accio fist

SO I FINALLY HIT ONE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS! This is incredible, I never thought I’d get past 100 and yet here I am! Thank you so much!

Because this is a milestone for me, I’ve decided to make a follow forever, but I’m calling it a blog appreciation, cuz hey, we’re all people here, interests change, opinions vary, I can’t promise an eternal follow. But if I’m including you, I do think your blog is awesome. 

The Scorpio mutuals: damiwayn jayysontodds tinytiim jasantodd kuradoodles accio-fist jayt0dd (I may not have remembered everyone but nevertheless)

The Jaysquad mutuals: timdrcke damianswaynes jaxontodd halbarry spoilermaster haroldhighballjordan

The irl mutuals: kyoukokirisawa zkjjjj

Other also great mutuals: aegontargaryen jasontoddgooseclub redhoodandtheoutdoors lafemmebatman feministjasontodd fem-damian-wayne thetweentitans littlebigtrumpet girlrobin haljodan no-ones-son jaybirbtodd just-cuz-rivaldi (I still can’t believe you follow me) boosterg0ld fart-allen save-young-justice may-the-forcebewithyou xthevision captstilesstark iceman-ynwa murburger calmandcalculating batannas identityconstellations

and thats about it. I didn’t want to tag non-mutuals since it would be awkward and I didn’t tag all mutuals, only the ones I clearly remember reblogging from and/or really liking your blog. Rock on, guys, and thank you! 

Also, for my celebration I’m taking graphic requests! Mutual or not, I’ll make an edit for you! 

(while I was making this two people unfollowed me and I was left with 998 followers lmao I had to wait to post this)