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Your taxes are due in a couple days!. Better make an appointment with accountant Alan Kaufman, just like all the other ”unintelligible rock stars” do. When they aren’t being chased by groupies, these music icons are getting chased by the IRS. Featuring Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Cher, Bono, and more.

Catman’s Choice 7/22/15: I Can Change by Brandon Flowers

My son Jim is an avid music fan as much as I am, maybe even more so. He’s always recommending songs for me to listen to. Some are ones I hear on the radio and most others are more obscure. Catman’s Choice posts are my dedication to those songs.

Feel free to comment on likes or dislikes of his selections. Also feel free to recommend artists, songs and albums for us to check out. Share them with your friends and family as well!

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as he does!

Jerry “The Music CPA” Catalano ♫


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April 12, 2014 (two for one day)

It’s almost considered a right of passage for a rapper to “fuck the police.” When I try to do so, however, I am violating the terms discussed in the contract I made when I hired the ‘dancers’ in the first place. Rappers need to check their privilege. 

Also accountants get to handle money all the time. So it should be okay when I try to do so, right? Wrong. Apparently when I do so, it’s 'larceny’. Accountants need to check their privilege.

I guess my phone being screwy is a combination of not being able to update it and further breaking it at a USS show.  My Facebook app is screwy on my phone, even more so than it not sending messages to people.  It doesn’t load properly so I guess I should only use it in Safari or wait till I’m on my laptop or iPad.  There’s other little annoyances too.  I guess I really do need to suck it up and call next month.  Wish me luck.

; psa i’m having sort of a hard time coming into the marvel fandom. mostly because i’ve been stuck in mine (the heroes fandom) for over 2 years now and haven’t really rp’d outside of it since. it’s a little nerve-racking stepping outside your fandom. any encouragement would really be quite nice, tbh. and if you guys want to find me when i’m not on this accont, you can find me here, here, or here. feel free to yell at me to come on the wasp account through those.

Da piccoli viaggiamo nella fantasia di come saremo da grandi, ma vediamo tutto con gli occhi dell'innocenza, della semplicità, dei veri valori, sopratutto non conosciamo dolore che non sia attaccato a cose materiali. Ti accorgi di crescere quando a un certo punto non ti ritrovi piu le ginocchia sbucciate, ma i lividi nel cuore, ti accorgi di crescere quando le tue priorità non sono piu i giochi ma la tua indipendenza. E realizzi che essere fanciulli sia la cosa piu bella, piu facile e piu semplice, non c e dolore, se piangi perche non sei contento, basta poco e ti acconte ti di altro e tutto torna tranquillo.
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Anoud Km mra we should give you our snapchat accont 3shan u add us ? 😔

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Should I ask for help?

I have recently been slammed with Hospital bills and I can barely afford them. I have thought about creating a go fund me accont but I don’t know if it is the right thing to do, and I hate asking people for money. But they are so overwhelming. Any advice of what I should do???

hahahaha i can’t change the icloud account because I don’t know my mom’s friend’s password to delete the accont this is fine :)


Hey guys! If you found out about this account, then you might’ve heard about it when I posted that I have a Tumblr on wattpad . If you just were wondering on Tumblr you might’ve just wandered onto my account. Any reason. I want you guys to get to know me so send me questions or just anything. And if you were wondering about the wattpad thing, my accont/username is @/ cocknarry.

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