It really annoys me. I can’t even sit next to a guy in my class without someone saying that I suddenly love him. 

I wanted to help a guy in my class, and a girl immediately commented on it, saying that I liked him the moment he left. I denied it and she said “girls don’t help guys unless they like them” and it got me really pissed off.

Like, so if a guy helps a girl, its nothing. When a girl helps another girl, its nothing. But when a girl helps a guy, its a big freaking deal. I don’t get it.

When did manners and plain common curtsy turn into signs of flirting? 

So I finally finished season 5 of Merlin...

I was bawling my eyes out. Gwaines death was so unexpected and honestly, unnecessary. I hated the fact they killed him off, and worse, he died thinking he had failed his king and the whole of Camelot.

Also, I cannot stop thinking about what the dragon had said. Does anyone else think that Arthur could possibly come back somehow? For one, the dragon said that Arthur is the now and future king, and that when Albion falls, Arthur would rise again. Now, that’s already a massive hint but the thing that really made me think about this was that Merlin did not set the boat on fire as Arthur was drifting away.

As in previous episodes, it is traditional for the boat to be set alight when the dead is further out, but Merlin didn’t do that.

I feel like Arthur was somehow saved by the lake, and is asleep like sleeping beauty in the small tower in the middle of the lake… waiting.

What do you think?

went to the shops yesterday and the cutest guy ever was at the freaking counter and being the non social person that i am i just sort of slapped the beanie onto the counter and nodded when he said ‘just that?’ and then the most amazing thing happened, he asked how my day was which i said was good and he asked if my weekend was going to be good and i nodded and he smiled at me and i smiled back and i really thought we had something going  so when i got home i sneakily checked the receipt for a phone number or a message and i was immediately disappointed.

it was then that i realized that ‘hello’ ‘how are you’ and a smile, did not count as flirting. 

well, that went poop.

I’m really upset and scared right now.

After so many years of finding and losing friends, I’ve finally gotten comfortable with an amazing group of close friends who’ve I’ve grown attached to over the past 3 years.

Through my time in high school, people fazed in and out of the group, but these people have stayed. They are the most amazing people with different views on life and they’ve all got their own stories and we all somehow meld together like one big collective.

Just us 6 against the rest of the world.

And now I have to leave them, leave these close friends, family basically, of mine just because my dad and his girlfriend want to live together and due to work reasons, she cannot move here.

I mean, don’t get me wrong I freaking love my dad more than life and I want nothing more than for him to be the happiest man on the planet… But just… argh.

I feel like I’ve done so much for others in my life and I’ve given up so much to make others happy and I’ve stayed awake for so many hours just to finish other peoples work and I’ve stressed over so many things to make sure that everyone is fucking happy…

And somehow the one time I desperately want something, it’s non negotiable.

I can’t live with my grandmother for just a couple or so years until I finish high school, I can’t take a train, I can’t freaking do anything to stay here and I don’t want to leave.

I love my friends so much, I want to cry each time we all laugh, because I know that by the end of December, I won’t get to see them every day.

I won’t get to laugh with them, have inside jokes with them. I won’t be able to complain with them and fangirl with them.

I’m crying so much because they mean the world to me, and I don’t even think they realise just how much they do.

What do I do?

How can I walk into a completely new school with strangers and people who have been at this school longer than me and how will I make friends? It sounds stupid but I’m the most antisocial person there is and the shyest and I just don’t know how I’ll cope.

I feel sick just thinking about it.

I just… I don’t know what to do.

I’ve finally found a small family where I fit in, and now I have to leave it. I have to start the whole process again, or just become a loner.

Seems like loner is a good way to go.


my dad came into my room and asked me what i was doing at 10:30 at night ( yeah, he thinks i sleep early or something ) and i told him i was on tumblr and he was like “i dont like tumblr” and i said “yes, but i do” “but there’s no security or anything” “yes but i like it and thats that” “well, i dont want you on tumblr” “well, im going on tumblr and thats that.” “What do you do?” “I reblog photos of people i love” “cant you do that on fb?”

At that point, my facial expression was beyond shocked.

"No, i cannot. Plus, people on tumblr make me laugh. Facebook’s boring and useless."

The conversation ended at that point and I knew I’d won.