times on his (for-the-moment) fiancee. He’s the one who treated women like bags of meat. He’s the one who was proud - PROUD - of sneaking behind his fiancee’s back and bragging about it. Like many people who are exposed for their wrongdoing, Young is only upset because he got caught.

Was it a dumb thing for Russell to do? Probably so. I’d have a hard time trusting and/or working with someone who secretly taped personal conversations. But I darn well wouldn’t have any trust for someone who was being unfaithful to his wife/fiancee/girlfriend, much less someone who was bragging about being a lying, cheating dog.

And as for the so-called “Man Code” that Russell is accused of violating: What. A. Total. Crock. My Man Code says that a man doesn’t screw around on his wife/fiancee/girlfriend/date. If you want to be with someone else, guys, fine - but break up first. Have some degree of honor and decency - and, if nothing else, at least have some self-damn-respect.

LAST WORD: You won’t get called out for cheating if you ain’t cheating.

Netflix accounts are selling for 25 cents on the black market

Netflix accounts have long been available on the black market for low prices, but as the service has grown internationally, there’s been a greater demand for cheap access to the streaming service. A recent blog post from cybersecurity company Symantec reveals that stolen Netflix accounts are selling for as little as 25 cents an account. Hackers are using 2 tactics to steal your account.

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Muslim fashion brand’s Instagram hacked by apparent Trump supporter

There have been a string of attacks on major Muslim fashion Instagram accounts. Apparently the hacker, called blurryxans, took over the Hijab House Instagram account and deleted all of the photos. The police are currently investigating the threats made to the Hijab House account. Common scam the hacker used to get in.