accidentally is part of the joke

ok so that new clip, to me, just confirms my theories and even takes them a step further:

  • isak is sana’s mirror
  • the similarities are highlighted so much it’s suspicious 
  • i still think yousef will not be the love interest, ultimately (sana likes him, no doubt, but i’m still not convinced he likes her like that)
  • because even and isak’s journey so far is paralleled a lot in sana’s story
  • but julie knows how to use parallels, both to foreshadow and surprise us
  • in s3, we had a ton of r+j parallels very early on which led people to think isak or even was going to die or their couple would end tragically
  • but in the end we got a “pretty woman” ending
  • the parallels were there to set us up for something and eventually surprise us by twisting the ending
  • so i think julie is setting us up here for an evak-style yousana
  • girl likes boy, girl looks at him from afar, boy seems flirty, theyll end up together and happy and the boy will be all doe-eyed and “i noticed you immediately”
  • but that’s not what we will get
  • i’m not sure WHAT we’ll get eventually but i really think julie is setting us up here so she can surprise us, pull the rug
  • and the mikael thing is partly a distraction, partly a blatant plot point: but not the one we’re expecting
  • we’re expecting mikael to be a huge subplot with even
  • i think it is a subplot with even but i also think mikael will become very important in sana’s primary plot
  • mikael is taking more and more space in sana’s environment
  • just in that “yousef” clip, it was more actually about mikael
  • and when sana was staring at his pictures, we got the camera move up to mikael
  • sana is not looking directly at him but he is there, and he is taking more and more space in her literal and metaphorical visual field
  • and that julie is distracting us because she knew we would recognise mikael, mari “accidentally” made yousef’s fb public before the trailer so we “accidentally” saw the pictures of the balloon squad with mikael
  • this fandom is an internet one, they know this
  • this is not a TV show where active fandom online is not addressed or only in jokes, SKAM built its entire marketing on the internet
  • julie herself said “if you knew how hard it’s been to keep you on your toes”
  • julie is distracting us by waving mikael as an evak subplot right at us
  • while in the background, she’s setting him up to be a big part of the main sana plot
  • she’s showing us all these parallels between evak and yousana
  • but there is parallel and there is copy
  • and so far it’s bordering on a copy of the evak plot and that’s suspicious
  • i do believe in a happy ending with a happy sana
  • but i don’t believe it’ll be a yousana one
a summary of the main periods of music
  • renaissance: MODES MODES MoDEs and lets make everything blend and ooOHH lots of chords yes yes many chords buT WE OVER-COMPLICATE EVERYTHING
  • -
  • baroque: one melodic idea aND THEN WE TEAR IT APART WITH OUR FUGUES AND CONTRAPUNTAl and ornaments. homophonic? try poly. jumpscare dyNAMics and we have no pauses you keep playing till you die
  • -
  • classical: e v e n s i m p l er! one melody and all the lesser important parts below it. and wE SLOWLY FAde intO DYNAMICs. piano! orchestra!??!!! PIANO!!!!!!! OMFG ITS A PIaNO!!!! ew harpsichord whoa moZART
  • -
  • romantic: acccceelerando nO WAIt i want ritardandoooOO jokes. so free! so emotional! the tears and the feels uGH. REVOLUTIONS AS WELL. why's this orchestra so pathetic lETS ADD 784 NEW INSTRUMENTS!! and i want it to be so hard no one can play it
  • -
  • 20th century: a boop bap dap and a dippity do lookie do its jazz! and yes that accidental is meant to be there. also ignore the septuplets just play with it. also i wonder what happens if we hit different instruments. ok that soup bowl is now a percussion instrument. anD EVERYTHING IS SO COMPLEX HAHA PEASANTS SUFFeR!!
  • -
  • neoclassical 'new-age': bo oop bOp bIP BIEEEEEEEEP dInK!!!!(\(!!(!!$(($ DINK DINK DINK Dndfy *cats meowing harshly* *car crashes into house* NYEEEAAAAAAAAHHJHhhHHH

One-drink Shiro is cute and flushed and fun. He laughs a lot and tells jokes and smiles more easily than they’d ever seen him. He can easily be talked into dancing, although he’s still a little shy about it and keeps his eyes on his feet. He’s good at making friends one drink in, and if they’re in public will happily chat up any friendly-looking biped he sees.

Two-drink Shiro is loud. He isn’t entirely aware of how loud he can be, but his voice just naturally rises in volume once he’s at that point. He talks loud and he laughs loud and he will happily, loudly proclaim how much he loves his Paladins. The Paladins will giggle and hush him, and he’ll be quiet for about a minute before rising in volume again.

Three-drink Shiro is, admittedly, a bit of a slut. He’ll flirt back with Lance until Lance has to go sit down somewhere, because Shiro is upsettingly good at flirting. He’ll flirt with Allura if she’s around, and she’s almost always game to flirt back and tease him about it later. She’s shockingly good at flirting, and the other Paladins have sat there before in stunned silence while she slowly, methodically reduces Shiro to a blushing mess before leaving to go attend to Princess-y duties.

Four-drink Shiro is a sap. He’ll still proclaim how he loves his Paladins, but he’s quieter and he waxes poetic about all their fantastic qualities, how he’s so proud of them, how he’s so grateful that he has them around him. He’ll pull them into hugs and plant kisses on their heads and assure them that he’ll go to the ends of the Universe for them, that he’ll get them home no matter what.

Five-drink Shiro is closer to passing out and closer to his Lion. He still loves on his Paladins, but in different ways— he’s less verbal. Instead, he rubs his face against their hair, and he’ll somehow manage to purr. He’s more physical with them. If one of them wanders off, he has no qualms against grabbing them by the collar and yanking them close. He gets fiercely protective, and has been known to growl if Keith and Lance get in a spat.

Six-drink Shiro is sad. He’s usually barely conscious at this point, and he gets quiet and weepy. He won’t cry, but he’ll apologize profusely, grabbing for the other Paladins and slurring and telling them that he’s sorry, he’s sorry, he’s so fucking sorry that he took them all the way out here. He’s sorry that they miss home. He’s sorry that they’re in a war, that they’re far too young to be in a war. He tells them he’d go back to the Galra a million times over if it would keep them safe. He tries to apologize to Pidge for what happened to her family (his fault), but Hunk will never let him.

Shiro doesn’t try to get drunk often. But it’s an unfortunate reality of their situation that alien alcohol doesn’t have exact translations for human dosages, and a significant amount of alien races involve alcohol as part of their diplomacy rituals. So he does his best to limit himself, and when he accidentally has a bit too much, the Paladins are always there— joking, and teasing him, but giving him water and getting him into bed and making sure that he’s safe and comfortable and warm. And even if he is a little obnoxious when he’s drunk, at the end of the day they still love him.

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I've never seen Tony without his facial hair, feels like Avengers will not recognise clean-shaven Stark right away

headcanon: while battling a supervillain with heat-based powers, Tony’s facial hair accidentally gets singed off. cue the team making “are you lost” jokes and yelling “stranger danger!!” every time Tony enters a room for the entire week following the incident (or at least until Tony’s goatee finally grows back)

of course, while Steve doesn’t overtly participate in these antics, one morning when Tony kisses him awake, he rolls over and says, “excuse you sir, but i have a husband” and fails to hide his smirk as Tony whacks him over the head with a pillow

Why each Wolf 359 character would be arrested (Sarah, Gabriel, and Zach’s on-the-fly headcanons):

Yesterday during the March 2017 Patreon AMA I asked the following question in the chat:

“What crime would each character most likely get arrested for?”  This is under the assumption that they were never sent into space and therefore can’t be arrested for stuff they did on the Hephaestus (like murder).  Also, we know one reason why Eiffel was arrested but I have a hard time believing that that was his only scrape* with the law.“
[*Note:  I accidentally wrote scrap in the chat.]

Eiffel:  breaking and entering or disorderly conduct (they joked about Eiffel’s middle name being "disorderly conduct”).
Jacobi:  "Arson.  That’s very clear.“
Maxwell:  Cyber crime.
Hera:  Cyber crime, if not cyber terrorism.
Minkowski:  Enforcing the law while not being a police officer.  
Lovelace:  Extreme speeding ("Tokyo Drifting” adds Gabriel)
Kepler:  "You’ll never catch him.“
Hilbert:  At first they thought "bio warfare” but immediately agreed upon “malpractice” when Zach mentioned him breaking the Hippocratic Oath.
Kepler, part 2:  Insurance fraud or tax evasion (Zach suggested war crimes but Sarah said he’d be able to get away with those)
(At this point you hear police sirens outside of where they’re streaming from and Zach responds “There goes Lovelace.”)
Kepler, part 3:  Gabriel jokes that every year Kepler mails the IRS a threatening photo of himself with the blunt force trauma face.  Zach and Sarah follow up by saying the IRS mails Kepler a tax return check.

Drew this as part of a package I sent to @spinetrick and now that she’s gotten it in the mail I can finally post it. <3

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So in the avengers, when tony does his party line, Natasha's already been to one of his parties. I really hope that structural damage=party becomes an inside joke. I want them to be friends. Is that too much to ask?! (Tree)

Tony: A party isn’t a party until part of the roof is caving in.

Natasha: I disagree.

Natasha: A party isn’t a party until at least one person has been hospitalised and you’ve accidentally drunk twice your weight in Vodka

Tony: A party isn’t a party until you’re hanging upside down and your home is on fire

Natasha: A party isn’t a party until-


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What's your opinion on Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood? I love it because can you imagine the constant bickering? 'Whats more important Quidditch or exams, Oliver?' 'QUIDDITCH!' 'WRONG!' 'YOURE WRONG!'

Truly tragic. 

One time during one of their rows Percy yells something like “go marry your broom then”, which makes Oliver space out for a few seconds and Percy, to his horror, realises that he’s seriously contemplating it. 

The next day, after they make up, Oliver asks if Percy would come to his quidditch match, but Percy can’t come, he has an Important Work™ to do. What’s more important to you, asks Oliver, me or your paperwork. Percy gives him a “are you taking the piss out of me right now” look and Oliver, to his horror, realises that he might not be the most essential thing in Percy’s life.

See also: 

- Oliver gives Percy a broom as a Birthday or/and Christmas present, but ends up flying it himself most of the time; 

- Percy being rubbish at playing quidditch but still having to play a chaser during Oliver’s impromptu training sessions (these usually boost Oliver’s self-confidence because he saves literally every quaffle thrown by Percy seeing as the latter is rubbish at it); 

- Oliver listening to Percy’s rehearsal of a speech he has to deliver the following day, but falling asleep in the middle of it; 

- “is this a motivating speech you’ll be giving your quidditch team? I’ll rewrite it” “but you don’t know a damn thing about quidditch tactics” “I know something about speeches though”;

- Percy falling out of bed in the middle of the night with a yelp because something icy cold touched his bare shoulder blade - Oliver accidentally took a quaffle to bed again;

- Percy doesn’t understand jokes and takes everything literally, so when Oliver tries to be flirty with him and says “you date me because I’m a KEEPER” Percy’s just like “um I’d date you even if you were a chaser? I really don’t have a type when it comes to quidditch player positions” and Oliver is simultaneously smitten (because of the first part of Percy’s reply) and bemused because gdi Percy haven’t all those years living under the same roof with twins done nothing to your sense of humour;

- post-war Percy being slighly down after a visit to George’s joke shop because Fred’s absense still feels too intensely, and because he still remembers that Fred’s last words were directed at him, and Oliver not trying to distract him with usual quidditch talk because, contrary to popular belief (probably spread around by Percy) he is not an insensitive idiot;

- wow this got sad really fast;

- also why is this post so long;

- I was going to make a point on why they wouldn’t work but I played myself yet again.

Hamilton GC (Part One)


Pairing: Ham Characters X Reader 

AU: texting is all

Warnings: swearing, sexual jokes (lots and lots of those)

{usernames to clarify for all of you}

Y/N: MommyY/N

Alexander Hamilton: DaddyHam

John Laurens: LaurensLovesTurtles

Hercules Mulligan: HorseFucker

Lafayette: FrenchHoe

Eliza: ElizabethSchuyler

Angelica: Angel-ica

Peggy: WifeMaterial

Maria: MariaReynolds

Burr: AaronBurr

George Frederick: KingGeorge

MommyY/N: gUYS


DaddyHam: No one cares

MommyY/N: bit ch

DaddyHam: whore

MommyY/N: cocksucker

Angel-ica: sorry to interrupt this nice conversation

Angel-ica: but hey

LaurensLovesTurtles: omg hi

HorseFucker: ^^^ smh what a basic white bitch

AaronBurr: why am I included in this

MommyY/N: i added you accidentally oops

KingGeorge: i was included?

KingGeorge: i feel special

MommyY/N: don’t get used to it :)

KingGeorge: fuck u

MommyY/N: why don’t you go fuck that blond bitch you cheated on me with :)


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LaurensLovesTurtles: HOLY S HIT


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                         KingGeorge left the conversation

MommyY/N: he butthurt :(

DaddyHam: what did i miss

LaurensLovesTurtles: where were u?

DaddyHam: had a quickie 

MommyY/N: fucking gross

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DaddyHam: send nudes lil mama ;)

AaronBurr: you are all disgusting



                       AaronBurr left the conversation

HorseFucker: they’re dropping like flies

ElizabethSchuyler: wait what is this?

WifeMaterial: ^^

MommyY/N: read up, my friends

WifeMaterial: kay

WifeMaterial: DAMN B

ElizabethSchuyler: IM

WifeMaterial: and ew alex

DaddyHam: don’t be jealous, asshole

MommyY/N: don’t be a creep, fucker

                          DaddyHam left the conversation

MommyY/N: what a bitch

                        MommyY/N added DaddyHam to the conversation

MommyY/N: this ain’t over

DaddyHam: wanna come over and talk about it ;))

MommyY/N: i will chop your dick off

DaddyHam: i use it daily tho :(

                        MommyY/N left the conversation

                          ElizabethSchuyler left the conversation

                         WifeMaterial left the conversation

                         Angel-ica left the conversation


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                             DaddyHam left the conversation

                          LaurensLovesTurtles left the conversation

HorseFucker: LAF LET’S BE GAY

FrenchHoe: IM DOWN

FrenchHoe: ILL BE THERE IN 5

                       HorseFucker left the conversation

                       FrenchHoe left the conversation

MariaReynolds: YO IM HERE

MariaReynolds: guys?

MariaReynolds: welp

                         MariaReynolds left the conversation

kindergarten!au with Seventeen

part 1 | part 2

Lee Seokmin / DK
-remembers everyone’s birthdays
-sings his classmate “happy birthday” when it’s their special day
-sings himself a lullaby before going to sleep in naptime but ends up singing in his sleep too
-still falls for all of jeonghan’s jokes

 Kim Mingyu
-has an imaginary friend named bongbong
-is the messiest but cleans up his messes right away
-another fingerpainting enthusiast
-art is his favorite subject and is surprisingly good at it
-tosun caretaker #2
-manages to always accidentally step on legos during playtime 

Xu Minghao / The8
-loves the sandbox the most but if you disturb him/knock down his sandcastles he’ll kick sand in your face
-pushes people down the slide
-everyone is afraid when he’s the “it” during tag
-the kid whose parents are called by his teacher often because of delinquent behavior
-already a skipping rope genius

 Boo Seungkwan
-bossy and sassy
-the teacher’s pet
-always recites even if he’s wrong
-tells everyone to fix their toys and clean up their messes
-stamp enthusiast
-picks flowers and gives them to the teacher

 Choi Hansol / Vernon
-another shy kid
-has an affinity with bugs he catches in the kindergarten yard
-practices talking with his classmates by talking to his bugs
-splashes in all puddles big or small
-chews his pencils 

Lee Chan / Dino
-doesn’t go anywhere without his stuffed toy dinosaur
-scared of the dark
-animal cracker enthusiast
-brings sweets but doesn’t share
-still sucks his thumb

Guys, Have We Properly Considered the Danger That Keith is in as a Part-Galra?

No, no we have not.

I saw a post roughly a week or so ago that pointed out that the Galra in Belly of the Weblum knows that Keith is part-Galra because of a joke Hunk made.

How do you think a planet of recently-freed aliens would react to even accidentally overhearing that Keith is part-Galra? They’d hate the Galra - understandably, of course, given all the terrible things the Galra have done - and they’d probably jump at the chance to have someone to blame.

Another thing to consider is the Galra from Belly of the Weblum himself. I’m tentatively leaning towards the theory that he was Lotor…and that would mean big trouble for the paladins because Haggar (the one true emperor of the Galra Emperor) has a touch of mad scientist in her. We’ve seen her making those ro-beasts, and isn’t she the one who made Shiro’s arm? How do you think she’ll react if she hears there’s a part-Galra she can experiment on? Or maybe, if it is Lotor, he won’t tell her. Maybe he’ll use that as a threat. Blackmail them into letting him get away with more than they can really afford to. Say the Galra have Shiro (again, a theory I’m tentatively leaning towards right now), and Lotor tells him that he knows about Keith, but he won’t tell Haggar so long as X, Y, and Z. Shiro has been in Haggar’s grasp. He knows what she’s like. He’d do anything to keep his friend away from her. There as so many ways this could play out. Shiro might refuse to be rescued. Or maybe him being rescued is part of Lotor’s plan (the information can do more damage to the team as a whole after all). If Shiro was suddenly pulling them out of battles they could win and Lotor was running rings around them, the team would inevitably start to fracture.

The Galra-Keith drama is not over yet. Not by a long shot. There’s too much drama left for them to ring out of it.

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Hello!! Hope you're well. I wanted to ask if you've found any other urban fantasy books (or plain fantasy) that you would definitely recommend. I'm a massive Rivers of London fan (though I'm not in the fandom) and I've been looking for things to fill the void. Thanks and have a lovely week!

I’m going to preface this by saying that Rivers of London isn’t urban fantasy in a genre sense (I mean, yes, it involves magic and magical creatures living in a large city, but at its heart it’s a police procedural/British murder mystery.) So with that in mind, my recommendations for things I have read recently that might appeal to a RoL fan, only a couple of which are straightforward urban fantasy: 

Zen Cho, Sorceror to the Crown. It’s Regency-era Britain, England’s magic is drying up, and Zacharias Wythe, freed from slavery as a child and now Sorceror to the Crown, has to find out why. Totally delightful. You can try another urban fantasy novella by the same author, Prudence and the Dragon, online. 

Max Gladstone, the Craft Sequence. Secondary-world urban fantasy based around the concept that large financial entities are gods, or rather that gods operate like large financial entities, meaning that magicians are basically….lawyers. Read in publication order, starting with Three Parts Dead. Not related, but an excellent example of Gladstone’s worldbuilding skills, is the short story The Scholast in the Low Waters Kingdom, available for free online. 

Charles Stross, the Laundry Files. This series started as Lovecraft/spy novel pastiche hybrids with a lot of computer jokes and has morphed into urban fantasy…ish…along the way; you can either start at the beginning (The Atrocity Archives) or jump in at the latest, which has a new PoV narrator, an accidental vampire with a mathematics PhD (The Nightmare Stacks). 

Marie Brennan, the Lady Trent series I actually need to catch up on these but the first two are great so I have no hesitation in reccing anyway. They’re set in a secondary world approximating our own nineteenth century, and follow Isabella, eventually Lady Trent, as she sets out to study dragons scientifically. The first is A Natural History of Dragons. 

Terry Pratchett, the Watch, Witches, and Ankh-Morpork parts of the Discworld series There’s like a 0.02% chance you haven’t read these but just in case: RoL draws heavily on Pratchett (FS is dedicated to him) and most of all from these parts of the Discworld series. Begin with Men at Arms (Watch), Lords and Ladies (Witches, should be required reading before FS anyway) or Going Postal (Ankh-Morpork). 

K J Charles, Charm of Magpies series These are m/m romance but also Victorian-era fantasy set (mostly) in London; one of the leads is a practitioner of magic whose job it is to police other practitioners. Stylistically it’s like reading a very very good AU slashfic for a fandom that doesn’t exist, and if the author is not in fandom I will eat my entire collection of elegant cloche hats. Starts with The Magpie Lord. 

Genevieve Cogman, The Invisible Library trilogy Irene works for the interdimensional Invisible Library, which rescues rare books from alternate universes. Lots of literary references, lots of fun, one shout-out to RoL. 

N K Jemisin, The City Born Great - not a book but a free short story about personified cities. Gorgeous imagery. 


~The requested post masterlist you have been waiting for~ **THIS TOOK ME LIKE THREE DAYS OMFG I HAD TO KEEP STOPPING AND STARTING AGAIN PLEASE TAKE THIS AND ENJOY IT. MY BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS WENT INTO IT.** (LOL get it!? :D) *let me know if I missed anything* 

BTS Text Scenarios:


~Eomma to Appa Jin~

~Jealous Jinnie~


Jealous Christmas Yoongi: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Jealous Yoongi when you’re working with Jinyoung from GOT7

Hate to Love: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8


~Embarrassing Confessions~




~Cute Confessions~

Best Friend Jimin to Lover Jimin: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 /

So Tell Me How Does It Feel To Be Like You: Part 1 / Part 2 /



~Strangers to Lovers~

All Members

Spring Day: Namjoon / Yoongi / Taehyung / Jimin

~Sexting Falls Flat~

~Accusing The Boys of Being Gay While You’re Drunk~

~The Guys Are Needy For You~ **MATURE**

Meme War: Hyung Line / Maknae Line

~Drunk Confessions~

~Friends to Lovers~ *Maknae Line*

~Terrible Pick Up Line Confessions~

Russian Roulette: Hyung Line / Maknae Line 

~Y/N accidentally sends a suspicious text to the boys: Hyung Line / Maknae Line

~The Boys Worrying About You~

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-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List E Edition

Edaphokinesis - Control Terrains

  • I mostly use it to make really good DND maps for my friends to play on.
  • Yeah I know that I’m getting into with this rocky as hell place. No, I know that building on it will be shit I know a guy okay? Stop asking questions.
  • I’ve been sent to Mars with only one purpose: To make it as Earth-like as possible. But no one said I couldn’t make it Jurassic Earth. Megaflora here I come.

Electrokinesis - Control Electricity

  • No fuck you, your heating’s broken now.
  • My wheelchair generates a lot of static electricity so I just get rid of it before I shock myself or someone else too badly.
  • I appear witha bolt of lightening and, no joke, it’s the best part of my power.

Elementumkinesis - Control Elemental Forces of the Universe

  • I mean it’s cool and all, but there’s tons of choices for what I could do in a given situation! Just charging in and accidentally making a rain cloud appear instead of flooding the place is a fear of mine.
  • With all these powers, I’ve basically become a god. At this point, should any rules really apply to me?
  • Yeah my gravity-free play center is a huge money-maker. Loads of people want to invest.

Electromagnetokinesis - Control Electromagnetism

  • Magnets, how do they work? Well, I sort of messed with their properties a lot. So they really don’t.
  • I decided to become a chaos god and just turn gravity on and off for people that have wronged me.
  • I know it doesn’t affect me but I gave a lot of earth-like planets a similar loadout to earth. That way it’s more likely we’ll go there!

Ergokinesis - Control Energy

  • Yeah I can make energy at will but it’s highly toxic to humans so I self-isolated for their protection. 
  • Sometimes I just like to make my lab partner screw up their titration experiments because I turn off the chemical energy in their solution.
  • Please, I’ve been able to manipulate volcanoes since I was 11, I think I can watch your dog.

Essokinesis - Control Reality

  • Just to see what it’d be like, I made a version of reality that has soulmate indicators. Holy hell it was a disaster.
  • You know what? Fuck it. This reality gets to have monsters and dragons.
  • You’ve irritated me long enough, I’m going to unmake you.

Etherkinesis - Control Aether

  • You don’t get it- I’m an actual wizard. I can’t wait to move to some small town and become a goddamn rumor.
  • I gave you your powers to do good, and this is what you do with them? Say goodbye to them.
  • Yeah I know, blah blah, give life and all that. When do I get to master that fifth element stuff?

I keep seeing that Destiel hug and the phrase “touch starved” showing up on my dash. So this happened.

At first, Dean doesn’t notice how often Cas is hugging him. Cas hugs him when he realizes he’s still alive, hugs him when they get Sam home, hugs him after their next particularly close call…it’s all appropriate and normal. Dean doesn’t notice that there’s something more to it until Cas is hugging Dean hello and goodbye every time he sees him.

“Hey, Sam? You notice anything different about Cas lately? About how…friendly he’s gotten?”

Sam laughs and shakes his head in that way that says you deal with him, he’s your angel, but all he says is “Cas is seeking a lot of human contact. I think the term is touch starved.”

Dean spends the next few days mulling that over more than he’ll ever admit. Touch starved. Is that what’s making Cas cling a little more? A little longer?

The next time Dean sees Cas, he’s holds on a little tighter. He wants Cas to be happy, wants him to know that he’s there for him. Cas sighs a little and stays pressed against him until Dean ends the hug. It’s actually not so bad, Dean decides. Cas is warm and solid, and Dean likes the safety and reassurance of the gesture.

Soon, they are not only hugging all the time, but touching each other on the arm when they talk. Dean slings an arm around Cas as they walk down the street. Cas bumps into Dean with his shoulder as he slides into the diner booth next to him. Neither of them feel the need to pull away if they accidentally brush against the other.

And finally, Cas timidly stretches his hand across the seat of the Impala, palm up, a clear invitation. Dean takes a deep breath, lets it sit there for a while as he considers. Then carefully, like he’s afraid Cas’ skin might burn him, he laces his fingers through Cas’. It’s a simple touch, only a small part of their bodies connected, but something warm and soothing spreads through Dean’s insides. After that, he holds Cas’ hand at every opportunity, glaring at Sam and daring him to make some sort of joke. Sam never does.

Eventually, they’re on Dean’s bed, watching a movie. It never occurs to Dean not to just slide up against Cas, and he goes without a fight when Cas scoots down and pulls Dean completely in his arms. The movie plays on with neither of them watching. By the time the credits roll, their legs are tangled, Cas’ hands are stroking Dean’s hair, and Dean has his face buried in Cas’ shoulder.

Maybe they were both a little touch starved.

And maybe they don’t have to be.

Hello, my fellow Gotham city inhabitants! It’s ya boy Joker here! Now you may be wondering what I’m doing here, and to that, let me answer! It’s…complicated on how this turn of events happened, but tl;dr I accidentally made a promise to Bat Jr. that I’d try out running this blog for awhile (of course, in exchange for a date with one of his dads. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even bother bein’ here!) Part of that agreement was that if enough people get me to have fun, I might not destroy all of Gotham city. Though I doubt I’ll get any true enjoyment from your asks, give me your best shot! I’ll be waiting.

The fact that Moonlight won Best Picture and 90% of people are only talking about the mix up meme is exactly why the Academy purposefully did this ~accidental switch~. They want to satisfy those asking for recognition for diversity but also keep the achievement from being the focus of the night, because it would put more pressure on the Academy to continue the act of celebrating true diversity. I’m not saying that you can’t make jokes and share funny memes about the fake out, but don’t lose focus on what the important part is - the part that White Hollywood is trying to hide from you.

Haikyuu Fic Recs #3

part one / part two


You’re Not Over Yet by Yuu_chi

Hinata breaks. Kageyama breaks with him.

This is so painful

You’re an Effort in Translation by Yuu_chi

Living with Hinata is a better idea in theory than in practice.

Or; Kageyama is stupidly in love and Hinata is “accidentally” irresistible

Spiked by Karasuno Volleygays (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor)

When Ennoshita had enough of Kageyama and Hinata being at each other’s throats, he forced them to walk in each other’s shoes. The results were not what he had expected.

Blush by someonestolemyshoes

There are a lot of things that make Hinata blush; compliments, and being the butt of friendly jokes, and when his sister calls him Sho in public and when people buy him things and sometimes, when he gets to stroke a really really cute puppy and the list, well, it really does go on forever. Hinata thinks that there are probably too many things to count.

But being touched by Kageyama is definitely, absolutely, one-hundred per cent not one of them.

(Except it is.)

I Won’t Tell Anyone by spacecats

Hinata is scared of thunderstorms. 

The Next Step by PotatoButt

Five times they stop, and one time they don’t.


Black by SuggestiveScribe

kenma has depression 

Bleeding Heart by shions_heart

Kuroo Tetsurou is a thief who wants nothing to do with kingdom politics. However, when the mysterious and mystical Heart of Nekoma is stolen he finds himself risking his life for a reward he believes will help his village.

What he finds isn’t what he expected.

part one of The Heart of Nekoma series

Heart of Gold by shions_heart

Kenma is finally rescued from his basement prison by Kuroo and his friends, Bokuto and Akaashi. However the escape brings with it painful consequences, and Kenma is tested in a way he never thought he would be.

part two of The Heart of Nekoma series (there will be a part three!)

The Rhythm of the Rain by PotatoButt

Kuroo has always had this habit of kissing Kenma. Never on lips, but more of a “let me kiss it and make it better,” sort of kissing.

Scraps by kozume

Kuroo had always been there, and Kenma, rather stupidly, assumed he always would be. 


i’m the satellite and you’re the sky by sugacookie

That made it finally dawn on Iwaizumi how much Oikawa wanted this. How much Oikawa wanted him. The thought hit Iwaizumi hard and he pulled away with a quiet gasp, moving his arms to grab Oikawa before he could speak. He held onto the other tightly, his chest heaving slightly and his voice coming out hoarse. “Stupid Oikawa. I’m not going anywhere.”

Shiver by Yuu_chi

Oikawa was always the brave one. Hajime just followed two paces behind.

Honestly this is one of the most beautiful iwaoi fics i’ve ever read (A++ characterization)

This is How an Angel Dies by kozume

four little deaths and resurrections of oikawa tooru.


I Love You by sugacookie

Daichi and Suga were sleeping shirtless in the same bed. So what? It’s not like that hadn’t happened before. They had sleepovers all the time, and often chatted as they changed after practice. It was nothing new, so Suga shouldn’t be acting this way, but he couldn’t help it.

Sea of Colour by sugacookie

The world wasn’t dark, but it wasn’t exactly bright either.


Heavy Heart, A Love Apart by keptein

(802): Our sex has gotten so much better since we broke up.

aka the fic where akaashi and bokuto break up (and eventually get back together)

Sharpen Your Knife by kozume

he looks in the mirror and says his own name and all he hears is a death rattle.

Of Music Scores and Sand Castles by awkwardedgeworth

“Hey, do you ever talk to your neighbor?” Kuroo, aged six, asks, volleying the volleyball between Bokuto and himself in his backyard, Kenma sitting in the shade of the patio with his little hand held console. His little hands bump the volleyball awkwardly, almost slapping it to Bokuto. It’s an early sign that Kuroo’s skills lies somewhere else of setting. “You know- the really quiet one.”


“No, stupid. Akaashi.”

Wherein Bokuto never gotten around to befriend his neighbor, Akaashi, until Kuroo unceremoniously jumps into his life and brings the two together.


Bad Days by SageMasterofSass

Sometimes the world is too much for Tsukishima to handle. But with Yamaguchi around things are never as bad.


Close to the Chest by darkmagicalgirl

It takes Yahaba thirteen years to realize he’s different from the other kids, one to figure out how to hide it, and two more to learn to be happy just the way he is. Yahaba’s journey ft. an extremely annoyed Kyoutani, best friend in the world Watari, and loads and loads of good senpai Oikawa.

favorite kyouhaba fic of all time

Things I Miss by niniaan

Spending a sleepy morning together Yahaba realizes he really likes Kyoutani's hands.

Drifts and Pulls by shions_heart

All Yahaba wanted to do was rehearse his violin piece in the quiet sanctuary of an abandoned classroom on Monday afternoon. However a certain ace has other plans that include disturbing his peace.


Aegri Somnia by @aetherdrive

Special Investigations 1st Unit has a new detective, and he’s assigned to be Yaku’s partner.

But little do they know, they’re about to change each other’s lives – and save many others along the way.

A standalone fic in the buddycop AU series; reading the others isn’t necessary if you’d just like to read this one!

Negan imagines - The Blame Part 4

Originally posted by hardyness

A/N: Hot diggity dog, I’ve been waiting for this episode very patiently and I must say it was worth it for all the dirty ideas that ran through my head. But can Jeffrey seriously quit it with the lip licking thing he does, a girl can only take so much, you know?

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Negan finally pays Alexandria an early visit

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 2, 961

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, sexual tension (idek), Carl’s a little shit (Joking)

You thought it’d be a normal day until Michonne came down stairs a little earlier than you usually would. You saw her take the hidden rifle and head towards the door. 

“There’s barely anything out there.” You told Michonne. You knew since you had been the one letting off some steam by going out there all week and killing off the bastards. 

Michonne stopped in her step but didn’t answer. You sighed knowing she’d still go out there anyway. Michonne broke her pause and left the house as if you never even caught her. 

You saw no point to leaving the compound today if Michonne was going out there. You knew she needed space just as you do. So, instead you retreated back upstairs and showered. 

Once you had finished, you saw that Judith’s room door was ajar. 

“Dad?” You called out as you pushed the door open further. Rick was stood there holding Judith like you expected. 

He was surprised to see you still at home, he figured you had left Alexandria by now to avoid everyone’s judgemental gaze and your paranoid thoughts. 

You offered to give your baby sister breakfast, and just as she finished is when you heard the trucks pull up outside the gate. 

“Be good.” You warned your sister as you placed her back into her crib before heading outside. 

You kept back, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. 

You felt your hair rise at the sound of the whistle and the shadow approach the gate with a swinging Lucille beside him. 

He was early. 

“Little pig, little pig! Let. Me. In.” Negan rattled on the gate and rested his bat on his shoulder. You felt your stomach flip and your knees go weak. 

Spencer opened the grate but you couldn’t hear what he and Negan were saying. Rick soon intervened anyhow. 

You neared the men when Negan was too busy battering a walkers brains in to notice you. You folded your arms across your chest and cock your head slightly. 

“Hey Rick, you see that? What I just did? That is a service, I mean we almost get turned away at the gate, who is that guy anyway? Do I get mad, do I throw a fit, do I bash some ginger’s dome in? Nope! I just take care of one of these dead pricks that could’ve killed one of y’all.” Negan rolled his hand as he took a bow and you couldn’t help but smile a little at his behaviour. “Service.”

Negan entered Alexandria, handing Lucille to Rick to hold for him. 

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