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after years of being picked on by my mom, treated terribly, bullied by her words, and so much more i finally stood up for myself this last week. I finally let her know how much she’s done to hurt me in my life and that i wanted to live with my dad full time until i get an apartment to myself. Being the person i am, i was still going to let her use my ticket boosts account to buy her and her friend Rep tickets since the person I’m going with is buying my ticket, so i don’t need my account. Only to call her and find out that it kept going to voicemail. My brother told me she blocked me on everything. Just…why? Why do i feel like the adult in the family and she’s the one i have to keep track of and blow off all she does to me? It’s not fair.

delete your tumblr account and buy a fucking dog and take your dog on a walk and talk to people while you walk your dog. you will be normie within 2 weeks

As always I would like to emphasize again that we all try our best in helping out. So don’t worry if you’re not able to do most of what’s written here. What’s important is you try to do your best given the available time you have and funds/resources! ^_^ Here are a list of things we can do to help bangtan every comeback.


Only Korean Music Apps counts towards winning in Music Shows. And this criteria often takes up half of the points to win so it’s very important. MELON is the main important app but there’s also GENIE, NAVER.. etc… 

MELON APP - you have to purchase a streaming pass to be able to stream the album/songs to make it count. iOS users can buy their own pass. Android users you need to ask help from iOS users to use your account and buy the pass for you. I bought mine from here. [HOW TO: MELON APP]

NAVER APP - !!!THEY GIVE OUT FREE STREAMING PASS!!! Yes free! You just have to sign up and follow instructions to get it. [HOW TO: NAVER APP]


It only counts if you buy from stores/online shops that counts the purchase in Gaon or Hanteo charts, otherwise your purchase won’t count. We always get good results on this so it really helps bangtan for music show wins as well. So if you can please do consider buying the albums! [LIST HERE]


Streaming and buying the album from here counts for Billboard charts so they’re important too. Please do consider purchasing from here as well and streaming on spotify to help bangtan with their Billboard ranking.


This is to make sure that every time you view the MV, it counts. The result of the views counts towards helping bangtan win in Music Shows. Not only that, we always try to get a lot of views for the first 24 hours. Please do not reupload the video on other sites, stop others from doing it as well, make sure the views only goes to the main one on bighit’s channel. [HOW TO: YOUTUBE MV]


Each music shows have different criteria. But most really have more points for digital streaming. Will post more info if there’s some voting to be done preshow. [LIST OF MUSIC SHOWS AND INFO]

Please feel free to send me an ask or chat msg for any questions!! I reply faster if you’re off anon. Thanks again ARMYs for always doing your best in helping Bangtan~ Let’s also enjoy and have fun this comeback!!!! 

soooo I am now broke as fuck

My cat’s ICU bill was $2100.

They got him all fixed up and he’ll hopefully not be going through that again any time ever again, but the very best in veterinarian medical treatment ain’t cheap, and note that that was WITH my employee discount.

We’ve already paid the bill. We won’t starve, or not be able to pay the mortgage or stuff.  But this came right after AX, and our “fun money” budget was already gone, leaving us with our emergency funds, which are now completely wiped out.

A plea to the Tumblr community, especially the FFXIV community, since Weaver is the direct inspiration for my XIV character’s appearance

I am not going to start a GoFundMe or anything.  And I can’t draw so I can’t do emergency commissions.  

But I am a writer, and I have a nice spiffy ROMANCE NOVEL that you can buy on Amazon for $3 that will plop $$$$$ directly into my checking account next month, plus you get a really cool full length sci-fi romance novel on your Kindle!  If you are part of Kindle Unlimited, it’s FREE for you but gives me money!!!!


For any money made above and beyond Weaver’s latest hospital bill for the rest of 2017, I’ll donate it to the Athens Area Humane Society. 

So, I’m sitting here thinking about Roy and Jason applying for a joint banking account and buying up a property for their base of operations.

Of course these two dorks procrastinate because who has time for filling out all that paperwork and producing all that identification (false identification, in Jason’s case). They’ve got cases to solve and thugs to fight. 

They apply last minute for a joint account at the bank and then rush over to the county clerk’s office do process the deed before they close.

Roy’s speeding through the paperwork because the office is 30 minutes from closing and both the clerk and Jason are giving him the stink eye. Still, Roy tries to make small talk and he’s babbling to the clerk about being sorry for coming in so late, but it took forever to apply for a joint account at the bank.

The clerk makes polite small talk and asks how long they’ve been married. 

“Oh, we’re not married yet,” Roy says, and he’s joking. He’s totally joking.  

“We’re planning on a Spring wedding. Isn’t that right, Jaybird?” Roy asks, nudging him and holding out a form for Jason to sign. 

“As long as we get to create the seating chart from hell, I don’t care when the wedding is,” Jason says promptly, not even looking up from his phone as he signs the form. 

“Jay, that’s just cruel,” Roy says.

“No, it’s comedy gold.” Jason retorts, “Can you imagine Talia and Selina sitting next to each other at a wedding?”

Okay, but the thing is? The dead-eyed clerk does not know that Roy and Jason are joking, and dutifully passes Roy the marriage license form, which actually looks quite dull and official. Roy thinks nothing of filling it out.

He holds thrusts the form out for Jason to sign and snatches it back just as quick. 

“Jay, this one requires ID,” Roy says as he starts stuffing all his papers into a folder, getting ready to go.

Jason fishes out his ID, and they both wave their ID cards in front of the clerk, and that’s it. They’re married. 

For months, neither of them realizes their walking around in holy matrimony. It’s Tim who figures it out. 

Tim’s hacking into the county clerk’s office, innocently looking through the marriage licenses (he suspects that one of the younger Falcone boys married a girl from the Russian mob and it led to their deaths and a gang war), and that’s when he stumbles upon Jason’s marriage license. 

Tim makes a noise like an angry cat and complains to Dick that nobody ever tells him anything. 

And Dick is just like: Jason and Roy got married??!

Eventually the entire superhero community knows, except for Jason and Roy.

Alfred calls Jason up while he’s in the Bahamas and tells him that he and his young man will be there for the wedding ceremony on the 18th, wearing the suits that Alfred’s sent him. 

Then he hangs up, leaving Jason to stare at the phone in confusion, because who’s getting married?

And did Alfred just call Roy his young man?

But look, Jason’s not about to ignore a request from Alfred and he’s there on the 18th at 9 am sharp. People keep congratulating him and Roy as they walk by and Jason is really starting to get a bad feeling about this whole thing. 

Bruce is there, ready to walk Jason down the aisle. He will fight you on this

In fact, he did fight Ollie on this (spoiler alert: he won). Ollie is sulking in the corner over not getting to walk Roy down the aisle, while Dinah rolls her eyes at him. 

Anyway, Roy and Jason both end up walking down the aisle after Kory, who is very excited to be the flower girl in an Earth wedding.

As the officiant starts the wedding proceedings Jason scowls at Roy and mutters, “I don’t know what’s going on. But I am entirely sure this is your fault, and we are going to have words.”

Roy’s mouth moves on automatic, “Really, Jaybird. Most couples don’t spend their honeymoon talking.” 

Jason gnashes his teeth and says “I do” with prejudice. 

…And that’s how Jason and Roy accidentally got married.