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Being a muggle born and dating Draco Malfoy would include:
  • Him being all rude to you at first
  • But that’s only cause he never felt something like this towards somebody
  • You made his heart rate quicken
  • And his breathing would get harder around you
  • He’d tug at the collar of his shirt and play with his tie
  • And his cheeks would be rosy
  • Asking you out was the hardest part
  • Because he knew his friends would approve it
  • He didn’t care anyway but he still asked you when it was only the two of you
  • Draco would protect you against the hate
  • Not that there was a lot of hate cause who would hate the Slytherin prince his girlfriend?
  • He’d show you off
  • And realize that dating a Muggleborn isn’t that bad
  • He’d find out all these new stuff
  • Like television
  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • And he’d be so confused by them
  • Lots of giggling while you teach him
  • Cute kisses in between
  • Harry, Ron and Hermione being shocked about Draco being so nice suddenly
  • He’d still sneer at them
  • “Potter” “Malfoy”
  • You’d roll your eyes and say hi the normal way
  • “hi Harry” “Hi Y/N”
  • Draco being jealous
  • About everything
  • “so you had potions class with Davies, huh?” “yeah … so?”
  • He’d hold your hand and snog you in front of Davies later that day.
  • Draco wouldn’t say ‘Mudblood’ anymore
  • And he wouldn’t go to the dark side
  • He’d crash at your place once his father kicked him out the house for ‘disappointing the Malfoy family’
  • And he would stand in front of the door
  • With a small duffle bag with all the essentials.
  • And he’d tell you everything
  • “I understand if you don’t want me here, sir” “No, Draco, you can stay, don’t worry, we’ll get your bed ready”
  • Your mum and dad being okay with it
  • And it makes them happy to see their little girl happy
See you soon (Draco x Reader)

You sat at the top of the astronomy tower watching the rain pour down. It was peaceful to you, you loved the smell, the sound, the view. As cold as you felt on the outside, you felt warm in the inside. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, when you exhaled you saw a blue eye boy.

Embarrassed you apologized.

“Ever since I met you, you always apologies.” he tells you.

“sorry” you say once again out of habit shaking your head once you realized you did it again.

“What are you doing up here by yourself?” he asks giving you a smile. Why is he smiling at me? you thought.

“Um just enjoying the rain” you smile back at him, “what are you doing here?”

He shifts his body to lean against the railing, and you copy him.

“I don’t know actually. I just had a sudden desire to come up here.”

This is the longest conversation you’ve had with Draco. Besides the bickering back and forth because of not only the rivalry your two houses share but also the fact that you were best friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron. The rain slowed down a little bit, and slowly a rainbow formed.

“So beautiful.” you thought out loud.

“Yeah you are.” he must have been thinking out loud too.

“Whats that?” you ask, knowing exactly what he said thinking it must have been a mistake.

“Nothing” he quickly says.

It had been a few minutes of silence between the two of you. It wasn’t an awkward or uncomfortable. It was actually the opposite, you were enjoying the presence of Draco because if you were going to be honest with yourself you’ve always had a major crush on him but contrary to who you’re friends with none of that could be said. That’s why you came up here to be able to freely think.

You finally decided it was time for you to meet up with your friends before they start looking for you.

“I’ll be going now.” you gave him a shy smile.

“I hope to see you up here again soon.” he gave you a smile that warmed your whole body.

“You definitely will.” as you descend down the stairs.

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Potterheads problems

I remember, while translating a latin version during a classtest, I accidentally found on the dictionary the verb “Accio”. So I looked at its meaning and it was “draw something to oneself”.
I think I’ve never fangirled so much during a classtest!

Have you ever been in love ...

Hii! I was wondering if you could maybe do a Hermione X reader where the reader is really confused and she gets detention with Snape for zoning out and they like talk about it cause the reader is visibly upset and he’s still a bit of an asshole about it but he’s cute and comforts her that’s it okay to like girls and then she takes his advice and kisses Hermione or something?? So sorry for the long request, I just love Snape and being gay, there aren’t all that many Hermione fics :)) thank you <3

Ever since Y/N fell in love with a certain brown haired girl, she had been zoning out during classes or lunch or just when she’s wandering through the castle. And most of the times she could find an excuse for not paying attention, but this time she couldn’t.

“Miss Y/L/N, could you repeat what I just said?”, Snape’s cold and harsh voice sounded through the room. His voice bouncing of the stone walls. Y/N’s cheeks turned a deep red shade as she mumbled a small no. Snape scoffed, glaring in her direction. “I thought so, have you ever thought of paying attention in this class? I highly recommend it, since potions isn’t your best subject now, is it?”, Snape said, walking to the front of the class, “this earns you detention for tonight”. Y/N groaned, laying her head on her desk. She could hear the snickers coming from behind her. She turned around, giving Draco and his friends a glare and then turned her attention towards Snape again, before he could give her even more detention.

“What’s wrong with you lately, Y/N/N? You’ve been acting weird”, Harry said as he, Y/N, Hermione and Ron walked out the common room. They had spend the rest of their evening in the cosy room. The trio had offered to walk with Y/N to Snape’s classroom, where she would spend the rest of the evening doing whatever Snape tells her to. Y/N sighed, running her hand through her slightly messy hair. “it’s complicated, I can’t tell you guys, at least not now, maybe … maybe another time”, she explained, looking at the trio, who were all eyeing her curiously. “well, whenever you’re ready, we’re here”, Ron said, knowing the his best friend didn’t want to talk about it now. Y/N smiled at him, thanking him silently.

Y/N stood in front of the dark brown wooden door, only now realizing how hard her heart was beating, how fast. She laid her hand on her chest, hoping it would somehow calm the beating down. After taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door, waiting for Snape to let her in. The door flew open, revealing the dim, cold classroom where she sat earlier. “come in”, Snape’s voice said. Y/N’s steps sounded like a gun that fired bullet after bullet. Snape pointed at the chair that stood right in front of him. “if Dumbledore wasn’t so concerned over one his favourite students, I’d let you clean every single thing that stood in this very room without using even an inch of magic, but since Dumbledore is Dumbledore, I’m here to talk to you, about your recent behaviour”, Snape stated calmly, yet irritated. Y/N shuffled awkwardly on the chair, she had hoped that if a teacher ever wanted to talk to her about her feelings or general behaviour, that it was McGonagall.

Snape saw how awkward Y/N was and sighed. “it’s as much fun for me as it is for you, miss Y/L/N. so let’s be quick, so we can all leave this behind us”, Snape looked at Y/N who was now playing with her skirt, that looked suddenly so much more interesting. “so?”, Snape said, waiting for Y/N to say what was on her mind. “Sir, have you ever been in love with someone .. that’s just out of your league, or that you know that would never feel the same for you as you do for that person?”, Y/N asked. She could see Snape tense up. His body language suddenly a lot less intimidating than when she walked in the room. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about”, Snape said after another second. “is this the problem? Love?”, Snape asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked at Y/N’s pink cheeks. She nodded, her hair bouncing up and down. “Who is it?”, Snape said, sounding like he didn’t even care, “who is the boy?” “well sir, that’s the problem, it’s not a boy”, Y/N said, feeling even more uncomfortable. Snape his eyes went wide for a second, before turning to the same cold glare. “a girl? Well-“ “do you think people will have a problem with it? What will they say? What if my parents kick me out? I don’t know what to do!”, Y/N said, tears filling her eyes as she started thinking about all the possible scenarios that could happen. Snape took a deep breath, carefully thinking about what he would say to Y/N.

“listen to me miss Y/L/N, why would you care what people say about you? Why do you want to hide the real you for people that won’t even remember you in a few years from now on?”, Snape said. Y/N looked at the man, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I-I don’t know”, She confessed. “That’s because you’re confused, because you’ve never really loved anybody like you love this girl now, you might have thought so, but deep down you knew it wasn’t who you really are”, Snape went on.

Y/N looked at her feet, realizing that Snape might be right. “so why listen to hate? Why wait with saying how you feel. There will be obstacles on your way to happiness, but the important thing is that you pick yourself up again when you fall, don’t let love be an obstacle, let love guide you”, Snape said. “wow sir, I’ve never thought I’d ever have this conversation with you and actually learning something”, Y/N murmured. She could see a faint grin on Snape’s face. He stood up, turning with his back to Y/N. “You can go now, but only if you tell the girl how you feel, before it is too late”, Snape said. Y/N stood up from the chair, looking at Snape one more time. “thank you sir, really, thank you”, Y/N said before running out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

The corridor was empty, expect from Peeves, who was hiding behind an armour, waiting for Filch to pass him. Y/N ran as fast as she could, up the stairs to go to the Gryffindor common room. “password?” “Baubles”, Y/N said, trying to catch her breath before entering the warm and crowded room. Her eyes searched for the person that she needed to see now. She stood on her toes, hoping to see above the sea of students. “Y/N?”, a soft voice from behind her said. She turned around, facing Hermione, her hair was a mess and she was holding a book in her left hand. “back already? We’ve thought you’d be gone till-“, Hermione stated before a pair of lips cut her off.

Hermione was shocked, not knowing what to do, but eventually she gave in and kissed back. Her hand roamed Y/N’s back, the other one dropping the book on the floor. The common room fell silent, and the two of them pulled back. Only now Y/N realized that all eyes were on her and Hermione. “I’ve wanted you to do that for ages now”, Hermione was the first one to speak. “I was scared, I didn’t know what to do, how people would react”, Y/N said in a silent tone, almost a whisper, “but I realized that I don’t care, that I only need you and all the others can piss off”. Hermione giggled and kissed Y/N once more. “I’m glad you finally realized that, took you long enough”.

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Being Sirius’ son and being in love with Hermione would include
  • Sirius helping you to impress Hermione
  • Which makes you end up in the hospital wing
  • Sirius being so cool with it
  • And Remus being like a proud mother
  • “he’s in love Padfoot”
  • “yeah and with a girl, I always thought he’d be gay for Harry”
  • Sirius trying to convince you to give her a love potion
  • While Remus would try everything but the love potion
  • Eventually it’s Tonks who helps you
  • “just be confident and ask her out”
  • “How can I do that?”
  • “just think like your dad would”
  • Doing the same roleplay of ‘I’ll be Hermione, you’re you’
  • Sirius would come in between
  • “Can I be Dumbledore?” “what does he have to do- never mind, just be Dumbledore”
  • Eventually you’d have to stand there
  • In front of Hermione
  • Being scared
  • And not doing it in the end
  • Staying friends until … Christmas
  • “So son, have you asked Hermione out yet?”
  • The whole table would turn to you and Hermione
  • Red cheeks from both of you
  • Muttering a small ‘no’
  • Sirius’ face would be pure shock
  • “I-I” “good job Padfoot”
  • The rest of supper would be super quiet
  • Leaving earlier then normally
  • Sirius following
  • “I’m so sorry I thought you-“ “don’t worry dad, it would never work anyway”
  • Hermione couching from behind the two
  • “Can I talk to you?”
  • Sirius ‘leaving’
  • He’d actually stand behind the door and listen to everything
  • Hermione blushing like crazy
  • “I like you too”
  • Looking at her so fast that you almost get a whiplash
  • Your mouth would go dry
  • And your eyes were probably the size of watermelons
  • Being speechless
  • Hearing a small “say something you idiot” from behind the door
  • And suddenly Hermione would kiss you quickly
  • Making you both as red as tomatoes
  • “well um, I’ll see you downstairs”
  • “um, yeah, I’ll -No wait! Would you like to go on a date?”
  • Hermione nodding
  • And once she leaves the room you’d start a victory dance
  • Sirius, Tonks and Remus high fiving
  • While Sirius pays Tonks  galleons
  • “told you Hermione would have to say it first”
  • “whatever Tonks, I’m just proud of my son”
  • Cuddling in front of the fire
  • Quick pecks
  • And long kisses once you’re comfortable with your dad and Remus always looking at the two of you
  • Dates to Hogsmeade
  • Hermione teaching you everything about Muggles
  • And meeting her parents
  • You’d never be so dressed up before
  • “are you going to a ball or something?” “why?” “you’re wearing a suit to meet my parents!”
  • Being super polite
  • And making sure there is no magic
  • “who needs magic anyway with you everything is magical”

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Every Who Down in Whoville Liked Christmas a lot... But the Grinch,Who lived just north of Whoville, Did NOT! The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. But I think that the most likely reason of all,May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.


@accio-sawyer / @actually-hermione-granger?? I this this was directed at you??

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Sawyer @accio-sawyer @actually-hermione-granger

Sawyer is probably one of my favorite people ever. How do I even begin to compliment this beautiful, smart, creative, talented, warm, clever girl? She’s the person who you hear singing in the bathroom and assume she’s shy, but then you see her up on stage, where she looks so at home, and you wonder why you ever thought that. She’s the one you could spend hours with, jamming along to some Disney music and taking small snack breaks in between. She’s the person who doesn’t always see how incredibly brilliant she is. She’s someone who doesn’t have as much confidence as she should, but that’s okay because it’s a process and she has so many people who love her and are willing to be there to build her up as she gets there. She’s someone who thinks of ideas and wants to get them done, but will making procrastinating such a fun thing you’ll hardly even notice. She’s got a stunning smile that makes you feel comfortable, and she makes puns that will never get old. She’s 15 but somehow she still has moments where she’s wiser than someone her age normally is, and she has a way with words. She’s the person I would like to wrap up in a blanket and cuddle while watching musicals. She’s a wonderful person that I’m very grateful for, and I make sure she knows that.

Tell me, how does he look at you?

Hello :) Could you do a Fred Weasley/George Weasley Imagine where they bring her to the burrow and they celebrate christmas together (with the whole family & Harry & Hermione) and everyone is teasing Fred about his crush on her but in the end he admits his feelings and they end up together. (OK, I am really sorry. My english is bad. I’m from Austria :/ btw we speak german there) PS: I love your Imagines! Your writing styo´le is amazing!

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Y/N, George and Fred. Gosh, they were like Harry, Ron and Hermione, only that they caused more mischief then them. And that was always like that. Since they were young they were best friend. They grew up together, they went through all the awkward phases together and God, they couldn’t live without each other. Especially Fred, he couldn’t live without Y/N. he fell in love with her years ago, he lost count of how many, but to him Y/N was everything. She was his world, she had him wrapped around her finger and she was too blind to notice. If Fred and George planned a prank and Y/N didn’t want to go along, Fred would leave George to it, just so he could spend some time with her. But Fred didn’t have much luck. Since last month Y/N was dating an older Hufflepuff, Bradly,  and Fred hated him. He was everything Fred wasn’t. he was serious, he was good looking, had good grades and even Snape loved him. And he was romantic and he knew how to talk to girls and that was all Fred could dream off.

But during Christmas break he wouldn’t be there, Y/N would go along to the Burrow, she would spend some time with Fred … and George. And maybe, maybe she would fall for him. “Hey Weasley, stop dreaming, we’re here”, Y/N laughed as she stepped out of Mister Weasley his car. The cold air hit her face, making her hair flow behind her and Fred almost gasped at her beauty. “C’mon Fred, I want to go inside”, she said as Fred stayed in the car. Finally, after snapping out of another daydream about Y/N and how beautiful her voice was, Fred moved his long legs out of the car and towards his home. Y/N following behind him, talking to George. “mom, we’re home”, Fred yelled once he opened the door. “Oh hello boys! Hello Y/N how wonderful to see you guys again! Oh come inside it’s freezing!”, Mrs Weasley said as she hugged all three of them, “Harry, Ron and Hermione are already unpacking, you know the way right Y/N? okay, go get ready, dinner will be ready soon!”.

Y/N dragged her trunk behind her while Fred and George still struggled to get theirs upstairs without breaking the staircase. “I’ll see you later”, Y/N smiled at the twins as she walked in the room she shared with Hermione. “later”, The twins said at the same time, Fred a bit more silent. “what’s up with you?”, George said as he heard the door of Y/N’s room close. “Nothing”, Fred said, opening the door of his own bedroom. “but?” “but Y/N looks so happy with her stupid boyfriend”, Fred sighed as he laid down on his bed. His head hit his soft pillow. His hands ran through his flaming hair. “and you don’t like that” “yes … I mean no .. I mean, I’m happy she is happy but I want her to be happy with me” “can be arranged”, George said with a playful smirk. “we’re not going to do anything George, I want her to be happy even if it’s with him”, Fred said, his voice quiet, his mind racing with only thought about Y/N. “tomorrow is Christmas Freddie, it’s a magical day, we knows what happens”, George said. “I guess you’re right”.


Snow fell down, covering the ground, making it look like a white carpet. Y/ N walked down the staircase, a smile on her lips. “merry Christmas”, she smiled as she saw the Weasley family sit at the table. “merry Christmas”, they all said back as Y/N hopped on a seat opposite Fred. She winked at him as she took a piece of bread. “what are we going to do today?”, George asked as he looked at the others. “we could do a snowball fight”, Fred suggested. The other quickly agreed. “yeah, sounds good for me”, Y/N smiled. Fred’s knees went weak and he was lucky he was sitting down, that smile did things to him. After breakfast they quickly changed into warmer clothes and went outside. “how about we do this in teams, huh? The team that gets hit the most loses”, Y/N said as she scooped some snow in her hand, already forming a small ball. “yeah sure, sounds good”, Harry said. Ron nodded and Hermione sighed, knowing this would end in a snowball war instead of a snowball fight. “Fred, Hermione and me against Harry, Ron and Y/N, how about that huh?”, George said, giving everybody a questioning look. “oh you’re going to get it”, Y/N smirked as she playfully threw her snowball in the air and catching it again. “we’re so going to win Harry, Fred will never hit Y/N cause he loves her too much”, Ron said, singing the last part teasingly at Fred. Y/ blushed as she saw Fred glare at Ron.  “everybody ready?”, George said before Fred could react.

Soon there was a rain of snowballs, everybody was throwing and not even after 5 minutes, the teams started throwing at their own team members. Laughter willed the cold air and this was the best thing that ever happened to the group in a long time. “Wow there Fred, don’t want to hurt your girlfriend”, George teased as Fred made a snowball throwing it at Ron who stood right next to Y/N. “George, shut it, she’ll hear you!” “I know”, George winked.  “does anybody want hot chocolate?”, Mrs Weasley yelled after an hour. The group went inside, covered in the white snow. “wait Y/N, here”, Fred said as he whipped some snow from Y/N’s cheek. There were a bunch of wolf whistle not even a second after, which made Fred blush.


The Weasley’s, Harry, Hermione and Y/N sat in the living room. It was cosy and everybody was laughing and joking or just talking. “oh Y/N, Dear there was a letter for you”, Mrs. Weasley said as she sat up to get it. “probably from your boyfriend”, Hermione smiled. “Fred, why did you send her a letter, she was with you the whole day”, Ron said. “is Freddie in love with Y/N/N”, George teased. Mrs. Weasley returned with the white envelope. Y/N quickly got the letter out, reading everything that stood on the paper. “is it from your boyfriend?”, Fred asked, his voice shaking. Y/N nodded. “yeah, just saying he misses me and that I’ll get my present once he sees me in Hogwarts”, Y/N smiled. “that’s um … nice”, Fred said, sighing. He stood up, walking to the kitchen. He couldn’t see your happy face now, knowing that another guy made you more happy then he did. He leaned against the table, his hands made their way to his hair. “bloody hell”, Fred said to himself, not realizing Y/N just walked in the kitchen. “Freddie, are you okay?”, She asked. Her big E/C eyes made travelled over his body, trying to find a source of his pain. “I’m not”, Fred said. It was time to tell the truth. The worst thing that could happen? Lose Y/N forever. And the chance he just had to take. “what’s wrong?”, Y/N asked worriedly.

“tell me, how does he look at you?  Tell me, Y/N. Does he look at you with the love and passion as I do? Does he look at you like you’re his world. Like you’re the most precious and loved person on the world? Cause I do. I don’t know if I can go on like this. with him by your side, I’m lost. He’s everything you need, he’s nice and romantic and he knows how to talk to you and he should treat you like a princess cause that’s what you are, but I can’t do that, cause I’m not like that, I’m not like him, I can’t. and if I just scared you away and if you never want to talk to me again then I’ll go on, without your glance, I’ll go on, it’ll be hard but I’ll do it of that makes you happy, cause Merlin Y/N you deserve to be happy, look at you, who could hurt you …”, Fred ended his little rant, tears forming in his eyes. 

He felt hopeless now he told all his feelings. He poured his heart out to her. But even thou he was scared to lose her his eyes never left hers cause he knew that this might be the last time he saw them like this, up close and in person. Y/N stayed silent, not knowing what to say. “so all those things Ron and George said … are true? You are in love with me?”, She asked. Fred nodded. “yes”, He sighed. “Fred I-I … I don’t know, I have a boyfriend and Merlin we know each other for so long and I thought … I thought you would never feel the same for me as I did for you”, She sighed. Fred looked at her. “you loved me?”, He asked. Y/N nodded, “still do, I thought that having a boyfriend might change my feelings for you but they never left, they only got stronger”. Fred walked over to her. His hands cupped her face and he pulled his body against hers, his lips connecting with hers. And in this one kiss, they could feel the love, the need, the passion and desperation they both had. Their lips moved against each other and they only pulled away they didn’t have enough breath to continue. “I love you so much”, Fred said. Y/N chuckled, “I hope you do with a kiss like that”. Fred chuckled as he once again pushed his lips against Y/N’s. “it was about time!”, George and Ron yelled from the living room. “I think I have to send an owl to Bradly, he should know that it’s over” “you’re going to break up?”, Fred asked, “are you sure?” Y/N nodded, holding Fred’s hand and giving it a squeeze. “with you, I don’t need anybody else”.