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Nike to release “Pro Hijab” for Muslim women in spring 2018

  • On the heels of its campaign ad featuring Muslim athletes, Nike is taking a stand against discrimination. 
  • The athletic wear company announced the release of the “pro hijab,” Al Arabiya English reported on Monday.
  • “The Nike Pro Hijab may have been more than a year in the making, but its impetus can be traced much further back, to an ongoing cultural shift that has seen more women than ever embracing sport,” a statement from Nike said, according to Al Arabiya English.
  • The “pro hijab” is set to be released in spring 2018. Its creation follows years of controversy regarding Muslim women keeping their hair covered during athletic competitions. Read more (3/7/17 11:10 AM)

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The ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel will reportedly take place during the Cold War ‘80s

  • In a few short weeks, Wonder Woman will likely pass Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the top-grossing film of the summer domestically — truly a remarkable feat for a standalone film set during World War I. 
  • According to Screen Rant, the not yet dated, but inevitable, Wonder Woman sequel is set to take place during the 1980s, pitting the hero against the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. 
  • This is an enticing plot that could make for another spectacular superhero film with a spy-thriller feel — not unlike Captain America: The Winter Solider. The report also suggests that Chris Pine could be returning, after he and Gadot displayed wonderful on-screen chemistry in the first film. Read more (7/11/17)

So some folks in the chat are aware, that I am attempting to mod my sims game to allow for polyamory romances, because apparently after sims 2 someone at EA developed severe abandonment issues and made the “reputation addition” which means your sims will now fight over that one girl you held hands with back in college. (I wish I was kidding)

Anyway, most of the mods for it were broken, but I finally got one to work today after hours of tinkering with it, and I thought to myself great, I’ll do the Human AU trio from Hunger Pangs for a bit of a giggle, and it was fun cause it worked! They were all flirty and happy and all enthusing about each other to each other and it was super adorable. There was still the option of “confess to cheating” but I just ignored that, it wasn’t triggering autonomously so that was what I wanted.

And then Ursula gets a notification over her head which says “Try for A Baby” directed toward Vlad, and I’m like oh, okay neat that’s not canon but sure, I can totes build you guys a nursery in the basement for your weird demon spawn child, no problem. At which point I’m distracted by Nathan setting fire to the kitchen so have to jump down a level to manage that to keep everyone from dying, but while that is going on I hear the “baby jingle” meaning somebody got preggors from woohooing, so I flip back up to Vlad/Ursula to find she’s playing on the computer, but Vlad, where’s Vlad…oh he’s throwing up in the bathroom apparently, weird, he must have tried drinking from Ursula again (the vamps can’t drink from fairies in the supernatural exp but he keeps doing it and getting sick like wtf buddy come on, I know she’s pretty but keep it together) oh well…except he keeps throwing up. And his back hurts, and he’s emotional and crying and turns out the key phrasing up there is somebody got preggors.

Turns out this mod can allow anyone to get pregnant, but unfortunately the base game is not equipped for this and Vlad now no longer has a body. He’s just a floating pregnant head. Which, okay I can live with this, this is not how I had planned this but sure okay, what can possibly go wrong.

Of course Vlad is now doing the whole “goal: buy a crib” like oh joy my broody vampire is quite literally feeling broody and trying to nest, and while I can do some of the things he wants, like buying terrifying stuffed toys for the nursery and going to the spa because apparently his non existent back is killing him, he has other desires, like, read a “pregnancy book” so he’ll know what to expect but EA is/was (I’ve heard sims4 is better, alas I have 3) such a piece of gendered shit, (EDIT: the mod was causing this, not the base game) male sims literally cannot read books about being pregnant, but Ursula, the non pregnant one can. Meanwhile she’s really excited about becoming a mother without actually being pregnant, Vlad is torn between crying all the time and enthusing to her about their impending unholy vampiric/fairy offspring and Nathan is…Nathan is not doing too well…in fact he’s downright unhappy, and the first I notice it is when he storms up to a now very heavily pregnant Vlad, slaps him and accuses him of cheating, despite the fact that the mod I have installed makes it IMPOSSIBLE for him to do that autonomously and also they are supposed to have ZERO jealously issues because I literally disabled it as a function and YET, there he is being an utter dick to a my poor pregnant vampire who just started bawling his eyes out cause one of his two love interests just threatened to expose him as a vampire and is demanding to fight. Well Ursula is having none of it, she might have fallen for Nathan first but when she sees Vlad being picked on she straight up throws an elixir at Nathan which makes him fall asleep, but then Vlad is upset cause he still technically loves Nathan, and Ursula just attacked him, and now she’s trying to apologize and Vlad is in the bathtub doing the equivalent of NO ONE TOUCH ME, NO ONE EVEN LOOK AT ME, which breaks Ursula’s heart, so then she goes off to apologize to Nathan who has woken up, turned into a werewolf, and is shredding everything in the house.

Meanwhile I’ve got the in game mod screen up, desperately trying to check why this is happening, making sure I have the polyamorous jealousy set to the right function, and according to the mod it’s all working just peachy keen, so I hit reset, thinking I can just re-enable all of it and fix it. But what that does is it makes everyone INSTANTLY HATE EACH OTHER IRREVERSIBLY so now my house has a fairy and a werewolf who want to kill each other on sight, and a vampire who just went into labor but doesn’t want to go outside to go to the hospital because the sun is up and he’ll literally burn so he’s just hiding in the basement crying.

So basically my game went full mpreg trope catastrophe and I’m going back to Skyrim where mods only ever cause occasional bouts of surprise nudity and accidental bardic regicide. 


A UK mosque was set on fire just hours after the Manchester bombing

  • Several hours after a detonated bomb killed at least 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, a mosque nearby was reportedly set ablaze, according to the Independent.
  • An unidentified person or persons set fire to the door of the Jamia Qasmia Zahidia Islamic Center in Oldham, about 7 miles from Manchester. 
  • A police spokeswoman told the Independent that authorities received a phone call reporting an arson attack around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning.
  •  The spokeswoman also said there were no injuries from the fire and the incident is currently under investigation. Read more (5/24/17)

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The leader of Chechnya reportedly wants to “eliminate” the gay community by Ramadan

  • The alleged human rights abuses against gay men in Chechnya have taken a disturbing turn: 
  • According to one British official, the Chechen president has a deadline by which he plans to “eliminate” the country’s LGBTQ population.
  • Sir Alan Duncan, a British member of Parliament and the U.K.’s minister of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs, addressed parliament on Thursday and spoke about the situation in Chechnya and said that at least four gay man have been killed and as more than 100 have been detained are “of deep concern to the U.K.”
  • And, according to Duncan, the deadline for the violent campaign, set by Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, is the beginning of the Muslim holiday of Ramadam — which starts May 26. Read more (4/24/17)

How to change styles according to scene/setting

How not to change style according to scene/setting

“Cartoonyness” doesn’t mean an artist can be less professional 

Edit: for people who don’t get it, someone tried to justify Steven looking like a Toddler in current episodes because one artist said that they think Rebecca said characters are meant to be more “cartoony” than normal on homeworld

Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter Cream 

This dinner is time-saving and simple, but it doesn’t lack quality or flavor. It is simply incredible. 


1 lb fresh wild mushroom ravioli  

8 tbsp (1 stick) unsalted butter 

1 shallot, minced 

1 tsp fresh sage, chopped 

1 cup heavy cream 

½ - ¾ cup shredded parmesan cheese 

Salt and pepper, to taste 

Fresh parsley, chopped 

Directions for Ravioli

For the ravioli, bring a few quarts of salted water to a boil – and cook the ravioli according to the recommended time. 

Drain and set aside if you are not finished making the sauce by the time the ravioli are finished. 

Directions for Sauce 

Heat a non-stick pan over medium-low heat. 

Place the shallot and stick of butter into the pan. 

Allow the butter to melt slowly over the course of a few minutes. During this time, add in the sage. 

Season with salt and pepper.

Once the butter begins to form brown bits and brown, reduce the heat to low and add in the heavy cream. 

Whisk in the heavy cream and bring the heat back to medium. 

Allow the mixture to gently bubble before adding in the cheese.

Add in the cheese, fresh parsley, adjust the seasoning to your taste, and allow the sauce to thicken. This generally takes 2-3 minutes with constant stirring. 

Adjust the seasoning if necessary. 

Add in the cooked ravioli and warm them for 1 minute. 

Serve while hot and garnish with more fresh parsley or sage. 



Jeremy Renner in The House (2017)

After Scott (Will Ferrell) and Kate (Amy Poehler) Johansen lose their daughter Alex’s college fund, they become desperate to earn it back so she can pursue her dream. With the help of their neighbor Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), they decide to start an illegal casino in the basement of his house.
Release date: June 30, 2017. [x] [x] [x]

Prodigy Lance Fic Part 10!!!!!

Lance’s sleeping form remained unmoving as he was in the pod. He had been in there for two days already, and the team were starting to get impatient, especially Keith. He was currently sitting in front of the pod, chin propped in one hand while he drummed his fingers against the cold floor. His eyes never left Lance’s face. Keith heard footsteps approach behind him, but ignored them. “Keith.” Shiro sighed. “Come to dinner. You’ve already missed lunch and Lance isn’t going anywhere.” Keith shook his head, eyes never moving. “I’m not leaving him. Not again. What if he wakes up when I’m not here?” “Keith, you’re dead on your feet. If Lance comes out now, don’t you think he would be worried about you? You’ve haven’t slept at all, and you’ve been skipping meals. Get some rest and something to eat. You want to be able to stay awake when he is, right?” Keith stayed silent, knowing he couldn’t argue. With an aspirated sigh, he slowly stood up, knees popping with the action. Shiro smiled and place his hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go eat some dinner.” They both walked and joined the team who were already eating in the kitchen. The two sat down and began to dig in. After a few moments of silence, Coran practically skipped to table, relief and excitement bumbling out of him. “Good news everyone! I just checked Lance and according to my calculations, he should be out by today!” Allura set down her spoon and sighed in relief. “Good. Considering the injuries he sustained, he healed fairly quickly.” Hunk silently nodded. “I’ve never seen so much blood before..” Keith clenched around the fork in his hand, his mouth pressed in a thin line. His mind replayed the scene over and over again. It was something he could never forget. “There’s just one thing I don’t get.” Coran stated. “How did Lance know exactly what his injuries were?” Pidge looked up at this. “What I want to know is how he manage to hack into their system without breaking a sweat. It took him like two minutes tops.” “Not to mention that he spoke fluent Galran!” Coran added. Keith furrowed his brow. Hmm… “Hey, Hunk. Did Lance do anything..out of the ordinary at the Garrison?” Hunk shrugged his shoulders. “Not that I can think of. Though he spent a lot of time with Iverson and the other professors. He was always having meetings and sometimes ate lunch with them. Even the president and CEO over the Garrison.” Shiro raised an eyebrow at this. “What? Only highly skilled students with unique abilities spend that much time with the professors, especially the head president. Why was he at the Garrison for, what was he studying to be?” Hunk picked up his fork, using it as a toothpick and shrugged, nonchalant. “Every time I asked he always said he wanted to be a fighter pilot.” Pidge intervened. “Yeah, but when I would try to go into detail about it, he would quickly change the subject. It was like he was nervous or scared about something.” “Oh, I almost forgot!” Hunk exclaimed. “He would always carry around this notebook, and he was suuuuper protective over it. He would only show it to Iverson and the other teachers, but would never show it to me. Always said it was extra credit or something. Although one day when he was writing in it, a read one heading but had no idea what it meant. Before I could ask, he quickly shut it and got super defensive about it.” Keith spoke up. “What did it say?” “Oh uh, something like The Shada Plan and in small letters beside it it said revised.” Shiro started coughing, choking on his food. “Shiro!?” Shiro ignored them. “The Shada Plan?? The plan that was created specifically for the Kerberos mission? Why was he revising it? Hunk did you read anything else in his notebook?” Hunk twiddled his thumbs. “Umm, well there was this other time where he left his notebook opened when he went to use the bathroom, but all that was in it was a huge line of code. Like it took up almost two whole pages. When I asked Lance what it was, he was said it was just a little project he was working on, he was just fooling around. It had a weird name at the top of the page though. I think was Bex Klaus or Taylor Bex?” Pidge leap from her seat.“WHAT?? Are you telling me that Lance created THE Bex Taylor-Klaus code?!” Hunk arched his eyebrow. “Uhh..yeah?” “Guys do you know what this means??” The team looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders. “Are you kidding me?! Lance, our Lance, created one of the most famous battle codes of all time! It’s used for technological warfare! You just have to enter the code, and it causes the host to destroy itself while sending the information right to you! It untraceable and you don’t even know it’s there before it’s too late! It was revolutionary in the technological world!” Pidge said incredulously. The team were at a loss for words, letting the information sink in. “So you mean to tell me,” Keith started slowly. “That’s Lance has created these plans and codes that have been very successful and famous. Plans and codes that only a genius could come up with?” Pidge could only nod. “So does this make Lance some sort of genius?” Allura questioned. Shiro shrugged. “There’s only one person who can answer our questions.” As if one cue, the team heard the familiar hissing of the pod opening.

The U.S. tourism industry is expecting 2 million fewer visitors because of Trump

  • The United States’ tourism and hospitality industries are freaking out over the effect that Trump’s presidency is expected to have on foreign tourism, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.
  • America is set to see a decline of almost 2 million international travelers this year, the biggest drop off since the height of the global financial crisis, said a study by an industry group cited by the Journal. 
  • The biggest drop offs are set to occur in the U.S.’s two major international travel hubs, New York City, and Los Angeles. Read more (3/10/17 11:35 AM)

Racial justice groups bailed out hundreds of black moms for Mother’s Day

  • Racial justice activists have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to bail out black moms just in time for Mother’s Day, Mother Jones reported Friday.
  • The National Black Mamas Bail Out Day has collected over $550,000 and is using it to bail out mothers who could not otherwise afford to see their families. 
  • According to Mother Jones, $25,000 has been set aside for women in several cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, Oakland and 13 others. Read more. (5/13/17, 6:59)

Lost characters according to Sawyer: 9/10 - miscellaneous I

private tutor | part one

request from anon: Can I request a namjoon in college!au? It can be about anything! Maybe a tutor? Thanks and I love your writing!!

Originally posted by yoonkooks

[Namjoon x Reader]

Genre: College!au, Humor

Words: 3535

—> “I am brilliant, thank you very much. But if you don’t have a form of payment, I’m afraid I will have to decline your proposal.” You fall to your knees, hands clasped together, “Please, Namjoon; I’m willing to do anything.” The last word causes him to look away from his book and down at you, taking in your rather pathetic self. A smirk stretches across his lips, “Anything?”

A/N: Joonie can tutor me any day ;) hope you guys like this part one/intro of this series (i’m thinking three parts?)! xoxo

Well, this is awkward.

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So I'm reading the Harry Potter books for the first time in like 7 years so I thought I'd post some of my thoughts as I read if that's alright with you

Thought #1

So this first chapter is set on November 1, 1981 which, according to the book, was a Tuesday. I guess they didn’t have iPhones back in the 90s because, according to the calendar app on my phone, November 1, 1981 was a Sunday.

Oops. Sorry, J.K. Rowling.

In all seriousness though, it’s an honest mistake. It was the early 90s right when she wrote that so it’s not like she could’ve just looked it up on the internet.

But still, it’s kinda funny.

Still, let’s pretend it was a Tuesday. McGonagall spent all day watching the Dursleys. Except it would’ve been a school day so she should’ve been at Hogwarts teaching. Or who knows? Maybe Dumbledore gave everyone the day off to celebrate. But that kinda brings up another point: it had only been 4 years since James and Lily left school so like what about the fifth, sixth, and seventh years who would’ve known James and Lily (they were Head Boy and Girl after all and James played Quidditch)

“Just admit that you enjoy having me around.”

“You can say you’re not cold, but I can see you shivering from all the way over here.”

“I don’t like owing favors. You know this.”

“I was literally the only one out of the loop the whole time.”

“I understand you’re angry, but I’m not going to be your scapegoat." 

"Well, that didn’t go according to plan.”

Sofia Coppola becomes the second woman to win the best director prize at Cannes Film Festival

  • Sofia Coppola, the Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning screenwriter, director and producer, has officially added a new trophy to her already crowded shelf. She is the 2017 winner of the best director prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • In winning the award, Coppola became only the second woman in the festival’s 70-year history to take home the prize, according to the Verge.
  • Coppola won for her film The Beguiled, a thriller set during the Civil War starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell.
  • “I was thrilled to get this movie made and it’s such an exciting start to be honored in Cannes,” Coppola said in a statement. “I’m thankful to my great team and cast and to Focus and Universal for their support of women-driven films.” Read More (5/29/17 3:01 PM)

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Steve as Cap, passing over the shield to Sam as Cap. Temporarily or not is up to you. rsf not signed in because my tablet hates me.

Sorry about your tablet woes! D: 

It had taken nearly a year of negotiation, including a lot of punched walls and more of T’Challa’s time than they’d really had the right to ask of him. But when the final draft of the newly renegotiated accords was set on the table, it felt like it was worth it. The entire Avengers were reassembled, even Natasha, who had disappeared in disgust and refused to be found by either Tony or Steve’s side for ages. 

She’d only reappeared, perhaps intentionally, after Tony came to Steve with his peace offering: tech that could wipe out Bucky’s programming permanently, and begin work on helping him find his way through the trauma of the last seventy years. It was a slow process, but it seemed to be working. 

Tony still didn’t look like he liked the idea of being in the same room with Bucky Barnes, but he was, and Steve could accept Tony’s tolerance of Bucky if it meant Tony wasn’t actively trying to kill him. 

It was one of those things that they were going to have to dance around for a while, Steve suspected. Which just made this decision easier. 

“Before anyone signs,” Steve said, drawing the document towards himself, “I need to ask for one more change.”

Wanda rolled her eyes. Clint collapsed backward in his chair, frustrated. “I’m not calling T’Challa again!” he announced. 

“Seriously?” Rhodey asked. “Seriously?

“Steve, you approved this – “ Tony started, but Steve held up a hand.

“It’s not a legal change, just a minor nomenclature issue,” he said, flipping to the roster page. Throughout the Accords – one of the only things Clint had insisted on, weirdly – the legal language only referred to people by their callsigns. Each Avenger was only mentioned by name once, in the roster. 

Steve took out a black ink pen, drew a neat line through his name and Sam’s name, and then wrote Sam’s name next to Captain America.

“I need to not be Cap for a while,” he said quietly, initialing the change. Every head in the room turned to Sam, who grinned. 

“He asked me last night,” Sam said. “Was I gonna say no?”

Black Captain America?” Rhodey asked. Sam nodded, and Rhodey held out his fist for a dap. 

Steve looked at Tony, who was looking thoughtful.

“You could have asked for this months ago,” Tony said. “But there would have been a call for confirmation hearings. Sam would have been background checked. Media field day. So you dumped it in now at the last minute, so that it would be up to me as a representative of the Accord negotiators.” 

“Is there a problem?” Steve asked. 

Tony smiled a little. “No, just admiring how good you’re both getting at politics.” He held out his hand for the pen, then leaned across the table and initialed the change. Then he set the pen down and snapped his fingers. One of the guards at the edge of the conference room came forward with a large object in a thin canvas bag. Tony took it, undid the drawstring, and removed the shield. He looked at Steve, then passed it straight across him to Sam, who took it carefully and slid his arm into the straps, letting it hang by his side. 

“Got any first words as Captain America?” Natasha asked. 

“Yeah,” Sam said. “Are we done here? I got justice to dispense.” 

Homely Waves

(Shoutout to @graphitekatanas​ for sending me this lovely prompt :3 )

The Paladins had just finished training and were sitting in the lounge when Coran burst in, grinning widely.

“Hey, how are you doing, Paladins? I have some great news for you! Allura and I have decided to give you guys a short uh, holiday, as you humans call it. We are currently orbiting a planet that is very similar to your planet, Earth, and we should be able to spend 2 days there.”

Cheers rang through the room, a thrilled chatter developing. Everyone talked, brining up memories that were somewhat lost during the galactic battle they were fighting. 

Eventually, Allura entered the room, joining in about how she had an equivalent to a tent (it was almost as big as Keith’s house) and that they could set it up to enjoy the wildlife. The Paladins were buzzing with excitement.

The next morning, the castle was already stationed on the planet.

The team spilled out of the castle, lugging with them camping supplies. They did not have to walk long to find a decent clearing to set up camp, and according to Coran’s radar, there was a huge body of water in walking distance.

The Paladins explored, and discovered that the detected water was an ocean! They planned for the next day, then slept off the night after fire-roasted goo and some yarns.


“Oh, you’re on.” Keith growled.

The team was having a blast at the beach. Even though they were all wearing swimming suits, none of them had gotten into the water. Yet. 

Allura, Coran, and Pidge sat under a beach umbrella, observing the others. Lance and Keith were furiously building with the sand, and Hunk and Shiro helped, filling buckets with sand or water to aid the sand carpenters. 

After Lance had beat Keith, he turned to Pidge, taking in her small form wrapped tightly in a concealing towel under the shade of the umbrella.

“Come on, Pidge! Join us!” Lance whined. Pidge sighed, turning to Allura and Coran, who just smiled supportively and gave her a thumbs-up. 

Pidge slowly stood up and shed the towel, revealing a lacy white bikini that flaunted a green V- shaped pattern for Voltron. 

Shiro gently ruffled her hair. “It suits you, Pidge.”

Even as Pidge moved to join the group that was now finally entering the water, Lance stared at the spot that Pidge had just been standing in.

White bikini laced across a backdrop of caramel skin. Cheerful laugh, like a bell, continuous as she loped into the waves.

Lance shook himself out of the memory, forcing his legs to move from the spot he had been rooted to. He couldn’t let it get to him.

Soon, Lance had forgotten all about it. He laughed, splashing Hunk.

“Wait! Hey, Lance, look! I found a crab!” Lance looked at the tiny crab that skittered around in Hunk’s hand.

“Look, Lance! A crab! Isn’t he so small and cute?”

Lance shoved the thought out of his head, quickly masking his dazed look with a grin.

When it was time to go, Lance couldn’t stop the same words sliding out of his mouth.

“Do we have to go, Allura?”

“Do we have to go, Mamá?”

“Yes, but there’s always tomorrow.”

“Yes, but there’s always tomorrow.”

Lance had made sure that everyone was asleep before slipping on his boots and sliding outside. He drifted over to the beach, hidden by the dark night.

“Sandcastle competition!” 

“You’re on, hermano!”

“Lance, walk in the water with your hermana, please?” “Yes, Mamá!”

Bright sun tanning open skin, sand creamy white, waves hungry and lapping at my feet.

Lance didn’t even realize he was crying until he choked on a sob. The Cuban boy sank to his knees as he started to weep. He didn’t even try to stop himself, instead nestling himself against a large, smooth rock into a comforting position.

Keith had woken overnight, instantly noting the absence of Lance. He hopped to his feet, running into the night in search of the blue paladin.

Keith was drawn to the shore by a faint sniffling. He looked around, finding a crumpled figure against a rock.

“Lance?” At. his name, the brunette looked up. Upon recognizing who the other boy was, Lance turned his back to Keith.

“Go away, Keith.”

Keith rolled his eyes, going over to crouch by Lance.

“If there’s something wrong-”

“I said GO AWAY!” Lance whipped around, shoving Keith out of the way as he abruptly stood, starting to walk away.

“Lance! What’s up with you?! I’m trying to help you!”

“WELL I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!” Lance’s voice cracked, and he turned his back to Keith once again, sitting on a flat rock that faced the water.

Keith huffed, stubbornly walking to the front of Lance and placing his hands on Lance’s shoulders.

“Now tell me what’s wrong.” Lance tried to squirm away, but Keith kept his hands firmly planted on Lance’s shoulders. This only made Lance cry harder as he weakly tried to push Keith away.

“Just leave me alone.” Lance sobbed. Keith sat down next to Lance, tentatively wrapping his arms around the other boy.

To Keith’s surprise, Lance hugged back, and buried his face into Keith’s shoulder.

“I miss home.” Lance sniffled, as Keith absentmindedly stroked Lance’s hair. They sat like that for a while, and eventually, Lance slowly pulled back.

“Thanks, Keith. You know, I don’t hate you.” Keith was taken aback.

Lance turned to Keith with a sad, broken smile on a tear-streaked face, highlited by moonlight.

“You remind me of my hermano.” And with that, Lance walked away into the shadows, leaving Keith sitting, bewildered, on the rock.

Imagine Captain America: Civil War, but with Darcy Lewis, political scientist, on hand to point out:

+  the endless stream of bullshit that is the Accords as presented in the film (particularly how they can pretend they got 180 countries to sign so quickly that they just happen to only present them to the Avengers 3 days before they’re signed)

+ The incredible track record of the UN in actually acting, let alone acting quickly and solely for the progress of peace and the welfare of humankind (HA)

+ Tony’s childlike misunderstanding on his contracts work (you don’t get to edit them after the fact, how the fuck do you still have a company?)

+ The massive fuckery that is the prison ship and refusing to even consider the idea of due process/an attorney for those they accuse

+ How blazingly hot T'challa is (bonus for a growl thrown in while describing him)

+ Their legal inability to demand fuck all of alien species like Thor. And whose jurisdiction do off world threats belong to? Huh?

+ The wtfery of General Ross in charge of anything to do with it after he destroyed all the things in the (unnecessary) pursuit of Hulk.

I’m not saying Darcy would set fire to the Accords right there at the table, but she might just have to borrow a mic to drop right then and there.

Darcy just owning that room.