It’s black history month

And while that’s fine and cool, it also means the unusually racist entity collectively known as “Black tumblr” will be at full power for the next 28 days.

Feel free to enjoy BHM, make informative post about black achievements and stuff, but please don’t be a shitmonk about it. Shitmonkery will be met with hostility accompanied by images and gifs of derision, such as


A/N: Who ordered fan fic based off of my personal experiences! No one, but too bad! This is really gonna be focusing so much more on Dipper and Ford than Stan and Jimmy in this part, but after this, things are gonna get intense. And more JimStan. @pinesinthewoods @aspiring-procrastinator @peekabooitsmiko @logicalbookthief @taccoman @fan-art-ic @demo-ness

Ford placed the helmet that was connected to the thought encrypting machine atop of Dipper’s head.

“This way is safer than the metal plate and will have the same function.”

Ford looked at the screen, and Dipper turned his head so he could see what Ford was seeing.

A myriad of thoughts moved across the screen, occasionally accompanied by an image.

I hope Mabel gets the unicorn hair, I don’t want Jimmy here, I don’t want him to hurt Grunkle Stan, an image of Stan’s black eye from earlier in the summer, Grunkle Stan putting his hand over it to try to hide it, the light from inside making it a little difficult to see, my stomach’s really bothering me, I’m starving, but I don’t want to puke, what would Great-Uncle Ford think?, I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t, he doesn’t have to know.

Dipper ducked his head. Ford turned to look at him.


“It’s nothing,” Dipper said, the screen becoming a series of Don’t Think About It Don’t Think About It Don’t Think About It in a desperate attempt to keep it a secret. 

Ford watched the screen, eyebrows furrowing.

“Don’t think about what?” It had to be about why the boy was vomiting, right? Though he supposed it could have something to do with Jimmy…. Ford had watched the image of his brother pass by, his own stomach twisting a bit. He couldn’t imagine what that must’ve felt like from a child’s perspective. As horrible as it felt to be an adult, it must’ve felt even worse for someone as young as Dipper. It was easier to ask about the vomiting than about Stan or Jimmy.

The moment Ford asked, the answer went across the screen.

Eating disability, autism, eating disability, autism, disabled disabled disabled,

“That’s not fair,” Dipper said, his voice taking on a bit of a whine.

Ford raised an eyebrow. He had literally never heard of an eating disability. Or this … autism.

“Eating disability? Like, anorexia?”

The screen’s words turned into a giant red NO. Dipper then took the helmet off and sat it on his lap.

“N-no, not - not anorexia. That’s an eating disorder.”

“And … the difference is … ?”

“It’s not in my head, it’s -” Dipper started, then took a deep breath. He was trying to find the right words, and Ford waited. Dipper mumbled it really badly, so Ford had to strain to hear it. “Mom and Dad don’t like talking about it, but I was born with the umbilical chord around my neck and I was really blue, and because of that I can’t eat most stuff.”

“Oh.” Ford said.

“Anorexia is when you’re convinced you’re fat or something like that,” Dipper said, hugging the helmet to his chest. He hadn’t wanted to have this conversation, wasn’t ready for this conversation.

Great-Uncle Ford wasn’t saying anything, and the silence felt like it dragged on forever.

Ford just really didn’t know how to respond to that. What could he say to that?

“And … what’s the other thing?”

“Autism. It, ah, was first researched and given a name by Hans Asperger and Leo Kanner? In the ‘40s?”

“Um…. That … that might have been outside of my realm of studies.” 

“Right. Well, it’s - it’s a developmental … disability…. The doctors aren’t sure if I had it before or after the, ah, the y’know, but Grunkle Stan actually had a lot of stories that helped the psychologist make a decision.”

While Dipper and Mabel had not spent much time with Stan outside of this summer, they had met him a few other times before. Dipper and Mabel knew Stan had been there when they were born (and he was the only one who could talk about Dipper’s birth details without looking too sad about it), and their parents had convinced him to visit when Dipper was getting his autism diagnosis.

“Oh!” Ford said, clarity sparking in his eyes. “Wait, you’re retarded? But you’ve been acting so normal.”

Dipper stared at Ford with wide eyes, slack-jawed. Ford realized after Dipper made the face that he must’ve said something wrong.

“Dipper? If - if I said something I shouldn’t have, I apologize. I don’t know what people do or don’t say anymore.” 

Ford watched as his apology registered in Dipper’s brain. Part of him wished the helmet was still on his head so he could know what was going through Dipper’s mind. And how it was even possible for someone as young as Dipper to look so ashamed of themselves despite not doing anything wrong.

Dipper looked away from Ford as he tried to get his bearings, and Ford waited.

“P-people still use the R-word, but only - only if they’re being mean or ignorant on purpose.”

“I see. I think I understand. I truly am sorry about that, Dipper.”

“… Great-Uncle Ford, would it be possible if you … didn’t look at what I was thinking when I put this back on?”

“Of course it would be. I have some things to work on that’ll keep my attention. I’ll work on it over here while it does its thing, and I won’t read your thoughts.”

Dipper slipped the helmet back on. Ford moved to a desk that was in the room and got comfortable.

For the most part, Ford kept his promise, but occasionally he glanced at the screen.

He immediately looked away when he noticed it was just a series of repeats of the word “retarded” and the occasional I hate it when this happens, this’ll be stuck in my head for hours, when’s Mabel coming home.

The encryption took a very long time. Eventually, Ford fell asleep.

The outside of a dog: best medication for the inside of a veteran.

Atlas the Wonder Dog and his veteran, Kenny, founder of The Battle Buddy Foundation. (Image and accompanying text courtesy of TBBF on Facebook.)

For veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress and other combat related injuries, a specially trained service dog can be a life changing companion and best friend.

With an average of 22 veteran suicides daily, there has never been a greater need for support of our veterans – and Battle Buddy service dogs, can save our veteran’s lives.

Many veterans are seeing the benefits of how a service dog could better mitigate their symptoms, as opposed to relying on debilitating medications, and are reaching out for help.

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-after what seemed like an eternity over at the punch bowl with some fat-cat business owner, rosie had finally managed to escape out to the side of the room toward the window and found small entertainment in one of the tassels of the long draped curtains while she awaited one of her friends to show up and provide at least a half-decent conversation which didn’t involve stakes and shareholders. taking a sip from her drink, her eyes dart around the room in hopes of clocking a more familiar face, but none appear between the throng of billionaires and businessmen alike. why were they even at the rockafella charity ball? the rockafellas weren’t even charitable people? rosie was certain she’d seen damien kick a homeless guy once and the image had accompanied the building resentment nicely.. but he was equally as present as anyone else that she could name-


Sinulog 2016’s Fluvial Parade - The fluvial parade is a mainstay event of Cebu’s yearly Sinulog celebration.

Every year, people show their courage through braving the turbulent waters of Mactan to accompany the miraculous image of Sto. Niño. It’s voyage starts with the little Jesus visiting its foster father, St. Joseph in Mactan and ends at the Cebu City’s Basilica Minore de Sto. Niño where a celebration of the holy mass awaits him.

The Sinulog festivities is deemed to be incomplete without this religious custom done every year.


ACT project #1 - About Athens

In this project we were told to sequence and contextualize 5 examples of our past works by adding text.

As soon as I heard about this project, I decided to sequence my pictures in a form of a diaporama. Diaporama is an audo-visual presentation of the images accompanied with sound. It is personally one of my favorite media and I always want to make more and more of them so I used this opportunity to do so.
Because 5 pictures is not a lot, I had the choice of either making the diaporama very slow or very dynamic. The dilemma was resolved by my decision to add only a word per picture – so it creates a 5 word dynamic story. With that in mind I looked through my past work and decided to use the landscapes I took when I still lived in Athens. Even thought I grew up in Poland, I’ve lived in Greece for a while and recently I’m catching myself feeling a bit homesick for the atmosphere of that city. It’s quite funny because when I first moved in there I really didn’t like it and although the things have changed over time I was still happy to move out. Maybe its the Scottish never-ending-rain, the vitamin D deficiency or the fact that my family still lives there? Despite all that I still think that my homesickness for a place I don’t even consider home is quite illogical. I know that when I’ll come back to Greece during summer I’ll end up sunburnt and complaining about how I can only understand every 10th word people say around me.
I cut the long story short to the simple “You’re not mine to miss” which I feel expresses everything quite accurately.


I have been looking at journals  on surrounding world events. I noticed that not all of them are negative. I think this is because of the text that accompanies the images. reading the text on these two examples, they aren’t negative. the imagery on the bottom example is negative but the text talks about how blue the sky was. unrelated to the gloom ridden event in hand.  



What does Home mean to you?

The two photographs above are taken from a series titled Home. In this series I explored the idea of Home and what Home is to me.

For my next project I would like to collaborate with others to gain a deeper perspective on the idea of Home for me and others.

If you are interested in helping out with this project then I would like you to sum up what Home is to you in a photograph and send it to me. I will be collecting these images for the next 4 weeks (until Sunday 28th Feb 2016).  This can be as literal or symbolic as you would like and as personal or anonymous as you would like. After these 4 weeks any images sent in will be included in my project for University and presented in my project towards a final grade, any help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like your name to accompany the image in the final presentation of the project then include it in the submission of your image, also feel free to include any text or anything you would like people to know about the photograph alongside the image.

If you would rather not respond to this publicly however would still like to participate then email your images to



Drake and Rihanna reunite on new single 'Work'

Their relationship status may still be in question, but Drake and Rihanna are one of the music industry’s most powerful pairs. Well aware of the magic they make when they team up professionally, the “Take Care” singers have released a new song called “Work.”

Rihanna, 27, took to Twitter to announce that the first single off her latest album features the 29-year-old Canadian. The image accompanying the tweet is likely a shot from the song’s music video, which Vulture reports was filmed earlier this month.

FIRST SINGLE #WORK ft. @Drake from #ANTI is here!! Listen up –>

— Rihanna (@rihanna) January 27, 2016

“FIRST SINGLE #WORK ft. @Drake from #ANTI is here!! Listen up” Rihanna said in her announcement. It was wildly rumoured that the two were preparing to launch a new song together and snippets of the reggae-pop track even began to appear online three weeks ago, reports Hot New Hip Hop.

Read More: The Weeknd among nominees for 2016 Grammy Awards

This is the third time the superstars have collaborated on a single, with previous tunes “Take Care” and “What’s My Name” topping the charts. Because of their working relationship, many have suspected that they date, although such suggestions have never been confirmed.

Today’s news is particularly exciting because Rihanna’s last album was released in 2012. She debuted several stand-alone songs in 2015 – “American Oxygen” and “Bitch Better Have My Money” among them – but many fans have been itching for more music from the Barbadian beauty.

Drake’s most recent album hit streaming services in 2015. The breakout single “Hotline Bling” was attached to a popular music video that garnered dozens of memes. It also earned him five Grammy nominations, including best rap performance and best rap album.

Sarah Kelsey is a gal in the know who regularly appears on television and writes for a variety of outlets. Check out her work at, on Twitter @sarahkelsey, Instagram @sakelsey and Pinterest @sakelsey.

Nickelback and the Nature of Bad Music

Ever since I announced I would be doing a show on “bad music,” I was asked if I was going to do a show about Nickelback. For those of you not versed on so called “internet culture,” Nickelback is probably the most despised band on earth. And really, that’s what most people know about the band. The joke was started by a comedian and spread in the late 2000s, right when internet memes were getting popular. 

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, memes were all about extremes, and these extremes became characters. Chuck Norris was tough, and then became tougher, and then became the embodiment of masculinity. The penguin was deemed an awkward animal, and then the most awkward animal, and then the “Socially Awkward Penguin” became an image accompanying all awkward stories. And even though a lot of people hated Linkin Park and Coldplay, Nickelback became the worst band. Even though this initial hatred has fizzled somewhat, it was revived recently by another meme, called “Nickelstats,” which showed an edited clip from a music video of singer Chad Kroeger holding up a chart, and changing the line “take a look at this photograph” to just “take a look at this graph.”

(Pictured: a video you probably shouldn’t watch all the way through)

But unlike the internet’s hatred for Twilight, or even 50 Shades of Grey, the Nickelback hatred seems even less based on the actual music, but more just reiterating an old “hive mind” idea. Despite having many hit songs, I think it would be hard for many people to actually name a Nickelback song, except for maybe “Photograph” or “Rock Star.” In fact, “Nickelstats,” Chad Kroeger’s hair, and their reputation for bad music is probably much more known (at least, to my generation) than any song the band has actually done. So, I’ll start with one of their songs. 

The thing is, this really isn’t that bad. Or more, we have to define what bad is. There aren’t any wrong notes, nothing seems to be performed incorrectly, none of the lines seem too terrible. Some people might take offence at Chad Kroeger’s voice, but that’s really just the style of 2000s poppy post-grunge, and even in that world, he articulates pretty well and it’s really not that unpleasant. There are big hooks, it’s fairly fun, and it’s really just, non-offensive. And this is mainstream, radio, rock. Why would people feel insulted that a band like this would exist?

Of course, there have always been hated pop stars, but growing up for me, the biggest one was always Justin Bieber. Again, this was in the “age of memes,” where everything was taken to 11 in intensity, but it was surprising how angry people were at Justin Bieber. There are a few current statements that Bieber has made in the last few years that would make it understandable for someone to hate him as a person, but his music has never really been  that terrible. A lot of the early hate came from his appearance, including the many jokes that he was “secretly a girl,” which seemed to come from a combination of homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. But especially in his first few songs, like “Baby,” the lyrics and composition were pretty cheesy, but really he was a decent singer. Because how could Justin Bieber be bad? He was a pop star, he was a marketable star, an image created to sell records.

It just was, boring.

That’s when I realized that all music is either bad, or boring. By which I mean, you’re either going to run the risk of alienating people by sounding too out there, or having people think you’re unoriginal. And neither of those are negative things! I would say Jay Z is a very boring rapper; he’s probably one of the best rappers of all time, and although he didn’t do too many NEW things, he’s outstanding at what he does. Kanye West would be a “bad” rapper. For a mainstream rapper, many of his albums go off into strange directions, and something like 808s and Heartbreak has almost unlistenable songs, but has been extremely influential to current music. Rubber Soul is boring, Sgt. Pepper’s is bad. Simon is bad, Garfunkel is boring.

(Pictured: strangely enough, probably a “boring” record)

So why is Nickelback, who definitely are a “boring band,” seen as the worst band, over something more experimental? Sure, it’s middle of the road rock music, but is it really worse than truly bad art. Like, we’ve all seen bad, performance art. The type that’s like, someone who takes a bunch of garbage and covers it with gold and says it’s a statement on modern capitalism. That exists in music as well. Certain noise bands can have extremely harsh tones, minimalist music can take the same patterns and repeat them for hours and hours, ambient music can fill entire tracks with just a few notes, lo fi bands can release 40 second songs recorded on their iphones, but Nickelback, just sounds boring? Let’s take another listen to them. This is “Far Away.”

Even though this is more of a ballad, you can probably see a lot of similarity between these two Nickelback songs. Which is kinda the point: a lot of their songs sound like this. And to extend this: a lot of 2000s rock radio songs sound like this. I could definitely see this song, maybe if used in a movie, or if I associated this song with a good memory. It has the potential to be meaningful. But Nickelback are going to be hated more than, say, noise artist Pharmakon, because many more people hear Nickelback than Pharmakon. For the most part, “bad” bands exist in their own bad world, and “boring” bands live in the boring world we all inhabit. And even some of the “worst” bands get their a following of their own. To demonstrate:

The Shaggs were a girl group formed by four sisters in the late 1960s, although as the story goes, they were more formed by the girls’ father, who was told in a palm reading session that his children would become famous musicians. Their only real album was largely ignored at the time of its release, and panned by the few that listened to it, but was later revived in the late 70s in part by Frank Zappa, who reportedly said he felt they were “better than the beatles.” The argument is usually stated as something like this: the music is so out there and different from anything commonly heard in music, that songs like Philosophy of the world much more closely resemble the experimental music, free jazz, or contemporary classical works than the pop music they were reportedly meant to be. It’s unclear how intentional this was on the part of the shaggs, but this song (and many much weirder songs on the album) continue to be studied and appreciated, perhaps more for their bizarre nature than musical skill, but respected nevertheless, and in way that Nickelback probably will never be.

Part of it is just the realization that a song fits in a world it was not intended for. This next song I’m going to play is Farrah Abraham’s “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom.” Abraham is most famous for being a reality TV star on Teen Mom, after which she released her first book, titled “My Teenage Dream Ended.” This book was accompanied by an album with the same name, which was so quickly and sloppily produced that was immediately panned by critics, before it received some attention for just being so unusual. If you think of this song as just a strange Crystal Castles song, or perhaps some strange variant on FKA Twigs, it almost makes sense.

Undoubtedly, a large part of the appeal of music like this is the lack of intention it has. If Farrah Abraham or the Shaggs had set out to create an intentionally bad song, it would be seen as perhaps some social commentary on what pop music is like, but probably not seriously analyzed. There’s a lot of “bad” songs that get their own audience, or even cult following, because of humourous qualities of the music. I’m not going to play Rebecca Black’s Friday, but it’s a good example of this. A lot of outsider music, as songs like these are usually defined, is praised for being authentic, and the discovery that the music was “fake,” or intentionally written that way, would ruin the integrity of the music for a lot of people. These music is seen as not even music, but an artifact left behind by a creator so bizarre that a piece like “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom” or “Philosophy of The World” is seen a normal creative statement. In some ways, more praise is given to the critic that declare “THIS HERE IS ART” than the actual musicians! Which is some ways, may not be that inaccurate, it’s unlikely that Farrah Abraham stated that she was listening to a lot of Aphex Twin and wanted to try to recreate that sound. It’s more likely that “My Teenage Dream Ended” is just a very bad album. But do we trust whatever critics tell us? An album like Green Day’s American Idiot was praised for representing the cultural zeitgeist of post 9/11 America. Would the album change if Green Day revealed it was simply about an American they knew, who was an idiot? Of course not. But perhaps the illumination that critics can bring to bad music like the Shaggs can bring us to music that sounds.. musical. It seems that the shaggs didn’t even want to be a band, and were all very young and untrained, so all evidence points to the sound of Philosophy of the world being simply a mess that people like to look at, rather than an intentional piece of art rock. But perhaps they all were experimental prodigies. We’ll never really know.

But if you talk to fans of “low art” like this, the response is usually the same. The people who like bands like The Shaggs, most of the time just like the Shaggs, and don’t really think about why they like it. Take a look at the Rocky Horror Picture Show fandom. It’s a bad movie, and all the traditions and call backs don’t make it a better movie, they just make it fun. And sometimes intellectualizing “low art” music can make it more fun.

Now, let’s go back to Nickelback. They can be “boring,” but can they truly be “bad”? 

My answer to that is yes, and no. A song like “Rock Star” is bad, but I don’t think it can truly reach the status of a band like the Shaggs because of how obviously intentional it is. We know the market for a song like this. We know a beer commercial that would want to license this song. It might be terrible, but it’s terrible in a way that makes too much sense.

It’s easy to justify bad music. People started liking Kesha after they found out she had near perfect SAT scores. People started liking Rebecca Black after they found out she was willing to make fun of her own music. But it’s hard to justify boring music. So here’s my attempt: you probably like nickelback more than you think. Not because you like the band, but you like music. You like hooks, you like classic chord progressions, you like fun. You like things that are solid, steady, and accurate and nickelback will give you that.

Out of all the bands and genres I’ll be talking about, Nickelback is the one I’m pushing for you to listen to the least. They’re a boring band, although I will give them credit for some extremely high concept music videos, including one where a number over people’s heads show exactly how long they have to live, or one with Jason Alexander as a down on his luck barista.  But sometimes you don’t have to listen to weird music. Sometimes boring, and reliable, is okay.

Fat Poo Jokes About Poo 2 (Enhanced Edition)
Peter Crumpton
Genre: Humor
Price: $2.99
Publish Date: March 9, 2015

The long awaited sequel to everyones favorite fart companion “Fat Poo Jokes About Poo!” “Fat Poo Jokes About Poo 2” will make you laugh out loud, with accompanying images that will also make you poop your own pants in delightful laughter!   With added interactive Push and Play FART Sounds!!!  Berrrrrrrrfffffff!


Tube2Gram’s great for making YouTube #vids Instagram-ready!

When I started sharing my favourite #songs, I found it an incredibly uphill task to find appropriate accompanying images.

Then I saw @nattyliketoshare’s Amei video post and inspiration struck; people can have 15-second tasters through these cropped MVs and I can have more variety in my account too!

Googling led me to, and I’m amazed at how idiot proof and fuss-free it is.

Shall post up some videos real soon!

3 Feb 16


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I ask if their humor would be as effective if they weren’t a duo and am treated to this: “Can you imagine, Eric, talking to a man who is at a party and you’re with your wife and the man says, ‘So are you and your wife getting a divorce?’ It’s impolite.”


A question about how their unconventional work has prospered for so long ends with Wareheim asking about what image will accompany this article. Heidecker gives succinct “no” responses to questions about Tom Goes to the Mayor and the Steve Brule spin-off. Eventually, Wareheim hangs up unexpectedly, and after confirming that his partner has left, Heidecker exits without a goodbye, too.


Her image accompanied me even in the places most hostile to romance.

But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires.

I wished to annihilate the tedious intervening days. I chafed against the work of school. At night in my bedroom and by day in the classroom her image came between me and the page I strove to read.

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