asyourmaker asked:

Favorite member? Least favorite member? Arin vs Jimmy? The WAGs? Favorite album? Least favorite album? Favorite song? Least favorite song? Your opinion of them live? Worst thing about A7X? Opinion of Mike Portnoy? What would you change about the band?

  • Brian, cause he’s so awesome and he’s awesome and hot and awesome and yeah 
  • i can’t.
  • Jimmy all the way, although Arin is a very skilled drummer in his own right
  • couldn’t care less
  • Nightmare
  • they’re all too good :(
  • Bat Country or Natural Born Killer, still can’t decide.
  • Radiant Eclipse, only cause it was my alarm for a long time and is now annoying :P
  • i think they’re a great live band, with the obvious visual spectacle of four grown men and one grown midget wearing women’s wigs or lederhosen. 
  • probably all the shit that gets thrown around in the fandom
  • mike portnoy is a great drummer, who left his band (who were having their differences at the time) to support a great band when their drummer died. he did a huge favour to the band, allowing them to finish their tribute to their brother. it must really suck to be denied back into his own band, but to be fair dream theater had every right to replace him, and if they want to keep their current drummer, so be it.
  • Jimmy walks out from behind the curtain and says “ haha ya fucks, fucking got ya!” and the proceed to arse about.