hey everyone so i just hit 1.5k so i thought i would do a follow forever. i have just changed my url from spacepeej to lxguori.

here are the people (bolded means you are one of my faves):

A-D: a-pea-sized-dan, acciohowell, daanhowell, dansgotsassdickhowell, dnhowell

E-H: franksmoustache, frannij, fuckyoutubers, howull

G-L: ikickedpj, kickhepj, kingliguori, lesterful, liguorie, literallylester

M-P: oeq, omfgitsdeanandjack, peejswag, pgay, philipllester, phillestur, philsbooty, philsmsn, pimphowell

Q-Z: returnthepj, sassmasterhowellstorytellingextraordinaire,twerkithowelltiny-pj-explorer

i’m so sorry if i forgot you or if a link isn’t right

thanks again for 1.5k 

Yesterday, I hit 500 followers so I thought it would be a good time to do a Follow Forever.

Anyway, here are the people:

A-C: acciohowellaeriferous-skywheelamazinghowellcolourbanditcuddlethepj

D-F: daanhowelldaisnotonfiredanjowelldansassisonfiredickhowelldnhowellfranksmoustachefuckyoutubers

G-K: ihateyoutubersikickedpjima-guineapig,justarticulate,kickhepjkickpjkickthetardiskingpeej

L-P: liguorie, literallylester, lullabycubed, peejay-liguori, pgay, phillestur, pimphowell, pj-and-fuzzwald, pjtheflick, pleasuresock

Q-Z: returnthepj, ughphan, url-indisponivel

Thanks again for 500 followers, I’m really sorry if I forgot you or one of the links doesn’t work.

Special thanks to franksmoustache and kingpeej for being amazing friends, follow them if you haven’t already.