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Last June, a woman set herself on fire about every three days in Herat, Afghanistan. According to Afghanistan’s presidential advisor on health affairs, an estimated 2,400 women were burning themselves alive nationwide, every year, due to depression. Almost all self-immolation in Afghanistan follows marriage, with half of the victims 15 years old. Throughout history, people have burned themselves in public as a form of protest but the burning brides of Afghanistan do not walk into the streets with kerosene and matches – they do it alone, at home.

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lpninjaebru  asked:

This is isn't correct. Your government or Israel in generell doesn't help with supplies, they only ALLOW a certain amount of supplies for palestinians to 'survive'. Which is also incorrect, because it is only enough to starve but not die from it. And - It is even an international right of palestinians to DEFEND themselves, like you israelis love to claim in YOUR case. Incorrect informations and propaganda, really. Don't you have a heart? Aren't you ashamed?

“Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of Israel have the 8th highest obesity rate in the world, and the third highest among women according to statistics collected by The World Health Organization (WHO) and published in The Economist magazine.”

Compare that to real starvation:

Please take your blatant lies elsewhere, and do not message us again.