DIY Game of Throne Dragon Eggs

Make these DIY Dragon Eggs using Styrofoam eggs, nail polish, and lots of tacks.

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So the man working at this part of the museum allowed me the pleasure to step past the display border and get up close to both the BF109 and Heinkel 111 Bomber. Two major parts of the largest German WWII aircraft collection in the world! I’m very humbled to have been able to see these incredible aircraft so close… There are very few intact Messerschmitt 109s left, this was a very big day for me. Thank you RAF London, I won’t soon forget this!

OH NO so you know the scene from SpongeBob when Patrick shows up on Squidward’s doorstep and

“Can I use your bathroom?”

“Patrick, go use your own bathroom.”

“I don’t think I can make it! Please?”








Harry begging Snape to obliviate him sixth year bc he was being his creepy ass stalker self and sneaked into the dungeons under his invisibility cloak to spy on Malfoy who is Up To Something™ but AHA lo and behold Draco had Pansy in his bed at that point in time and now Harry kind of wants to die.

“Can you obliviate me, Professor?”

“Mister Potter, go obliviate yourself.”

“I don’t think I can do it! Please?”






*shaking Snape’s shoulders violently* “PLEASE!!!”

It’s brilliant

Can I request a scenario where Fred and George bring their muggle friend to the burrow and they’re so excited because they’re not super used to magic so everything is like super cool! Thank you!!!!

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A/N I know this is short, but it’s the best I can do at the moment, so I hope you like it and if you do, don’t be scared to tell me ♥

It was the end of September. That’s when she met them. Two tall ginger guys, running away from something while they laughed their asses off. “oh, I wouldn’t go there if I was you”, One of the two said, grabbing Y/N’s arm and pulling her along with him. They ran for 5 minutes and then stopped. the two boys were still laughing as they tried to catch their breath. “may I ask what that was for?”, Y/N asked, her eyebrow raised. “wouldn’t want you to get in trouble love”, The one that pulled her along with the two of them said, “how rude of us, I’m George, this is Fred” “or am I George and are you Fred?”, The other said. “I’m pretty sure I’m George” “I’m pretty sure I’m getting a head ache”, Y/N interrupted the two boys.

It was only the day after that she saw them again. Both having a mischievous smile on their face. “we never got your name”, George said as he sat down. “I’m Y/N”, Y/N said, looking up from her book. “well, little Y/N, want to have some fun?”, Fred asked. It only took her a second to decide. “yeah, why not”, She smiled.

It was now December. The 3 of them had gotten very close, best friend close even, which Y/N thought would never happen and now it was Christmas break, which mend some free time from school and pranks. Soon they would go on the Hogwarts Express and go to their families. Well Fred and George would take Y/N along with them to the Burrow. All packed and ready, she stood at the door of the common room. “you sure your mum or dad don’t mind right?”, Y/N asked for the tenth time that day. “positive”, the twins said as the same time, “besides mum has been dying to see you”, Fred added. “oh and you’ll love the Burrow”, George said. “yeah, can’t wait to see the look on your face”, Fred rubbed his hands. Ever since Y/N was invited to The Burrow for Christmas break the boys wouldn’t shut up about how amazing she would think it is. Y/N came out of a Muggle family, so she had no idea how things worked in a wizard family or a wizard home. But the guys were sure she would love it so she just went along with them.

“is it that different than?”, Y/N asked. The twins looked at each other and shrugged. “I think, never seen a Muggle home, besides the one from Harry’s uncle and aunt, remember Georgie?”, Fred said. George nod, “didn’t see any flying pans there” “or self-cleaning tables” “or food that appeared on the stove” “or –“ “I get it now, sounds all wonderful guys”, Y/N stopped the guys from going on.

The train came at a stop. Behind the glass window stood Mister Weasley, waving at the boys and Y/N. Ron was the first one to hop off the train, followed by the twins and later by Y/N. “Boys, wonderful to see all of you! And you must be Y/N, now I have lots of questions for you, all Muggle stuff, you’re from a Muggle family right? Oh yes Fred told us, now Molly is at home, she’s cooking dinner for all of us, wonderful, let me help you with your bags”, mister Weasley talked on, Y/N didn’t have time to interrupt or even say ‘hi’. Mister Weasley took Y/N’s bags, which she could have easily carried herself. “when we tell you to close your eyes, do it, okay?”, George said when they sat down in the car. Y/N nod, but she was still suspicious. “oh, don’t give us that look, it’s just for a surprise, okay? We won’t kill you”, Fred said. “yeah, who else would save our ass if we pranked Snape again”, George said. From the mirror, Y/N saw Mister Weasley give the boys a dirty look. 

“okay, close them”, Fred said. Y/N did as told. The car came stopped and the boys helped Y/N out of the car, guiding her towards the house. By the way they held Y/Ns hands or arm she could tell they were a lot more exciting about this then she was. What could be so special, it’s just a house, right? “okay, and open up”, George said. Y/N’s eyes fluttered open. She gasped at the sight in front of her. She stood in what she thought to be the kitchen. And Fred and George were right, this wasn’t like a muggle house. The sink was filled with dishes that were cleaning themselves, in the chair was a jumper being knitted in mid-air by nobody. The table was being scrubbed clean by itself. Soon Y/N saw Molly run in the kitchen with open arms, hugging all the boys and eventually Y/N self, who was still looking around in awe. “First time huh”, Molly smiled as she hugged the girl. “um Yeah, nice to meet you”, She said, still not completely wrapped around the idea of the house cleaning itself.

‘well?”, George asked

“this is brilliant”