My hopes for ks, that are probably totally unrealistic:

  • Sangwoo and Bum never have sex
  • Bum will leave Sangwoo eventually
  • that’s it

I’m probably too “romantic” and delusional, but I’d like to see Bum growing strong enough to abandon Sangwoo. Like Sangwoo obviously tries to groom him not just into a mommy replacement, but also into some kind of accomplice(?). He wants to teach Bum his way of dealing with bullies and people that look down on him. He wants him to understand the satisfaction of killing his tormentors. So I would really like to see that Bum takes his experiences with and “knowledge” from Sangwoo to ultimately use it against him. I’d really enjoy the irony of Sangwoo realizing too late what he has created and that he basically doomed himself. I want the first time that Bum ever really fights back to be when he fights back Sangwoo. But I guess it’s rather impossible because Bum is clearly physically inferior and we know that Sangwoo loves to solve problems with violence or sex.

Happy freedom season for America

We got:

  • A literal fucking empire, let’s elaborate
  • 25% of the world’s prisoners, but only 5% of the world’s population, many of whom are in for nonviolent offenses and paid cents on the hour for their labor
  • Some prisoners getting paid nothing at all for their labor, in instances of literal slavery
  • Drones bombing people halfway around the world on a routine basis
  • An occupation in Afghanistan that’s been going on since fucking 2001
  • An airport security routine that routinely violates privacy rights and is basically authoritarian theatre
  • Poor people paying about 20% in taxes, with real wages unchanged since the 19 fucking 70s, while most of the real income gains have gone to the 1% richest people in our society
  • Income inequality the worst it’s been since the Great Depression
  • Minorities, mentally ill, and/or homeless people getting brutalized and shot routinely by the police
  • No left-wing party worth speaking of, just diet right, classic right, and zero-calorie right (now with 3.27% of the popular vote)
  • About half our food being wasted while people starve
  • The NRA advertising authoritarian, us vs. them rhetoric straight out of old-timey propaganda films
  • A president who is on the record as having endorsed and committed sexual assault, has committed fraud, and isn’t even good at the thing he was supposed to be good at
  • His opponent during the election, who used literal slave labor and has endorsed bombing people halfway around the world on a routine basis, as detailed above
  • Gerrymandering so thick that we’ve got states that aren’t even classified as democracies anymore
  • A mainstream media that acts, unconditionally, as a willing accomplice to the state
  • Our politicians trying to slash programs and agencies whose aims a majority of our population like and want
  • People having to call and beg our politicians to not cut the things that we like and want
  • Our politicians doing fuck nothing that’s any good for anyone except their corporate owners, even though a single party controls the whole government right now
  • A holiday full of drinking and fireworks so we can forget about the fact that we live in a dystopia
Man, I can’t *wait* for the reveal of how the bad guy made himself fly!

This is one of the show’s most-impressive feats, period. How does he do it?

In costume, he hovers a full foot off the ground, bobbing up and down as if he were genuinely levitating.

From a standing position, he can take off and quickly gain (and maintain) momentum.

He can fly steadily for hundreds of yards, not losing a single inch of height.


Getting a good look at his costume, there’s little to be seen. Nothing on his feet, and no indication of wires… though to be fair, he would have nothing to hang from, using said wires outside.

Here, he passes over the sled by mere inches, further discounting any sort of extra objects attached to his feet.

Oh! Oh! They caught him! Here we go!

Lemme try to guess… well, in order for him to:

  1. Hover, standing, a foot above the ground 
  2. Initiate horizontal flight instantly
  3. Fly for several hundred yards or more 
  4. Maintain height indefinitely without descending 

It would have to be… some form of zero-gravity invention, with hyper-precise movement, controlled by telepathy since he doesn’t move externally?

Maybe an invisible, silent, undetectable helicopter flown by an accomplice, suspending him via wires that are also somehow invisible? What is it?!

Velma: “It was simple! Transparent plastic skis!”



This is not ok.





My favorite gender-free nicknames

• cutie
• home slice
• goofball
• sweetheart/dearheart
• accomplice
• pet
• you with the face
• dearest
• love/my love
• captain
• babe
• commodore
• lil bit
• dearie
• sidekick
• datemate
• your highness
• supreme being
• opponent
• old sport
• foolish mortal
• o Smaug, chiefest and greatest of calamities
• insufferable know-it-all
• foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach

tiny!Tony headcanons

Headcanons focusing on the delightful Protective!Winter Soldier and kid!Tony/deaged!Tony dynamic that needs to be written way more often. You’re welcome.

  • tiny!Tony being absolutely fascinated with the metal arm and treating it like his favourite stuffed animal, always cuddling with it when he needs comfort, petting it, talking with it and insisting it gets goodnight kisses. tiny!Tony’s the only one allowed to touch it because he has The Pout and Bucky never stood a chance. (Seeing an adorable, small child showering his arm with love may or may not help Bucky accept the metal arm as something more than a killer tool HYDRA bestowed on him.)
  • tiny!Tony shocking everyone when he twists his attackers’ right hand to get out of their hold. tiny!Tony then promptly turning around and breaking their left one as well, causing Captain America to ask with a disapproving look if that was really necessary. tiny!Tony not being impressed at all because “everyone is ambidextrous until proven otherwise, don’t you know that?”. (The Winter Soldier standing right behind tiny!Tony, puffed up like the world’s proudest mom because that’s his boy.) (Steve pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance because no, Clint, leaving an impressionable Tony with a brainwashed assassin does not count as adult supervision.)
  • A concerned Pepper taking tiny!Tony aside and explaining how it’s important for people’s mental health and development to have friends their own ages. tiny!Tony taking her very seriously while simultaneously missing the point completely and immediately setting up playdates for the Winter Soldier at a local retirement home.
  • tiny!Tony being banned from the coms during Avenger missions (he watches them fight safely from inside the Tower of course) because whenever he becomes excited about a trick one of them performs the Winter Soldier gets jealous and pulls an even more showy/dangerous/impressive/reckless move. Nobody is allowed to be tiny!Tony’s Most Awesome Person Ever except for him.
  • tiny!Tony discovering through a gossip magazine that he and Pepper used to be a thing, plus speculation that they’re secretly planning their runaway wedding. tiny!Tony consequently inviting Pepper over and sitting her down to explain in a very grave voice that she’s really pretty and her high heels are scary and she’s awesome with a nerf gun but he can’t marry her despite all that because married people share everything and he won’t share his Bucky. (On a completely unrelated note Steve finds himself locked out of Bucky’s room and on a more memorable occasion the entire Tower with alarming regularity.
  • The team taking their responsibility of caring for tiny!Tony very seriously, including: Bruce child-proofing and Tony-proofing the kitchen, the living quarters and bedrooms, Natasha reading parenting books and traumatising the SHIELD junior agents while she is at it, Sam buying child (genius) appropriate movies, games and toys and Steve working with Pepper on schemes to keep the public from finding out what’s happened. Meanwhile Tony and his assassin babysitter proceeding to start the Most Epic Very Explosive Possibly Last Ever experiment in Tony’s workshop that everyone just assumed JARVIS would put into lockdown…
  • Steve and Sam taking the Winter Soldier (who still has trouble understanding social norms, cues and interactions) aside to delicately explain that tiny!Tony is not to be treated like adult!Tony and how it’s important to account for this difference at all times. The Winter Soldier signalling his understanding and acceptance of the newly adjusted mission parameters, then proceeding to drag a curious tiny!Tony to the armoury to familiarise himself with any and all weapons he can efficiently use with his current size and weight.
  • The Winter Soldier is on babysitter duty, and he knows - Captain Rogers explained it five times - that it’s important for tiny!Tony to tire himself out before bedtime. The Winter Soldier does the obvious, age appropriate thing: he puts tiny!Tony through the average Red Room trainee routine every evening for a couple of hours. Several weeks go by and suddenly the Avengers have to deal with a tiny!Tony ninja. The team is not impressed.
  • Bucky and tiny!Tony being alone at the Tower when something triggers the Winter Soldier. tiny!Tony being completely unaware, not even noticing the change. tiny!Tony taking everything the Winter Soldier does as a game or a joke. Or maybe he thinks this is another one of those In Case You Get Kidnapped training simulations a certain paranoid Bucky has been known to put him through.

Melania Trump—who is supposedly a spokesperson against cyber bullying—DEFENDED her husband’s misogynistic Twitter tirade that targeted Mika Brzezinski. Please remember that the next time you’re tempted to treat Melania like she’s an innocent hostage of Donald Trump.

Melania and Ivanka are not innocent bystanders to Trump’s dangerous agenda. They’re very active accomplices, who repeatedly cosign or excuse Trump’s behavior. Hold them accountable like any other Trump supporter or cabinet member. Don’t give them a hall pass. Make them own that shit.



I commissioned the lovely @yunyin to sketch a scene from this fanfic and she did a beautiful job! She gave me permission to color it, and I finally finished. 
Original sketch under the cut.

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Donald Trump Jr. revealed an email that shows Trump’s campaign team knowingly met with Russians, specifically because they said they had political dirt to offer on Clinton. This is an impeachable offense and a textbook example of collusion with Russia—if not outright treason.

At the very least, by meeting with Russian foreign nationals to seek favors, Trump has violated federal campaign finance laws. Half of the Trump administration has questionable financial ties to Russia, and the other half is under federal investigation for their ties to Russia.

And please remember: Fox News, the NRA and the Republican Party have all been willing accomplices to treason from day one.

Let’s hurry up with that impeachment. We now have everything we need.

google (which is free btw 10/10 would recommend) defines racism as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”.

when i say i hate white people it isn’t because i think another race is superior, i say i hate white people because all throughout history white people have proclaimed THEMSELVES as the superior race and committed horrendous crimes in the name of white supremacy. i hate you BECAUSE you are racist.

“i’m not racist!! that’s so unfair!!!!”

fuck you. you know what’s unfair?

• the fact that asian people are hardly represented on tv
• constantly having to deal with microaggressions
• the fact that the majority of whites are ignorant of racism and systemic oppression just because it doesn’t affect them
• the genocide and literal whitewashing of native americans and the fact that we still show them no remorse or respect to this day
• black kids having to be taught how to interact with the police
• white people profiting from the generational wealth of their slave-owning ancestors yet refusing to pay reparations to black people because “just go back to africa if you don’t like it here" conveniently forgetting who brought them to america in the first place
• the wage gap (black women are the most educated group in the us but on average for every dollar a white man makes they make 70 cents)
• innocent black people being vilified by the media when they are murdered by the police
• the fact that black people are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites
• etc. etc. etc.

“but but but not all white people”

ofc not literally every single one. i don’t know every single white person. for the last time: i’m talking about white people as a collective. but what’s the point in even asking me this question? you’re only derailing the conversation. at the end of the day there is no reason NOT to care about the well-being of your peers who are quite frankly not thriving as much as they could be because white people have been holding them back at every turn.

“so all white people are evil?”


“then what do you want me to do?

stop. denying. responsibility. realize that we live in a racist society and no matter if you are actively racist or not as long as you are a white person you benefit from that racism. educate yourself by surrounding yourself with poc voices. PAY the poc artists, writers, freelance journalists you choose to follow. listen. be an accomplice. instead of getting angry at me, or anyone else who says they hate white people, look around and realize why we are saying it. your anger is misplaced. it shouldn’t be towards us, it should be towards all the scum that have given you a bad name. it should be towards all the scum that have caused injustice and pain and sorrow to our siblings. the rage you feel, use it to dismantle and destroy white supremacy.
How PLL should've ended

Spencer finds herself locked up in a high tech prison underground and finds that a bloodied Ezra is locked up also, in a separate cell. He starts to tell her that he has to get out and hurry up to get to Aria He pretends to struggle at first but then, he pushes his cell door open with ease. Spencer is equally horrified and baffled.

“Spencer, you were always the smart one. You found out it was me, and you were about to tell Aria. But I can’t let you do that.”

He reveals that he is the real A.D. Assuming a different alias with Aria (unknowingly) being his accomplice. He is obsessed with toying with/torturing young girls - especially Ali. He discovered Aria’s multiple personality disorder early on and decided to use it to get in the girls’ inner circle. He reveals that he has poisoned Aria so that she would be barren. He intends to take the Emison girls as his and Aria’s own, and he is the sperm donor.

As Ezra is speaking, he looks back and finds Spencer’s cell is empty. She lunges a knife from the underground bunker into his back and we see his body fall.

“Deux peuvent garder un secret si l'un d'entre eux est mort… Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

The last scene is the group of girls at an outdoor funeral for Ezra. After the other girls have left, Aria (now a “widow” in black) is crying with both sadness and anger. She hears rustling by a nearby tree. When she looks over, Ezra in a black hoodie puts his finger to his face as if to say “shhhh”. Aria returns this sign, except directly to the camera. Fade to black.

I’m worried about Kevin. He discovered Jason’s body and watched Cliff murder Jason. His friends are constantly ranting and complaining to him. His boyfriend left town because he was an accomplice in covering up a murder. And it’s Riverdale, so Kevin probably gets bullied for being gay.

But through all of this Kevin doesn’t seem to have much of a support system in his friends. I mean, we hardly see him with them. I’m just getting visions of Kevin sitting at home and binge-watching crime shows and then his dad coming through the door and sighing and hanging up his coat because Kevin’s home again. He wants Kevin to have a life and he’s worried that this murder negatively affected his kid significantly. And in addition, he knows that Kevin’s hiding something from him.

Also, I’m pretty sure Kevin lost his mom. And his dad probably tries his best but he’s the Sheriff, how much is he really able to be there for his kid?

Please Riverdale, let my son feel his feelings on screen the same way your straight characters do. Let him be traumatized and maybe sad, dammit.

I bet SMH has noticed that people in-universe talk a lot of shit about Jack Zimmermann and has not exactly taken kindly to this fact. I bet they decide to do something about it. I bet Lardo is their ring leader

What I’m suggesting is that SMH take it upon themselves to dilute all the shitty things people say about Jack with terrible rumours of their own. Like

  • Jack Zimmermann kicks puppies
  • I heard he worships Satan
  • Of course, that’s why he kidnaps babies and sacrifices them
  • Jack Zimmermann supports Gary Bettman
  • Jack posts angry anonymous comments on YouTube
  • He was the accomplice of Ted Cruz, the zodiac killer
  • Jack Zimmermann personally cancelled Firefly

So now when people say shit like ‘I heard he does coke before every game.’ someone else just assumes it’s pat of the joke and adds, ‘yeah, and he’s robbed fifty Burger Kings so far’


All of my favorite pictures I took at con this year! It obviously doesn’t include all of the cosplays I wore but these are the ones I like the most.

Dave/Jane is @thedaveofguy
Jake is @nunquius
Dirk is @cat-accomplice
Trickster Karkat/Karkat/Roxy is me!!

Really enjoyed con and had SOO much fun debuting Trickster Karkat. Might cosplay him to Glitchcon!

/please dont use this pictures without credit, please don’t remove the caption


Chapter 3

Buildings had started burning down around the city.

It wasn’t unheard of for structures to catch on fire, especially in the older, poorer parts of the city that hadn’t had their electrical systems updated in decades. They were lucky that there hadn’t been any casualties so far, but Jim didn’t trust that luck to hold. And after three buildings burnt down in under two weeks, even their passive commissioner couldn’t ignore it anymore.

After all, it was hardly in the best interests of the mob if their buildings started going up in flames.

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