accidently deleted the first one whoops


Character: Crowley, Dean Winchester

Warning: Description of murder scene (not too graphic)

Word Count: 4,093 (geeeeeez okay I didn’t realize it got this long, whoops)

Request: So I deleted the original request by accident or something, but it went like this: Crowley meets Dean’s daughter for the first time. She calls him ‘Cow’, and he ends up giving her her own nickname.


    She’s the sort of child one might see on a life insurance advertisement: youthful blond curls tied up in two ponytails, big blue puppy dog eyes, a perfect pink mouth, flawless skin, and a heart shaped face with enough baby fat to be adorable. Anyone could predict that she’ll grow up to be an attractive young woman. It’s in her genes, actually. Her mother could have been the plainest woman on the planet, but her father’s blood overpowered any ugliness she might have inherited.

    It takes Crowley all of three seconds to determine who the little girl belongs to, and the first words out of his mouth are, “Your whole family is a line of God damn pretty people.”

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Go on, I dare you. Sam x Reader WRITING PROMPT

@emiliasuncharted asked for a small drabble so… here it is! I wasn’t sure if you wanted nsfw, angst, whatever, so I decided to stick to my old roots and do some good ol’ fluff. This did actually end up getting deleted by accident the first time I wrote this, whOOPS. Here’s my second take on this!

47 - Go on, I dare you.


Today was supposed to be one of the hottest days in the week, according to the weather forecast. This was obviously something you weren’t looking forward to, silently hoping that the forecast was wrong and that it’d end up raining that day. When the time finally came and you expected to hear the droplets of water pound up against the window, you felt nothing more than the sweat that formed on your back that caused your skin to stick to your shirt. Great, just absolutely great.

Your activities were very limited because you were afraid of getting a heat stroke or something, so what did you end up doing the entire day? Sit in front of a fan while waving a magazine in your face, that’s what.

However, the universe wasn’t quite done toying with you just yet. Oh no, what made everything much more worse for you was that the fan that you held onto for dear life stopped working. You stood there for God knows how long, trying to fix the problem so you can go back to dying on the couch. To make matters even worse (like it wasn’t bad enough already), the cherry on top of all this was that Sam stood at the doorway, trying to hold in laughter as you poked at the buttons on the fan.

“Seriously? Of all days that the fan chose to break down, it had to be today. You’ve gotta be kidding me,” You said, one hand holding your magazine to keep you cool while the other worked at the fan’s buttons.

“Maybe you’re just due for a new one,” He suggested, almost letting go a laugh as you continued to act frustrated with the damn thing. You shot him an angry glance, to which he raised up his hands, saying, “Easy there, calm down. How about we go get a new one?”

‘We’? You obviously mean you, right? I’m not going outside in a heat wave like this, I mean, look at me!“ You exclaimed, throwing up your arms in the air to prove your point. “I’m all icky and sweaty… can you go get one for me? Pretty please?” You pouted towards his direction and he chuckled.

“Anything for my little princess,” He smiled, turning around to head out the door. “I’ll be back soon.”

Half an hour later, he was back with a fan. Plugging it in for you and turning it on, you felt the cool breeze kiss your cheeks while you laid down on the couch. You jumped up and scurried over to practically press your face up against the fan.

“God, thank you Sam. I felt like I was going to die,” You say, sighing in relief.

Then, a pair of arms wrap around your waist, immediately making you uncomfortable. Not because of the sudden touch, but because of the fact that Sam’s sweaty armpits and forehead legitimately bothered you.

You attempted to squirm out of his grasp, but it didn’t help that he just squeezed you tighter. “Sammy, stop that, you’re all sticky, wet, and gross!”

“Mmmmf, but I wanna feel the fan too,” He said into the crook of your neck which made you struggle even more. His forehead stuck onto your cheek, so you moved your head away from his.

“If you keep moving like that, I’m gonna do something that you’re really not gonna like,” He mumbled into your ear.

Go on, I dare you,“ You say, still struggling against his grip.

"Alright, you know you asked for this!” His hands started to squeeze and jab at your sides, causing you to fall into him as you bursted out laughing.

"Sa-am-my! ST-OP!” You said in between breaths, pushing and trying to block every single hand that came from seemingly every direction. He smiled, still tickling you for a good solid minute until you were completely out of breath and on the floor, sweaty as all hell.

He pulled you up, kissing you softly after you were done dusting yourself off.

“I hate you,” You said to him, kissing him once more.

He pulled out of the kiss, saying, “I love you too.”