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Bittersweet and Strange (Negan X Female)

Summary: When her father doesn’t come back from his scavenging run, she goes looking for him and meets a horrible beast: Negan.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 3,309

Warnings: Angst, swearing, eventual smut, eventual fluff 

Author’s Note: This is for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s 3rd writing challenge, and my prompt was Beauty and the Beast. It’s late. I’m sorry. I’m trash. 

I plan on writing at least 3 parts. I officially have the entire fic planned out, so it’ll be easier to get the next parts completed.

I’m a Disney dork, so similar to my fic series Fruit of the Dead and how it mirrored the greek myth, this fic mirrors the movie. I didn’t have anyone beta this, so sorry for errors.

Please let me know what you thought! I love feedback!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog! Can I make a request? MC's child comes home after being bullied in school and tried to hide it! How do the RFA(Saeran+V) think or do after finding out their child is being bullied?

( `ε´ ) I’ve def had to be mc in a few of these situations for my lil bro.


- It took a while before the two of you noticed. Your daughter always came home from school smiling and hugging the both of you.

- It was a normal habit that you would help her with her homework, but tonight as you helped her look for it, tears sprang in her eyes.

- “Aw, honey, did you accidentally leave it at school? It’s okay, accidents happen. We can try and email your teacher, okay?”

- When she kept crying, that’s when you got worried and started asking her what was wrong.

- After a few attempts at calming herself, she messily blubbered out that the kids at school had thrown her homework away again.

- Again?? What??

- You start cuddling her in your lap, rubbing her back as she sobs. “What do you mean? Honey, are the other kids bothering you?”

- She explains how they bully her- Throwing away her homework and calling her names. They won’t even play with her at recess anymore. And apparently it’s due to her white hair and eyes.

- When Zen comes home to find both of his girls looking upset while cuddling on the couch, he’s instantly ready to Fight.

- After calming your daughter down, the two of you let her play in her room while the two of you talk. You explaining everything to Zen.

- He Is Pissed. He wants to give a piece of his mind to the parents and their kids while you want a more peaceful approach.

- It’s not that you’re not mad, you’re fucking pissed too, but you need to be levelheaded about this if you want something done.

- So on a day you know Zen is busy, you set up a meeting with her teacher to discuss what is happening. You manage to resolve the situation, saying that if it keeps up you will be talking to the principal, but otherwise it should be taken care of.

- Later that day the two of you take your daughter out for a nice outing to take her mind off of things, constantly telling her how much the two of you love her.


- The two of you noticed your son was a bit more irritable than usual. Nowadays he just instantly went to his room after school, only coming out for dinner.

- Jumin was worried instantly. More than you because you just thought it was part of him growing up.

- Jumin ended up going and trying to talk to him but….Unfortunately, your son was a big momma’s boy… He hardly would talk to Jumin.

- After Jumin getting a bit annoyed, you kissed him on the cheek and took a try at getting your son to talk.

- You popped in and tried making a silly face, which made him try to keep acting stern and hide his giggle.

- You sat on his bed and ruffled his hair, asking him why he was so angry lately.

- “The other kids keep laughing at me because my math scores are low… That I won’t  be able to be as smart as dad when I grow up…”

- Is this how rich kids made fun of eachother? You asked him how smart he thought your were.

- “Super smart! You always know what to do.”

- Pfft. You laughed a bit and explained that when you were younger, your math scores were terrible. You even had gotten a failing grade in one class before.

- His eyes nearly popped out of his head. “What??”

- It was easy sailing from there. You managed to cheer him up pretty quickly, and soon he was fussing about how the other kids had no idea what they were talking about.

- (Yeah…He was Jumin’s son alright…)

- After the talk ended, you left to explain what happened to Jumin. He instantly wanted to take this up with the school board (Jumin calm, jeez), but you talked him out of that quickly.

- It wasn’t any hardcore bullying, and soon your son started perking up after school.


- Sometimes when your son came home, he’d be a bit teary-eyed. Just once in a while, and he usually said he was just sleepy and needed a nap.

- When it started happening nearly every day, you felt something was wrong. 

- Everything was confirmed when you decide to meet him where his bus lets him off, and you hear the other kids jeering at him.

- As soon as the two of you get inside, you give him a big hug and call Jaehee over.

- “Sweetie, what’s happening? Are you okay?”

- He ends up breaking down and talking about how the other kids make fun of him on the bus. They’re all older and tease him constantly push him around.

- Jaehee instantly wants to talk to the school and figure out why in the world this is allowed, but you end up taking matters into your own hands.

- The next day you wait for your son to get off the bus, and before the bus doors can close you call out to the bus driver.

- After a stern lecture and a few curses when you weren’t taken seriously, you finally got the situation settled when you threatened to bring it up with the school board and possibly get the driver fired.

- (Jaehee is v impressed)

- Afterwards, Jaehee makes him a frappe while all of you go out and buy him a few new toys.


- Your daughter grew up in a very….geeky home.

- She was introduced to games and the like very early on, and wore a lot of clothing related to the stuff.

- She normally didn’t have a problem about it, but one day she ended up coming home from school, trying to stop herself from crying.

- The two of you were on her in an instant, gently asking what had happened.

- “Mommy, why couldn’t I be like the other girls??”

-….?? What??

- Apparently, the kids in her class were making fun of her for not wearing make-up or dressing all girly like the girls in her class

- (She’s…Too young for make-up!)

- You’re upset, but surprisingly Yoosung is very calm about the situation.

- He ends up getting on his knees and holding your daughter’s shoulders.

- He asks her about certain female characters in games, the ones that saved the day and was the heroines of the games she had played.

- “Do you think they cared what others thought of them?”

- “N-No…”

- “That’s right. Even when others made fun of them, told them they couldn’t save the galaxy, they didn’t care! They kept their head up and kept on going!”

-Oh my god. 

- But…It was helping. Your daughter slowly stopped crying, and then she stomped her foot down.

- “I’m going to be just like Shepard!!” She shouted, balling her fists up and looking stern. “Fuck those guys!”

- Omg, no, sweetie. 

- Now it was your turn for a talk on how she wasn’t ready to say words like that (Gdi Yoosung)

- Regardless, in the end, Yoosung’s little pep talk ended up helping her ignore the kids teasing her.


- Any child of Seven’s was bound to grow up just as quirky as he was.

- Your daughter loved computers and robots, and mainly boy related things, but she was funny as well.

- Just not funny like the kids her age was used too. Mainly..’Seven’ funny…

- She usually got along with others well. She was able to make them laugh, and she had a few friends.

- But one day over dinner, she opened up about a boy calling her weird and ugly.

- The two of you instantly stopped eating, ready to shower her with compliments and assurances that she wasn’t any of that.

-…But apparently she didn’t need that. “It’s okay, I just kicked him in the shin and he shut up.”

- Oh my god. Seven busted out laughing, but you ended up telling her not to kick anyone again if she could help it.

- Soon, she began opening up about the ways the kids tried bullying her.

- “He called me weird, so I turned around and called him illiterate. He looked really confused, so I was all ‘Sorry, i thought we were stating the obvious.’”

- Seven laughed every time, and the two of you were proud she wasn’t letting the other kids bother her too much. She was going to grow up very strong-willed.


- The two of you thought everything was fine until your son had a huge attitude one night. He even started yelling at V! Something he never did!

- “Everyone was right! You’re just as dumb as you look!!” And bam, he ran to his room in a fit of tears.

- Both you and V were very confused. (V even asked if he was wearing his shirt wrong or something.)

- Slowly, you entered your son’s room, calmly asking if you could talk to him.

- After him hugging a pillow to death, he finally said all the kids were making fun of him for his dad being blind.

- (Why are kids so mean??)

- “Why can’t he go get his eyes fixed already? Does he just not want to see me?”

- Aw baby… You hugged him close and just told him how V couldn’t really have his eyes fixed like that. And he could see, just a bit, but it was harder on him now that time had passed.

- He ended up crying for a while from stress, from the kids bullying him, from his dad not being able to see well.

- After a while when he calmed down, you let him sleep as you went and explained everything to V.

- He felt a bit guilty that his son felt that way, but you were quick to explain it was just due to all the stress of the bullying.

- The next day, after school, all three of you sat and had a big family talk. Mainly V talking, but you all sorted out any misconceptions. The talk ended up making your son hug onto V and cry and apologize, but at least a few things were settled.

- The rest of the talk was giving advice to your son. To tell the teachers when this happened, to tell the principal or you two if it got worse, a few tips on how to handle it.

- During the weekend, V ended up making a call to ‘Uncle Jumin’ and being able to spoil your son for the weekend to cheer him up.


- Every time your daughter had to go to school, be picked up early, dropped off late, you were the one who always took her.

- You never really thought anything of it, but one day she asked why her dad never did so.

- Honestly…You just never asked him, you were fine doing it yourself, and he didn’t mind either.

- “The other kids don’t think I have a dad…”

- (Kid logic…)

- You ended up laughing, but when you noticed she looked sad about it, you quickly stopped.

- “Does dad not like seeing me?”

- Aw, baby. The kids had her thinking her dad didn’t like her.

- After reassuring her that her dad was just a bit shy, you sent her to bed and talked to Saeran about it.

- He just said the two of you would start taking turns.

- So the next day, you let Saeran pick her up from school while you went out grocery shopping.

- You weren’t expecting a phone call, but you answered it as you shopped.

- “Yeah, uh… I don’t think they kids are going to say anything anymore.”

- ???

- Apparently, the kids saw him and instantly clammed up. Your daughter even ended up sticking her tongue out at them after she hugged her dad. 

- Oh my god. The two of you laughed about it.

- “So, are you guys home?”

- “Oh, no. I stopped by the ice cream parlor-”

- “What? No! Saeran! Dinner!! Don’t ruin her appetite!”

- “….Can we push dinner an hour?”

- “God damnit.”

I Love You

Prompt: You were on a hunt with Sam and Dean when you got terribly hurt. Waking up, you find Crowley scowling the boys for being so careless and FLUFF!

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

A/N: Hey y’all! This one is longer than what I’m usually use to but I really liked how this turned out. Fluff to the max! Remember! My requests are always open and I’m pretty new here so I could use some friends :) Message me anytime! And as always! Enjoy!

Originally posted by a-hunter-angel


You swung around quickly and blocked a punch the vampire was going to throw at you. You swing you machete up and across, slicing the vampire’s neck open. His eyes glazes over, staring at you as his head lolls to the side and falls off completely. His body hits the floor with a thud quickly after.

Before you could take a breath and focus again, you hear Sam yell out, “Y/n! Watch out!” You quickly swing around but you weren’t fast enough when the vampire hits you, sending you flying to the wall. You crash into it and fall to the floor, knocking your forehead into the floorboard. Blinking through the haze that fell over your eyes, you try to push yourself upwards but you felt a shoe make impact with your stomach, making you fall back onto the floor.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Valentine’s Day Massacre
We have to keep reinventing ourselves almost every minute because the world can change in an instant, and there’s no time for looking back. Sometimes the changes are forced on us, sometimes they happen by accident, and we make the most of them. We have to constantly come up with new ways to fix ourselves. So we change, we adapt, we create new versions of ourselves. We just need to be sure that this one is an improvement over the last.  

I Really Love You (13 Reasons Why Jeff Imagine)

Description: It’s Jessica’s party, and things don’t quite go as planned.

Request: None

A/N: Thank you for your nice comments on my last post. I’m feeling a lot better than I did before physically and I’m getting there emotionally, but I thought maybe writing about it would help me?? Idk here it goes.

You were at Jessica’s party. You couldn’t believe summer had gone so fast. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend for a lot of the summer because you were working and he was training for baseball and coaching little league teams. You were happy that you got to see him that night. He was always touching you. He had an arm around your waist or your shoulders or he was hugging you close to him so you couldn’t move. He missed being able to be with you whenever he wanted, and tonight was the first time in a while he was able to do that.

“I love you a lot,” he whispered in your ear as you sat on his lap in the middle of a game of truth or dare. You turned and stroked his cheek with your hand.

“I love you,” you smiled at him.

“Hey! Jeff! (Y/N)! Pay attention!” someone called your attention back to the game. Jeff wrapped his arms around your waist and squeezed you gently, just to let you know he was there.

“Jeff, truth or dare?” Justin asked him, clearly drunk out of his mind.

“Truth,” he said as he put his chin on your shoulder.

“Ah, you’re so boring! Do a dare!”

You could feel his chest rise against your back as he laughed. “Fine, dare.”

“I dare you to take your hands off (Y/N) for the next round of turns.”

“Nah,” he laughed as he kissed your cheek causing you to giggle.

“It’s not that hard,” you mumbled as you stood up.

“No, come back,” he whined. He pulled you back on his lap. “You know,” he whispered in your ear again. “We can get out of here if you want. Have a movie night.”

“Will there be pizza?” you asked very seriously.

“There can be,” he laughed. “Whatever you want. We can stop and buy stuff on the way home, pizza, popcorn, you name it.”

“I love you,” you said before you kissed him. “Let’s do it.” You stood up and grabbed his hand. “See you later guys.”

“You guys are leaving?” Justin groaned. “Why?”

“We have things to do,” Jeff said as he intertwined his fingers with yours. “Hey ‘text me about that project, Foley.”

“Okay, nerd,” he laughed.

Jeff rolled his eyes and lead you through the crowd of people. Once you got to his car he hugged you close to him and kissed you for the millionth time that night. “You know I love you, right?”

“You’ve only told me a million times, but tell me again.”

He pulled away from you slightly and grabbed your hands. He looked you in the eye as he said, “I love you.”

He opened the door for you and you shook your head at him. “Didn’t you drink?”

“Like two hours ago, come on, babe.”

“Please let me drive. I don’t want anything to happen to you, baby,” you pouted at him. “You can pick the movie…”

“Fine,” he rolled his eyes. He grabbed his keys from his pocket and handed them to you. “I love you,” he said once again. You kissed his cheek.

“I know, baby.”

You got in the driver’s seat and started the car. Jeff put his hand on your thigh and tapped it only to the music that was playing. It was your favorite playlist, one that you and Jeff had worked on for months to put together. You pulled up to a stop sign and looked before pulling onto a street when a car slammed into your side. You screamed as you stopped the car. “Are you okay?” Jeff asked after helping you pull over.

“Y-Yeah, I-I’m so sorry…your car…”

“As long as you’re okay, everything’s okay.” He hugged you close to him as he kissed your head. You got out of the car to see Sherri getting out.

“I can’t believe this happened,” she mumbled. “My dad is going to kill me.” You quickly called the police and everything was sorted out. Jeff’s mom came to the street after the police had left.

“Are you guys alright?” she asked frantically.

“We’re okay, Mom,” he looked down at you. “Just shaken up.”

“Let’s get you home then,” she hugged you both.

“Mrs. Atkins, I’m really sorry about the car-”

“Don’t worry about sweetie. As long as you and Jeff are okay…it’s just a car. It’s replaceable, but if we lost one of you…I’d be devastated,” she said as she lead you both to the car. “Did you call your parents?” she asked you as she drove to their home.

“Yes, they’re out of town, but they said they’ll pay for everything…I’ll do whatever I-”

“Hey,” Jeff said as he grabbed your hand and your attention. “Don’t worry about that okay? At least not right now.” You nodded as he grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles. “Can she spend the night, Mom?”

“Of course, you two need each other after that,” she said. “But nothing inappropriate, J,” she said as she looked at him through her mirror.

“I know, Mom,” he laughed.

Once you got to his house, Jeff lead you to his room and gave you one of his old shirts to wear. You changed and sighed as you sat on his bed. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t even see-”

“I know you didn’t see her. Neither did I. But we’re both okay. I known it was scary, but accidents happen. It’s shitty, but we have to deal with that sometimes.” He laid on his back. “Come here,” he mumbled as he opened his arms. You rested your head against his chest as he wrapped himself around you. You wrapped your arms around his waist and just listened to each other breathe. “I really love you, (Y/N),” he sighed.

“I really love you, Jeff.”

Two different worlds collided (Rosé x reader)

Requested by: anon

Characters: Rosé, fem reader

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Word count: 1808

Summary: What happens when two completely different people get in touch?

Originally posted by seolangel

Since i joined this school everyone loved me. No it wasn’t because i was super nice or beautiful, it was because i hid my flaws. In my last school i showed my true innocent self and it got me hating life. People thought i was easy target so i got bullied and eventually transferred out. I decided that i won’t let people drag me around anymore so naturally i tried to shape myself in society’s standards and only show that new ‘improved’ version of myself. Surprisingly it worked and i became one of those so called basic popular girls. At first i thought i could be popular and loved without being mean or rude, but it couldn’t happen. Only if you show authority you can stay at the top.

‘Today kids we are going to do special projects. Everyone will get a pair that i assigned and script that you will have to remember in next three days. Who does well will get passing grade, who doesn’t will get to prepare another theatre piece. If once again you don’t do well, you will fail this class. Also this will help me choose who will play main roles in next school play.’ our drama teacher, Mrs Lee, said. ‘Come to me with your pair at assigned time.’

‘This is so stupid, i can’t believe we have to practice with some of those idiots’ Jennie said while pointing at our class.

We went up to black board where pairs were given. I searched for my name when suddenly Jisoo started speaking.

‘Who did you get paired up with Y/N?’ she stopped to read the name ‘Rosé? Who the hell is that?’ Rosé.

No just not her please tell me she’s joking.

‘Earth to Y/N, i asked you something? Do you know who is this Rosé girl?’

‘Ah.. I think it’s the shy one with brown hair.’ I blurted out

‘Oh my god great we can play with her.’ Lisa added ‘Let’s go meet her, I’m sure she would die to even talk to us’

This can’t be true. Rosé was my classmate in past school, was bullied just like me and left. She got bullied because she tried to be friends with me. By accident it happened that we transferred to same new school, but on her surprise i was completely different person when i came. Also she was my hero back then, my hero and my crush. I admired her so much and was devastated when she left, but when i met her again i have already changed. Old me was buried deep inside. I wasn’t shy and scared anymore, i was strong and independent. I was person everyone wanted to be friends with. If i became close with Rosé she would probably change on worse, just like me, and i didn’t want to allow that. I tried to avoid her at all costs. I protected her from bulling since i had authority, and no one suspected. They were all brainwashed by how ‘cool’ i was.

‘Lisa wait. I’ll talk to her first and see is she any fun’ i teased ‘If she is i might even keep her’

After a lot of thinking i went up to Rosé’s desk. ‘Hey um we’re partners for the project’

‘Hi Y/N, i know’ she said with a smile

Why is she so nice i don’t deserve it.

‘Shell we go to the teacher for our script’ she hummed ‘You girls will be playing this script. It’s about two girls learning about what love was. Hope you enjoy it.’ Mrs Lee said while raising an eyebrow

‘Ah I’m sure we will’ Rosé replied happily

‘Yeah im sure’ i rolled my eyes ‘it sounds like one of those cheesy stories that end with: They kissed and lived happily ever after.’

After we left teachers office Rosé started cheerfully talking about the play and how excited she was. ‘I’ve actually never had a chance to act in front of people before’ she said enthusiastically.

I wanted to be my usual mean self and give her cold response like i used to do but i couldn’t, after everything that she has done for me.

‘Oh hi Y/N, are you getting along with your new friend?’ Lisa went up to us with weird grin on her face, putting on hand on my shoulder. She is up to something.

‘This is school project, we don’t have to get along to do well’

‘You were smiling so brightly before while talking to this girl that I’m sure you will be great friends.’

Lisa looked at me while raising an eyebrow ‘Have fun with your project’ she said as she left

‘Don’t worry about her, I’m sure she’s just dealing with her own problems’ Rosé could see i was pissed off and she tried to calm me down

‘Who do you think i am, i deal with people like this all the time.’

We arrived at Rosé place, and started practicing straight away.

‘Do you think world will accept our love Marie?’

‘We can’t ask world to accept it, until we do so ourselves’

End of scene. I want to puke this is so cheesy, but it’s pretty true. I hate that I’m agreeing with such stuff.

‘We did great Y/N!’ Rosé said

‘Why are you so nice to me? You know damn well what i did.’ I angrily muttered

‘I got no idea what are you talking about’

she smirked ‘I’m just glad to be spending time with my classmate’

‘Don’t act like that. It’s hard enough as it is please just stop being so nice. I don’t deserve it.’

She sighed ‘Okay okay i remember what you did and what happened, I’m just happy to be with you again. I wanted to be your friend back then for a reason and it still hasn’t changed Y/N’

Please don’t do this to me. I can’t get close to you, you know i can’t so please stop making me suffer. I want to spend every moment of my life with you but i can’t. This is just hurting me. We don’t belong together.

‘I’m not the person you knew, i changed. I don’t want to drag you with me again if something happens. You know what Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo are capable of. All your hopes will get crushed if you get close to me.’ I said under my breath ‘stop with this before it’s too late’

‘I won’t do that. I won’t let people drag me around anymore, and I’ll do what i want.’

I guess i wasn’t the only person that changed. Before she was righteous, but not confident. She was trusting, but not cautious. She changed for better unlike me, that’s why i couldn’t let her get any closer. It could ruin everything.

The day when we needed to present our play came. Rosé was completely ready, me.. well not so much. I was so busy trying to push her away that i forgot to practice. I just hope this will bee separately graded.

‘Rosé and Y/N it’s your turn’ mrs Lee said ‘start whenever you’re ready’

I can’t do this. I’m so nervous. ‘How will everyone react. Marie i don’t think we can do this’ Rosé confidently started saying her lines, with no mistakes whatsoever. It was my turn but everything started mixing up in my head. I could already hear everyone’s mocking.

‘Sorry teacher i forgot rest of my script, i guess i got nervous’ Rosé said with sheepish smile ‘I didn’t learn my text properly.’

Everyone started laughing at her. ‘She’s so dumb oh my god i can’t believe she couldn’t remember that in three days.’ I heard people whispering

‘This is team project Miss, do you know you will bring down your team mate as well?’

‘I know, I’m terribly sorry to Y/N..’ Rosé continued

‘Sit on your places I’ll give you new script to learn after classes. Next are-‘

-After classes-

‘Rosé come have a word with me.’

‘Sure but we shou-‘

‘It will take a minute. Then we can go to teacher for new script.’

We went to girl’s restroom and as i locked door, Rosé was about to speak when i interrupted her

‘You knew that i got nervous and that’s why you said you forgot the script. Why?’

‘I don’t have anything to loose, you on the other hand have. I didn’t want that to happen.’ She replied calmly

‘Do you understand you are digging yourself in a hole for me?’

‘I don’t mind.’ Rosé replied smiling like she has no worries in this world. ‘Now let’s get a new script from Mrs Lee’

After some time teacher agreed to let us use the same script with a warning that if we don’t get it perfectly this time not that only we’ll fail this class, but she’ll make sure we fail it next year as well. Lovely. Next few days my dear ‘friends’ decided to play with Rosé. It pissed me off. Jennie would take her stuff, Lisa would make remarks about her looks, Jisoo would call her names. Rosé seemed like easy target, shy and quiet. She actually wasn’t like that. She was strong but she just though that bulling wasn’t that big of a problem so far to call teachers. She went along with it.

‘Y/N how is your girlfriend doing?’ Jisoo teased

‘You know damn well she’s not my girlfriend. Let’s not get her into this.’ ‘Oh now you’re shielding her. I thought you loved joking with easy targets. Did that change or is this Rosé girl exception?’ she continued

I couldn’t live with myself knowing that people bullied Rosé again because of me.

‘Fuck off Jisoo. Just leave her alone’ i angrily said and got people’s attention

Again day of our play came, people kinda stopped bulling Rosé since they saw me get mad at Jisoo the other day. This time i learned my script perfectly.

‘Do you think world will accept our love Marie?’

‘We can’t ask world to accept it, until we do so ourselves’

Now it’s time for us to hug and finish the scene. I looked Rosé in the eyes, she looked so proud. I wanted her to be happy. As i was about to lean in for a hug she went up to me, brushed her fingers against my hair and put them behind my neck. Her touch was gentle and her lips pressed against mines tasted like cherry. She broke the kiss and jokingly hit me in the arm ‘It’s time to bow for end of performance’ she said with cheeky smile Everyone was silent, mouths wide open students started at us in shock. ‘This is exactly what i wanted, perfectly acted out, full of emotion. Bravo!’ mrs Lee looked at us brightly ‘i think we found main roles for school play’

anonymous asked:

Can u write something where Josh gets hurt on tour and the reader is very concerned and flies in to support him and help him recover? I love your imagines, they are so well written and you seem very sweet and talented!!


It was the sixth time that you’re phone had gone off in your pocket that made you finally excuse yourself from your meeting to see who was calling you so frantically. You’re slightly annoyed, until you see Tyler’s name and picture flash on your phone screen for the seventh time as you swipe to answer.

“Hey Ty, can I call you back in like an hour? I’m just in the middle of a meeting,” You ask. It wasn’t often that Tyler called you, but when he wanted to get ahold of someone he was persistent.

“It’s about Josh,” Tyler replies quickly, his tone tense and immediately you’ve forgotten about your meeting. “There was an accident during the show last night. He slipped and lost his footing when he was back flipping off the piano.” He explains.

“Is he alright?” Panic sets in as you think of your boyfriend in pain on the other side of the world, and nothing you can do about it.

“I’m calling from emergency right now. He has a couple hairline fractures in his ankle. He’ll probably need a cast,” Tyler says, and you can hear the disappointment in his voice. You know exactly why.

“What does it mean for the tour?”

Tyler lets out a deep sigh. “Honestly, I’m not sure. I know Josh has probably already asked that question. But the main thing is that he needs to heal and that might mean cancelling a few shows.”

You let out a sigh and lean against the wall of the empty hallway outside the conference room. “I’ll be on the next flight out,” You tell him.

“What? Y/N, are you sure? I know you’ve been busy with work, and he’ll be okay. He’ll understand if you can’t.” Tyler asks.

“He won’t be okay Tyler,” You tell him. “If you guys have to cancel shows he’s going to blame himself. And yeah he might understand, but I couldn’t live with myself if I wasn’t with my boyfriend when he needed me.” You explain. Your job was just a job, but Josh was your future.

“He’s lucky to have you,” Tyler chuckles. “Keep me updated.” You both say your goodbyes and you suck in a deep breath before heading back into the conference room and letting them know what was going on.

An hour later you’re in line buying a one way ticket to see Josh. You weren’t sure how long you’d be there, but you wouldn’t leave before Josh was better. You’re anxious to be with him, you could only imagine how he was feeling. Josh always put so much of himself into his work and music, and when things didn’t go according to plan he took it hard.

The plane couldn’t go fast enough and you anxiously bounced your leg the entire 10 hour flight, barely sleeping longer than forty - five minutes. Tyler greets you at the airport with a tight one armed hug before diving into the details of Josh’s injury.

“We had to cancel the next three shows for sure,” Tyler begins with the bad news as you both briskly walk through the airport. “He’s in a cast, doctor said it should only be a month, but there’s no guarantee.”

“How is he?” You ask, already knowing how he was doing.

Tyler grimaces. “Not good. He’s basically locked himself up in the tour bus, he won’t even let me in.”

“Does he know I’m coming?”

“Yeah, I told him after I got off the phone with you. He said not to come.”

You sigh, of course he would say that. Josh took everything so deeply, and now he was beating himself up over an accident. You knew you made the right choice, even if he thought otherwise. The drive back to the airport was quiet, both you and Tyler caught up in your thoughts about Josh. It wasn’t often that this would happen, maybe only once since you had started dating. He was going to try and push you out, but you were determined to show that you weren’t going anywhere.

The crew is all standing around the tour bus when you and Tyler pull up, solemn looks on their faces.

“What’s up, guys?” Tyler asks as you both exit the car. Seeing everyone standing outside the tour bus gave you anxiety.

“He locked himself inside,” Marks answers, eyes towards the ground. “He just like freaked out, and kicked everyone out of the bus and locked the door.”

You suck in a deep breath and push past the crowd of people and bang your fist against the bus door, so Josh would be able to hear it. “Josh?” You call. “It’s Y/N. Can you let me in?” Silence. “Babe? I miss you, can I please come inside?” You can hear movement from inside and then the click of the lock unlocking. You cast a quick glance back at Tyler, who has anxiety written all over his face, before you enter the bus, locking the door behind you.

Josh looks like hell. He’s sitting on the couch, cast on his left foot that he had elevated with some pillows. He won’t even look at you, but you can see the dark circles under his eyes.

“Babe,” You plead softly as you kneel beside the couch on the floor, trying to get him to look at you. But he doesn’t and it breaks your heart. “Josh,” You try again, moving your hand to cup his face towards you. “It’s not your fault.”

That seems to set him off, as his face turns to look at you so fast you think he might break his neck. “Not my fault?!” He snaps, and you flinch. You’re never used to Josh being angry or upset towards you and you don’t think you’ll ever be used to it. “If I hadn’t tried to be a show off, we wouldn’t have to cancel three shows!”

“Josh, you always do back flips,” you remind him as calmly as you can, trying not to get upset about his tone. “You couldn’t have known this would happen.”

Josh scoffs loudly at you, and you feel the tears stinging behind your eyes. You didn’t think he’d react this way, you thought he’d be happy to see you. “Whatever. It’s not like you’d understand anyways.”

“That’s it,” You snap, pushing yourself up from the ground. “I did not just spend ten hours on a plane to be your punching bag, Josh,” You tell him, voice wavering. You were notorious for crying when you’re angry and you hated it. “I gave up a huge project at work to be here, for you.”

“Well I didn’t ask you to be here!” He yells. “I told Tyler to tell you not to come!”

“Yeah, you’re right.” You agree, venom in your tone as you glare down your boyfriend. “You didn’t ask me. Tyler didn’t even ask me. I came because I love you, and I didn’t want you to go through this alone. Because the moment I heard that you were hurt, it wasn’t even a question. But I am not going to sit here and let you take your anger like I’m a personal punching bag, Josh.” You’re proud of yourself for keeping your composure but you know the minute you’re alone you’re going to break down. “And I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and let you treat me like one.”

Josh stares at you for a moment before furrowing his brow. “Then leave. I just said I didn’t ask you to come!” He shouts. And that was the blow that did you in. Your eyes start to water and spill down your face as you look at your boyfriend in shock. You didn’t even know what to say, so you just turn and burst out of the bus. Everyone turns to face you, and you only stand for a moment before heading towards the vehicle.

“What happened?” Tyler asks you frantically as you throw your bags into the back.

“I shouldn’t have come,” You sniffle. “Can someone please drive me back to the airport?” You call, turning back to the group of people standing around the bus.

“What do you mean you shouldn’t have come?” Tyler asks again, trying to search your face for an answer.

“I’m not a punching bag, Tyler,” You explain, eyes still watery as Josh’s words are still fresh in your mind. “I know he’s hurting but that doesn’t mean he can talk to me the way he was. If he’s going to be like that, then I’m going home.” You turn to let yourself in the car, waiting for someone to drive you back to the airport.

“Hold on a sec,” Tyler says as he shuts the door on you. “You flew ten hours to be here. You’re not leaving that easy.” He steps away for a second and returns with Jenna. “Keep her company, I’m going to talk to Josh.” And he’s gone before you can protest. Jenna offers you a understanding smile before suggesting you guys go find a place to eat.

It’s almost two hours before Tyler manages to find you and Jenna. You’re a lot more calm this time, having Jenna to take your mind off of things for a bit helped. Tyler slides into the booth beside his wife, placing an arms around her shoulders and kissing her on the cheek before turning to you. “He’s over there,” He says, nodding in the direction. You turn to see the yellow haired boy sitting by himself, staring into his steaming cup of coffee a couple booths away. You give Tyler a thankful glance before sliding out of the booth and heading over to Josh.

“Is this seat taken?” You jokingly ask with a soft smile. Josh looks up with sad eyes but manages to offer you a weak smile. You take that an invitation to sit, and patiently wait for him to start.

“I’m sorry,” He starts, eyes back down at his coffee. “I shouldn’t be taking out my frustration out on you. You flew ten hours to see me in the drop of a dime, and I should be more appreciative of that because you didn’t have too.” He looks up at you now and you can see the tears forming in his eyes and it breaks your heart. You reach across to place a hand on that back of his, but he takes it in his own quickly, squeezing it tightly. “I’m scared, Y/N,” He whispers. “I know I don’t have control over what happened, but everyone is going to be so disappointed and I don’t want to be the reason.”

“No one is disappointed, Josh.” You remind him. “Accidents happen, and we move past them. And you don’t have to do this alone. I’m here. I’ll be here until you don’t need me anymore.”

Josh looks up at you with a soft smirk, eyes less watery. “I’m always going to need you.”

You move your hands so your fingers can lace through his. “Then I’ll always be here.”

True to your word, you stay. You stay for every doctors appointment he has, every bad day and every good day. You’re there when the cast comes off and you’re there for his first show back. The smile on his face while he plays is all you need to make the rocky start worth it. And you can’t wait to see that smile for the rest of your life.

AD Podcasts, Christopher Moore, and Turn-of-the-Century Impressionism

So this week I’m re-reading one of my all-time favorite books. It’s called Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d’Art, by Christopher Moore. 

Moore is a writer of comedic speculative fiction, combining fantastical elements from a variety of cultural sources with the sometimes over-ordinary events of daily life. He’s one of my all-time favorite writers; particular gems include Sacré Bleu; Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal; Fluke (or, I Know Why The Winged Whale Sings); Fool; and A Dirty Job (and its recent sequel Secondhand Souls). I’m not sure if Moore has a Tumblr presence, but he’s on Twitter @TheAuthorGuy.

Sacré Bleu is a story that mostly centers on Lucien, a (fictional) baker in the Parisian district of Montmartre, where congregated the great artists of the Impressionist era during the late 1800s. Lucien was taught by Renoir, coddled by Pissarro, sneered at by Degas, condescended to by Monet, and mourned the death of Vincent Van Gogh right alongside Dr. Gachet and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.

It’s also about a timeless muse whose skin exudes magical memory-altering blue pigment harvested by a Neanderthal. But that’s not really why I’m writing.

What’s struck me on this second read is how plausible it is to me that all of these great artists knew each other, drank together, suffered together, and orbited each other throughout their lives. Because of course they did! They were all living in France, their paintings hung in the same galleries, and they drank in the same bars! But more importantly, they were the only other people crazy enough to believe with all their beings that their art would sustain them. (ok yes, some of them came from money, so they needn’t have worried–– just stick with me here, the point is coming.)

(collage courtesy of Ryan Estrada)

Back in the spring, I was invited to a group forming online which now includes most of the people who make your favorite fiction podcasts: Wolf 359. Wooden Overcoats. Archive 81. Kakos Industries. The Cleansed. We’re Alive. Our Fair City. Small Town Horror. The NoSleep Podcast. The Truth. The Black Tapes & Tanis. Within the Wires. ars Paradoxica and the Bright Sessions, of course. And that’s just some of the more well-known examples. I could go on for a huge wall of text listing all the shows who contribute. (To all of my podfriends I did not list, I love you all as well, and please feel free to tag yourselves!)

Not only do we discuss the ins and outs of writing, production, recording, gear, publishing, marketing, and social media – did you think #AudioDramaSunday happened by accident? – but we also have an incredibly lively Random/Off-Topic section where we talk about video games, food, TV shows, events, school, work, illness, life stresses, and general shenanigans. We’ve become a huge group of friends. I’ve honestly never seen a more supportive, welcoming, and friendly group of people, especially one so large and whose member list is constantly expanding. I feel so, so lucky and grateful to be included in this wonderful weird audio drama podcast family.

We support each other because we are the only other people crazy enough to believe, with all of our beings, that our art will sustain us.


DUPLASS: […] wonderful accidents started to happen [when we were improvising]. Like we did this thing where we’re naming different beers we should be getting, and we said the same beer at the same time. We were like, ‘F—! This is awesome!’
PAULSON: One of the great things is there were two cameras. So you got [the shot you needed] and you had it. You didn’t have to try to make [the] moment [that happened very organically] happen again […].”

Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson on taking risks with Blue Jay


“A perfect life doesn’t exist. Unexpected accidents happen in life and we make irreversible mistakes, too. But every time we fall and get hurt in life we definitely find ourselves changed in the midst of it. We realise other people’s pains or we realise ourselves maturing. Wouldn’t it really be like the beginning of love? So.. even if we keep making mistake and failing. We’ll keep growing and challenging ourselves.” - episode 21

What Remains of Edith Finch?!

I just finished watching Jack’s play through of What Remains of Edith Finch?, and I wanted to say something of what I thought about the game play :) 

1. The visuals were stunning :)  

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2. The music was really nice and calming :)

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 3. The way the story was told was really cool, I just love the way the environment told the story :)

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My favorite thing about the game was discovering all of the secrets throughout the house! 

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And I knew it reminded me of the house in Hello Neighbor, hahaha 

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The game had me hooked so much that I was so oblivious of the hour play of how fast that went (Now that’s a good game :)

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There was something that stuck out at me though! It was the ending! The message of the game: Appreciate everything that you have, and NEVER take anything for granted because this life is so short (I can tell you that this 1000% true)! The reason I say this is because I actually want to get something (even though it happened 4 years ago) off my chest! 

Okay, here goes

*Breathes in* 

*Breathes out*  

In 2013, during the month of October, my mom was dropping my sister and I off to school.   She was about to make a left turn, when all of a sudden, she got hit by the other car, we spun of out control, and crashed! (Thank God we had our seat belts on) As soon as the 2005, Ford Windstar crashed it went in flames, but lucky for us their were people who got us out before the flames got worse, and we survived! (While this happened I actually felt like one of our mom’s friends was there, and protected us the whole time) 

After when that accident happen, it made me realize even more that life is definitely short, and we should appreciate all the little things :) the way the accident happened we shouldn’t have survived, but the fact we are still alive today, stronger than ever, just made me even more grateful!   

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man that ending part was tough to write

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We have literally one tree in our yard and we want to be outside, but he sun is hella intense so we’re sitting here in our lawn chairs crowded into exactly the only 6 square feet of shade it offers.