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Writer to Writer #4 [April/May]

Once again, thanks to @whatlighttasteslike for the banner, and thanks to you guys for participating in another round of the Writer to Writer!

This is just a sample of our members’ work, chosen and summarised/reviewed by their fellow members. For more fantastic works, sorted by your favourite relationships, see our tag database (x), and if you want to join in, all you have to do is sign up! Meanwhile, I hope everyone can find something they enjoy!

Any questions? Ask or message the Net.



Trust and Betrayal by @the-nerdy-stjarna - (FitzSimmons)
This fic fleshes out a very plausible backstory in the Framework – what shared history Fitz and Simmons may have had, how she died (and who pulled the trigger), and why Fitz was cozying up to Madam Hydra. Moving and painful, beautifully written, and perfectly executed.

Counting Stars by @accio-the-force - (FitzSimmons)
Fitz and Simmons’ third date with a hilarious twist to it. Counting Stars is a soft and fluffy non-SHIELD AU that works as perfect cure against the angst that canon is currently giving its audience.

We Said We’d Fight Together by @florchis - (FitzSkimmons)
A sweet, painful, romantic polyamorous FitzSkimmons fic exploring Fitz’s guilt when he returns from the Framework. Daisy wants him back, so she and Jemma work together to show Fitz that he’s forgiven and loved.

Leopold by @theclaravoyant - (FitzSimmons)
This fic takes us from the Academy days to a peaceful future, each chapter masterfully exploring the experiences of trans!Fitz. Includes supportive Jemma, hurt/comfort, and fluff - everything you could want out of a one-shot series such as this!

A different power in the Framework? by @pizza-is-my-buziness​ (Skimmons)
While it seemed obvious that in the Framework Daisy would get the same powers she has in real life, pizza-is-my-business takes the interesting concept that she doesn’t. Follow through as Daisy comes to grips about who she is even without her Inhuman abilities, and Jemma, who loves her no matter if she can create earthquakes or move mountains.

just have to say one thing (before you disappear) by @sun-koroleva - (FitzSimmons)
With her realistic take on what might happen to Fitzsimmons post-Framework, sun_koroleva might break your hearts a little (or a lot), but in a beautiful and poetic way. In a way that leaves the reader hopeful that no matter what, Fitzsimmons’ love will prevail in the end and everything is going to be alright.


Platonic Centric

How I Met Melinda by @loved-the-stars-too-fondly - (May & Skye)
In this very lovely Neighbours AU, @loved-the-stars-too-fondly manages to portray both Daisy (called Skye here) and May completely. This story is such a great example of how their pasts can be different, but their personalities are the same and there still is an amazing bond between the two of them.

Faults & Faultlines by @buckysbears - (May & Fitz)
The post-Framework fic I never knew I wanted. This fic is full of heart– it really shines in Fitz’s moments of introspection and the way Fitz & May quietly support one another. You’re definitely cheering them on (duh!) as they both work through their feelings of guilt and head down the path of recovery.

The Luxury of Sympathy by @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot (Fitz Family)
A young Curious Leo finds himself on the wrong end of his father’s anger when he takes apart the phone one afternoon. Tension escalates and emotions run high but don’t worry, there’s a sweet ending between mother & son to be had too. (TW: domestic violence)

the worst (best) thing by @agentcalliope (Fitz & Team)
After the Framework, there are a lot of ‘worsts’, but slowly and with the help of his friends, Fitz begins to climb out of the darkness. This is a oneshot of poetic style vignettes between Fitz and his fellow team members, telling a story of guilt, grief, family and recovery.

This took me forever tbh but i really wanted to add every single one of you :) I just want to say thank you so much for following me i really appreciate it with all my heart♥ even though i dont talk with the most of you :(

I’m so sorry if i forget someone but i did my best for that not to happen, so here it’s and HAPPY NEW YEAR/FELIZ AÑO NUEVO♥.

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