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Hello! Someone I follow reblogged a question about Shiro you answered a few days ago. You mention that your "least favorite thing on this website is the idea that coddling is preferable to healing", if you don't mind could you explain what you mean? I think I see where you're coming from but at the same time I'm struggling a bit with how to interpret "coddling" in this context (if that makes sense? sorry, english is not my first language)

i don’t want any discourse about this so i’m just gonna slide it under the cut.

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Do you know how to report art theft to Wiki? Some one took one of my drawings from my DeviantArt account and uploaded without my permission. And I wasn't easily able to find a way to report it. Thank you

If by wiki, do you mean Wikipedia? Most if not all websites have a way you can report copyright infringement. In fact, it looks like Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to the procedure in which you go through in order to report copyright infringement on their website which you can locate easily through a Google search. I recommend you do that and read over what it is they need you to do in order to report copyright infringement.

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Hey there! Curious how you make a living while living the van life. I'm a web designer and work for myself, so I figure I could do it too, but just wonder what you're up to and how it works for you on the road!

For 10 years I did shift work at a satellite communications company - working 15, 12 hour shifts a month monitoring networks (obviously giving me 15 days off a month to travel, climb and bike as well).  However, now I am the Manager of Technical Operations at the same company so I am sadly just a weekend warrior. We just make a point to get out as much as possible (we spent nearly 80 nights in our van last year). As a web designer you should absolutely do it! Try buying a van now, simplify your life, cancel your rent and live out of it where you are now for a month.  You’ll feel more comfortable being around familiar settings and if you feel it will work for you then hit the road!

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theory: I don't think that Lotor knows that Haggar (maybe?) captured real Shiro but he'll find out about this in s4. So when Keith leaves the team to confront the prince, Lotor (preferably during a sword fight) will reveal to him the truth and that he knows the location of the operation kuron. This would force them to join forces and work together. And even though Keith hates Lotor and wants him to be stopped, he would agree to this plan cause after all his main goal is to always save Shiro...

I LOVE THIS. and i agree. i know people think lotor is holding kuron’s reins, but it doesn’t make sense. he’s an exile, an outside, and i just don’t see how he would have the ability to capture/modify/clone/whatever shiro from that position?

lol i really. really like this. definitely whoever is holding the reins knows that as long as they’ve got shiro, they’ve got keith, and i don’t see lotor giving up that advantage if he could insinuate himself into the situation.

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Your comic,,,is the only thing keeping me from having a mental breakdown tbh lmao,,,,,

Oh dear anon, we’re so sorry you’re having a hard time. Is there any way you could seek help from somewhere? We appreciate it that our comic can be a tiny light in the darkness but we hope things can get a lot better for you! Take care of yourself!!

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i love you Jeremy <3 stay strong

Jeremy: Thank you for the nice words and all but like…Don’t throw that word around you know?

Jeremy: Love is a big word and I don’t deserve it. Maybe Brooke or Chloe? Michael- Definitely Christine and Jake. Oh! And Rich and Jenna. But not me. 

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I feel like an idiot now because I 100000% imagined you as a Scorpio. But also I'm really excited you're also a Pisces <3

I love Scorpios with every fibre of my being so I PROBABLY have got to the point of “subconsciously” transmitting those vibes but oh my god <3 I’m excited that you’re excited & you’re not an idiot at all. I loved this message ♡

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so im like izuku when it comes to seeing through every angle and flaws or benefits from situation x or y and enjoy deductive reasoning as well as strategizing (though i dont go all gloomy aura like him but more SERIOUS face like bakugou's) and smtms this surprises peeps bcs i can in one min be playful and fun and in the next talk about deep life stuff with intricate detailed theories/arguments and i was wondering how would kaminari and kirishima react if their crush was like this?

omg anon same! honestly, i have a friend who’s like this too!! im not gonna call her out, but she’s quite similar to you and deku too! THIS IS SUCH A SMALL WORLD WOW


  • hi [name] my bro my girl my hoe please ,,,, stop scaring me
  • is what dengay says once he sees his s/o muttering something about…quadratic expressions? 
  • or, at least, that’s what he thinks you’re muttering 
  • “basing from how the teacher fidgets with her chalk as she writes on the board and how the chalk slightly shakes from her fingertips, her ponytail wasn’t well-done today and her eyes seem out of place and wide, we can conclude that she–” 
  • “[name]!”
  • the moment you meet eyes with dank-i, his eyes are wide in shock ((haha get it?? shock–nvm)). he places a hand on yours and eyes you with concern on his eyes 
  • do you need to go to recover lady, [name]?” 
  • ok wow denki i appreciate that you care for your s/o like that but you cant just ask her stuff like that when she’s perfectly fine and you know she’s perfectly fine haiist


  • believe it or not, but kirishima would be mind-blown
  • he’d be a little freaked at first, but once you’d begin reasoning your deductions on why the powdered donuts from the flowers in the attic movie was poisoned, he’d like to listen to more of your reasoning and deductions !! 
  • even when it comes to theories and conspiracies about history, you’re the reason why he aces his essays 
  • “kirishima, why is your answer similiar to [name’s]–” 
  • kirishima gets into detention, but it was worth hearing so many amazing facts from your deductions! screw you looking mental, even he can be mental at times!