03. George's proposal to Angelina wasn't planned. George and Angelina had been together for awhile and had never discussed marriage. One night at a big Weasley family party, a conversation arose between George, Percy, and Ron. Percy and Audrey had recently gotten married and Ron and Hermione were engaged. Ron started joking with George about marrying Angelina, when Percy asked if he had even thought about the idea. George replied with a smile "Of course I have, you just brought it up!". Percy, who still didn't have the best sense of humor, continued "George you're an adult and you should really start acting like it." "Fine." George replied, and taking inspiration from his twin brother he stood up and said this "Oi! Angelina!" She looked up from her conversation with Ginny and Fleur, "Want to marry me?" Though she was very surprised she smiled coyly and said, "All right, then." and continued on with her conversation. George sat back down and looked at his brother Percy who looked absolutely stunned. Remembering a very similiar conversation in his fourth year of school Ron patted George on the back and said "Piece of cake".
04. One of the reasons Ron started going with Lavender was because he thought Hermione liked Fred. "and it's supposed to smell differently to each of us, according to what attracts us, and I can smell freshly mown grass and new parchment and----" Fred!!!!! Ron thought hmmmm--- freshly mown grass, that's definitely the burrow but I don't smell like new parchment, Fred does. He could disinctly remember the last two years at Hogwarts and Fred was always writing things down whether it be in 4th year when he was blackmailing Ludo Bagman or in 5th year when he was constantly thinking up new ideas for jokes. But what about George??? Fred and George are always together so it could be him too? No, George was never nice enough to Hermione but, Fred was!! Now that he thought of it, Hermione was way too interested in asking Fred about some of the things at the joke shop over the summer than she usually would have been. Yes, yes, she must like Fred!! He had thought this might be their year but no, he was never going to get out of any of his brothers' shadows, especially not if the girl he was in love with liked Fred. He supposed he could grow to like Lavender she had been acting very different around him lately, so he had decided he would start being nicer to Lavender and maybe, eventually he would grow to feel the same way he felt about her as he did for Hermione. Years later when they were finally a couple, Ron asked Hermione what her Amortentia smelled like, acting like he hadn't heard her say this in their 6th year. "Well, freshly mown grass, which of course is the burrow, new parchement, I mean I think I'm the only one who misses doing homework, and......and you. I don't know how to describe it, but you!"

Guys, guys, guys look it’s Benadict!!

Can we all just agree that Rupert Grint should be the next Doctor?

I’m not trying to kick out Matt Smith or anything, he can have his time but, how perfect would Rupert Grint be as the Doctor and HE WOULD FINALLY BE A GINGER!!  I don’t know if this is already a thing but, I just thought of it.

05. Hermione's first Christmas after the war was unexpectedly the best she had ever had. "Ron they don't want to come, so I'm going to give them their space.". "Hermione, they're your parents and if they aren't comfortable spending Christmas with a bunch of wizards and witches you and I can just go to their house.". "It's not just that, they don't want to spend it with me.". Ron took a second to respond, they had been having this fight since November when Mr. and Mrs. Granger said they didn't want to come to the Burrow for Christmas. "'Mione, if they still don't understand what you did was for their protection then let it go until they realize it was so much harder on you then it was on them." She looked away from him, he had never said anything like this in the past variations of this fight. At this point he would usually stalk off for a while. However she felt that he had been wanting to say this for a long time. She suddenly realized she didn't know how to respond so she simply said "But, they're my parents.". He looked at her for a second and realized she had tears in her eyes. He was just about to go over and comfort her or leave; he hadn't decided yet, when his mother walked into the room and said "Sorry dears, I didn't mean to eassdrop but, I couldn't help it, but I must say Hermione that they may be your parents but we are your family. Hold on dear, let me go get something." When she came back, she held out a simply wrapped lump, which Hermione took and opened. Inside was a purple sweater with a simple H on it. "I'm sorry I never gave one to you before, I just didn't think it would mean much to you, but this this year I wanted you to feel like you had a mother.". "Oh Mrs. Weasley it's the best gift I've ever gotten!"
Romione Rant

I love how easy Romione is.  When we want to make a video or gif or graphic of them it’s just there.  We don’t have to make it up and I’m not all for canon or anything put I NEVER didn’t think Ron and Hermione would end up together from the time I started reading the books when I was 6 to now when I’m 16 I never doubted this ship.  Don’t get me wrong I will reblog some Dramione’s every now and then because it is something I could ship if there was setup, but there wasn’t.  Also thinking about it I don’t know where Ron would fit in if he hadn’t ended up with Hermione, to me it just wouldn’t make sense.  So that’s all, just had to talk about my OTP!!