CS + Unexpected

Dedicated to the wonderful accio-ferret

Because I already did “surprise” and “speechless” for the word “unexpected” I decided to choose moments in which the moments were totally unexpected to us the shippers.

Truth be told, we get a lot of spoilers on tumblr before the episodes air, if it’s by fans going on set, promotional pictures, promos, or even the writers teasing us from time to time. There were many things we knew before they actually happened, like the first kiss, the trip to the past, the royal dance, the big date and so many other stuff that made us fangirling about them before they even happened. But along with those moments there were also others in which we didn’t see them coming. Things that can even be small but so significant.

As much as I like it when we are all obsessed about things we know are about to happen (like the latest promotional pictures from Granny’s…) I also love it when we get surprised from time to time, because this first reaction to something unexpected is priceless.  

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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