Follow Forever.

I’ve been meaning to do this forever, but just now got the energy. Alright.

These are my friends. Yes, I actually have those sometimes.

These are the blogs that I absolutely just love, regardless of who runs them. I don’t know any of them, but I reblog the shit out of them all the damn time.

  • My rules to live by - brotips
  • My Harry Potter/Merlin/everythingbeautifulintheworld graphic blog - acciohedwig (also accioavalon, her back up. Her name’s Avalon too…how fucking cool is that.)
  • My “this person ships everything I ship and nothing hurts” blog - messrmoonylupin
  • My go-to Klaus/everything TVD blog, omg the beauty - klaus-enjoys-the-hunt
  • My Klefan obsession starter - stefanandklaus
  • My OMG WTF BBQ - thunderrstruck
  • My Pettyfer love, even though they haven’t posted in forever and it makes me cry because it’s the best idea ever - theskippingalexmeme
  • And finally, my absolute favorite tumblr that I have ever witnessed - nevo555
Guys I feel like changing my icon

But I’m torn between three.

Can you tell me which one you like best?

I’ll end up using all three at one point but I want to know which one I should use right now.

I’m very indecisive :P 

Credit goes to accioavalon who made these lovely icons :)

Sooo, which one?