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Part 8 - Enter Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Transaction Journal - MYOB Premier Accounting

Reviews MYOB Premier Accounting: Part 8 - Enter Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Transaction Journal.

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Comic by tratserenoyreve, who is awesome and makes awesome stuff; you should check them out. They’ve also had to deal with a lot a crap they don’t deserve, so I decided to do something for their OCs to maybe cheer them up a little? I hope this is sufficient! Credits under the cut if you’re interested.

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August 2009 Newsletter: What’s new with BillQuick 2009?

Message from Doris: What’s new with BillQuick 2009?

DMC values and works with a balanced set of software companies in delivering consulting solutions to the A&E community. One of those relationships is with BQE, the makers of BillQuick. We choose vendors based on the software’s ability to solve for project accounting and do so at the value point the client is asking for. It is hard to ignore small business packages such as QuickBooks and MYOB, which have a large and happy client base. That is why we also service those software. Despite happy customers, in my opinion, neither small business solutions effectively solve for the project costing/invoicing needs of the A&E industry. BillQuick offers a scalable and affordable solution for those who love or wish to return to a smaller but robust software.

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December 2010 Newsletter: DMC Hits the Road


This past October a micro gang from DMC hit the road for Toronto, where Acclivity (formerly MYOB) 15th Annual Partner Conference was held. A standing room only event, our staff learned about new software features and networked with other consulting firms from Canada, UK and the Netherlands.

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