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Do you have any theories about what the hyenas from The Lion King represent from Hamlet?

I’d never really thought about this before. I mean, The Lion King is only a version of Hamlet in the loosest sense, so I’m not sure you can necessarily draw direct equivalent parallels between the characters.

The hyenas are Scar’s cronies, where Claudius has none. At a push you could say Polonius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are his minions because they spy for him. But Polonius (for all his obsequiousness), does believe that Claudius is the legitimate king, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, though they do betray their friend, are also mainly obeying orders from somebody they think is the monarch. Maybe Osric is Ed.

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But joking aside, none of these characters can be classed as accomplices of Claudius’ crime, or anything more than passive supporters of his reign. 

I’ve always thought, actually, that The Lion King is a combination of Hamlet and Richard III. It has the fratricide theme like Hamlet, and it has the ghost of the father returning and doing the whole ‘Remember me/Remember who you are’ thing, but it shows Scar’s plotting and rise to power like Richard III. There’s also the fact that Sarabi (Simba’s mother) doesn’t fall for Scar, and is more like the Queen in Richard III than Gertrudeplus the exchange between Scar and Simba is a lot like the conversation between Richard and his nephews in Act 3, scene 1. The final fight between the hero and antagonist is also a lot more like the battle of Bosworth than the ill-fated duel at the end of Hamlet.

And to get to the important part: Richard, like Scar, has cronies (most notably Buckingham, but also his hired murderers) who he’s happy to throw off once his objective has been achieved. And Scar’s downfall, like Richard’s, comes when he’s abandoned by his friends.

i really like the concept of an ice fighter in overwatch , and thought id give a shot at making one in tf2 ! i havent played overwatch, so uh, i dont exactly have a grasp on what kind of character mei is/ any attacks.

but heres the cryo ! (thats the best name ive got rn, trying to play off of ‘pyro’).

he was an accomplice to medic (hence the similar outfit), and he used to work with him as a sort of mentor, except he actually has a medical license ahahh. at one point the two had conflicting motives to use the australium for. medic wanted to use it to help people, but cryo wanted to harness the power as a weapon, as he found he could use it with liquid nitrogen (*shakes hands mysteriously* cause u know, tf2 universe). this led to them breaking off and continuing their projects alone. the two were hired by mann co, medic first, then they soon learned about cryo through medics records.

he got in an accident when experimenting with the gun and froze his right arm off (definitely not an excuse to give an oc cybernetics.,., cause cybernetics are cool) he reloads his gun with the cell packs on his belt, they slide out and refill through the tubes connected to the liquid nitrogen storage tank on his back. (i’m definitely gonna fix this to actually be accurate,,, and i also havent figured out his attacks yet . may need help with that if anyone has suggestions !!) im still figuring out his design, but im very happy with the way this came out :>

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I feel like i must be the only one not worried about a Bughead breakup by season's end, lol! Idk, it just doesn't make much sense to me narratively, and those bts shots of them looking happy and in love only cement that for me. I have a feeling something bad will happen to Jughead and that's why their relationship is kinda up in the air, either he's badly hurt or abducted or something along those lines. Perhaps the murderer had an accomplice that isn't discovered until the finale (by Jughead)?

i think the likelihood of jughead getting hurt is slim. cheryl is definitely the one who falls through the ice and there’s no way that they’re going to kill her, so she’s the main character whose life hangs in the balance 

i love those candids from the jubilee because they tell us that betty and jughead manage to make it through the hardships and trouble they face in 11 and 12, but it doesn’t guarantee they end the finale happy. it’s just one scene out of a 40 minute episode

but i agree that looking at it specifically from the narratives’ point of view, them breaking up/nearly breaking up doesn’t make sense. they stumble through 10, 11, and 12 to get to a bit of happiness in 13 just to have it yanked away again in the same episode? they’re not tiny scuffles either, they’re facing real problems… clashing personalities, secrets, insecurity, ‘betrayl,’ and solving a murder. it seems like if they can make it through all that, they should be pretty solid for at least the remaining 40 minutes of the season 

i still think betty and jughead are going to be the couple whose fate is up in the air. i just hope that, if they are, it’s because jughead is being forced to move 

tiny!Tony headcanons

Headcanons focusing on the delightful Protective!Winter Soldier and kid!Tony/deaged!Tony dynamic that needs to be written way more often. You’re welcome.

  • tiny!Tony being absolutely fascinated with the metal arm and treating it like his favourite stuffed animal, always cuddling with it when he needs comfort, petting it, talking with it and insisting it gets goodnight kisses. tiny!Tony’s the only one allowed to touch it because he has The Pout and Bucky never stood a chance. (Seeing an adorable, small child showering his arm with love may or may not help Bucky accept the metal arm as something more than a killer tool HYDRA bestowed on him.)
  • tiny!Tony shocking everyone when he twists his attackers’ right hand to get out of their hold. tiny!Tony then promptly turning around and breaking their left one as well, causing Captain America to ask with a disapproving look if that was really necessary. tiny!Tony not being impressed at all because “everyone is ambidextrous until proven otherwise, don’t you know that?”. (The Winter Soldier standing right behind tiny!Tony, puffed up like the world’s proudest mom because that’s his boy.) (Steve pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance because no, Clint, leaving an impressionable Tony with a brainwashed assassin does not count as adult supervision.)
  • A concerned Pepper taking tiny!Tony aside and explaining how it’s important for people’s mental health and development to have friends their own ages. tiny!Tony taking her very seriously while simultaneously missing the point completely and immediately setting up playdates for the Winter Soldier at a local retirement home.
  • tiny!Tony being banned from the coms during Avenger missions (he watches them fight safely from inside the Tower of course) because whenever he becomes excited about a trick one of them performs the Winter Soldier gets jealous and pulls an even more showy/dangerous/impressive/reckless move. Nobody is allowed to be tiny!Tony’s Most Awesome Person Ever except for him.
  • tiny!Tony discovering through a gossip magazine that he and Pepper used to be a thing, plus speculation that they’re secretly planning their runaway wedding. tiny!Tony consequently inviting Pepper over and sitting her down to explain in a very grave voice that she’s really pretty and her high heels are scary and she’s awesome with a nerf gun but he can’t marry her despite all that because married people share everything and he won’t share his Bucky. (On a completely unrelated note Steve finds himself locked out of Bucky’s room and on a more memorable occasion the entire Tower with alarming regularity.
  • The team taking their responsibility of caring for tiny!Tony very seriously, including: Bruce child-proofing and Tony-proofing the kitchen, the living quarters and bedrooms, Natasha reading parenting books and traumatising the SHIELD junior agents while she is at it, Sam buying child (genius) appropriate movies, games and toys and Steve working with Pepper on schemes to keep the public from finding out what’s happened. Meanwhile Tony and his assassin babysitter proceeding to start the Most Epic Very Explosive Possibly Last Ever experiment in Tony’s workshop that everyone just assumed JARVIS would put into lockdown…
  • Steve and Sam taking the Winter Soldier (who still has trouble understanding social norms, cues and interactions) aside to delicately explain that tiny!Tony is not to be treated like adult!Tony and how it’s important to account for this difference at all times. The Winter Soldier signalling his understanding and acceptance of the newly adjusted mission parameters, then proceeding to drag a curious tiny!Tony to the armoury to familiarise himself with any and all weapons he can efficiently use with his current size and weight.
  • The Winter Soldier is on babysitter duty, and he knows - Captain Rogers explained it five times - that it’s important for tiny!Tony to tire himself out before bedtime. The Winter Soldier does the obvious, age appropriate thing: he puts tiny!Tony through the average Red Room trainee routine every evening for a couple of hours. Several weeks go by and suddenly the Avengers have to deal with a tiny!Tony ninja. The team is not impressed.
  • Bucky and tiny!Tony being alone at the Tower when something triggers the Winter Soldier. tiny!Tony being completely unaware, not even noticing the change. tiny!Tony taking everything the Winter Soldier does as a game or a joke. Or maybe he thinks this is another one of those In Case You Get Kidnapped training simulations a certain paranoid Bucky has been known to put him through.

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What gets me about the bears is the level of commitment! Crew members to GUARD them? Blue and Green SPOTLIGHTS?! Shopping, and planning and dressing etc?! Then they started to travel. Remember when they met the drag queens?! Legendary. So many accomplices. I hope it's all in the Larry documentary someday. I'll love to see them sit side by side and laugh as they tell the tales.

THEY HAD A BODYGUARD (not even briani got one but 2 teddy bears? okay!)


rap god youngjae and his accomplice bambam slaying bang bang bang is a great concept, keep it up

Dangan Ronpa Astrology Facts

Notes: NDRV3 Spoilers and the Ultimate Imposter is not counted, since their official birthday is unknown.

- Prior to NDRV3, Makoto Naegi was the only Aquarius character in the series.

-Prior to DRAE, there were no Aries or Scorpio characters in the series. 

-Most of the Mastermind/Mastermind Accomplices in the series have been Capricorns (Junko Enoshima/Ryouko Otonashi in DR1, DR0, SDR2, DRAE (as Junko AI in Kurokuma and Shirokuma) and DR3 Despair. Mukuro Ikusaba in DR1 and DR3 Despair. Hajime Hinata/Izuru Kamukura in SDR2. Kazuo Tengan in DR3 Future)

-Sole Dead: Celestia Ludenburg is the only dead Sagittarius and Gonta Gokuhara is the only dead Aquarius.

-Sole Survivor: On the flip side, Hajime Hinata is the only living Capricorn, Monaca Towa is the only living Aries and Nagisa Shingetsu is the only living Scorpio.

- Monaca has the honor of being the first character introduced in a sign and outliving everyone else of that sign.

-The most common sign in the series is Taurus. Characters Include: Aoi Asahina, Byakuya Togami, Mahiru Koizumi, Nagito Komaeda, Mikan Tsumiki, Chisa Yukizome, Masaru Daimon, Great Gozu and Kirumi Tojo (9 Characters). 

-The second most common sign in the series is ties between Capricorn and Cancer with 8th characters each. (Capricorns: Leon Kuwata, Junko Enoshima/Ryouko Otonashi, Mukuro Ikusaba, Hifumi Yamada, Hajime Hinata/Izuru Kamukura, Kazuo Tengan, Sato and Tenko Chabashira) (Cancers: Sayaka Maizono, Kazuichi Souda, Peko Pekoyama, Akane Owari, Hiroko Hagakure, Jin Kirigiri, Kokichi Ouma and Ryoma Hoshi)

-There has been 1 Libra per new cast. Kyouko Kirigiri in DR1, Sonia Nevermind in SDR2, Koichi Kizakura in DR3 Future, and Amami Rantaro in NDRV3. Out of these four, only the girls have survived.  

-NDRV3 is the first series installment with a new cast to not introduce a Pisces character.