Learn Korean Online!

Hii guys!! I decided to make this tutorial for online Korean learning, this is a method my Korean teacher gave us, is completely free, really easy to use, and fun! Made this specially for @diaduithannah, hope you like it!
1. You must enter the page and create an account. You can set it for it to be in english so it is easier to use.

2. Click on: Create an account

3. Once in there, click on the grey mark points so they turn blue, and click on General Membership Signup, if you want you can use the Social Media one but I was taught this method.

4. Fill in all the information and remember to select that you are a Student

5. Confirm your accont and go back to the home page

6. Once in the home page, click on Learn and Standard Curriculum

7. Go to the bottom of the page for the beginners option, if you are more advanced look for the one that suits you

8.  There will be an option bar, choose Learn.

9. A tab will open up. Click on the korean “start”, this page will give you animations, conversations, audio, explanations, and exercises for you to practice grammar and vocabulary. 

10. This is a little extra, but I would recommend for you to already know how to read Hangul (korean) in case you don’t know and you want to practice deeper the exercises, the page offers textbooks you can print. Click on search and select the option Sejong Korean Workbook in the ebook section. Choose the one that suits you. The one I pointed is for beginners and explains how to read Hangul! However I do recommend watching videos for learning Hangul as well.

Sincerely guys, this webpage is everything. It even gives you cultural lessons, it teaches you cultural traditions in Korea according to what you are seeing in the lessons! It is really fun and helps a lot. Any doubts about this web page I am all yours! Thank you!
Please share if you find it helpful!

it’s really interesting seeing people who grew up in poverty and later became successful in life become the poster children of capitalism. because they have not just fully bought into but have personally lived that myth of: ‘if you can do it, anyone can do it’. those who don’t see themselves as exceptional and lucky people who succeeded against the odds, they see themselves as perfectly ordinary individuals who just ‘worked hard’ - unlike those other people begging for government handouts

and it’s a certain kind of tragedy seeing these people who have grown up in poverty end up with so little empathy and compassion for those who are still struggling. and to see this arrogant need to feel superior to others which lies underneath it all. because it’s easier to feel better about your own ‘accomplishments’ when you have the suffering of others to measure yourself against. ‘at least i’m not on welfare’ ‘at least i’m not homeless’ ‘at least i am a hard working person’ ‘at least i didn’t take the easy way out’

and there’s a certain truth to victims who fought their way to success under a certain system becoming the biggest proponents of that system. because the existence of that system makes them feel special about themselves for being the standout. because they have internalised enough of the lies to be accepted by their original oppressors as ‘one of them’ and become ‘worthy’ of succeeding. because they don’t think of questioning the myth when they themselves are living proofs that hard work = success.

because if you can blame the individual, that means it’s not the system that’s at fault, now is it?

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patron is no needed you can just open a paypal accont for this things! the only thing you need for openning thing like patron or paypal or other ones is a bank accont so it can be linked whit your online account so the only thing stoping you is your age i guess?? since you muss be 18+ to open your personal bank accont


All I need is to open a bank account and register to Paypal or Patreon?


But im liek…

12 yrs old….

the youtube! au

for @sanhatation & @illustre-bin

  • being a youtuber is Hard
  • mostly bc being a youtuber means any sense of fangirling (well, fanboying in eunwoo’s sense) now has to be done on a separate account bc cha eunwoo the beauty guru can’t fanboy on his real accont and it’s Exhausting
  • but eunwoo is put together so he’s typically really good at remembering which account to use bc he uses his real name one one and eunwoo on the other and usually how someone refers to him is the teller
  • but one day
  • he wasn’t paying attention
  • and the world crumbled
  • so eunwoo has been lowkey in love with a dance cover star named moonbin
  • and by lowkey he means a lot of high key screaming about everytime bin hip thrusts or just does
  • anything
  • really
  • but honestly bin is just pure talent and is one of the main reasons he even uses his fanboy account be he honest to god just needed a place to go and scream about it bc if he kept doing in his groupchat with mj and sanha he was p sure they were gonna kill him
  • or expose him
  • so one day bin releases a dance cover of the eve and eunwoo actually almost cries who ALLOWED HIM and he’s not paying attention and its early and he doesn’t have his glasses on and he just “oooH BITCH he a snack and a half”
  • and two minutes later he receives a screenshot from sanha saying “ur an idiot”
  • and eunwoo is HORRIFIED bc he retweeted it on his official account and he hurries and deletes it but he knows the damage is done if sanha has a screenshot then god knows who else does
  • and one of those people happens to be rocky
  • who lives with bin
  • and unlocks the bathroom door while bin is showering to scream in “CHA EUNWOO RETWEETED YOUR EVE VIDEO TWEET SAYING UR A SNACK AND A HALF” 
  • bin almost falls in the shower
  • and when bin gets out rockys like “oh he deleted it he must’ve realized but i have a screenshot for proof” and bin just dies again bc how long has bin been low key in love with cha eunwoo beauty youtuber to perfect for this world a while is the answer
  • so bin’s answer is to do nothing but rocky’s answer is to steal bin’s phone and slide into eunwoo’s dm’s when he’s not looking with “if i’m a snack let’s got for a meal :) meet me at 7″
  • eunwoo uploads a boyfriend tag three weeks later
  • the rest you say, is history

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okay, so i went onto instagram and i realised daniel howell co is changed, but there are no faces on the profile photo, and phil lester co is a fan acc now... do you reckon this is a result of the entire phandom finding out about the acconts?

i mean definitely, the extraness of the phandom for these accounts has been so high 

Please take a minute to read and support art!!!!

Hi everybody, my name is Jay, and I’m a writer. I’m currently trying to publish my frist book, the one I’ve been working on since I was nine years old. 
This little thing is my dream, my baby, my life, but to actually publish a good amount of copies I need money, a lot of money. Due to mental health issues I’m currently unable to work, I’ve been in therapy for a long time and made big progress but working is still out of the table, so I’m making money by selling a few things and making raffles but I think it won’t be enough. 

I need about $3000 to make 300 copies. 

So, I’m here today to ask all of you if you could help my art by donating whatever you can, even a single dollar, so it can be easier for me to fullfil my life’s dream. I have all my life’s savings to put on this but

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, of course I will continue to sell things and make raffles but as I say, I don’t think it will be enough and that’s why I’m here, cause this means the world to me. 

The book will be published first on Spanish, my native tongue, and then I’ll work as hard as I can to translate it in English so you all can have it if you want, and even if for a while I probably will be unable to ship it to other countries I’ll make it abiable to buy a cheaper digital copy, and probably raffle one of those for free.

Of course I wouldn’t ask this without letting you know what the book is about, so here it goes, I hope you like it!!

                      The book of secrets: The revelation.

“Cleonie, trying to forget the routine and her daily life problems with her mother and her eighth grade classmates, immerges herlsef into the pages of “The book of secrets,” falling in love with it kingdom, characters and magic.
When her reality begins to mix with the one of the fantastic world she reads, Cleonie decides to take whatever steps necessary to understand what is happening, discovering a big prophecy that crosses with her destiny.

Are you ready to accompany her on this adventure?”

A story about magic, faith, friendship and growing up.

I really hope you guys like it and decides to help!!! My paypal mail is, I’ll need at least 20 dollars to pass the money from paypal to my bank accont so p l e a s e help me, if I could I would help all of you!!! Please reblog this if you see it, I need as many people as possible to read it!!!! And thank you if you decide to help either reblogging or donating, ily!

- 17.09.21 -  ENG - Fan Accont:  the army’s online messaging system crashed because of receiving too many online letters when Kyu was at training camp

’ OP on twitter said that she knows a younger brother/guy who recently came out from army for his holiday.
He told her that when Kyu was at the training camp, as there were too many online letters (for Kyu) that the system crashed before.
That guy couldn’t receive his online letters for one week.

from Weibo op’s memory, she has also read on Facebook about someone complaining about not being able to get his letter because of Kyuhyun. ’ -

- 17.09.21 - PT - 'OP disse em seu Twitter que conhece um jovem irmão/garoto que recentemente saiu do exército para ir em seu aniversário.Ele disse a ela que quando Kyuhyun estava treinando no campo, como havia muitas cartas que foram enviadas online para Kyu o sistema tinha caído anteriormente. E que o garoto não pode receber sua cartas online por uma semana. Da memória do Weibo  da op, ela também no Facebook, sobre alguém queixando-se por não poder receber sua carta por conta de Kyuhyun.’

Cred: cup_20190524 & kyuju32810

Via: ChoKyuHyunLoversInArabia

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Just wondering, why did you name your accont ihailysenpai??

Hailey-Senpai was already taken, so I was mad for a moment, then in a brilliant moment, I just went with ihaileysenpai, it was easier in my mind.

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Hi! I loved and followed your twitter. But yesterday I tryed to search it, and it was gone..Did you ereased your accont?? 안녕! 나는 당신의 트위터를 사랑했고 따라 갔다. 하지만 어제 나는 그것을 찾으려고 노력했다. 그리고 그것은 지나갔다. 당신은 당신의 계정을 지웠습니까? I used google translater....

Hello! yes I erased my account few weeks ago..😅 Thank you for loving and following my twitter! If you want to know, this is my new account😆 > @_hohong
thank you for your translate and have a nice day!!

lovely-wagner  asked:

Hi My Name is Venessa i just wanted to let you know that ur accont is amazing your imagines really help me smile and laugh ,i have been dealing with depression for over a year now im 15 almost 16 the depression cam from a very sad and painful childhood i lost my older brother in march and ur account really helps me feel better so thank you i am so glad i found it💗💗💗ps. Sorry if this is creepy 😕💛

Not creepy at all love; I’m so sorry to hear about your father & everything that you’ve been through but I’m glad that my account has been there to help you through it!


Hi! And welcome to my tumblr, this is just another old art accont you get to follow if you like! I hope to share all of my art with the lovely people on here