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Nike to release “Pro Hijab” for Muslim women in spring 2018

  • On the heels of its campaign ad featuring Muslim athletes, Nike is taking a stand against discrimination. 
  • The athletic wear company announced the release of the “pro hijab,” Al Arabiya English reported on Monday.
  • “The Nike Pro Hijab may have been more than a year in the making, but its impetus can be traced much further back, to an ongoing cultural shift that has seen more women than ever embracing sport,” a statement from Nike said, according to Al Arabiya English.
  • The “pro hijab” is set to be released in spring 2018. Its creation follows years of controversy regarding Muslim women keeping their hair covered during athletic competitions. Read more (3/7/17 11:10 AM)

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The U.S. tourism industry is expecting 2 million fewer visitors because of Trump

  • The United States’ tourism and hospitality industries are freaking out over the effect that Trump’s presidency is expected to have on foreign tourism, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.
  • America is set to see a decline of almost 2 million international travelers this year, the biggest drop off since the height of the global financial crisis, said a study by an industry group cited by the Journal. 
  • The biggest drop offs are set to occur in the U.S.’s two major international travel hubs, New York City, and Los Angeles. Read more (3/10/17 11:35 AM)

Gather round, children. Auntie Jules has a degree in psychology with a specialization in social psychology, and she doesn’t get to use it much these days, so she’s going to spread some knowledge.

We love saying representation matters. And we love pointing to people who belong to social minorities being encouraged by positive representation as the reason why it matters. And I’m here to tell you that they are only a part of why it matters.

The bigger part is schema.

Now a schema is just a fancy term for your brain’s autocomplete function. Basically, you’ve seen a certain pattern enough times that your brain completes the equation even when you have incomplete information.

One of the ways we learned about this was professional chess players vs. people who had no experience with chess.

If you take a chess board and you set it up according to a pattern that is common in chess playing (I’m one of those people who knows jack shit about chess), and you show it to both groups of people, and then you knock all the pieces off the board, the pro chess players will be able to return it to its prior state almost perfectly with no trouble, because they looked at it and they said, “Oh, this is the fifth move of XYZ Strategy, so these pieces would be here.”

The people who don’t know about chess are like, “Uh, I think one of the horses was over here, and maybe there was a castle over there?”

BUT, if you just put the pieces randomly on the board before you showed it to them, then the amateurs were more likely to have a higher rate of accuracy in returning the pieces to the board, because the pros are SO entrenched in their knowledge of strategy patterns that it impairs their ability to see what is actually there if it doesn’t match a pattern they already know.

Now some of y’all are smart enough to see where this is going already but hang on because I’m never gonna get to be a college professor so let me get my lecture on for a second.

Let’s say for a second that every movie and TV show on television ever shows black men who dress in loose white T-shirts and baggy pants as carrying guns 90% of the time, and when they get mad, they pull that gun out and wave it in some poor white woman’s face. I mean, sounds fake, right? But go with it.

Now let’s say that you’re out walking around in real life, and you see a black man wearing a white T-shirt and loose-fitting jeans. 

And let’s say he reaches for something in his pocket.

And let’s say you can’t see what he’s reaching for. Maybe it’s his wallet. Maybe it’s his cell phone or car keys. Maybe it’s a bag of Skittles.

But on TV and movies, every single time a black man in comfortable, casual clothes reaches for something you can’t see, it turns out to be a gun.

So you see this.

And your brain screams “GUN!!!” before he even comes up with anything. And chances are even if you SEE the cell phone, your brain will still think “GUN!!!” until he does something like put it up to his ear. (Unless you see the pattern of non-threatening black men more often than you see the narrative of them as a threat, in which case, the pattern you see more often will more likely take precedence in this situation.)

Do you see what I’m saying?

I’m saying that your brain is Google’s autocomplete for forms, and that if you type something into it enough, that is going to be what the function suggests to you as soon as you even click anywhere near a box in a form.

And our brains functioning this way has been a GREAT advantage for us as a species, because it means we learn. It means that we don’t have to think about things all the way through all the time. It saves us time in deciding how to react to something because the cues are already coded into our subconscious and we don’t have to process them consciously before we decide how to act.

But it also gets us into trouble. Did you know that people are more likely to take someone seriously if they’re wearing a white coat, like the kind medical doctors wear, or if they’re carrying a clipboard? Seriously, just those two visual cues, and someone is already on their way to believing what you tell them unless you break the script entirely and tell them something that goes against an even more deeply ingrained schema.

So what I’m saying is, representation is important, visibility is important, because it will eventually change the dominant schemas. It takes consistency, and it takes time, but eventually, the dominant narrative will change the dominant schema in people’s minds.

It’s why when everyone was complaining that same-sex marriage being legal wouldn’t really change anything for LGB people who weren’t in relationships, some people kept yelling that it was going to make a huge difference, over time, because it would contribute to the visibility of a narrative in which our relationships were normalized, not stigmatized. It would contribute to changing people’s schemas, and that would go a long way toward changing what they see as acceptable, as normal, and as a foregone conclusion.

So in conclusion: Representation is hugely important, because it’s probably one of the single biggest ways to change people’s behavior, by changing their subconscious perception.

(It is also why a 24-hour news cycle with emphasis on deconstructing every. single. moment. of violent crimes is SUCH A TERRIBLE SOCIETAL INFLUENCE, but that is a rant for another post.)

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Steve as Cap, passing over the shield to Sam as Cap. Temporarily or not is up to you. rsf not signed in because my tablet hates me.

Sorry about your tablet woes! D: 

It had taken nearly a year of negotiation, including a lot of punched walls and more of T’Challa’s time than they’d really had the right to ask of him. But when the final draft of the newly renegotiated accords was set on the table, it felt like it was worth it. The entire Avengers were reassembled, even Natasha, who had disappeared in disgust and refused to be found by either Tony or Steve’s side for ages. 

She’d only reappeared, perhaps intentionally, after Tony came to Steve with his peace offering: tech that could wipe out Bucky’s programming permanently, and begin work on helping him find his way through the trauma of the last seventy years. It was a slow process, but it seemed to be working. 

Tony still didn’t look like he liked the idea of being in the same room with Bucky Barnes, but he was, and Steve could accept Tony’s tolerance of Bucky if it meant Tony wasn’t actively trying to kill him. 

It was one of those things that they were going to have to dance around for a while, Steve suspected. Which just made this decision easier. 

“Before anyone signs,” Steve said, drawing the document towards himself, “I need to ask for one more change.”

Wanda rolled her eyes. Clint collapsed backward in his chair, frustrated. “I’m not calling T’Challa again!” he announced. 

“Seriously?” Rhodey asked. “Seriously?

“Steve, you approved this – “ Tony started, but Steve held up a hand.

“It’s not a legal change, just a minor nomenclature issue,” he said, flipping to the roster page. Throughout the Accords – one of the only things Clint had insisted on, weirdly – the legal language only referred to people by their callsigns. Each Avenger was only mentioned by name once, in the roster. 

Steve took out a black ink pen, drew a neat line through his name and Sam’s name, and then wrote Sam’s name next to Captain America.

“I need to not be Cap for a while,” he said quietly, initialing the change. Every head in the room turned to Sam, who grinned. 

“He asked me last night,” Sam said. “Was I gonna say no?”

Black Captain America?” Rhodey asked. Sam nodded, and Rhodey held out his fist for a dap. 

Steve looked at Tony, who was looking thoughtful.

“You could have asked for this months ago,” Tony said. “But there would have been a call for confirmation hearings. Sam would have been background checked. Media field day. So you dumped it in now at the last minute, so that it would be up to me as a representative of the Accord negotiators.” 

“Is there a problem?” Steve asked. 

Tony smiled a little. “No, just admiring how good you’re both getting at politics.” He held out his hand for the pen, then leaned across the table and initialed the change. Then he set the pen down and snapped his fingers. One of the guards at the edge of the conference room came forward with a large object in a thin canvas bag. Tony took it, undid the drawstring, and removed the shield. He looked at Steve, then passed it straight across him to Sam, who took it carefully and slid his arm into the straps, letting it hang by his side. 

“Got any first words as Captain America?” Natasha asked. 

“Yeah,” Sam said. “Are we done here? I got justice to dispense.” 


LA County voter turnout was 11.45% on Tuesday. That won’t cut it in Trump’s America.

  • Los Angeles County had an election Tuesday, less than two months after anti-Donald Trump protests galvanized the city. 
  • Only 11.45% of registered voters showed up.
  • According to the L.A. Times, the City of Angels set a record for the lowest voter turnout in a mayoral election in L.A. history. The previous record was 18%, set in 2009 when Antonio Villaraigosa ran for re-election.
  • These numbers should worry progressives. Donald Trump is president, and Republicans control the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. 
  • Local elections have emerged as some of the few sites where left-leaning voters can advance their agenda. 
  • There’s little hope for success — pending an all-out political revolution — if progressives don’t vote. Read more (3/7/17 12:31 PM)

I’m really sick of hearing “children need to be disciplined” and abusers passing up abuse for discipline because for who exactly do children need to be disciplined? what is a disciplined child? one who does what they’re told, that’s a child who doesn’t make noise, doesn’t complain or ask for anything, does things according to rules adults set for them, doesn’t require anything except what adults give them, basically, not a human being, not someone who is free, not someone with human rights, not someone who has the right to do what they want or to say what they need. Disciplining is taking freedom away in return for nothing, discipline is not for the sake or benefit or children but for their caretakers, so they don’t have to deal or spend any time or energy on the said children, and even have children do shit for them. 

For children it’s good to try out everything, to ask for everything, to make a mess, to make noise, to enjoy themselves, to test all their limits and figure out what makes them feel good and what doesn’t, to figure out which kind of work they enjoy, eating when they feel like it, sleeping when they feel like it. Taking this away will never ever benefit the child, it will only benefit the caretakers. It’s not the child’s fault that this society isn’t safe or accepting for child’s development, that their freedom means nothing if they can instead be tucked away and forced to be silent and get shit done if they wanna live. Children aren’t here to please everyone else or to get stuff done, and forcing them to be “disciplined” by punishments will absolutely not lead them to a balanced and productive adult life, it will make them feel guilty, scared, anxious and ashamed if they don’t manage to fulfill impossible schedules and thousands of chores. 

A child can benefit from fair and structured environment where they know what the rules are and what they’re allowed to do, what the rewards are, and what are the consequences if they do wrong, provided they actually have enough freedom to explore and do what they want and the rules don’t change continually based on adult’s moods. But only thing that is truly wrong is hurting others, so they should not suffer consequences for anything but that. But somehow that’s one thing everyone easily gets away with, and they’re instead getting punished whenever adults perceive them as a nuisance or just wanna lash out and find an excuse for it. So whatever is being passed up as “good for the child” is anything but. Before you claim any abuse is “discipline”, remember that they’re in most cases one and the same thing, and never benefit the child.

First part of the guide is here!! And this will be all about styles. But first, what exactly are styles? According to the MS Word description.

“A style is a set of formatting characteristics, such as font name, size, colour, paragraph alignment and spacing. Some styles even include borders and shading.”

In plain English, they are a bunch of programmed formats for text. So, instead of going paragraph by paragraph, an setting, font, size, alignment, spacing, and so on; you just click and the text is done.

Besides the convenience of using them, and the benefits of a great look, they give your document consistence and that makes it easier an more pleasant to read. Also, they help you navigate your document, which comes handy when you have a lot of pages.

With that said, the guide is on!! But below the cut, because I am conscious of people’s dashboards and my own.

Note: I’ve just hit my first 100 followers! And I wanted to thank everyone, for helping me reach this first milestone. I hope to be able to keep contributing to this lovely community. Thanks!

Love, Andrea

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Lost characters according to Sawyer: 9/10 - miscellaneous I

House Republicans make changes to Trumpcare ahead of vote

  • On Monday evening, according to CNN, House Republicans released a series of updates to the American Health Care Act.
  • Days of negotiations led to the updates, which were meant to bring conservatives and moderates together in support for the bill.
  • Medicaid 
    • The updated AHCA would let states opt to receive Medicaid funding as a block grant, rather than an amount based on the number of enrollees. 
    • That means, that even if the number of enrollees in a state went up, the amount of money from the federal government would stay the same, meaning less to go around to those who make use of Medicaid.
    • Another addition to the law would prevent states from expanding Medicaid, essentially leaving more poor people out of luck when it comes to health coverage. 
  • An unspecified $85 billion
    • According to Politico, House Republicans set aside $85 billion for Americans between the ages of 50 and 64 to afford premiums, which will skyrocket under AHCA. 
    • However, the House GOP punted the responsibility of ironing out the details to the Senate GOP.
  • New York concessions
    • To get GOP people from upstate New York on board, the House GOP added a provision that would stop the federal government from passing down Medicaid costs to the counties, according to New York Rep. Chris Collins.
    • According to CNN, in New York, counties outside New York City send $2.3 billion to the state to help pay for Medicaid. Collins said this measure would help woo upstate Republican legislators.
  • Upcoming vote
    • Donald Trump is set to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Tuesday morning to discuss the bill. To pass the House, the bill needs 216 votes. A vote is currently set for Thursday, according to CNN. Read more (3/21/17 10 AM)


Hey everyone! Finally part one of my Prompto worklog is ready! I’ve been bouncing around from piece to piece on this cosplay and filming the entire process as I go along! If all goes according to plan there will be two more parts to this set, one covering the creation of his tank, plaid undershirt and gloves. Then a final part showing the creation of the patches and assembly of them to the vest and pants.

Overall Prompto has proven to be a very interesting project because despite being a more simple cosplay (in terms of Final Fantasy standards) it is filled with all kinds of small details and lacks any sort of real 100% accurate reference photos to go from.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it and look forward to the next few parts for our Chocobo boy!


Lost characters according to Sawyer: 7/10 - Frank Lapidus

A federal judge in Brooklyn, N.Y., has temporarily blocked part of President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration by ordering that refugees, visa holders and others impacted by the Jan. 27 executive order not be deported. In her order, Judge Ann Donnelly cited “substantial and irreparable injury to refugees, visa-holders, and other individuals” from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, as well as a strong likelihood that deporting these individuals would violate “their rights to Due Process and Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution.” This stay will last until a court hearing is held on the merits of this case brought by the ACLU and other legal organizations. It applies to “all people stranded in U.S. airports,” according to a statement by the ACLU.

More: Trump’s Immigration Ban Sets In, Causing Chaos, Fear, Protests In U.S. And Abroad

andymientus: #WITCH101WEDNESDAY

It’s a common misconception that Wiccan and witch are synonyms. Wicca actually refers to a religion which uses witchcraft, but witchcraft can be used by anyone of any religion or of no religion (💁 hey girl) as a way to communicate with your own spirituality and focus on your intentions. Think of it like meditating with props and actions. Knocking on wood for luck or wishing on birthday candles. I’ve never been good at sitting quietly and getting in touch with myself- I like to get my hands dirty.
Lesson One: know your moon phases
🌒- waxing: build, increase, create
🌕- full: complete, celebrate, be a lunatic
🌘- waning: decrease, release, banish
🌑- new/dark: rest, replenish, set new intention

Try living in accordance with that natural rhythm over the next cycle: Set a goal at the new, work toward it during waxing, aim to complete it at full, release what you no longer need as it wanes, and then rest come the next new. See if you don’t get some magical results. Till next time, coven 🔮

(This was sent to me off anon, awhile ago. When things were bad earlier, I asked permission to share):

“So basically __ is the head manager of the private room division (amongst other things) at The Dorchester in London. Louis and Harry regularly went on dates together near the end of the month (for their anniversary).   For them it was ideal, considering that the hotel offers this private room policy that gave them the peace & quiet they were looking for. The hotel offers private dining but doesn’t require the clients to purchase an annual club membership, so it was fairly easy for them to arrange dates without too much hassle. Although there was still loads of paper work involved.

I never really get to hear the full stories because there are a lot of contracts and legal issues involved but basically ___ has shared little details with me, that they are very affectionate, they love candles and slow music (the room is set according to their preferences), they often give each other small kisses and even share food. Those disgusting details and the fact that they are very polite and generous tippers.

It’s funny because ___ deals with the celebrity crowd on a daily basis and couldn’t care less about two members of a boyband but always says that L&H definitely stand out because they are always so polite. Even the staff love them and they usually despise celebs because of their attitude but whenever L&H came around for a meal, they greeted all the staff members that were assigned to work with them and always told them how nice the food was etc…