Mafia x Assasin AU 

Aka  i needed to draw more evil/dark/satan’s snake phil here’s the result. 
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  • ARIES: literally doesn't care and just sits on the couch chillin
  • TAURUS: runs to the kitchen and fiercely guards the fridge
  • GEMINI: makes jokes with the killer, then the killer realises gemini is cool and they go out to maccas
  • CANCER: tries to hide but starts crying and gets found
  • LEO: pretends not to be scared but kinda is, still strategically makes it out of the house tho
  • VIRGO: loses their ish but defends themself well
  • LIBRA: attempts to put up a fight but falls down the stairs or trips up over a cat and ends up getting caught
  • SCORPIO: kills the killer
  • SAGITTARIUS: makes small talk with the killer and then ends up becoming the killers accomplice
  • CAPRICORN: is the killer
  • AQUARIUS: screams *make me a sandwich asshole* at the killer
  • PISCES: just stands there frozen, legit just doesnt move

I feel like Killian is going to be the Arthur Weasley kind of dad.

“Morning Swan, morning lads - something the matter, love?”

“Why don’t you ask Henry what he got up to last night?”

“Mom, I told you, I just wanted to see if it’d work. I didn’t want to take the twins along, they snuck aboard when I wasn’t looking—”

“What the bloody hell happened?”

Your kids stole that potion Regina made and took the Jolly Roger to the Enchanted Forest last night. All the way to a certain castle which is home to a certain young lady whose father, let me tell you, is absolutely not very happy about finding his daughter on a pirate ship.”

“Ah, yes, a difficult thing to get used to, or so I’m told… Tell me, lad, how’d it go? Did the potion open a portal or did the ship—”


“… I mean, that was very wrong of you, lads, very wrong indeed.”