account buying

[Intro: Frank Ocean]
I might empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might, I might
Empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might

[Chorus: Frank Ocean]
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
Whatever comes, comes too clear
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
And whatever comes, comes too clear

[Verse 1: Frank Ocean]
All this jewelry ain’t no use when it’s this dark
This my favorite part, we see the lights, they cut so far
It went too fast, we couldn’t reach it with our arm
Wrist on the wrist, a link of charms, yeah
Player, we’re still in LIncoln Park
It’s like we could dye our own hair
Like we could dye it all blonde, hon’
If we could see in 20-20
Twice we could see it ‘til the end

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Put that spotlight on her face (spotlight)
Put that spotlight on her face (ah, yeah)
We gon’ pipe up and turn up (pipe up)
Mama too hot like a (like what?)
Mama too hot like a furnace (furnace)
I got a hundred G’s in my Goyard (G’s)
My diamond gon’ shine when the lights dark (shine)
You and I’ll take a ride down the boulevard (yeah)
And your friends really wanna break us apart apart
Good lord

[Verse 3: Offset]
Good gracious
Starin’ at my diamonds while I’m hoppin’ out the spaceship
Need your information, take vacation to Malaysia
You my baby, the paparazzi flashin’ crazy
She swallowed the bottle while I sit back and smoke gelato
Walk in my mansion 20 thousand paintings, Picasso
Bitch’ll be dippin’, dabbin’ with niggas like a nacho
Took off her panties, diamonds dancin’ like Rick Ricardo
She havin’ it
When they call her workin’ on The Bachelor
I know you got a past, I got a past, that’s in the back of us
Average, I'ma make a million on the average
I’m ridin’ with no brain, bitch I’m out of it

[Chorus: Frank Ocean]
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side (ooh, yeah)
Whatever comes, comes too clear
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
And whatever comes, comes too clear (I might)

[Outro: Frank Ocean]
I might empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might, I might
Empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might

Calvin Harris' 'Slide' Featuring Frank Ocean & Migos Is Here

Drop your plans, bolt the doors and crank the volume: Calvin Harris’ highly-anticipated collaboration with Frank Ocean and Migos has dropped.

“Slide,” the first original song from Harris this year, oozes with tropical spirit and smooth vibes and has “radio hit” written all over it.

Harris earlier posted the artwork for the track, which he wrote with Ocean and Migos’ Quavo and Offset. All three get a chance to shine at the mic. Ocean gets first chance, opening the track with: “I might empty my bank account/And buy that boy a wooden pipe/Buy that boy a wooden pipe/I might, I might.“

It’s a collaboration made in EDM heaven: Harris, the reigning top earner in EDM, joining forces with the enigmatic soulman Frank Ocean and Migos, a hip-hop group deigned by Donald Glover as “the Beatles of this generation.” If there wasn’t enough expectation on all that, Harris went and declared that all his songs for this year are specifically designed to make you feel "f—ing incredible.”

- Billboard, 2/24/17


As always I would like to emphasize again that we all try our best in helping out. So don’t worry if you’re not able to do most of what’s written here. What’s important is you try to do your best given the available time you have and funds/resources! ^_^ Here are a list of things we can do to help bangtan every comeback.


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MELON APP - you have to purchase a streaming pass to be able to stream the album/songs to make it count. iOS users can buy their own pass. Android users you need to ask help from iOS users to use your account and buy the pass for you. I bought mine from here. [HOW TO: MELON APP]

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Each music shows have different criteria. But most really have more points for digital streaming. Will post more info if there’s some voting to be done preshow. [LIST OF MUSIC SHOWS AND INFO]

Please feel free to send me an ask or chat msg for any questions!! I reply faster if you’re off anon. Thanks again ARMYs for always doing your best in helping Bangtan~ Let’s also enjoy and have fun this comeback!!!! 


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In honor and celebration of Overwatch’s new holiday comic, “Reflections,” I designed a T-shirt! I wanted to make this both as a way to show pride for the LGBTQ+ spectrum and also show support and love for the fandom, specifically Tracer. <3

yo ok I just had a thought and I hate myself for it already but… the reason why victor buys so much brand clothes and accessories, isn’t it bc he has nothing/no one to spend the money on? we literally don’t know anything about his family, yakov is the only father figure victor mentions, and even around his apartment there are no pictures of his life/family, just some landscapes and stuff that doesn’t even feel personal

so is it actually possible that victor splurges on his shopping just to make himself feel a bit better about being alone bc he has no one to share his earnings with…? 

(sorry for the not so good picture, my mom can’t turn off her flash and i was having trouble taking the case off so we just had to have it on my phone ^^’)

im so excited though because i just got a new phone, and i wanted a case i was going to love, so whats the first thing i do? create a redbubble account so i can buy @m-arci-a ’s art as a phone case of course! ive been in love with this picture since i saw it, so its kinda really freakin awesome to have it as a phone case.

thank you so much 😊


So, I’m sitting here thinking about Roy and Jason applying for a joint banking account and buying up a property for their base of operations.

Of course these two dorks procrastinate because who has time for filling out all that paperwork and producing all that identification (false identification, in Jason’s case). They’ve got cases to solve and thugs to fight. 

They apply last minute for a joint account at the bank and then rush over to the county clerk’s office do process the deed before they close.

Roy’s speeding through the paperwork because the office is 30 minutes from closing and both the clerk and Jason are giving him the stink eye. Still, Roy tries to make small talk and he’s babbling to the clerk about being sorry for coming in so late, but it took forever to apply for a joint account at the bank.

The clerk makes polite small talk and asks how long they’ve been married. 

“Oh, we’re not married yet,” Roy says, and he’s joking. He’s totally joking.  

“We’re planning on a Spring wedding. Isn’t that right, Jaybird?” Roy asks, nudging him and holding out a form for Jason to sign. 

“As long as we get to create the seating chart from hell, I don’t care when the wedding is,” Jason says promptly, not even looking up from his phone as he signs the form. 

“Jay, that’s just cruel,” Roy says.

“No, it’s comedy gold.” Jason retorts, “Can you imagine Talia and Selina sitting next to each other at a wedding?”

Okay, but the thing is? The dead-eyed clerk does not know that Roy and Jason are joking, and dutifully passes Roy the marriage license form, which actually looks quite dull and official. Roy thinks nothing of filling it out.

He holds thrusts the form out for Jason to sign and snatches it back just as quick. 

“Jay, this one requires ID,” Roy says as he starts stuffing all his papers into a folder, getting ready to go.

Jason fishes out his ID, and they both wave their ID cards in front of the clerk, and that’s it. They’re married. 

For months, neither of them realizes their walking around in holy matrimony. It’s Tim who figures it out. 

Tim’s hacking into the county clerk’s office, innocently looking through the marriage licenses (he suspects that one of the younger Falcone boys married a girl from the Russian mob and it led to their deaths and a gang war), and that’s when he stumbles upon Jason’s marriage license. 

Tim makes a noise like an angry cat and complains to Dick that nobody ever tells him anything. 

And Dick is just like: Jason and Roy got married??!

Eventually the entire superhero community knows, except for Jason and Roy.

Alfred calls Jason up while he’s in the Bahamas and tells him that he and his young man will be there for the wedding ceremony on the 18th, wearing the suits that Alfred’s sent him. 

Then he hangs up, leaving Jason to stare at the phone in confusion, because who’s getting married?

And did Alfred just call Roy his young man?

But look, Jason’s not about to ignore a request from Alfred and he’s there on the 18th at 9 am sharp. People keep congratulating him and Roy as they walk by and Jason is really starting to get a bad feeling about this whole thing. 

Bruce is there, ready to walk Jason down the aisle. He will fight you on this

In fact, he did fight Ollie on this (spoiler alert: he won). Ollie is sulking in the corner over not getting to walk Roy down the aisle, while Dinah rolls her eyes at him. 

Anyway, Roy and Jason both end up walking down the aisle after Kory, who is very excited to be the flower girl in an Earth wedding.

As the officiant starts the wedding proceedings Jason scowls at Roy and mutters, “I don’t know what’s going on. But I am entirely sure this is your fault, and we are going to have words.”

Roy’s mouth moves on automatic, “Really, Jaybird. Most couples don’t spend their honeymoon talking.” 

Jason gnashes his teeth and says “I do” with prejudice. 

…And that’s how Jason and Roy accidentally got married. 

G/t Comic: Stronger: ANNOUNCEMENT!


There is a new comic that is going to out on the market soon! A collab project between myself (anoka) and @mythical-cupcake! The first chapter of the comic will be available in JULY during the SizeCon event! For those of you interested in getting earlier prints (or can’t make it to SizeCon), please message us! We eventually plan to open up an account where people can buy the comic via online! 

Quick Synopsis: 

Twenty Five year old Blake Harlington is sick of being the loser of his college campus. Down on his luck with the girls and overlooked by the love of his dreams, Blake’s friend Craig introduces him to a mysterious pill that guarantees “Growth and Good Times!” Unfortunately, Blake gets more than he bargained for and starts a journey of growing up (literally), finding love, and learning to accept yourself for who you are. 


M/f material 

LGBQT characters! 

Racial Diversity! 

Growth and shrinkage! 


Art promo shot by the wonderful mythical-cupcake! :D 


The rooms where a developmentally disabled man was forcibly confined for 17 days in Ontario, 2009.  After making him undress and tying him up, Stanley Brown, his girlfriend Dakota Thompson, and 2 others cleared the man’s bank account to buy a TV, food, beer and marijuana.  When the money ran out, they made him call his mother to deposit some more.  
They then beat the man, burnt him with hair straighteners all over his body (including his genitals), and forced him to eat their faeces and drink their urine, all the while capturing the vile spectacle on film. They let him have a bath, only to urinate in it and fill it with cayenne pepper to further aggravate his injuries.  When police entered the apartment after responding to a breaking and entering call, the smell of his infected wounds was so severe that they initially believed that someone had died.

After being treated for toxic shock and numerous burns, the man suffered a blood clot and spent 2 months in hospital learning to walk and talk again.  Brown and Thompson were sentenced to 13 and 10 years respectively, though their sentences were later reduced to 7 apiece.  When asked why they had carried out this horrific crime, Brown simply stated:

“It seemed like he had a nicer phone than me…I’m struggling to live…and this guy’s got a really nice phone.”

lbmisscharlie replied to your post “Typical Monday morning procrastinating studying by looking at…”

DO IT! I have a slightly mangy-looking pheasant named Filmore who lives on the top of one of my bookshelves.

*whispers* … I did the thing… 

Look at the little sweet floof that is on it’s way to live with me! 

She is a grey partridge and is so smol and soft and I have decided her name is Pudding for no real reason other than that is what popped into my head when I saw her. I love her already.