wow! it’s been about a full year since i started working. crazy how time flies! the job has had its ups and downs–mostly ups, because it’s been incredibly fulfilling, and i can’t tell you how grateful i am to meet so many talented people in this industry! obviously, the most important difference is that i can tell people I’m working on an upcoming Spiderman show. 

anyways…i thought i’d share a little comparison between my drawings within the year span. oh boy. there’s so much more i have to learn…but if there is one thing i am proud of is that i never really stop nervously trying, regardless of how little i know! 

and yes. that is a cloud/tifa panel, hahahhaahaha 

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name: dallon
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star sign: sagittarius
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hogwarts house: slytherin accoding to the pottermore quiz
favorite color(s): tardis blue and dark purple
favorite animal(s): cAPYBARA
average hours of sleep: 8 or nine hours?
cat or dog person: boTH YOU CANT MAKE ME CHOOSE
favorite fictional character(s): Dirk Gently (dghda) yuri plisetsky (yoi)
number of blankets is sleep with: 1 or 2
favorite band/singer: p!atd
dream trip: londonnnnn
dream job: so hard to say
when was this blog created: june?
current number of followers: 713
when did your blog reach its peak: what
what made you decide to make a tumblr: no idea??

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Galra Keith Theory

Okay so I’ve seen many theories about Galra Keith. Some say he knew all along, some say he never knew and he is just as surprised as the others when they do find out.

For the people who think he’s known all along and is hiding it from the team out of fear think he has control over the transformation. The people who don’t think the transformation will happen randomly, maybe slowly or all at once. They think his Galra genes will just show up out of nowhere because they are in space and whatnot.

Personally I love both theories but I’ve got my own.

First off, I think Keith honestly never knew he was of Galra descent. And I think everyone will find out by accodent, including Keith himself.

I believe it will have something to do with quintessence.

Remember when some got on his injured hand and it healed like nothing? I believe that instance awakened his recessive Galra genes.

Now I don’t believe he’ll start to transform into a Galra because of this, slowly or not. But I do believe it heightens his Galra instincts, his senses become more sensitive. He thinks it’s because of all his training and maybe something to do with the Lions. But he doesn’t suspect he’s Galra.

I imagine when things cool down and they are all reunited Keith tells Allura about the quintessence because he thinks it’ll make healing more efficient and faster than the pods. Or maybe he thinks it’d be a good idea to use them in the pods.

Allura of course thinks it’d be wise to use or at least test, but is skeptical about the retrieval of it.

But from some prodding from Coran and Shiro (I believe he’ll be back, I can’t have space daddy die, I just can’t) she agrees to do an infiltration mission. But she makes it clear that she wants this to be an in and out mission.

Of course the mission goes wrong to some extent. Hunk and Lance manage to aquire a couple tubes of quintessence just fine, but Shiro, Pidge, and Keith hit a snag when guards catch them and also that weird creature that Keith faced before. They of course, fight. But somethings wrong.

They all seem to be targeting Keith. Shiro notices and does his best to hold them back, he tells Pidge and Keith to hurry back to their Lions. They try. God do they try.

But one of the guards pushes one of the bigger containers of quintessence towards Keith and Pidge. Keith pushes Pidge out of the way. The glass breaks upon impact, it sticks into the vulnerable parts of his suit and his face.

Pidge is freaking out telling Shiro they need to get Keith out now! Shiro agrees and they make a break for their Lions. Shiro scoops Keith into his arms and carried him into the black lion and picks up red in the black lion’s mouth and they’re off. Shiro is worried because he hears Keith whimpering and panting.

They get to the castle safely and are about to bring Keith to the medical bay when Keith notices his skin is tingling. And then it feels like it’s burning. He can feel the glass being pushed out of his body piece by piece, and he can feel the wounds healing. But there’s the tingling and the burning that makes him scream. Shiro nearly drops him, he does drop him when Keith’s body convulses.

Keith is screaming and whimpering and asking what is going on? What is wrong with him because he feels something happening.

His whole team is panicking wondering what the hell is happening. Allura and Coran are just as worried.

And then they see it happening. He’s turning purple, he’s getting fur, his ears are elongating and fluffing, and his eyes, once violet are now golden everywhere. No trace of violet. No trace of white. But then he’s changing from human to Galra to human to Galra over and over.

He whispers, “make it stop.” Before he passes out.

And everyone is just speechless.

On a side note I think Zarkon is using the quintessence to make himself live longer.

But yeah, he’s my theory XD

Prediction about Amethyst´s Arc

When SU comes back and we finally get to Amethyst´s arc, how do you think crewniverse will play it? I´ve been thinking about this last night and…

 I saw a theory that there might be another Amethyst, but..i dont think thats the case (even throught us seeing another Amethyst would SURELY be intense and interesting). I actually have feeling that creators  are “pushing” Ame towards something..terrible.

What do i mean by “terrible” :

In Too Far, Amethyst asked Peridot to technically INSULT her family                 (i mean…sure, Amethyst loves jokes, but that was overboard even for her) and then when Peridot talked about her, calling her strong and the only real gem and that she outranks other Crystal Gems (well, THEN she calls her defective but…) have you seen Amethyst´s expression?

 For me, she looks so..ok, shes happy to see that someone praises her like that and i understand why, but at same time…it feels scary. Is it just because she craves for attention or bacause she believes that she SHOULD be in charge? Its kinda dark expression…

And another important point: in extended intro, Amethyst sings:

I will fight for the world I was made in, The Earth is everything I’ve ever known.

And this raises a question: If Amethyst gets a reason to fight for something else, what will she choose?

So, by “terrible” i mean this:

What if Amethyst´s character grows darker.

What if she somehow clashes with other Crystal Gems and in heat of rage, she would say that SHE should be in charge since she is ABOVE THEM accoding to Gem´s caste system.

And if homeworld ever asks her to betray Crystal gems…what will she decide to do?

Guys, i love Amethyst, i really do but…


Cactus flower
  • In the lab. Molly is working on a paper, and Sherlock enters, a little paper bag in his hands.
  • Molly: Oh, Sherlock! I wasn't expecting you here today...Greg didn't send anything for you, I'm sorry...
  • Sherlock: I'm not on a case, indeed.
  • Molly: why are you here? Need any help with some experiment?
  • Sherlock: No, thanks.
  • Molly: (a bit dejected) Well, I will shut up and leave you at your experiment, then.
  • Sherlock: I- Well, I...(huffs and storms away, leaving Molly utterly perplexed).
  • Ten seconds later, Sherlock comes back.
  • Sherlock: According to custom, couples usually exchange gifts during the Valentine's day.
  • Molly: (eyes him suspiciously) Yes, it's a tradition.
  • Sherlock: John says that the gift could be something like confectionery. Or roses. Or jewels.
  • Molly: He's right, these are the most popular Valentine's gifts.
  • Sherlock: You're on diet. And you're allergic to roses. And you don't like wearing jewels.
  • Molly: Sherlock, I don't understand the sense of this conversation...
  • Sherlock: (interrupts her by giving her the paper bag) I- I've brought you something.
  • Molly: (opens it, and takes out a little plant) It's a cactus.
  • Sherlock: A Rebutia Muscula, to be precise.
  • Molly: Thanks...I suppose? Sherlock, if it is some kind of joke, or one of your strange social experiment...
  • Sherlock: What? No! It's a present, for you.
  • Molly: A present...for me. On the Valentine's day.
  • Sherlock: Yes. My father told me that this kind of plant is quite easy to grow, and during the spring it produces vibrantly coloured flowers. It may not look as beautiful as a bunch of tulips, or smell as sweet as the roses; and I know that it may seem a bit harsh, and abrasive, and princkly...
  • Molly: Are we still talking about the plant?
  • Sherlock: (smirks) Yes, of course...
  • Molly: I don't know what to say...And I don't have anything to give you in return, I'm sorry...
  • Sherlock: You've already given me a lot, Molly. (He comes nearer). But I think I could think of something I would like, right now ...(He leans over and kisses her).
  • Molly: (blushing) Ok, now I really don't know what to say...
  • Sherlock: Then don't say anything. Happy Valentine's day, Molly Hooper.
  • Molly: Happy Valentine's day, Sherlock Holmes.

tmnt 2k3 Sketchbook doodle

I’m finally able to upload this, since I was since friday all the time on tour to get stuff done. The original-colors were accoding to the colors of the bandanas, but since my scanner didn’t really reproduce it the way it should is it now all black and white.
Note to Raphs dialogue:
Raph: “Lets kick some butt!”
Don: “You should eat up first.”
Raph: “I can do both at the same time!”


The first day of winter




It’s the first day of winter accoding to the lunar calendar.
Please be careful not to catch a cold !

The Spriggan 12

Counting the number of heads…I surprisingly found only 10!!!!!! 

Unless…Look at Wahl’s machine…do you see that tiny animal or dog like thingy on his shoulder??????

That reminds me of…

And remember how he actually came to Zeref?!?

Is Obra actually part of the Spriggan 12 but was hiding out in RavenTail to find more info of Lumen Historie!!!!!!

Accoding to Laxus’s flash back, Makarov “knows” that Ivan didn’t leak the info to anyone…supposingly.

What if Obra was a spy!!! For Zeref!!!

Tbh…I feel like I didn’t explain really well. Any comments???

Memory-loss!au: In which Bard wakes up in a hospital room after long months in a comma and doesn’t remember anything from the past five years but there’s this handsome blond stranger sitting by his bed with dark bags under his eyes and he looks so happy to see him awake and he just smiled and cries and hold his hand real tight telling him he’s his husband, tho he didn’t remember marrying or even knowing someone like him.

And then his children are called in and they’re beyond happy, as Bard is to see them now that he’s been told that he was in a car accident and almost lost his life. And wasn’t Tilda a lot smaller?