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Your taxes are due in a couple days!. Better make an appointment with accountant Alan Kaufman, just like all the other ”unintelligible rock stars” do. When they aren’t being chased by groupies, these music icons are getting chased by the IRS. Featuring Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Cher, Bono, and more.

April 12, 2014 (two for one day)

It’s almost considered a right of passage for a rapper to “fuck the police.” When I try to do so, however, I am violating the terms discussed in the contract I made when I hired the ‘dancers’ in the first place. Rappers need to check their privilege. 

Also accountants get to handle money all the time. So it should be okay when I try to do so, right? Wrong. Apparently when I do so, it’s 'larceny’. Accountants need to check their privilege.

Stairway 2 Heven

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by PrincessSporks

Sumary: in a world where angles and devils rule over the world… can the humans stand against them??? Or will they sucum to the seductif power of these otherworldly beans???? Find out in….. Stairway 2 Heven (get it? Cuz theres angles) a destial fanfic

i deletted this from my fanficnet accont because there were so many haters there >:( hopefly the people on ao3 can APRECATE a GOOD STORY

Words: 2546, Chapters: 3/3, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Or maybe just a plan.

I want to save money, and keep my cravings in check.

So Friday on (that’s when I get paid) I’m going to try something new. Everytime I really really feel like buying junk, I’m going to deposit 3$ in to my savings accont. 3$ might not be a lot, but imagine feeling the cravings 3-more times a week. And then seeing that little number on my bankaccount go up instead.

I really want to find ways for me to eat clean, make it easier for myself. And I think this might be a good way to do it. Saving money, and working on reducing my cravings.

anonymous asked:

cause you dont like boys

since when i never said that i just talk a lot  about girls alot on this accont since i cant irl 

anonymous asked:

what canon video game urls u got

i have famicomremix some other on anythoer accont that i cant remember

and tekken6bloodlinerebellion

i also have a ton of super mario0 galazy urls >:DD

bubblegumshapedlikepikachu asked:

so this name happened, do u like? It's p stupid tbh but whatever, Idk what to put. the only other thing i have is ZombiesAreEverywhere and i think i have an account with that name??? Idk, i forgot the password.

XDDlove yes that was one off your acconts andXD I love you  and love it heh


I used to be Crowley-2016, but I found out that my ex girlfriends mother was still using her daughters accont to keep tabs on me after a year. So I said fuck that and am biting the bullet and making another account.