The Zodiac Signs as Instruments

Aries: Electric guitar

Taurus: Saxophone

Gemini: Accordion

Cancer: Triangle

Leo: Trombone

Virgo: Harp

Libra: Violin

Scorpio: Acoustic guitar

Sagittarius: Drums

Capricorn: Piano

Aquarius: Electric keyboard

Pisces: Clarinet

This is the first time i draw Kass, i had a lot of fun doing this :) / Esta es la primera vez que dibujo a Kass, me divertí mucho haciendo ésto :)

Linda Evangelista playing the accordion in “Très Montmartre” for Vogue Italia, February 1992. Photograph by Ellen von Unwerth.

During the Belle Époque from 1872 to 1914, many notable artists lived and worked in Montmartre, where the rents were low and the atmosphere congenial. Pierre-Auguste Renoir rented space at 12 rue Cortot in 1876 to paint Bal du moulin de la Galette, showing a dance at Montmartre on a Sunday afternoon.