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So according to Rolling Stones, Camila’s “In the Dark Had been written the day after the Grammys about an encounter with an unnamed famous boy she had met at an after-party.” 👀👀 isn’t rumored she ran into Lauren at a Grammy after party mhmmmm 😏😏

the only boy mila ran into at that after party 


We need Afrofuturism; not as a box to put people in, but as a lens with which to change the way we imagine and actualize an inclusive future. A future where black people are in control of their own destinies.

Afrofuturism is not a sub-genre. For some, like Sun Ra, Afrofuturism (though the term was not coined until after Sun Ra passed away) is a form of escapism; a reprieve from violent systems of segregation and white supremacy. For others, Afrofuturism is a celebration of black innovation; filmmaker and author Ytasha Womack describes Afrofuturism as, “The intersection between black culture, technology, liberation, and the imagination, with some mysticism thrown in, too.” For some it is highly spiritual. Above all else, it is an ambitious vision of the future and mankind’s place in it that is continually informed by black culture and history.

What kind of message is sent when mass audiences are presented with visions of the future that do not include people of color? Since Hollywood has historically excluded black characters from leading roles in science fiction films, black people have had to envision and ultimately create space for themselves above and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. In DUST’s original series, we celebrate a handful of those people, and encourage you to dive deeper into the Afrofuture.

What kind of message is sent when future worlds are depicted without black people?

Star Trek’s Nyota Uhura, a commander aboard the Starship Enterprise, was the first black character in a major role to be depicted in outer space. Uhura was played by Nichelle Nichols in the original series, and first appeared in 1966. In reality, it would take nearly 30 years for a black woman to make it to space – NASA astronaut Mae Jemison, in 1992.

In episode two of DUST’s Afrofuturism series, Uhura beams up Sun Ra, Martin Luther King, and the aforementioned Jemison, as narrator Little Simz tells us the true story of how King convinced Nichelle Nichols to stay on the show after the first season. Nichols would go on to appear in 66 episodes.  

In episode three of DUST’s Afrofuturism series, George Clinton and the almighty Mothership emerge from a cloud of green gas to funk up the universe and expand the mythology of the philosophical and artistic lens that would later come to be known as Afrofuturism. From getting funky in front of a massive crowd on the moon to breaking bread with Jimi Hendrix and Sun Ra, George Clinton’s ultra funky contributions to the galaxy only serve to reinforce the idea that all motherships are connected.

In the canon of popular black musicians who have written songs about space, there are none who shook up the mainstream nearly as much as Jimi Hendrix. Like Sun Ra before him, Hendrix wrote songs about interstellar travel, even including alien characters in songs like “Up From The Skies” and “Third Stone From The Sun”, which was inspired by George R Stewart’s post-apocalyptic science fiction novel, Earth Abides. But Hendrix wouldn’t be able to bring his message to the masses until he traveled to England and battled God himself, Eric Clapton (then playing in a supergroup called Cream). In this episode of Afrofuturism, DUST presents the animated story of that fateful night. Originally intended to be a friendly jam session between God (Clapton) and one of his biggest fans, the then unknown Hendrix, Clapton walked off-stage in the middle of Hendrix’s solo, stunned by the no-name’s guitar wizardry. Hendrix’s performance that night forged a brotherhood with Clapton and is just one of many such stories of his mind-blowing performances that would carve out his place in rock n’ roll history as the unmatched greatest guitarist of all-time (according to Rolling Stone). Hendrix’s infatuation with science fiction, and his commitment to technological (and psychedelic) experimentation, pushed him to make his guitar sound like anything but, and has inspired artists of many genres to embrace their individuality ever since.

Missy was the first popular black artist to make explicit, recurring use of science-fiction in her visual offerings. For this reason, and because of the lack of representation of Black people in science-fiction films, Missy’s work can be viewed through the lens of Afrofuturism.

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A) Age? varies dependending on responsibilities of the day


B) Birthplace? Galveston Island


C) Current time? 4:40 insomniAM


D) Drink you last had? Coffee


E) Easiest person to talk to? Ollie

F) Favorite song? stuck on “ 25.22″  Allan Rayman Unplugged at CBC

G) Grossest memory? someone jokingly chased me around with a fart in a TruMoo bottle :P arrrrrrgh 

H) Hogwarts House? hufflepuff

I) In love?  I do believe I am quite smitten


J) Jeaolous of people? I am not envious 


K) Killed anyone? nope 

L) Love at first sight, or should I walk by again? I am truly on thin ice there

M) Middle name? Grace

.N Number of siblings? Zero… lmao but poppa was rolling stone according to sources, so I might have several

.O) One wish? whirled peas with no chance of ice-holes

P) Person you last called? a person selling an RV

Q) Question you are always asked? what color are you eyes, i can’t tell? Green, amber, or gray (depends on light/ mood i guess)

R) Reasons to smile? love,music,nature,sex,art

S) Song you last sung? magic city hippies, heart wants and first half of big jet plane , angus & julia stone

T) Time you woke up? too damn early again about 3 AM ish


U) Underwear color? nada


V) Vacation Destination? train ride, colorado to new mex & back …..or not.

W) Worst habit? mild monophobia symptoms

X) X-rays? zilch… surprisingly!


Y) Your favorite food? italiano (anything pretty much)

Z) Zodiac sign? Virgo



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At last. Dan Auerbach confirms a new solo record coming this spring. According to Rolling Stone he calls it “a whole history of everything I love about music.” He wrote and recorded about 60 songs last summer with John Prine, Dave Roe, Duane Eddy, Mark Knopfler and others.

Yet to see a full tracklist but the three titles reported include: “Shine On Me,” “Waiting On A Song” and “Malibu Man.” And he’ll be going on tour. More details as they emerge.

p.s. Dan also confirmed The Keys are still just “on a break.” “It’s hard to turn away money, but you have to recharge.” More here

Layne had such a profound influence on rock music that he is not only celebrated by Alice in Chains, but other artists as well.
Layne befriended and inspired many. Here is a look at some tribute songs to the great Layne Staley:

~LAYNE by Black Label Society: The door-knocking sound at the end of the track has been said to be a symbolic representation of the police knocking on Layne’s door as well as Layne knocking on Heaven’s door.

~SHADOW by Theory of a Deadman: Conveys the sadness when Layne faded away

~JUST A BULLET AWAY by Metallica: Layne served as an inspiration for the band’s 2008 album. They even hung a photo of Layne in their studio, according to their interview with Guitar World.
In a separate interview with Rolling Stone, James explained, “I know Jerry Cantrell quite well and learned about Layne through him… I could see some of the things Jerry went through to keep that band together. I started writing a song around a Layne Staley type – a rock ‘n’ roll martyr magnetized by death. Why did he choose that path, someone with such talent?”

~LAYNE by Staind: On the day that Layne passed, Staind singer Aaron Lewis witnessed the birth of his daughter Zoe Jane.
April 5, 2002 became a date that would be bittersweet for Lewis. A few weeks later it was discovered that Layne – a huge inspiration to Lewis’ sound – passed the same day.
The influence Layne had on Lewis came through clearly in his tribute.

~4/20/02 by Pearl Jam: Included as the hidden track on Pearl Jam rarities ‘Lost Dogs,’
'4/20/02’ starts playing 4 minutes and 20 seconds after 'Bee Girl’ stops playing.
Eddie Vedder recorded the song on guitar with ukelele tuning the day he heard the news of his friend’s passing.
Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam (then Mookie Blaylock) often played gigs together and the members of the two bands remained friends over the years.
You can hear the pain in Eddie’s voice as he warns the terrors of addiction – “It could be you” – and takes a shot at all the Layne imitators – “So sing just like him fuckers It won’t offend him just me because he’s dead.

Though it was never directly confirmed, this song from 'Degradation Trip’ seems like Jerry’s open apology to Layne for a number of things. Specifically the line "Your life I belittle dignity I’d steal now I know how it feels." 

Though it was released just months after Layne’s passing, the album was written and recorded well before.

A tribute to Layne, as well as Cobain

~LAYNE TO REST by Katastrophy Wife (Kat Bjelland’s band)

~BLACK GIVES WAY TO BLUE by Alice in Chains:
Easily the most touching and hauntingly beautiful song inspired by Layne’s life written by Jerry. He explains.

“I think of anything off this record, obviously “Black Gives Way to Blue” is the most difficult song, without a doubt. Even cutting that song, you can hear it in my voice. You can’t really hide that. I don’t even know how I got through the recording of that, but I just kept fucking slugging away. It was producer Nick Raskulinecz, our drummer Sean, and me in a room, and all of us are crying  our fucking eyes out. Sean’s having fucking anxiety attacks and I’m fucking just holding onto the mic stands, [trying to] get through the fucking thing. And it was very difficult, even on the writing of that song. There was a huge chunk of grief there I’d been holding on to for a long time — I think we all have. And by writing that song, it kind of puked it out. So that probably triggered a big part of a mourning process that probably didn’t happen right at the time Layne passed away. And I think a big part of that, for me, was that I dropped a record right when he died and I had to go on the road, so I probably was carrying a shitload of stuff around. And probably still will. Like I said, it’s never gonna be right.”

Inked Magazine
Guitar World
Rolling Stone
Loud Wire

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do you know who is this girl on axl's tattoo?

* There is a lot of controversy about it. For a long time, we all fans believe this was Barbie Von Grief, the real muse of Rocket Queen. But, Adriana Smith, the girl moaning in the song, she made a statement, and I quote her: “I have the impression that is the face of another girl named Monique.” 

* Marc Canter, old friend of the band and the guy who writed the Reckless Road book, confirmed that this girl is Monique and i quote him: “ It looks like Barbi but it’s Monique.” He also said, for those who thought that Barbie and Monique were the same, that they are 2 different people.

* Monique Lewis by Axl Rose:  "I was sitting outside the Roxy, and you know, I was like really in love with this person, and she was realising this wasn’t going to work, she was doing her things, she was telling me goodbye, and I like sat down, and just started crying, and she was telling me ‘don’t cry’. Next night we got together and wrote the song in 5 minutes. He’d been through some things with her, himself"

* According to Tracii Guns in Rolling Stone, Monique Lewis dated every member of the first line-up of Guns N’ Roses.

Unfortunately, I never saw a picture of Monique. And I don’t think there’s any on the internet, she probably managed to stay off the media.  On the other hand, we have a lot photos of Barbie floating around.

I belive in Marc and Adriana. But… imo, to be 100% sure who’s the girl in the tattoo only asking Axl himself.

Greenwood, 36, is the youngest member of the band, shy and gangly, with an understated sense of humor and an eccentric taste in music even by Radiohead standards. (He spent six months in 2005 listening to nothing but dub reggae.) Over lunch one afternoon, when his salmon sandwich arrives with a side salad but no silverware, he simply begins to eat the lettuce with his fingers. His personality in no way jibes with his first appearance in the public eye, in the 1994 “Creep” video, where he’s strumming his guitar with such angular violence he could be a cop holding down a protester with one hand and swinging a truncheon with the other.
—  “The Future According to Radiohead” - Mark Binelli (Rolling Stone, February 2008)
New Axl Picture, Jimmy Kimmel, That Metal Show And More Social Media Gossips!

By | December 30th, 2015

Guns N’ Roses world is like this: you can spend decades without new albums, tours, interviews and not knowing who’s in and out of the band. Or you can get all that, in like one single week and go totally nuts because as fans, we’re kinda out of shape from receiving daily media reports, celebrity sightings and information in general. So please, excuse our excitement, this is new to us! :D

Ok, we’ll try to summarize in this post all those little tidbits, rumors regarding the “reunion”, upcoming shows and the whole media madness that’s going right now.


Apparently, a fan caught Axl working out near his Malibu home about two weeks ago and she was lucky enough to have Axl taking a photo with her. He’s obviously shaven the ‘Hulk Hogan’ mustache he was wearing for a couple years and those sporty clothes indicate he’s probably training hard for the upcoming shows in big stadiums. Yay! Run, Axl, run!


Journalist Mitch Lafon tweeted a message to GN’R Fans yesterday…

… and we were already distrusting him because we are gunners and this is our fate! But guess what? Rolling Stone Magazine have just confirmed the presence of Axl Rose on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live! for next week.

Remember this is the late-night show where Axl gave his first live TV interview in 20 years. According to Rolling Stone, he will be there to address the reunion rumors. OMG, CAN’T WAIT!!!

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Taylor Swift's '1989' is 2015's highest grossing concert tour by far

In the concert business, 2015 was a banner year for 1989, as Taylor Swift and her blockbuster “1989” tour topped Pollstar’s annual ranking of the most popular concert attractions globally.

Swift’s tour, featuring a bevy of different guest stars in nearly every city she visited, grossed just over $250 million worldwide. Equally significant, almost $200 million of that came from North American dates, trampling the all-time North American record of $162 million posted by the Rolling Stones in 2005, according to the concert industry tracking magazine’s preliminary top 20 tour report.

The 26-year-old pop star performed 83 shows in 53 cities and sold almost 2.3 million tickets during the year, Pollstar reported.


Keith Richards Examines Brian Jones’ Hair While Awaiting Their Turn to Appear on TV

It’s probably just the nerves that caused Keith Richards to fiddle with the hair of his Rolling Stones’ band mate.

This photograph was taken by British fashion and celebrity photographer Terry O'Neill while the band was preparing backstage for their very first television appearance in 1964. According to The Rolling Stones Bootlegs Database, The Rolling Stones made their TV debut on March 12, 1964 on BBC’s “Top of the Pops.” In that year alone, the rock band appeared 11 times on television, including Britain’s “Ready, Steady, Go!” and the US’ “Ed Sullivan Show.”