Ross Imagine - You tell him your pregnant


You and Ross had been trying for a baby for a month, finally you conceived. You knew exactly how you were gonna tell him. Ross had a hockey game, you were gonna tell him after. You wrapped a box and slid it under the bed.

Ross played a wonderful. They won their game, so he was already happy but you were gonna make him a lot happier.

You were so happy on the way back to your house. You fiddle with your wedding ring the whole way home.

Ross sits his stuff down and sits on the couch to watch T.V. “Come on baby, I need to show you something.” You say standing up, you stick your hand out. He takes your hand and you take him upstairs into your bedroom.

“Sit.” You say pointing at the bed. You get the little box and sit across from him. “I got you something.” You say sliding the box to him. “Baby, you didn’t have to get me anything.” He says kissing you. He opens the box. He sees the baby shirt with an airplane on it that says ‘Daddy’s little piolt’.

“Oh my god Y/N!!! I’m gonna be a dad!!” Ross says sliding the box aside and kissing you passionately. You smile. “You’ll never know how much I love you baby girl.” Ross says with a huge smile. “I love you too Shor.” You say wrapping your arms around his neck. “We’re gonna be parents!!”

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Completely useless fact that you might like: I follow two acconts on instagram that do those paint mixing videos and both of them are artists that say they do use that paint for their art, they just film the mixing process because people like it. No paint wasted! <3

yay! That makes me happy :) 

!! got a new follower on twitter making it a dashing 379 followers! bet you they’ll be gone before tomorrow. maybe I should just like. close thtat stupid accont again


If you those of the FFXIV playbase can tell from this image, I play this game aswell.

But what you don’t know is, is that I play this on PS3.

Now all of you obviously know that Square is going to end support for the PS3 verson of the game.

To prepare the remaining PS3 players to upgrade to the PS4 verson, there’re offering a free-upgrade campaign for us PS3 players.

Now some of you may be asking:“Wait, if you know about upgrading acconts, why are asking?”

The problem is…I don’t know how to do it right.

I’m worried that I screw up the upgrade process, lose all my progress,force to buy the game on PS4 and start all over again. (I hope that doesn’t happen)

So I’m ask any FFXIV player out who is reading this post (Probabaly not though) and help me with this mundane issue

Thank for your patience.