I always push things back, avoid them. I try to create a time in my head in which I will ‘deal with it’. I do this to everything I possibly can; bills, running, writing, meditating, dancing, going out, working, college etc. I see now that this is poison, something that will never excel me in what I do. In order to succeed I must face things head on and as soon as I can. Then, I can make the time for plans and life, success and growth and the happiest time I can possibly conceive.

Why Procrastination is Killing Your Dreams- By Amy Kennedy


Many of the greatest achievements in this world were accomplished by the tired and discouraged who kept going. Live, Love, Dream. Make it happen. Don’t give up.

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When I was 14 or 15, I used to make lists in my diary of all the things I wanted to accomplish or crazy dreams that I had in my head. And there have been a lot of things that happened this year that I didn’t even put on the list because I didn’t think they were possible. But if I had a list now of things I haven’t done and would like to do, I think winning a Grammy would be at the top of that list. That would be something I would never forget.
—  Taylor Swift talking about what is left on her list of things to accomplish as of 2009 (x)

Hi, I’m Caleigh!

I am born and raised in Massachusetts, USA. My affinities are anything transportation related - my goal is to cross the country by longboard.

My greatest accomplishments have been my long distance rides. So far, I have skated:

-64 miles to Boston and home
-71 miles to Manchester, CT and back home

The first picture is me taking my two loves, my moped and my longboard, to a very special place. 

The second picture is me in March 2015, in Thompson, CT after skating 50 miles from Massachusetts. I proceeded to skate another 21 miles after that picture, barefoot. It was an attempt to make it to New York, but although I didn’t make it, I learned a lot about how far I can push myself.

The third picture is me. I am myself. I am a feminine woman who enjoys doing what I do, and being the best at it.
How to Get Big Things Done in 2015

2015 should be the year to focus on connecting with purpose and impact rather than just amassing more Twitter followers or racking up more pageviews.  Our digital landscape is already overcrowded and we don’t need to stress ourselves out with another crowd-funding campaign or another video viral.  The next step […]

Power through it

I’m feeling pretty accomplished today. Have been up since 5:30 and hit the ground running… just to remind myself that I am capable because I am also kind of beating myself up a bit for not forcing Lila to go to swim tonight, and instead let her play outside until dark, I’m making a list of all I did today…

  • Made Lila’s breakfast and lunch, and rodeo-clowned her out the door under the usual sarcastic duress. She’s not a morning person. 
  • Dry brined and wrapped the brisket for corned beef for my friend’s St. Patrick’s Day wedding.
  • Dishes.
  • Sharpened the knives I bring to work.
  • Work (5.5 hours non stop running up and down stairs, cooking, prepping, portioning, cleaning, dishes, stocking, sorting, etc… my guacamole was sublime today, and counted as breakfast for me).
  • Hung more artwork.
  • Laundry
  • Tidied up the kitchen and living room. 
  • Wiped down bathroom. 
  • Paid some bills. 
  • Conversed via text with some people I love. 
  • Posted like whoa. 
  • Noodled a poem. 
  • Installed the sliding trash can under sink. 
  • Cleaned garage. 
  • Chopped ice in driveway (not all of it, but enough to be hurting).
  • Dinner.
  • (not doing dishes)
  • Finished market budget (!!!!!!! - I managed to do this when my face was already melting off from the tired, and guys, I caught a bunch of things that weren’t quite right and fixed them and my brain is all tingly and I feel so proud). 
  • Sent budget to market board with my recommendations for the coming season.

It’s 8:30 now and I think I’m going to take a quick, but very hot shower and then climb into bed to watch the first episode of Season 3 House of Cards. Methinks I earned it. Mehopes I can stay awake.