I didnt do this yesterday or the say before, i just wasnt in the right head space. And i thought i would get this in now, before i hit that dreaded post limit. I can feel it coming..
But i do want to thank all my new followers, because you guys are honestly brilliant. 

So, i wanted to thank my amazing new followers;

Thanks guys so very much for following me (even if i dont know how you find me. i never tag anything.) Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it!!

sexyy-and-you-knoww-it asked:

1, 2, 3, 4, 14, 17, 21, 29. those are my favorite numbers, i didnt read the questions, loooooolllllllllll

1. Who’s your favourite member and why?

-Zayn. he is flawless. 
2. Have you ever cried over the boys?

sometimes i cry because i know they will never love me back.omg. lol jk. 
3. Have you ever met the boys?

no but omg, can I pls

4. What’s your favourite song from the album?

um, omg Taken, and Stole My Heart

14. What’s your favourite thing about Zayn?

his voice, when he’s singing, or when he’s just talking, and omg when he says ‘Vas Happenin’ & he smokes. ok, I know like everyone hates that he smokes, but unf I find it attractive. So when we go out for walks in the park we can share a cig. together. And his hair, and his eyes, and he looks like he came out of a hollister catalog ok

17. Do you ever get jealous of Danielle and/or Eleanor? 

Um not really, lol. maybe sometimes because they’re with extremely amazing guys, but ya know…… umm no. 

21. What reminds you of Zayn?

omg i’m beginning to think you did read these questions edwin, lolllll. when I smell cigarette smoke and guy smell. like axe sexy guy smell. thats what I think he smells like.

29. Favourite quote from any of the boys?

“Vas Happenin” - Zayn.