Hogwarts AU: Hermann is a logic-oriented Ravenclaw in love with the stars. Newt is ready to be a rockstar like Newt Scamander. After all, it’s time for a new famous Newt in the wizarding world, right? Between the two of them, they’re a couple of the brightest wizards of their age.

Not as good a summary on this one! Sorry guys ewe But this one was hard! Love me some Ravenclaw!Herms and Slytherin!Newt though, so it works out nicely. Again, @guiltyphandiot and I share this AU, even if we don’t play with it as much as some of the others!

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okay I love these guys. They deserve it. ♥  AND yes I know it’s Thursday but I won’t be able to publish it tomorrow.


Merman/Scientist AU! Newmann: Newt is sure he sees a merman when out doing biological surveys. He’s sure he isn’t crazy. When he meets Hermann, he’s completely sure he’s in love.

Holy crap, guys, my first aesthetic request!!!!! This AU requested by @missanthropicprinciple, who wanted Merman!Hermann and Scientist!Newt, with a green motif. I hope this is close to what you wanted ;w; Super stoked to feel like I’m contributing to the fandom.


Hunger Games AU: Newt is a wunderkind Gamemaker from the Capitol who falls for a Victor from District 3. When the rebellion comes, they work together to bring down the system from the inside.

Based on an AU that @guiltyphandiot and I have been playing with for over a year now! We played with the idea that Newt and Tendo were Capitol-born rebels who worked with Plutarch from the inside. Newt and Hermann become the first Capitol/District marriage in the history of Panem. We really should write a fic. Anyway, my first aesthetic! Be gentle please. ;w;