accidently deleted the first one whoops


Character: Crowley, Dean Winchester

Warning: Description of murder scene (not too graphic)

Word Count: 4,093 (geeeeeez okay I didn’t realize it got this long, whoops)

Request: So I deleted the original request by accident or something, but it went like this: Crowley meets Dean’s daughter for the first time. She calls him ‘Cow’, and he ends up giving her her own nickname.


    She’s the sort of child one might see on a life insurance advertisement: youthful blond curls tied up in two ponytails, big blue puppy dog eyes, a perfect pink mouth, flawless skin, and a heart shaped face with enough baby fat to be adorable. Anyone could predict that she’ll grow up to be an attractive young woman. It’s in her genes, actually. Her mother could have been the plainest woman on the planet, but her father’s blood overpowered any ugliness she might have inherited.

    It takes Crowley all of three seconds to determine who the little girl belongs to, and the first words out of his mouth are, “Your whole family is a line of God damn pretty people.”

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