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Stiles Stilinski is a Junior at NYU. When he’s not working on his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice or hanging out with his friends, he enjoys hitting the underground music scene. His favorite band, The Alpha Beats - “The Next Big Rock Group” according to The Rolling Stone - consists of the Hale siblings: Laura, lead vocalist and bassist, Cora, drummer and vocals, and Derek, lead guitar and lyricist. Stiles may or may not be a tiny bit infatuated with Derek, with the way his fingers fly across the frets when he plays, with the way his muscular forearms flex when he moves, with the tattoos that litter his exposed skin, with his propensity for wearing deep v-neck shirts, with the way he tends to glare at the crowd but tries to hide a smile when they finish a set, with the meaningful words he string together. Yeah, Stiles has it bad. And he can’t believe his luck when he wins a contest that lands him in the front row of The Alpha Beats’ very first concert, and the backstage pass that comes with it.

Derek Hale lives for music, for the lyrics he writes and the songs he and his sisters play together. When they first started The Alpha Beats, Derek never imagined they’d gain a fan following, or that people would love his lyrics and their music so much. And when they start making it big, he doesn’t quit know how he feels about it, until a radio station does a giveaway to their first concert and everything changes. Before the concert starts, Laura points out the contest winner in the front row and Derek is immediately enraptured. The guy’s face is dotted with moles and the smile he’s directing at the person next to him is the most infectious thing Derek’s ever seen. Derek finds his gaze drawn to the guy more times than he’d like to count during the concert. But each time Derek glances at the guy, he’s singing along to the song and staring at Derek with something like awe on his face. And Derek’s suddenly glad the contest included a backstage pass for the winner.

At last. Dan Auerbach confirms a new solo record coming this spring. According to Rolling Stone he calls it “a whole history of everything I love about music.” He wrote and recorded about 60 songs last summer with John Prine, Dave Roe, Duane Eddy, Mark Knopfler and others.

Yet to see a full tracklist but the three titles reported include: “Shine On Me,” “Waiting On A Song” and “Malibu Man.” And he’ll be going on tour. More details as they emerge.

p.s. Dan also confirmed The Keys are still just “on a break.” “It’s hard to turn away money, but you have to recharge.” More here

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During his show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on Friday, Harry Styles brought out a surprise guest. Stevie Nicks joined him onstage to perform his single, “Two Ghosts,” as well as the classic Fleetwood Mac song, “Landslide,” off the band’s 1975 self-titled LP. Fans in the audience captured video of their duets. Watch below. At one point, Styles jumped off the stage to stand in front and watch Nicks sing. He is an avowed Fleetwood Mac fan. He even baked Nicks a carrot cake once, according to Rolling StoneNicks is set to feature on Lana Del Rey’s forthcoming album Lust for Life. Styles recently released his self-titled solo debut album.

🎥| Landslide by Harry Styles e Stevie Nicks.

— Daily Styles 🌹 (@dailyhstyles23)

May 20, 2017

Harry Styles brought out Stevie Nicks I’m losing my mind

— steven j. horowitz (@speriod)

May 20, 2017


— Molly Jank (@molly_jank)

May 20, 2017

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1) I know you said that you will conclude the discussion but some of the things were wrong. Townes is 20 years old this year ( she's the same age as Jeff's brother) so them meeting when he was writing in Jamaica made her 19 while Harry was 22 years old. In the Rolling Stone article they said "according to fans Harry met Townes etc when she was 17". They didn't have inside info and then changed it to 20 when they probably got contacted from his team with the right information.

2) Fans made up that they met in 2014 making her 17 but they never did. Some used the fact that her friends had been to a 1d concert then ( no proof of Townes there) and some others used a pic of Harry and a fan in London 2014 as Townes ( it wasn’t Townes. Poor that fan btw). So the story was harmless from the begging. Boy mets girl, go on a date, and then writes a song. Nothing was supposed to be ugly about her age. It’s such a shame everyone made it so ugly cause I don’t think they wanted that


Thank you for the information.

I have posted @verily-i-say’s post about it, and I hope this ask will clarify the perspectives further.

I apologize if I have the facts wrong and added to the acrimony of the discussion.

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do you know who is this girl on axl's tattoo?

* There is a lot of controversy about it. For a long time, we all fans believe this was Barbie Von Grief, the real muse of Rocket Queen. But, Adriana Smith, the girl moaning in the song, she made a statement, and I quote her: “I have the impression that is the face of another girl named Monique.” 

* Marc Canter, old friend of the band and the guy who writed the Reckless Road book, confirmed that this girl is Monique and i quote him: “ It looks like Barbi but it’s Monique.” He also said, for those who thought that Barbie and Monique were the same, that they are 2 different people.

* Monique Lewis by Axl Rose:  "I was sitting outside the Roxy, and you know, I was like really in love with this person, and she was realising this wasn’t going to work, she was doing her things, she was telling me goodbye, and I like sat down, and just started crying, and she was telling me ‘don’t cry’. Next night we got together and wrote the song in 5 minutes. He’d been through some things with her, himself"

* According to Tracii Guns in Rolling Stone, Monique Lewis dated every member of the first line-up of Guns N’ Roses.

Unfortunately, I never saw a picture of Monique. And I don’t think there’s any on the internet, she probably managed to stay off the media.  On the other hand, we have a lot photos of Barbie floating around.

I belive in Marc and Adriana. But… imo, to be 100% sure who’s the girl in the tattoo only asking Axl himself.

Greenwood, 36, is the youngest member of the band, shy and gangly, with an understated sense of humor and an eccentric taste in music even by Radiohead standards. (He spent six months in 2005 listening to nothing but dub reggae.) Over lunch one afternoon, when his salmon sandwich arrives with a side salad but no silverware, he simply begins to eat the lettuce with his fingers. His personality in no way jibes with his first appearance in the public eye, in the 1994 “Creep” video, where he’s strumming his guitar with such angular violence he could be a cop holding down a protester with one hand and swinging a truncheon with the other.
—  “The Future According to Radiohead” - Mark Binelli (Rolling Stone, February 2008)

New Missy Elliott Album Is On Its Way According To Timbaland

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Timbo says of the album, “It’s coming.” Elliott’s longtime producer elaborated: "It’s on her. She got the first single, it’s just a matter of when she wants to do it. We got the hollow-tip bullet in the gun. We have the game-changer right there.“ Though his lack of knowledge on Elliott’s recording progress may seem strange, it seems that’s how the pair have always operated. "I’ve never watched her record, never in my whole career,”

Taylor Swift's '1989' is 2015's highest grossing concert tour by far

In the concert business, 2015 was a banner year for 1989, as Taylor Swift and her blockbuster “1989” tour topped Pollstar’s annual ranking of the most popular concert attractions globally.

Swift’s tour, featuring a bevy of different guest stars in nearly every city she visited, grossed just over $250 million worldwide. Equally significant, almost $200 million of that came from North American dates, trampling the all-time North American record of $162 million posted by the Rolling Stones in 2005, according to the concert industry tracking magazine’s preliminary top 20 tour report.

The 26-year-old pop star performed 83 shows in 53 cities and sold almost 2.3 million tickets during the year, Pollstar reported.


So according to Rolling Stone magazine, 2,500 wrestling fans signed a petition to have Roman’s vest considered illegal gear.


Y'all know Pro Wrestling is part acting, part sport which means it’s scripted. Joe Anoa'i is playing a character Roman Reigns and what he wears is basically his costume or wrestling gear. How is it illegal?

These fans are acting like this is a team sport like football or basketball where everyone has to wear the same uniform.

He’s an athlete and performer. Everyone wears different gear according to their character.

So they say the vest is illegal and Roman is cheating by wearing it. Really? Cheating?

Isn’t cheating and deception a part of  pro wrestling?

Wrestlers cheat to win matches by distracting the opponent or the ref, use props, use chairs or have their allies to help them cheat. Do these “fans” even watch wrestling? Have they ever watched wrestling?

This crap is just another example of people disliking Roman for the dumbest reasons. But like PWI who ranked Roman # 1 stated, people don’t boo nobodies. Roman is talked about constantly more than any of their favorites yet they claim they don’t like him.

Why don’t these 2,500 fans be honest? They don’t want Roman to wear the vest because they want to stare at his thick muscular chest.

Just admit it…

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Maybe this no vest thing isn’t such a bad idea after all…

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Keith Richards Examines Brian Jones’ Hair While Awaiting Their Turn to Appear on TV

It’s probably just the nerves that caused Keith Richards to fiddle with the hair of his Rolling Stones’ band mate.

This photograph was taken by British fashion and celebrity photographer Terry O'Neill while the band was preparing backstage for their very first television appearance in 1964. According to The Rolling Stones Bootlegs Database, The Rolling Stones made their TV debut on March 12, 1964 on BBC’s “Top of the Pops.” In that year alone, the rock band appeared 11 times on television, including Britain’s “Ready, Steady, Go!” and the US’ “Ed Sullivan Show.”