• Accolon:Milady.
  • Morgan:My dear. How are you this morning?
  • Accolon:A bit disconcerted, actually. Last night King Arthur, your husband and I were out hunting too late and found a boat that was home to twelve maidens. We spent the night in the cabins, yet this morning I find myself alone beside a well.
  • Morgan:Really?
  • Accolon:Indeed. Would I be amiss to suspect this has something to do with punishing your brother?
  • Morgan:Not just a pretty face are you, dear?
  • Accolon:I swore to do whatever you ask. I only pray that it won't dishonor me.
  • Morgan:What, more dishonorable than sleeping with your liege-lord's wife?
  • Accolon:What are my orders?