me: it’s been a few years can i get out of this fandom now

fandom: but look at this new story, fanart, and some au’s and hc’s

me: holy shit

how the houses study
  • gryffindor:in an invigoration draught fueled rage at 3 am with their roommates yelling at them to put out the light
  • ravenclaw:steady and strong over the course of the term, but in the silent company of others in the common room, the presence of other students easing some of the anxiety
  • slytherin:hard and long, with the curtains drawn on their bunk, totally immersed in the material, then not thinking about it for a few days
  • hufflepuff:after all comforts have been attended to. snacks present, loose, comfortable clothing on, room a suitable temperature, hair up, etc.