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Sirius Black x Reader FANFICTION- The Lady Is A Tramp

Request: “Sirius Black x reader where the reader’s friend gets their heart broken by sirius, so the reader breaks his nose but he’s so charming and from there they end up falling in love? If that makes any sense lol” - Anon 

Warnings: punching, noseblood, and firewhiskey

Word Count: 1193

Terms and stuff- (Y/N)- your name

                            (Y/F/N)- your “friend’s” name (preferably someone you                                                     dislike)

A/N: I didn’t proofread this, I’m sorry. Also, heck yes, a Frank Sinatra title! Im sorry if I failed you anon (it got funky(?))…(about the gif that’s not mine: we all know John Bender from the Breakfast Club is the equivalent of Sirius Black)

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  You and (Y/F/N) were in your common room. She was sitting across from you, crying. She was recently was dumped by Sirius Black, Hogwarts’ resident bad boy and heartbreaker. “And then he says ‘I don’t think we’re meant for each other’” she said between sobs. “T-Then he just walks away… I don’t think he even had feelings for me.”

  After a week of seeing her cry and mope, you were angry. Angry at Sirius Black for taking her heart and breaking it. He didn’t even show a sign he cared, he just moved on to the next girl. You were fuming. (Y/F/N)’s said “(Y/N), don’t fight my battles for me”. You looked at her with disappointment. This wasn’t the girl you knew.

  You were walking outside and you see Sirius and his friends. Everyone knew who they were for their infamous pranks. They were all laughing about something. Anger bubbled up inside you and your hand curled into a fist. Remus was the first to notice you. He elbowed Sirius who turned and looked at you, a smirk playing on his lips. You heard the one named James whisper “Pads, she looks like she’s about to commit murder…” Sirius waved him off

  He stood up, ready to say a flirty remark. “What bring-” You cut him off with one single swift punch to the face. All your anger and frustration with him went into that one movement. You began to cool down. You saw Peter gasp, Remus with his wand out, and James torn between being concerned and laughing. You saw Sirius bring his hand to his nose and touch it gingerly, wincing. Blood was starting to drip from it. “That was for (Y/F/N).” you said and turned around. 

  “Should we go after her?” Peter asked. “No, I think we better take him up to Madam Pomfrey.” Remus stated. The quartet began making their way to the medical wing, while you went off to find (Y/F/N). You were recounting the events to her in the common room. “Then, I punched him in the face! It was glorious, (Y/F/N), I wish you would’ve been there to see it.” you said excitedly.

  She didn’t respond. In fact, she looked frustrated. “(Y/N), I didn’t want your help.” she sneered. “But, I thought-” you started. She cut you off by leaving the room. She treated you coldly throughout the rest of the day. You were hurt. She made it clear that she didn’t want to be friends with you anymore. 

  You were walking to the library. You always went there in times of trouble because it gave you some sense of comfort. Caught up in your own thoughts, you accidentally bumped into someone. “Sorry” you mumbled. “Hey,” a voice said, somewhat familiar “you’re the one who punched me, right?”

  You looked up. It was Sirius Black. “Yes, I kind of regret it now…” you said slowly. “Why is that? You can throw a pretty mean punch. Nothing you should be ashamed of” he said. You studied him for a second.You had to admit he was attractive. “(Y/F/N) doesn’t think so” you replied lamely. “Well, she never was that much fun anyways” he said. You laughed. He was obviously trying to make you feel better.

  “Do you want to drink some butterbeer with me, unless you’re more into firewhiskey, I’ve got that too…” he said, his smooth game going STRONG. “Sure,” you agreed, smiling “Where at?” He was grinning also ecstatic that you were joining him. “At the Gryffindor common room, of course.”

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Truth or Dare in the staff room - Severus Snape One Shot

A/N: I wanted to make this a young Severus Snape one shot, but decided to turn it into a teacher Snape one shot, because can you imagine the teacher’s playing Truth or Dare? Maybe this is lame, I don’t know. Let me know if you liked it!


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I opened the door to the staff room. I was now a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for exactly five months and three days. I had a terrible fear that I wouldn’t be a good teacher or the students wouldn’t respect me. But my fears dissolved into thin air over time. I had become one of the favorite teachers of the students. However, I also owed Severus Snape, the Potions Master, very much. At first, I had great difficulty to concentrate and keep my nervousness under control. Now and then he invited me to his office and he gave me a tea that had a strong calming effect on me. He also helped me prepare my lessons. I often heard the students talk bad about him, but I couldn’t understand it.

When I entered the staff room, the remaining teachers were singing “Happy Birthday” and when I came closer, I saw Filius Flitwick, the teacher of charms, which stood on a tower of pillows and joyfully laughed. I stood behind the others unobtrusively and joined in the song. When we had finished singing, Flitwick clapped like crazy and his face began to turn red slightly. “ So, Filius,” Albus Dumbledore’s voice sounded. “What is your wish?” He turned to me and added: “Each teacher is allowed to make a wish on his birthday.” Slightly confused, I turned to Professor Flitwick. “I have recently heard of such a funny Muggle game. It’s called ‘Truth or Dare’.” I chuckled softly while the other teachers looked at each other confused. “We will all sit on the ground,” said Flitwick, “Umm…Accio Butterbeer bottle!” “And why do we need a bottle now?” asked a woman who had begun to work at Hogwarts only a few months before me. When all the teachers had settled in a circle on the floor, Flitwick squeaked: “Dear Miss Brooks, we need to find out who goes first.” He took out his wand and let him circle over the bottle, so it began to spin. After a while it stopped and pointed to Brooks. “Now you have to decide. Truth or Dare? That’s why the game is called so,” said Flitwick and laughed. “I take dare.” The little teacher clapped excitedly in his hands. “Very well. Umm… Kiss the most attractive person in this room!” Flitwick said and began to giggle. Since I sat next to him , I could see how his ears became red. A devilish grin appeared on Brooks’ face. She rose and went straight to Severus. She leaned down to him, clasped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his.


It was as if someone had stabbed a knive into my heart. Why did it hurt that much? Did I develop feelings for Severus over the last few months? I couldn’t think about it. All I knew was that it did incredibly hurt. And that I could not stand it. I jumped up, ran out of the room and let the door slam shut behind me. Professor McGonagall’s voice sounded from inside: “God damn, Severus, everyone has surely realized that she feels something for you.” I tried to ignore it. I ran down the hallway and jumped down the stairs that were leading to the outside. I went to the Black Lake, the place where I could relax best . I sank down next to a big tree and finally tears ran down my cheeks. What was wrong with me? After a few minutes, in which tears fell and thoughts swirled through my head, I heard soft footsteps that walked through the grass. I didn’t bother to turn around. From the corner of my eye I saw Snape’s black hair and the black robes, which he always wore. “Go away,” I mumbled without looking at him.
The sound of his deep, soothing voice made my heart ache again. “What’s wrong?” He asked quietly. I risked to look at him briefly. His gaze was fixed on the Black Lake and it was absolutely nothing in his eyes. “I don’t know what’s going on. I… it just really hurts, I can not tell you why,” I whispered, and I felt more helpless than I had ever felt. “I can tell you,” Snape said and turned to me. I moved my head slightly and watched him carefully.

“You feel something for me. And I would like to expose myself to the Cruciatus curse, because I’ve just not noticed. I just want you to know that I never had any interest in this Brooks. I always just wanted you.” Snape took a deep breath. Apparently that was not easy for him. I stared at him in surprise, because he never said what he felt. Again the tears were running down my cheek and Snape quickly wiped it away with his hand and looked at me worried. But this time they were tears of joy. “I’ve just wished you had kissed me instead of her,” I mumbled. Severus came closer to me, placing a hand on my cheek and whispered: “I will.” Then he pressed his lips to mine.


Alcoholic Butterbeer Shots

Butterbeer is a very popular wizarding beverage sold in numerous places and has been described as tasty ‘a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch’. With this in mind, we set out to create not one, but two versions of it! Here’s the alcoholic one. Not only do you get the head spinning magical filling, the shot glass is edible too!

- MJ & K

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